Miss Photogenic Title Competition Underway

June 6, 2011

Yesterday [June 5] the Miss Bermuda contestants got up early and headed to Snorkel Park in Dockyard, where they met up with five of the island’s professional photographers.

The photographers worked with each contestant and will pick their best images from the day. Those photos, along with the photographer’s individual evaluation, will be used to select the winner of the Miss Photogenic Title, which will be announced the night of the pageant.

Miss Selita Crockwell, representing Warwick North, being photographed by Steve Darrell assisted by Eddie Smith.

Miss Rachel Sawden, representing Hamilton Parish South, being photographed by Glenn Tucker:

Miss Davina Cannonier, representing Devonshire East, being photographed by Ivan Outerbridge:

Miss Jana Lynn Outerbridge, representing St. Georges East, being photographed by Nigel Richardson:

Miss Davika Hill, representing Warwick East, being photographed by Jevaughn Simons:

The video below shows Steve Darrell, assisted by Eddie Smith, working with Miss Hamilton Parish South Rachel Sawden:

This coming Sunday [June 12], 16 young ladies will be vying for the title of Miss Bermuda at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel, and tickets to the show are available here on Bdatix.bm. The winner will represent Bermuda at the Miss World Pageant, which will be held on 8th November 2011, in London, England.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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  1. LOL (original) says:

    And the winner is I can’t choose. Will this be made into a calander? Very hot ladies very hot.


    • itwasn'tme says:

      um in ya corner LOL…..so easy to overlook the ‘talent’ that exists here. Good job BERNEWS

    • You Go Girls!! says:

      These gorgeous pics will be featured in the program and there will be a swimsuit calandar from an earlier photo shoot for sale at the event.

      • LOL (original) says:

        YEEESSS to the calander…………


    • theProphet says:

      Agreed. Bermuda is teaming with talent. We now need to develop the business sense and ethos that comes along with turning that talent into a succesful business model. This is our Achilles Heel.

      We must also realize–and very early on, as well–that achieving success is a lonely road. We must be prepared to take that journey such that we can move ourselves to the next level and beyond.

      Looking forward to seeing what kind of photographic art this shoot yields.

      Jah Bless.

  2. Novelle says:

    These contestants have shaped up really well. They have lost enough pounds between them to create another contestant. They are more polished and on their game. Why then do we always see the same contestants in the individual shots. I would have liked to have seen an individual of ALL contestants. I hope the photographers have NOT revealed their hand already. Usually they are judged on their own merit, meaning choosing their own poses. It has been revealed by some girls that some photographers actually said “you need to give me something else”. Did the committee not instruct them on just taking the pics and judging from them on the criteria established in the rules.

    • Very Impressed!! says:

      Unless I’m counting wrong it looks like Bernews provided an individual picture of each of the contestants…..you do know that there are 15, right?

      • Novelle says:

        Yes, I do know. They were added after my comment.

    • Can't wait! says:

      @Novelle if a photographer has to tell you ‘give me something else’ your not doing to well…… And I’m pretty sure the photographers are well aware of the criteria.

      All the ladies look AMAZING! Can’t wait!!

      • Novelle says:

        Exactly! This is a competition, if you don’t do well you don’t score well.

  3. Fierce!! says:

    GORGEOUS, you ladies have really brought your ” A Game”! I can see that the competion is really heating up and I can’t wait to see you all shine on Sunday! Good luck ladies!

  4. T Walker says:

    Very nice photo shoot ladies. One word of advice for one of the girls…tame down the weave and you would be super fab! And for another one of the ladies…take the time out to make sure your hair is on point. The tresses frame your beautiful faces ladies, so you hair can make or break your image :) Enjoy the rest of the competition!

  5. Jujusimpson says:

    All the girls are beautiful in their own way, it will be difficult for the judges I’m sure. Great job ladies and Bernews.

