Police Investigate Shooting In Paget

October 5, 2011

[Updated - Police confirm shooting, say no reported injuries]

Police are diverting traffic in the South Road round-a-bout area in Paget this afternoon [Oct.5], and are conducting an investigation in the area.

Officials have remain tightlipped at this point and are restricting access to the area, however unofficial reports indicate there may have been a shooting.

017 oct 5 11

Traffic is severely backed up in the East Broadway/Berry Hill Road/Trimingham Hill areas. Police can presently be seen searching the road area, and the canine unit is also on the scene.

We have limited information at this time, but will update as able.

Update 3.20pm: The Officer in Charge of the Serious Crime Unit Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro has arrived on the scene. Officers appear to be paying specific attention to the road area of the actual round-a-bout.

Update 3.45pm: Traffic is backed up in multiple directions while the Police continue their investigations.

oct 5 2011 bda (1)—-oct 5 2011 bda (2)

Update 3.54pm: Police say that it appears that no one has been reported was injured at this time, but have confirmed that there was a shooting. They are seeking witnesses who may have seen two persons on a bike leaving the area heading east on South Road. Full police statement coming shortly….

Update 3.57pm: Police are beginning to slowly allow some traffic through the area.

Update 4.03pm: Police confirm a shooting at 2.20pm in the South Round-a-Bout area, and said there are no reported injuries. Video below of Police Spokesman Robin Simmons being interviewed by ZBM:

Update 5.10pm: Official Police statement follows below:

Around 2:20pm on Wednesday, police responded to a confirmed firearm incident at South Round-a-bout near the junction of South Road and Trimingham Road in Paget.

Forensic evidence found in the area suggested that a firearm had been discharged; however no one has reported being injured. An active investigation into this incident is underway.

Traffic was initially diverted away from the area while investigators examined the scene, but traffic has since been allowed to flow normally.

Police are appealing for any witnesses, particularly anyone who may have seen two men on a motorcycle in the vicinity around the time of the incident or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011.

Alternatively, an anonymous call can also be made to the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-8477.

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Comments (164)

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  1. d-reader says:

    well they were close by the hospital

    • sick n tired!!!!! says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Was that meant to be a joke?? In broad daylight . . . main road . . . anyone could have been passing by and been an innocent victim!!!!!!!!!!! Really, r u serious????

    • Impatient with the System says:

      Hopefully they rode,drove, staggered straight there. Feel sorry for those persons that need to get home in the WEST! Traffic is bad on a good day.

  2. True Dat says:

    Guys Are starting up again!!!

    Somebody is going to get shot if the police don’t get a handle on this!!

    First up the 2nd
    and now in Paget!=0

    • bermyshotta says:

      jus de yout$ makin dem name

      • GBDA says:

        What name? Nuisance? Jack Ass? Those are the only names that come to mind when I here of something like this.

      • rightious vigilant says:

        Just ignorant “youths” aka fake ass thugs feeling that shooting makes them feel like a man. No mercy should be upon them when they are caught and no sympathy on their miserable souls when karma comes back round too…..stupid idiots

  3. Mouse says:

    Please tell me the cameras on the pole there pick up something

    • Malachi says:

      We still have working cameras??

      • WTH???? says:

        i said the same thing but i dont think they have cameras at the top of the hill i know its some at the bottom but who even knows if they really work

  4. WOW!! says:

    I pray that the person was not killed… I’m not getting home till 6.. SIGH.

  5. mixitup says:

    This area has to be one of the most heavy traveled locations on the Island, somebody had to see something.

  6. FLYawaydammt says:

    Hopefully somebody was able to see these billy bad assess who think they are in the $ucking wild wild west. Real idiots!!!

  7. Changing Status says:

    its becoming more and more public, first in broad daylight, now here? where next?

    i hope the police catch them and find more of the guns, otherwise this madness will never end.

  8. Terry says:

    Any sirens, activity at the hospital, any bodies laying around, any vehicles…..

    Lets see what Pedro does and says. He always turns up when something of this nature (firearms incident occurs)…..

    • cygnet says:

      You are a real idiot Terry. It’s Pedro’s job. What you want Johnny Barnes show up ther. Or is it to you a NIMBY. i.e. It didnt happen in your back yard!

      • Terry says:

        No, your the idiot. Like I said, it’s Pedro’s job. Don’t you get it a#@hole?

        • leaves says:

          armchair officers!

        • cygnet says:

          How rude calling me a A— hole! Do you talk to your wife and daughters like that??? You obviously hve nothing else to do. Every story on Bernews you always have rude and nasty things to say. kEEP IT UP. KARMA WILL CATCH UP WIH YOU. By the way a lot of other readers think you are are real iditot too with your stupid comments. Get a life.

        • Grammar School says:

          you’re the idiot, not your!

          • Terry says:

            Hey..whats good for the goose is good for the gander. You call me an idiot, thats name calling. As for you cignet, go back to BIAW.

            You actually think I care what others think of me?

            A cygnet is a bird…fly away.

      • Sick of the idiot says:

        Im truely happy to see that Im not the only one that gets tired of Terry the jack A$$ and his stupid comments. Thats the result when idiots like him dont have much of a life. Cygnet thanks for letting him know what a real idiot he is.

