Videos: Scott Smith On Anti-Gay Speech

June 1, 2011

Community activist Scott Smith spoke with us yesterday in reference to his anti gay comments which caused controversy this past weekend.

As Bernews first reported on Sunday, while at the “Mothers Against Senseless Killings” event in Smith’s parish this weekend, Mr Smith launched into an anti-gay speech, saying that the protesters who gathered at City Hall earlier this week “had no right to do that”. He called organiser Krystl Assan’s name, saying “Look at her last name Assan, Ass-an, Ass-an, Ass, what does that tell you?”

Mr Smith and Ms Assan have been in contact, and Mr Smith has personally apologized to her for the comments he made. Below Mr Smith speaks, in his own words, on how he feels after reflecting on the comments he made:

On the community reaction to his comments:

On destructive world events:

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  1. Act Like You Know says:

    This Guy Sounds Confused.

    • itwasntme says:

      Scotty ya my boi but u blew this one big time….leave the gays alone and focus on fixing what’s broken inside your church!

      • Whatever says:

        For you to say something like that…he can’t be “ya boi”. How the heck can he fix what’s broken inside his church? He can try, but that battle too is the Lord’s. And he didn’t blow it big time….he made a lil mistake and you all are all excited. Get over yourselves!

  2. Citizen Banned says:

    If this man ‘lives within the scriptures’ and all sin is the same I have the following questions for him:

    Has he ever eaten meat on a Friday? Has he ever fornicated? Has he ever taken the Lord’s name in vain? He practically admitted it. The guy sounds very confused.

    He says he ‘reconciles people to God’. He should look at his own sin first.

  3. Geza says:

    haha “on destructive world events”. Who cares what this guy has to say still?

    • Whatever says:

      obviously you do…you watched the darn video didn’t you…what an idiot you are!

  4. Think about it says:


    I agree, who really cares what this guy has to say about anything? He’s just another stupid homophobic, hypocrite.

  5. Formly SDA says:

    That’s right Mr. Smith….You said one wrong and hurtful comment and all the good that you have done is overshadowed. You are out there speaking on behalf of God trying to witness so only words of love and kindness need to be coming out of your mouth. I don’t believe you prayed before you spoke over the weekend and if you did you certainly didn’t ask God to put the words in your mouth that would be pleasing to him. You said evil came out…Evil is of the devil. I am NOT perfect but I do ask that God be by my side and that my words only please him.

    You chose to be a figure that reaches out to the community so yes you need to hold yourself to a higher standard.

    I also ask…are you doing all of this for the community to get praise? Or are you doing it for God? Because you tooted your own horn several times in the interview above. It’s NOT about you!!!! You are only a vessel for God. Don’t let you head swell too much.

    Once you put yourself out of the picture and let God take center stage in “your” show I think you might actually have something.

    Until then I will pray for you

  6. OMG says:

    WHAT!!!! Mr. Smith, your integrity in null and void, and you are really confused. Either you are sorry or not, a word for you… A double minded man is confused in ALL his ways
    In one breath you a sorry and then the next …I am glad I said what I said, which is it. Even the devil knows scripture.

  7. john says:

    OK OK!!! I think this guy’s 5 mins of fame are up now! Take a break!!!!

  8. Cricket Bat (Original) says:

    It shouldn’t matter whether or not someone is gay – unless you are planning to have sex with them.

    Stop spreading hate in the name of your imaginary friend.

  9. Genghis Khan says:

    Yes. His 15 minutes of fame are over. On to the next one. Go play in traffic.

    • Whatever says:

      Nah…i think you should go play in traffic….k? k!!! LOL….loser!

  10. Whatever says:

    If you all don’t like Mr Smith because of what he said last Saturday…WTF are you even wasting your time watching the videos??!! All you people love is negativity and dwell on it. He apologized to Ms Assan, and she accepted it, so why don’t you all keep your negative comments to yourselves! Yes he did make a mistake, NOBODY is perfect….and neither is he….but really, if Ms Assan has forgiven him and they are moving forward, you all need to let it go too. Yes he has put himself out there as a public figure and very well should be careful with what words he speaks…no I don’t condone what he said, but who the heck are you all to judge? you all just LOOOVE negativity, keep it up….your negative vibes will only come right back to you!

