Video: Rugby Champions Return Home

June 23, 2011

The Bermuda National Rugby Team – and a championship trophy – arrived at the LF Wade International airport this evening [June 23] after winning the 2011 NACRA Caribbean Championships. Bermuda beat Guyana 11-0 in the finals to claim the title after beating Mexico 26-7 in the semi finals.

bermuda national rugby team june 23 2011

The team members are: Paul Dobinson, Tank Greenslade, Allan Steynor, Aldo Campbell, Dave Rourke, Gareth Williams, Conor McGlynn, Peter Dunkerley, Tom Healy, Chris Naylor, Jack Ellison, Scott Coban, Tommy Edwards, Dave Porter, Alun Thomas, Mikey Williams, Dustin Archibald, Kris Furbert, Bobby Hurdle, Neville Zuill, Mark Dymond, and Pete Dunlop.

This is the first time in over a decade Bermuda has won the Caribbean title, and marks the second Caribbean Rugby title presently held by Bermuda, following the junior team’s victory during the Caribbean U19 Championship in August of last year

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  1. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Now here is a Bermuda team with some Bermudians in it…Well done guys^^

  2. Neyo says:

    Good Job Guys,
    Great campaign first game o the last, now lets watch the under 19′s defend the title this summer.

  3. Ian says:

    Well done boys!!! So impressed!!! How about a that Caribbean Champs!!!

  4. Rugbyfan says:

    When or if the government gives some funding to Bermuda Rugby, the organizational structure and volunteer support will be ruined by some bureaucratic government worker appointed to run Bermuda Rugby with the money the government has spent to fund this National sport.

    Mark my words, government funding will only hurt Bermuda rugby through their direct involvement. Leave it be and continue to prosper through hard work and member raised funds. Private success is all the sweeter!

    Congratulations Bermuda Rugby teams on your great successes.

    • Neyo says:

      you have a valid point and i understand it, but without funding the pool of players who can play overseas will be limited as would the range of young talent reached. I know for a fact that much of the equipment that is utilized in some of the public schools for rugby during PE or at leisure times is donated, and so many of our players so far have come from the public middle schools (thanks Nails). Not to mention International Try Scorers Aldo Campbell (Guyana) and Shauntino Simmons (Cayman) who both came from Berkeley.
      Secondly not everyone can afford the time off, spending money and paying out of their pockets, not to mention the amount of hassle necessary to get time from ‘regimental duty’ in order to train and participate. The nightmare that ‘regimental duty’ has caused for U19 and Men’s XV alike is just disgusting. Maybe ‘indirect’ funding or matching the private donations/club fees would be a better alternative?
      But in order for the sport to grow, we have to incorporate the youth that is where the funding should be interjected first… and a PERMANENT pitch, and no Malabar does not count as a decent pitch …. sorry to say.