Cox, Burgess, Wilson Meet With U.S Officials

June 12, 2011

Today [June 12] Premier Paula Cox lead a Ministerial Delegation to Washington, DC for meetings with Congressional Members in the Senate and the House of Representatives as well as with high level officials in President Obama’s Administration including the Departments of Treasury, State and Labour.

Premier Cox is joined by Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Works Derrick Burgess, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kim Wilson and a small number of technical officials.

The meetings will span the period June 13-15, and the Premier is scheduled to return to Bermuda in time for the meeting of the House of Assembly this Friday.

The meetings have been arranged through the collective efforts of the U.S Counsel Grace Shelton, and affiliates of the Government of Bermuda based in Washington, DC.

A spokesperson said, “There is a full agenda for the brief visit, the intent of which is to update longstanding friends of Bermuda on matters of mutual interest and to make introductions with new Members of Congress where there is a nexus with current Bermuda issues, for example, agriculture, energy, environment and border control.”

Following on the recent visit to Bermuda by a contractor with the United States Job Corps programme, a meeting has been arranged with the National Director of the United States Department of Labour Job Corps National Office.

While in Washington, DC, the Premier will also host a luncheon at Bermuda’s Washington, DC Office under the theme of “Women in Leadership”.

To close out the meetings in Washington, DC, the Bermuda Association of Insurers and Re-insurers has offered to host a reception in honour of Premier Cox on the evening of 15th June 2011.

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  1. No to Derrick says:

    All good. But not sure the Deputy Premier can add any value to these conversations…Just smile, Derrick, just smile. Let the ladies do the talking.

    • Vote OBA says:

      That is a very disrespectful comment!

      • sandgrownan says:

        What’s disrespectful? Truth hurts eh?

      • Agreed says:

        I guess the truth does hurt. Being in parliament this long and having done nothing of note backs up the statement that Burgess brings nothing to the table

    • Spikes says:

      You are just nasty.

    • PEPPER says:

      Why would Derek Burgess and the Premier have to attend the same meeting ?

  2. lifeblood says:

    Continuing with the agenda for North American integration…doesn’t matter who’s in power, the agenda will be the same.

  3. Never underestimate the intelligent of a man, especially if your do not really know him that well !! Derrick is an intelligent black man, that possesses the competence and capabiities to to do well !!

    • Do tell says:

      So tell us then …How would you rate Grant Gibbons in comparison ?

      • Terry says:

        No comparison. Educated? Yes. Common sense, no.

    • B, a Lady says:

      Other than your typos and incorrect grammar, why did you think it was necessary to point out his race. Do you not realize that each time you make the distinction “an intelligent black man”, you are succinctly reinforcing an incorrect stereotype that black men, in general might not be intelligent. It would be more appropriate to say “an intelligent man”, as there is no correlation or connection between race and intelligence, or gender for that matter. So, why not just say “Derrick is an intelligent person.”. Sometimes, it is best to leave race off the table, as it adds nothing to the discussion. It only serves to distract.

      Finally, show a little political decorum and use the term “Minister Burgess”. As my Mother used to tell me “you don’t lick marbles with him!”

  4. US Observer says:

    Specialgirl4You: No one is underestimating the intelligence of a man….Do you really know him well enough to make your statement? You mentioned that Derrick is intelligent and possesses the competence and capabilities to do well.

    Let’s define two key words: Possesses and Capabilties.

    1. Have as belonging to one; own:
    2. Have possession of as distinct from ownership.

    1. The quality of being capable; ability.
    2. A talent or ability that has potential for development or use.

    You can possess, have the capability and even the potential to have, hold or own. However, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

    • PEPPER says:

      Come on you lot…Derick (derrick) does not have the ability to be the deputy premier of this island……and why does Paula need him to accompany her to the meeting in Washington ?or is another way for him to have a vacation at our expence …and who else is going to this meeting that we are paying for ?

  5. SMH says:

    Like it or not, Minister Burgess is the Deputy Premier of the Country. If God Forbid something happened to the Premier, then it is only right that he be in the loop on significant Governmental matters.

    I won’t even touch on the other disrespectful comments on here regarding Minister Burgess. It just shows the level of insensitivity and immaturity among some posters.

  6. B Lady, please be aware, I do not want to get into the position to debate race and racism, as debating it becomes nothing more than a derailing tactic. (But, I do love to discuss it) Race is an integral and inescapable part of our culture and social history. Racism is a permanent component of Bermuda life. The acceptance of the idea of the permanence of racism involves adopting a “realism view” of Bermuda societal structure.

    A “realism view” realizing the dominant role that racism has played and continues to play in Bermuda society and this can be both conscious and an unconscious act. I am aware that talking about race and racism often makes people uncomfortable and even angry. Indicating that a man of any particular race is brillant does not necessary do any injustice to that indvidual or race. It is what it is…no need to try and pretend it does not exist. I am also comfortable saying that a white man is intelligent, as I have many friends of all cultural and racial backgrounds.

    Oh, Have fun editing my draft copy…lol….lol……. since you think I do not know how to write a correct document….but I thought i was writing informally on “Speak Your Mind”…I see many others doing the same thing…but this is not Grammar 101 or meBEEITISSSS or is that spelt “may be it is”….or or … ???? !!!!

    US observer: Yes that’s my cousin !! But, I respect that every man is intelligent and so I am uncomfortable when person disregard any man’s level of intelligence. I do not need defintions of words, as some words have more than one meaning, depending on the context in which they are used !

    Have fun writing back, if having the last word makes you feel good or a sense of accomplishment……. as I will not because this discussion is going no where!!