    • itwasntme says:

      @ whatever, you have to realize that religous intolerance has been the basis of so many human ills, slavery, war, mass murder, etc etc. We’re not angry at Scotty, he’s a good guy. We’re angry at the way an event that was designed to stop the self hatred, was hijacked and used to spread hate. C’mon man, an innocent Adventist kid that was headed off to university was murdered by kids that ‘looks like him’ because of self hate, rage, jelously, or whatever is gripping up our youth and twisting their minds…..maybe the Devil?

      • asdfasdg !!! says:

        theres is nothing positive coming out of you gay people and your relationships!!!! name 1 benefit to being gay and how it helps the human race ???? and i dont see why he had to apologise to Her simple fact is it was a simple taunt its called expression and he was just expressing how assanign ass ass an is…. you people love to use the system to defend yalll and your ways but it isnt rite at alll … how can you people reproduce??? how were u born by a gay person i dont think so ….. it takes real men and women to have children not you so as far as im concerned mr. Smith being in the public eye cant say what he truly feels on this situation as he will be ridiculed by you gay people that have such bisurt and wierd personalities to make something of yourselves just to prove everyone wrong but you cant prove me nothing the only thing i see is gay … so keep trying to climb the ladder and make your way to the top and keep telling yourselves that everybody has some gay in them cause we dont and your never going to rise above …..

        • sandgrownan says:

          There are actually good evolutionary reasons as to ehy homosexuality exists. It exists, for example, in the animal kingdom.

          But hey…

          • LOL (original) says:

            In nature it’s a show of dominance and at the end of the day I do not believe that insertion takes place. Might be wrong but I do not watch such things.


        • itwasntme says:

          YEAAAAH! Well said asdfasdg. You’ve stepped up and really shown your ass (no pun intended) by ass-uming that I’m GAY. Think about it….I don’t know Ms. ASSAN but I do know that she is in University, and will one day make a positive contribution to humanity because of her academic persuits. she will get a good job, pay her taxes and contribute to the economic well being of all Bermudians. Now please convince me how the gansters are helping humanity to advance, and I will shut up and go away for good.

          • Geza Wolf says:

            They spend LOTS of money. Thats why they are still around.

        • Concerned says:

          @asdfasdg – how sad that such ignorant views still exist. If you were unable to reproduce, would that make you less of a man or woman? Are relationships that bare no children pointless? There all kinds of people in this world, and our intollerance of any of those types only breeds hate. There are many straight people/couples who bring nothing positive to the human race… there are many straight people who reproduce and do a horrible job raising their children – even abusing their own offspring. There are gay couples who adopt children, or reproduce using a surrogate, and raise happy, healthy families. Your ignorance and intollerance is frightening.

        • Away says:

          So is a barren woman and a man that shoots blanks an abomination as well since they cant have children??

        • Bermudian says:

          Dear GOD I hope you don’t pro-create

  11. Whatever says:

    Yes he has made a mistake, he apologized for it. No that was not the time nor place for his outburst, if at all. All I’m saying is to let it go and Let God. Nobody has the right to judge, neither does he, sometimes in order to see the light, one has to make a mistake like that, for every bad thing that happens, some good can come out of it. This has given two people with total opposite views to come together and talk. It has also taught Mr.Smith that he needs to be careful with what he says as well as I’m sure it has made him reflect on what he said and now knows how to better conduct himself when he is speaking in a public forum. I don’t know what the answer is to the mess this island is in, but at least Scott is trying something rather than sitting back and making negative comments on Bernews! And I’m sure his comment (mistake) was an outright ANTI-GAY HATE RALLY, where he was trying to promote HATRED towards Gays, c’mon, he isn’t about Hate, he made a darn mistake, get over it! I’m sure God has even forgiven him, so you all need to just leave it alone….

    • Think about it says:


      Whatever, there is NO time or place for anti gay speech EVER. Yes, he said sorry but he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven that easily. I think he needs at least another few days of public ridicule so that he can remember his stupidoty and never do it again.

      • Whatever says:

        Look!!! Like he said, he will continue on whether people are for or against him…so keep ridiculing him….it doesnt’ make a difference, ok!???

