David DeSilva Charged: Murder Of Denise Evans

September 8, 2011

Denise Evans-Wilkinson [Supplied By Family]This afternoon [Sept.8] 46-year-old David Wayne DeSilva Jr appeared in Magistrates.Court, and was charged with the murder of 45-year-old Denise Evans Wilkinson [pictured].

Mr DeSilva, of Pembroke parish, was not required to enter a plea as the matter must be heard in the Supreme Court. Mr DeSilva was remanded in custody to reappear at a later date.

In April of this year Ms Evans-Wilkinson’s body was found floating in the waters off the Mill Point Road area in Pembroke.

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Comments (26)

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  1. Pitts Bay says:

    I had been wondering what had happened to this case.

  2. me myself and I says:

    Good job BPS, R.I.P Denise

  3. Terry says:

    Well now you know. Jeese your a lawyer………………

    • Terry I hope none of your close friends (if you have any) or family are ever harmed!! Cause if they were, I hope you will be able to find humor in the situation!! You are complete a**!! If you have nothing sensible to say, SHUT THE HELL UP!!

      • Totally Disgusted says:

        He never has anything worth hearing always talking like he has no sort of education, don’t even pay him any mind, personally I believe he only does it for attention.

      • Let's Think About This... says:

        Why so angry? It’s a sarcastic comment to Pitts Bay as if they were having a face-to-face conversation:

        Pitts Bay: I wonder what happened with the Denise Evans murder case…
        (news update comes on)
        Terry: Well now you know. *sarcastic tone*

        He’s not slighting or even speaking about Ms. Evans or her family. They’ve arrested and charged someone with her murder. Here’s for a step towards closure for the family.

      • Terry says:

        What an assinine comment Str8.

        How do you draw that conclusion from my comments. Really, how do you.

        • Honestly says:

          Think about how many serious situations have taken place and you make the silliest comments. A turn off or better still scroll pass…TERRY!!! WASTING MY EYESIGHT WITH YOUR NONSENSE!!

      • Well said talktome. Unfortunately many people don’t sympathize until it hits home.

    • B, a Lady says:


      When you make idiotic statements like this, the least you could do is use correct grammar. It is ” you’re” , not ” your”.

      My heart goes out to this family as they deal with the next phase of this young lady’s death. This will be a tough time for them.

      Let us keep our comments respectful.

    • YES MATE! says:

      Terr(itt)y what is your problem?

  4. Organic Bermudian says:

    Thank God, may her family have some relief from not KNOWING!!
    To ALL who have been murdered and NO ONE has been CHARGED/FOUND GUILTY SPEAK to US, REVEAL EVIDENCE SOME want DESTROYED!!!!!! GOD 1st!! THOU SHALL NOT KILL!!!!!

  5. innocent until proven guilty says:

    I am sorry but something isn’t sitting right with this charge…let us see how the case unfolds before getting excited about an arrest.

    I want nothing more than for all unsolved murders to be solved but I also do not want innocent people put in jail just because it looks good on paper.

    • BDA says:

      I 2nd that.

    • Terry says:

      Irony. Tell that to the people that hold vengence. Buck Burrows, Larry Tacklyn et al ring a bell. Hang em high?

      Look where you are today because you want what happened. A*sholes the lot.

    • bdananny says:

      @innocent until proven guilty, I agree. Something isnt right with this.

    • A.S. says:

      I don’t think too much can be said here because of sub judice (which they tend to go overboard with in Bermuda-the real damage is done if you reveal something that compromises the case and not mere discussion of it)but her case was featured in the newspaper as an unsolved murder, with a plea to come forward if one had information on her murder. Maybe someone did.

  6. Jus cause his charged doesnt mean his gonna get found guilty!This is Bda.You kno how dumb the Bps&Dpp are!

  7. Never jump to conclusions says:

    Remember the stupid , inane remarks this initially caused , simply because the victim was found offshore of Fairylands /Point Shares ?

    Well ,let’s hear them all now , eh ?

    Hope this helps the family find closure in these difficult times .

  8. clueso says:

    Rest in peace Denise. I hope your family can have some form of closure once the trial is over. I know he was arrested as a suspect and released. Unfortunately, the accused family members must now start their suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of both the victim and the family of the accused. Many innocent victims here. Thank you BPS

  9. Say Say Say says:

    Feel sorry for the other “David De Silva’s” who are having their good name dragged through the mud.

  10. shakaZulu says:

    I still would love to see the law change. GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.
    there are two old sayings. Birds of a feather, flock together. And… You are known by the company you keep.

    • so long says:

      the law has been changed for a long time shakazulu.Did you know that you can only plead innocent in a commonlaw court. In a j.c court(judges chambers)aka magistrates or supreme court you can’t plead innocent-your choice is guilty or not guilty.So technically….you know what the outcome is $$$

      • RealityCheck says:

        I agree that you are definatly guilty until proven innocent… but you can’t forget that you are also guilty until you have the money for a good lawyer…poor people are screwed.

  11. In Mark's opinion says:

    Too many people want to Kill . Murder people and guilty , than life in jail ( 50 years ) or death sentence in my book .

  12. D says:

    INNOCENT until proven guilty, David i really hope you are found innocent of this crime and may they frind the person or persons responsiable…only god knows