CellOne Boosts Its Network

July 14, 2011

CellOne announced today [July 14] that it has implemented a new 4G cell site in the west end of Hamilton, which should increase coverage and improve data speeds for many customers.

“We are continuing to build upon our brand promise of the “The Power of More” with More Speed and More Coverage” said Frank Amaral, CellOne’s Chief Operating Officer. “Since the merger with M3, our engineering team has been very busy working on an optimization process in advance of a full merging of the networks. This new cell site is just one of the many advances in store for our customers.”

A company spokesperson said, ” The new cell site is located near the Fairmont Princess hotel on Pitts Bay Road and utilizes advanced 4G high speed packet access evolved (HSPA+) technology. The site is now active and should help with coverage all over town as other cell sites are relieved of traffic.”

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  1. alteredbeast says:

    will old M3 customers service improve with this addition? my data has not worked for months.

  2. poor service says:

    This merger is not working out – I’m now a cell one customer and the service is not good. Calls are dropping the network seems to be sh*%y. Come on if you want to keep my business you have to do better or perhaps now that you are a bigger cheese you don’t care about my business, keep this poor service up and we will need to look at the alternatives.

  3. #ThatIsAll says:

    Considering the only alternative is Digicel… you’re probably better where you are… Take it from me I’ve been a Digicel customer for years the service is crap!! And the customer service is HORRIFIC!! The only reason I haven’t switched is because I want to keep my number… Bring on Telecom Reform!

  4. Can u hear me now? says:

    I have been a CellOne (Cellular One)customer for many years and always bragged about how well the service was and how I was able to get service anywhere/anytime. Even though their prices and phones were pricey then the competition, I would not consider switching because they were so reliable. Unfortunately, here recently things have changed. I have had failed calls and dropped calls and on Sunday I had issues making calls and checking voicemail and there was a new message on my phone -CONGESTION!! What the heck was that?? I hope this is just “teething” problems while they work on taking on M3, but it’s not looking good. I’m sure M3 customers were looking for things to get better for them and not worse for everybody. Come on CellOne, let’s get “up to speed”!

  5. 32n64w says:

    So at what average speed (not optimal based on perfect environmental/technical conditions) does CellOne’s HSPA+ network operate in order to be considered 4G capable?

  6. Shut Yo Mouth... says:

    If ya not happy wiff sellone dan take ya buszness to Vain Brains an dem byes oobadeah at figisell

  7. time to ring off says:

    Don’t have one , don’t want one .. Feel sorry for all the ppl that just can’t seem to live without them and the money they waste on them.

    Now can we have the truth about all the harmful radio frequency emissions from these towers springing up everywhere ?