        • Whatever says:

          Alright Bernews! lol…I will refrain from the language, but these peeps need it…it is more effective! I know you had a little giggle on that one….LOL

        • Think about it says:

          Of course it makes a difference. He won’t be so quick to run his mouth next time. Why are you defending him so hard? Related?

      • Let's Think About This... says:

        Forgiveness doesn’t mean what was done is ok. It means,”I accept your admittance that you made a mistake, and I’m deciding to move past what was done to me.” Yes, he was wrong. Yes, he used religion to condemn which should never be done. I was annoyed at him because he spoke out under the church I was raised in, but misrepresented what God and Jesus are like by using hateful words. But it’s done all the time. If I or Ms. Assan stayed mad at him for his statements, we would never move on to more productive things. The person that was slighted (Ms. Assan) has moved on. That’s the point of forgiveness: to let go of hurt, and move on to better.

  12. Whatever says:

    Sorry…WASN’t an outright ANTI-GAY RALLY

    • itwasntme says:

      People that know Scotty know that he doesn’t hate people, but like most Adventist he does passionally oppose lifestyles and religous theories that don’t fit in his (their) beliefs. Take this GAY cruise thing, how much GAY money is circulated in the local market and eventually ends up as tithe money on Saturday or Sunday? Gays are not our problem, young black males are our problem. So not to worry Whatever, next week will bring another controversy and Scotty can put this behind him get on with what he does best (community activism for people that NEED him)

  13. my life is not my own.... says:

    not once has scott said that he was God. how many times did he acknowledge the power of Supremacy over himself? how many times did he say that a better way exist? he did not claim that way as HIS way. he pronounced it as the BIBLE way. did he say that Scott saves or did he communicate that thhat power belongs to God? A homosexual (being that’s the topic) can tell the world that that’s their choice but Scott cannot tell the world that Christianity is his choice?? wow. just as much as it wasn’t his place to speak any ill against another person, the same goes for everyone with foul words for him personally on their tongues. you just cannot condemn someone for saying something that you don’t agree with by using such words that put you in the same position that you are chastizing him for. it severely detracts from the “merit” of anything that you have to say. yup, here lies that one bad move “rule”, surprisingly, it doesn’t just apply to scott….go figure. for all you “judges” out there, how bout you just ask scott for his “resume” of wrongful acts….the child did NOT say that he was sinless but if it gives you some type of solace in knowing his wrongs and even weighing them against your own, just ask him…..remember, he’s an “open book”. tell me, if you owed the bank money and it took you a little longer to pay it than was agreed but you do eventually pay it, how do you feel about the bank telling the car dealer, the grocery store owner, the gas station owner, the college admin where you want to go or even send your child, etc. about the PAST wrong that you did??? don’t you think that if the bank gave you a blie and “forgave” the situation then what difference does it make at this point? or would you rather dirty laundry stay dirty?? i’m just saying. if you want to walk around in funky laundry, it’s your choice but don’t hate on someone that’s feeling the vibe of newness and freshness. that’s just not nice now is it? what if you knew that someone was a blatant, calice murderer then that person came to you with words of God’s love, MERCY!! the things you would say about him…..true? well, it’s long happened. saul’s name was changed to paul……BY GOD. get it? it’s not about YOU, and you are very right, it’s not about scott either, it’s ONLY about God. take Him or leave Him, your choice….something else that scott did point out btw. if you think that scott has a center stage problem, why not help him where he is weak and you are strong? prayer is cool but get out there with him and help him to show God more and less of himself. your strength in this area can only be HIS gain. sheesh, if Jesus only had “5 minutes of fame”, not one of us would be here today. 33 years of His life later though, and you got your 5 seconds. oh the things that we need to be thankful for! think about it. no seriously, THINK!

