CellularOne: 4G Capable Phones Arrived

April 8, 2011

Motorola-Atrix-4GCellularOne today announced the arrival of the 4G capable phones to the island, launching the Motorola Atrix 4G [pictured] and the HTC Inspire 4G, which both operate on the Android operating system.

The Company said both the Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC inspire 4G have theoretical download speeds of 14.4 MB/s which is four times faster than any BlackBerry in market today and twice as fast as the current iPhone products.

CellularOne launched their 4G network back in January of this year, which the company says has theoretical download speeds of up to 21 MB/s, but access to 4G capable phones was limited at that time.

Digicel Bermuda CEO Wayne Caines addressed the 4G service at the time saying,  “This is a situation which boils down to timings and semantics – not differences in technology or in speeds.”

Frank Amaral, CellularOne’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Launching the first 4G network was great, but now to be able to provide smartphones that support that increase in speed and allow our customers to do more with their phones even faster is a thrill.”

“We know how popular the BlackBerry lineup is here in Bermuda, but these 4G phones are among the best sellers in the U.S. due to the fact that you can do so much with them at the fastest possible speed.” said Mr. Amaral.

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  1. GPS says:

    And the Price Izzzz?!?!?!?….Gonnaaah Beeee Waaaaaay Too Much

  2. W.T.F.??? says:

    Cellular One are useless..NO SIM CARD!!

    • ._./ says:

      That’s funny. I’m with them and I appear to have a sim card in mine.

    • Rob from CellularOne says:

      Hi guys – I’m from CellularOne – we have had SIM cards for a couple of years now. Come check us out and the new phones. Atrix is $699 and Instinct at $599 on two year agreements.

      • Rob from CellularOne says:

        Sorry…Meant Inspire, not Instinct…$599

  3. Makes sense! says:

    They cant get 3g to work properly round the island so why this??.?

  4. stop the BS says:

    Cellular One is by far the best coverage in Bermuda. don’t know what you lots on about.

  5. ._./ says:

    4G: 100 mbps data rate for moving users / 1 gbps data rate for stationary users.

    What Cellular One and Digicel are offering is, in fact, more along the lines of 3G and a bag of potato chips.

  6. No Truth in Advertising says:

    I’ve been with Cellular One since the cell phone was invented. I became more and more frustrated with Cellular One’s sub standard cellular service, droped calls and failed calls that I made the switch to Digi Cell. They really are the bigger better network, data stream is DSL quality unlike Cellular One’s dial up speed. Great reception everywhere even in the basements of the biggest buildings in Hamilton, where Cellular One would just show me a SOS on my BB. RIP Cellular One.

    • Let's be real says:

      Clearly you are a Digicel employee…no-one would write like this – who uses a company tagline in a response and “loves” everything about them? Let’s keep the comment boards open for real comments or at least identify yourself as the employee of a company.

    • JohnnyDee says:

      Horse-hockey. I’ve had AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, and Cellular One. ATT was the absolute WORST about dropped calls. I moved to Centennial Wireless 3 years ago, they were bought out by Cellular One a year ago. Not ONE dropped call in 3 years, yes, not ONE dropped call! Their data package is still the old outdated EDGE, but it works consistently and they are updating my area to 4G. Never even heard of Digi Cell,,,, sounds like the crummy Boost company.

  7. allen says:

    I have had att and now cellular one and i lev in east texas cullular one is better getin out but u pay all the money to be able to use the inter net and i dont like this at all when well they have 4g anyone no please let me no