  6. john says:

    Miss Davina Cannonier…………………nice

  7. blackbeard de pirate says:

    Davika Hill For The WIN!!!!

  8. In Mark's opinion says:

    I have my farvorite , I will wait and see .

  9. White Christ says:

    Here we go again! Women are only worth the skin they can show! Commodities for the eyes of men! A shame that in today’s day and age women are still valued only for their skin, boobs, hair and photogenity! MY ideal Miss Bermuda would have too much dignity and self-confidence to engage in this crap!

    • White Christ says:

      Best wishes nonetheless

      • Think about it says:

        Please shut up. There’s always one in the group that has to start something negative. Did you ever stop and think that the women in this contest already know what you are saying, and still wish to compete?

        Just chill out, you’re always starting stuff

  10. Wow says:

    Its disgusting how much weight some of these girls have lost for this pageant. Is this the image we want to portray? I hope yall plan on gettin back to a healthy size once its all over! A competition is not worth your health!!!!!!!!

    • R U For REAL? says:

      What’s so “disgusting” about losing weight? The fact that they did it over the course of pageant(Feb – June) shows that they did it RIGHT way, exercise and a healthy diet. And obviously their hard work and effort has paid off. If anything these ladies are showing people what happens when you put in WORK!
      I don’t know what hateraid you’re on but looking at some of these transformations has encourgaed me to hit the pavement 6 AM every morning. To the contestants, you ALL look beautiful AND healthy regardless of what some others may say. Good luck on sunday!!

      • Think about it says:

        @ R U For REAL?

        Dont pay @Wow any mind, I think she is probly one of the big and beautiful(or whatever its called) contestants and thinks this skinny women are gross Lol.

        Newsflash Wow, these women are more than likely at their proper body weight for their height and there is nothing wrong with the way they look.

  11. All the contestants look beautiful!

  12. No Doubt says:

    Jana looks the BEST….Hands down!!

  13. Bold Enough says:

    Well done ladies! On the home stretch now so stay true to YOU and don’t watch the naysayers – remember you can’t please them all and you don’t have to!

    Don’t forget these simple words:

    Live your life; It’s your life
    Your beauty is deep inside
    Don’t let em’ bring you down
    Your beauty is inside you
    Dont let em’ bring you down
    Beautiful people
    [You know this song]

    ;) Keep smiling ladies

  14. Mrs. Simmons says:

    These young ladies have not lost any weight for this competition, they are all very young and had the beautiful physiques you are able to see in the swim suits prior, and should any of them decided on a diet, it has only served to better their performance for the finale.

    I applaud each one of them for courageously putting themselves out there for the public to not only gaze upon them, but to be criticized by our small minded community.

    Well done ladies and wish you all the best come Sunday. You all are so brave for stepping out, some of you out of your comfort zones. My hat is off to you.

  15. Bermuda says:

    Rachel and Selita are the only 2 that have a chance on the world stage. Hope one of them wins to make Bermuda look great.

    • Really? says:

      We all have our favorites but when you start making statements such as “Rachel and Selita are the only 2 that have a chance on the world stage” it makes you sound ignorant. I mean how do you figure? Have you taken the time to listen to the contestants on the radio or been to one of their appearences to make this assessment? You do realize that it takes more than looks to win right? Because it sounds like you’re saying that only “light skinned” women can do well on an international level.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Actually that’s what you’re saying. No where in his/her comment did color of skin come up but in your statement. Just thought I would clear that up. I like em all.

        Multiple winners at my house….:);)


    • Where has Beautiful Bermuda gone says:

      Why because they are not Brown skin? stupid comment
      Good Luck to all the ladies, may the person who can best reperesent Bermuda win,

  16. Luanna says:

    Well done ladies

    Your all beautiful.

    Dawnita Smith is the youngest contestant and said it best, PROUD TO BE BERMUDIAN.

    I’m hoping you win the Crown Ms. Paget and I live in Devonshire LOL