    • itwasntme says:

      Nobody is saying that you, Scott, or any Christian shouldn’t share your faith, But do you see GAYS sharing their lifestyle at this event????? You’re ignoring the fact that the rally was to confront black on black hate. Even Scott admits he went too far. You’re defending a ‘mistake’ that he’s already apologized for in public and privately to Ms Assan

      • my life is not my own.... says:

        no precious. it’s not defense talk….it’s real talk. there’s almost always a broader picture. regardless of where scott stood as he commented as he did (the smaller picture), the trail that his comments blazed effected people one way or another (the bigger picture), hence these comments, including yours. you think if someone who was confidently gay at this particular event and felt the message of love not hate being spread, that they would be sure to steer far away from embracing their significant other?? if they did go on with that embrace, would you be mad because of their self expression??? scott expresses himself as a Christian……and your problem is?? is Christianity to be contained in a building called a church? is hate contained in just one community? the reason for the rally was to stop hate, greed, whatever you want to call it, and to acknoweldge the damage it has done with the intent of at least trying to bring it to an end (bigger picture). if it was only about black on black hate then what, should it spread to another race then we need a new initiative? a brand-spanking new 1st time rally? compassion only to a grieving family is not going to stop the next act of violence. it hasn’t so far. compassion for the bigger picture may just convict someone’s soul…….i said MAY. so again, these words were hardly words of defense but they most definitely were words targeted at the bigger picture. feel me yet? if not, it will be okay. that’s not enough reason for me to love less and i know that your day will still be as beautiful as you want it to be.

        • Whatever says:

          Amen to “my life is not my own”….Well said!! If only these NUMBskulls would see the BIGGER picture…

        • Think about it says:

          You’re completely missing the point, and Christians really get under my skin when they fail to realize when they are wrong. There is nothing wrong with having a belief, or expressing that belief UNLESS it causes others harm. Expressing your love for your gay partner and expressing hate are not the same thing. How do you not get that?

          • my life is not my own.... says:

            your sentence says “expressing…….and expressing…..”. the statement you have chosen to rebut speaks directly to…..EXPRESSION. all the same word at the end of the day…..THIS is what i get. some are hell bent on confining the comments to religion or sexual preference, etc. that’s why that’s all that you (yup, YOU) can see. if you look towards the direction you would like to go, you will end up there. look beyond for just a moment, won’t take up too much of your time, just try it though. i strongly believe that it will help with that skin problem. a belief alone does not cause harm just as much as a gun alone does not kill. “think about it”. it seems that you “believe” that I am Christian (unless you simply misread the words themselves….”compassion” for “Christian”, and that’s ok too). I am not “harmed” or offended if it is so that I am really Muslim. the real point with that is that we really need to leave the personals out of the equation and understand…..大きい画像 (Ōkii gazō)…..that apparently means “the bigger picture” in japanese……just in case.

            • Think about it says:

              So you’re muslim, even worse. Now I can say with 100% surety that YOUR religion does say to kill those that oppose your belief. I’ve read the pages in the Qur’an that say such.

              • my life is not my own.... says:

                are you lonely?? i have not said that i was muslim or anything otherwise because it was NEVER the point. what i have said is that…..well, take your time this time and re-read……oh, and of course THINK ABOUT IT! And may GOD help you with that….He will if you ask Him sincerely……now I can say THAT with 100% surety! ;-) :-)

    • Whatever says:


    • True Dat says:

      JUST Like That!!! Nuff said Everyone should take time out to read this sensible comment and think about it and reflect on it…:)

  14. Bermudian says:

    Religion is the root of all evil…

    • itwasntme says:

      LOL ummm okay Gordon Getgo… must work on wall street. I’m sure the good book says that MONEY is the root of all evil. How much did you make off the sub prime hedge funds?

      • Bermudian says:

        You attempt at insulting me was pathetic and quite frankly a poor and uneducated excuse of one. They fact that you have people hating other people because a “book” says so is pathetic. I have a book about a spaghetti monster that rules the world and says everyone loves everyone. Will you believe that one?

        The fact is you have people killing each other for their beliefs and if others don’t believe what they believe, they’ll either kill them or beat them to scare others into believing. You go to any child and say you believe in a invisible man in the sky, whom you can’t see,hear,touch,smell or use any other senses, they child will look at you as if you’re crazy. But you’ve probably scared the child into believing by telling them they’ll burn in hell if they don’t believe.

        • itwasn'tme says:

          jeeeez talk about striking a nerve….

        • Whatever says:

          And i have a “book” that says you are lost, keep calling him “the invisible man in the sky” and see where it gets you…poor lost soul.

        • Think about it says:

          @ Bermudian

          I agree with you mate. While I don’t see anything wrong with having faith, I do find something wrong with people blindly believing something they read in a book and attacking, discriminating etc. people that the book says to do. I wouldn’t say religion is the root of all evil, it is the root of most. The crusades and the current war in the middle east are two examples that come to mind.