        • WTH???? says:

          are you all serious about getting mad at terry and his/her comments??
          yes some are stupid and not caleld for but he/she is just gonna keep doing it so either STFU about it, or skip pass his/her comments cause thats what i do when i see a persons name thats always on here and i know they gonna have something simple to say, i think you all like it cause you still entertain him/her and he/she knows it and of course gonna keep doing it just to piss you off.

    • Logic76 says:

      That is his unit…

  9. Shell says:

    Here we go again. These wanna-be gangsters need to be caught and made an example of!

  10. This just plain crazy!! Come you guys – give a rest! Got a rival? Knock out some teeth and call it a day!!

  11. GPS says:

    Only if the K-9 could sniff the entire route of the shooter/s

  12. Terry says:

    Railway tracks would be a start………But not knowing anything like the rest of you…..

    • PLP's gonna get ya says:

      Its not about you Terry. You are just someone who spends too much damn time on here. There’s been a shooting, another one, this time in a place where white people go (come on let’s be honest about that). But whatever, it ain’t about you Terry.

      • What says:

        It is at a place where pretty much everyone on the island travels at some point.

      • LOL (original) says:

        So they should be caught by now right?


  13. Party Pooh! says:

    Bang!!!! Wild Paget not so peaceful I can’t walk in peace where can I run?

  14. True Dat says:

    Who in the Hell are these two guys on a bike!!! They are irritating me!!!!

  15. Please says:

    I wish these idots would stop wasting bullets and BPS time! We can’t afford it

    • No longer angry, just sad... says:

      Great point… We need to do whatever to get a hold of these disillusioned youths and shake some sense into them! All this legal work available in Bermuda, no need to shoot each other over small-time drug money! Look around at all the foreign guest workers we have in Bermuda. Take the hospital employees as just one example…

      These young boys are not the big drug money makers, they still work for someone who makes thousands/millions off of them, so they might as well get REAL jobs!

      A very important question is “How do we get them back into the fold and make them productive, law-abiding citizens, instead of menaces to society?”

      • Confused... says:

        Wait, are you saying the expats working at the hospital are the drug kingpins? I’m genuinely confused. Are you saying that expats are the drug lords? Please explain.

        • Exactly! says:

          That’s right – it’s those shady Pink Ladies!! I just knew they were packin’!! So sweet and innocent looking as they serve you warm gingerbread! Never saw it coming! Makes sense though. Good try ladies, but we’re onto you and you are going down b-tches!! Gingerbread my azz!!!

        • Cassy says:

          He is saying that there are alot of jobs here but the expats are taking them.

          • It is what it is says:

            Expats can’t TAKE a job that a Bermudian doesn’t WANT…

            Jus’ sayin… Don’t see many Bermudians filling those cleaning jobs either…those jobs are just going away and Bermudian cleaning company owners are losing their companies. Sad, but true. Facts are facts.

            • It is what it is says:

              this is not me (original “it is what it is”)

            • LIz says:

              I am a Bermudian I used to clean offices and the amount of money you get paid to clean up after other nasty people (no matter what nationality) it is not worth it. Some people are just dirty no public training at all. How you carry yourself at home should stay at home. In public act like you know!!!!!!

        • No longer angry, just sad... says:

          Sorry for the confusion! No way! I meant to say that there is no reason to be a small time drug dealer in Bermuda when there are so many employment positions that we have to recruit from abroad. My bad…

        • No kidding says:

          I think s/he is saying that there are many great (legal) opportunities available to the youth of Bermuda rather than becoming drug dealing, gun-toting miscreants.

        • Cahoots says:


        • Ha! says:

          No he was not saying that the ex-pats are involved in drugs in any way shape or form. What he was saying is that there are lot of expat jobs that should/could be filled by these young men…if they could only get their lives together.

      • Friendly Faces says:

        If you think this shooting is about ex-pats, you wanna wake up. Its about a failing community, macho role models, stereotypes, poor policing, poorer people (and no not because of a few ex-pats), hopeless government that gets voted in on color and kiddie gangsters who don’t know they are born.

      • University Grad says:

        Surprisingly Young Individuals Are Making $100,00s (Hundreds of thousands of dollars) In Drug Money


        There isn’t much enough decent paying jobs in Bermuda

        • No longer angry, just sad... says:

          That’s crazy, not enough decent paying jobs here? What do you consider decent pay? I doubt that a 22-year old drug dealer is making six figures… Anyways there are plenty of good positions here in Bermuda currently filled by non-Bermudians for various reasons, one of which is some Bermudians would rather be lazy and be drug dealers!

  16. Bad Girl turn Good says:

    David Augustus buff up the cofin inventory, here we go again.

  17. Bulla Bulla says:

    Another sad day to be ashamed of in Bermuda!

  18. Clogged UP says:

    Clog and the Cloggets do want to address them. BPS can’t prevent them. Westgate can’t change them. We are part of Caricom, why not send them to JA prison system for a tenth of the price of feeding/housing them here, and hope they don’t come back. I’d rather pay the Jamacian Govt. 70K per prisoner to just keep them, make them honorary Jamaican citizens of something because these fool are runing the island SMH ;-(

  19. Clogged UP says:

    oh, forgot to mention….parents are afraid of them!