      • Actually, the bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is just a system of trade so that we don’t have to lug gold bullion around to buy anything.

        • Bermudian says:

          And I have a book about a spaghetti monster who says money isn’t the root of all evil, but peoples incentive to try to force people into believing what they believe in.

          For those who are saying,”No one is forcing you to believe in it”, need to have a look at the laws governed by religion. The fact that people who are homosexuals don’t have equal rights than anyone else because a “BOOK” says so is IN FACT forcing their religion on them.

    • Whatever says:

      That may be your opinion….and you have your right. I believe religion has separated us as human beings, but that won’t keep me from praising God, believing in God or having Faith in God. I wouldn’t say its the root of all evil. But hey to each his own.

      • Bermudian says:

        I really don’t care what people believe in. Religion has killed more people than money. But don’t be going on the news to spread your hate while trying to get everyone to love one another. Bunch of hypocrites. You supposedly want Gay’s to stop being all up in your face about being Gay, well I want religious people to stop being all up in my face will their religious bullcrap.

        • LOL (original) says:

          Religion has killed more people than money. — for what other than POWER today MONEY = POWER does it not. Power over what Humans correct all man made. A person can only have power over you if you give it to them.


          • LOL (original) says:

            This is for sandgrownan or any who wish to rationally with respect to discuss from the first thread same topic.

            Actually Science was my best subject (90% and above even in university). In Chemistry things must be done in a controlled environment as to avoid other variables which may impact on the variable you are trying to study. That said in the world outside the lab there are tons of variables and I just don’t see how a very complex beings such as our selves or any life for that matter not to mention all the elements that we use to make everything right down to the make up of the atoms and the energy it takes to make it could have been chance cause weather you like it or not science is just that chance as it has no plan in front of it. No prime cause so to speak so yea it is chance although I can see where you are coming from as I too went though a period of disbielf and looked at many alternatives but in the end God is the only thing that I personally came back to that made possible sense. Evolution or devolution as I think of it may have been a start to how things where done but the Human species is defiantly devolving as RNA which copies the genetic code in the body suffers from momentary issue causing it to miscopy things from time to time resulting in abnormalities we are seeing more and more combined with our tech has allowed these this to continue in the gene pool as we care less about the environment so Darwin’s theory is no longer applicable to humans, but I digress. As for the bible discussion I will defer to you for now as I don’t really have that much time to discuss it but in brief King James took all the best scholars at the time and tried to authenticate the many works that were supposed to be what the bible was (scrolls I think) and translated them as best as one can with the language barrier as a hindrance but it is generally excepted to be as authentic as possible.

            LOL I see science as our way of explaining how God did it on our terms and understanding.

            • sandgrownan says:

              The KJB was translated in a manner that suited the monarchy of the time. It’s not correct to assume it was accurately translated from whatever texts existed, it was translated in a specific way, with specific language to bind the nation, the monarchy and church together. Even if you do subscribe the Bible’s “teachings”, the version you are probably reading isn’t the original.

              I think you miss my point re: theory of chance. Another time perhaps….

              • LOL (original) says:

                So no discussion on the science points then ok. Why is it that Christians have to defend our beliefs but those that insult them do not have to defend theirs just saying. I do some more research into the KJV of the Bible cause I seem to remember it differently and get back to you on it.


                • sandgrownan says:

                  Christians (and others of faith) should defend their beliefs because a) even the best intentioned religious folk simply cannot keep it to themselves and b) there’s not a single shred of evidence for existance of a supreme being and yet, and yet, daily we are told by clowns like Smith that “being gay is wrong” and I still can’t buy a beer on a Sunday.

                  get it?

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    Funny every time disscusion like ths crop up it’s the science/ athiests who start hating on GOD. Even if it is a responce to someone saying that some shoulld pray on a matter. It is advice if anything in your mind you should consider meditiation as a sutible replacement of the word pray but no you and others like you just want a chance to pock at a belief that you don’t agree with much like you are doing to Mr. Smith and like he is doing with Gays.
                    Do you get it?

                    LOL I think we will just agree to disagree on this topic as for science there is also a growing # of sciecetis how beleif in GOD. I guess when they finally figue out how to fix the Big Bang machine that never works by the way or we die we will finally find out who’s right about GOD.

                    • LOL (original) says:

                      excuse the typeos would not want you to disregard what I have said


          • Think about it says:

            The pursuit of money and power has not killed more people than religion. Most if not all the terrorist attacks throughout world history have been because of religion. Mass genocides have been because of religion. People killing people simply because their god says to kill those who don’t live how their book says they should, or anyone who doesn’t believe.

            • LOL (original) says:

              This still equates man want power over man God said tho shalt not kill not only kill some people or people that don’t worship God. It was man that took that upon himself for reasons such as he did not get his way (power). So in fact “The pursuit of money and power has not killed more people than religion.” should be “in the name of religion the pursuit of power and money has killed them all.”
              “People killing people simply because their god says to kill those who don’t live how their book says they should, or anyone who doesn’t believe.”

              My God has never commanded his followers to do this once again this was man’s doing and can be attributted to man wanting power over man. Think about that………..


              • sandgrownan says:

                Imagine the hubris required to think God speaks to you….

                • LOL (original) says:

                  Any time you want to hit up the points I made we can then discuss the same hubris you have in your completely limitless knowledge in your “Religion”

                  LOL let’s call it what they are for real you “belief” at the end of the day you can’t prove much out side of the cause and effect model which science is based on but you can’t figure out what started things in the beginning at all.

                  Please also note I have not insulted you or others for your belief that was all you and yours.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    Saying atheism is a “religion” is like saying bald is a hair colour.

                    There is massive amounts of evidence regarding the origin of the universe and life within it, and that body is growing exponentially daily. Do we understand everything yet? Probably not, but the need to invent a mythical friend in the sky is long gone.

                    There is not one shred of evidence of a supreme “being”. Not a shred.

                    • White Christ says:

                      No but it IS a hair ‘style’ because it is defined in terms of something more naturally occuring which is HAIR! You have to cut the hair off or lose it to be bald my friend and even then it is means the ‘absence’ of hair.

                      Similar to atheists why do you define yourselves in TERMS of God if you don’t believe in Him? I.E. A-theist = absence of belief in God. Why don’t you tell us what you ARE instead of what you are ABSENT of? Probably because you are absent of God and FULL of shit!

              • Think about it says:

                I’m willing to bet however that if the bible did tell you to kill all those who don’t believe, you would.

                • LOL (original) says:

                  Like you would lock up those that don’t think like you or share your understanding of intelligence fro the other thread riggggggghhhhhttttt that was a good one though made me …………………….

                  LOL by you thinking wwe must all need adjustment this is as = to what you have said above so I guess you would be that type of follower yourself “think about that”

                  • Think about it says:

                    I got a headache reading your terrible comment. Did you not learn basic sentence structure in school?

                    • LOL (original) says:

                      You should change your name cause thinking about things is not you strong point.


        • Whatever says:

          Well if you don’t care…stay in your lil cubby hole and don’t turn on the news!!! Don’t listen!! Everyone has a right to thier own opinion….if you choose not to have “religious bullcrap” in your face…then stay away from it….I’m sure nobody is all up in your face with anything….poor sight!

          • sandgrownan says:

            But that’s the rub isn’t it. Religious folk just can’t help themselves from spreading their cr*p.

            • LOL (original) says:

              This applies to atheism as well.


  15. SOMERSET OG says:

    In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  16. True Dat says:

    Stand Firm Scotty!!!
    Whats right is right and
    whats wrong is wrong
    Simple as that!!!!

    • itwasntme says:

      so is it right or wrong for one black kid to kill another black kid for a gold chain? Gays are not the problem, let them go and do what they do. Our young black males need Scotts help

  17. Some People says:

    Mr. Scott just needs to stop talking about it all together. If he called and apologised to Ms. Assan why does he have to go public with that, the write up in the paper yesterday where he said he wished to contact her and apologise was enough for the public’s knowlege. He’s just turning into a real media person.

  18. David says:

    Bible says…blah blah blah. Peter says blah blah blah.. YAWN

  19. David says:

    So becasue Japanese is largely buddhist good killed them did he? I am insenced by this man. Shame on Bernews for giving him airtime

    • Whatever says:

      shame on you for giving him your comment….what a BLAH you are!!!

      • Msays says:

        Not realy I don’t represent the voice of the Bermudian people which is what newspapers do. Readining a newspaper should be like looking in a mirror

  20. Msays says:

    I feel a bit sorry for gays to be honest. Anyone would think they were walking up and down the streets carrying guns shooting at people wearing the pants half way down their assans and generally giving Bermuda a very bad name driving away tourists, international business and setting this country back 200 years. I predict in 10 years time everyone will be eating out of the vegtable patches becasue all that will be left are a few empty office buildings and deserted hotels like Elbow Beach. Wake up Bermdua. You dont manufacture enything you have no exports all you have is a huge debt. unless you focus on the rel issues rather than giving time to these hate preacher then gays will be the last of your problems.

    • itwasn'tme says:

      best comments posted thus far. We’re killing our economy and killing each other and what is the focus? GAY PEOPLE…….oh wait, didn’t the great HITLER use the JEWS as a ‘scape-goat’ to explain away Germany’s ecomonic woes????? God must be really disappointed with our misguided thoughts and irrational comments!

  21. LMAO! says:

    After watching these videos, it is obvious that this so-called Minister is a perfect illustration of why religious zealotism is driving people away from religion.

  22. Poppa Bermy says:

    Hey….. Lets all be “gay”…. Wait “gay” means “happy” right????!!!

  23. Green says:

    I actually think religion does a lot of good for this country. I am a foreigner and when I travel on the bus i admire the respect the kids have for their elders and I believe a lot of that respect might come from the church. You would never see an elder tell a school kid to turn their radio down on a bus in England for fear of getting beaten. I hope Bermuda holds on to that respect and, ok, fear of elders. It is the far right religous people like this guy who want to hold people back and which ultimately will hold Bermuda back as a tourist destination and centre for International RE Insurance and finance. Bermuda has a great deal to offer, skilled and educated workforce, relatively safe streets for kids and a beautiful landscape. Don’t let the far right hold Bermuda back from progressing.

  24. Let's Think About This... says:

    Can’t we all stop fighting over who’s right/wrong, live how we want in accordance to the laws of the land, and let whoever the true higher power/being is determine who’s ultimately right? Discrimination on the grounds of sexual preference needs to be outlawed because no one’s rights are being infringed on by who people choose to have sex with. If you don’t like it, stay out of it. A similar argument was presented when there was a fight to outlaw religious discrimination. If you don’t like a particular religion, don’t go to their place of worship. There’s a slum in India where Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews live together, yet they get along (not crime-free, but no major issues over religion). You know why? Because each group provides something the others need to survive. If a poor area can do this, why can’t a rich country? Folks, pick what lifestyle/religion you wish. Live what you preach, share with others, but don’t force it on anyone. Exercise the freedom to like what you want, and allow others that same freedom. But realize we are all still human and need the same things. Nothing right or wrong in that. We might just improve this country if we can stop telling the next person how wrong they are.

  25. POll time says:

    Bernews can you guys do a poll to see how many people would rent a gay couple their apartment. I know it sounds crazy but I for one don’t mind to women, but I don’t want to guys out in back back yard kissing and have to explain their actions to my son.

    • sandgrownan says:


    • $$$$$ says:

      in that case, also do a poll too see how many people would decline a gay couple if they offered double your asking price. NONE! they’d probably send their child over for sugar.

    • flabbergasted says:

      How could you “not mind” two women in your back yard “kissing” and on the other hand condemn two men “kissing” in your back yard.. That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard! Obviously the need to explain the same sex kissing in your back yard would be the same in both cases. What you don’t realize is that most gay people are very respectful of people generally and are very private so with that said, the chances of you having to “explain” either situation to your son/daughter would never exist. Lets flip over the coin and say that there should be a poll to see how many gay home owners would rent their apartments to heterosexual couples, believe it or not there are MANY gay home owners in this island. This human rights amendment is not only intended to protect the rights of “gay” people but the rights of heterosexual people as well. As it stands as of now any homeowner could ask the question of sexual orientation and refuse tenancy based on your answer (be the answer gay or hertero) and have NO legal repercussions of their decision.

  26. Cindy says:

    For all the GOOD Scott has done, for all the time he has GIVEN, he is being harshly ridiculed by Bermudians for making one stupid, dumb, hurtful statement. And some of you are just downright cruel with your comments. Considering that this site allows people to post several times and use several names I’m inclined to believe that many of these posts are by the same person. People, we have a bunch of things happening on this island that are far more important – our youth are killing each other, families are looking for that extra dollar to provide food and accommodations, we are in debt and totally stressed out to give more, education is a mess..and the list goes on. And all so many have time to obsess about is a comment that was made. No wonder we’re no further ahead…. this is really sad….

  27. Well said Cindy !! Scott just focus on the work of the Lord and helping our young men find themselves ! No need to response to this matter anymore ! Get back on track and stay focus on the work you are doing !! Further discussion on this matter will not help the situation……move on. You have made a worthwhile contribution to the community. Many people have not done what you have done to help our country !! Ask persons what have you actually done or doing to help our families and young people in trouble? “Well done”, said the Lord !!

  28. Terry says:

    This guy is a dreamer…NEXT!!!!!!

  29. Genghis Khan says:

    On to the next one!

    It’s very funny and very sad when the leaders of the groups that the community gravitates towards when all else fails, starts falling apart. Sounds similar to how the countries reliance on the Government is floundering.

    More and more house ‘For Sale’ signs and leaving island sales. Man the lifeboats.

  30. Just an idea says:

    Please read this artice

  31. FGDM says:

    you are just an embarrassment! your views are twisted by your false god. apparently every other religion is wrong yours is the only right one. yet you are not peaceful like your little book tell you to be. i can find asian religions that make people so peaceful humble and accepting that sonds more of a winning religion than what you practise. you are glad you said those words and offended people just to get some attention? pathetic. i am sick of this island and using religion for a back support. its about love get it together. and please leave my grammer alone, just because i did not capitalize my letters or punctuated correctly doesnt mean a thing. its only a blog.

    • Scott Smith says:

      Blessings to you all. I dont use computers much so I am just reading all the comments that were made about my anti-gay remarks that I made. Wow how time can escape us. For all those who made comments on the matter negative or possitive. Just want to say Thank you very much for inspiring me to press on to do what i have been called to do. I will continue to pray for the people of this little Island called Bermuda. Just in case you dont see or hear from me, its because I have left the country to be with my precious five year old son whom I need to be with to Guide and give him direction. I thank God for the opportunity that was afforded me to reach out to so many families that were affected by the tragic lose of life through the gun violence that has plagued our Island. As I worked in the Schools and Prisons and even in many homes, looking out and reaching out to touch the lives of so many broken lives. My son was being deprived of my presence and love and nurturing. So now I will be doing my same mission here. I will be hosting a radio talk show with a friend of mine whose son went missing for three months, only to be found shot to death under a bridge. Just to clear the air,I have been commissioned by God through the teachings of the Holy Bible, to love everybody including the gay population. So to all who choose the same sex as your partner. I have no hatred towards you, just towards what you do. Just as well as I hate the actions of the murderers whilst I have love for them as individuals. So just as Our Father in Heaven hates the sin but loves the sinner, this is the stand I take as a Christian do take. I was also Commissioned by God to cry aloud and spare not and show my people their sins. Yes we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However I strive daily through the grace of God to live above my sinful nature, and Pray to God to help me to be a partaker of His divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. Of course I have a lot to say, but just felt compelled to share these thoughts with you. So no I have not attained unto perfection yet, but am a firm beleiver that God is able to keep me from falling and to present me faultless before the presence of His Glory with exceeding joy… I know Im not all that I ought to be but I thank God Im not what I used to be. Namely, eleven year old weed smoker for fifteen years, fourteen year old alcoholic, eighteen year old coke smoker, then finally grduating to crack smoking. Through it all I have managed through Gods grace and mercy make it through all these evil ways that I once had as a part of my life. Not to mention being incarcerated on my twentieth birthday. So yes we have all had to weather some storms in life, and now I simply desire to be used By God to help someone along the way. Hoping that through my brief story someone out there can know that there is hope in spite of what you may have gone through and are still going through. Much love always Minister George Scott Smith. Yes its for real as my Grandfather wrote Bermuda is Another World. Sorry Pappa I may have to rewrite that Beautiful song. Nothing but Peace N Love for you all, God Bless.