    • What would God do? says:

      Could you imagine being afraid of your own creation? tsk tsk

  20. ferryrider says:

    Time to hop on the ferry folks….

  21. Too Much Madness!!!!! says:

    I wish I was in the area, because they would have surely ended up under my car… Dumb mofos, they are truly assinine!!

    • Road Kill? says:

      Sorry but I second that! Can’t wait for the day one of them falls off the bike and/or someone sacrifices their car to stop them from getting away!

      • rightious vigilant says:

        Give me the opportunity! a fake thug hood ornament would be a great honor especially knowing that such an act of vigilante justice would be greatly appreciated then expose his ass on the news so the whole island can see and shame him!!

        • Roadd Kill? says:

          Exactly! Bring the “monsters” out into the light!

  22. Concerned says:

    Keep that sh!t out of Paget!!

    • N/A says:

      L0L0L I thought about writing that but decided not too. That is what ALL Paget/Warwick residents are thinking though I can imagine…

    • Cassy says:

      I think you mean out of Bermuda!!

    • Bad Girl turn Good says:

      OHHHHH so now the white folks opening their eyes smh – Dont let a bullet hit a nanny while picking up the kiddies( jessssssuuuussss christttttttt)

      LOL sorry had to say it

      • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

        In daylight and in Paget! This is getting serious. Just wait until an innocent passer by gets shot and you’ll see some scatter-action.

        Can’t be too far away.

        • Ha! says:

          The situation is now “serious” because its happened in Paget in broad daylight? How about it happening on Good Friday in broad daylight in front of children? Was it not serious then or for the past couple of years?

          • Simon says:

            @ Ha! You bring up a good point. It WAS VERY SERIOUS when it happened in broad daylight at a school filled with adults and children on Good Friday…so very serious. Now, can you please tell me how NO ONE SAW A DAM THING on Good Friday in broad daylight at a school filled with adults and children??? No one saw a thing!??? That’s amazing all those blind children and adults flying kites. God bless them. Who knew we had such a large community of sight impaired Bermudians? Answer me that please and THEN I’ll take THAT shooting as seriously as I am taking THIS one, in my neighborhood!

            • LOL (original) says:

              Agreed some people speak out about things when they happen some don’t that’s why some things seem more serious than others not what they look like. Bad girls comment was completely racial motivated. This attitude furthers the “why should anyone help anyone else” atmosphere in Bermuda and shows our kids great examples of dysfunctional society for them to emulate like the two guys shooting people in the article. Negativity spreads faster that you think.

              LOL are the BPS moving faster than in the aforementioned incidences. No same pace. Is someone more likely to speak up hopefully they will but doubtful.

      • cygnet says:

        @ Bad Girl turn Good – ROFL. Seriously the nonsense has to stop. Doesn’t matter what parish or what colour you are, Bermudian or non- Bermudian. A stray bullet could hurt/kill an innocent person. People if you saw somethng speak up. The life you save could be your own or a loved ones.

      • N/A says:

        How do you know what color the writers are? I’m black, not that its important. I don’t think its racial, I just meant there hasn’t been any, or much, gun violence in Warwick or Paget, and hopefully it stays that way. Of course we want the whole island free of gun crime though..

        • No kidding says:

          Everything in Bermuda eventually comes down to race. Or at least it does on these discussion forums.

          Sad but true.

          • student says:

            @ no kidding. I agree with you. Everything does come down to race in Bermuda especially in the comments in the bottom of ANY article on Bernews. It doesn’t even matter what the article is about and it will happen. I saw one that was about a sports team coming home after winning a championship and instantly it was turned into a black white issue. It needs to stop.

          • What says:

            Yep it all comes down to May 24th

      • Seriously? says:

        Newsflash Bad Girl…the white folks’ eyes haven’t been closed…they’re just busy packing their sh-t, taking their money and getting the hell out of here…and they have been for quite some time and will continue to do so.

        Time for YOU, Bad Girl, to “open your eyes smh” !

      • LIz says:

        Do you really think only white kids have nannies. You are misinformed or sadly mistaken.

      • Casi says:

        No need to bring your silly racism into play! Is that all you have?

    • joonya says:

      I knew you were gonna get tailed for that one..

    • Paget heifer says:

      @Concerned…clearly its coming to a neighborhood near you…you are not immune from it. You do live in Bermuda right??? Stupid people…with that statement its clear that as long as its not in my neighborhood do what you like. Well Paget surely got a taste of the wrath. Whether you like it or not. Its not your say. None of us are safe.

      • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

        All in all its a big eye opener for us all. I’m from Paget too and I’d like to say ‘keep this sh*t out of Paget’ but as you say – none are immune. Very sad for us all.

        • Lissa says:

          You mean keep it off of Trimmingham Hill. LOL!! Paget has had their fare share of shootings (If ord road is considered Paget).
          On a real – Be safe y’all. nobody wants to have shootings in their neighbrhoods..

  23. peter says:

    why? pagets special?

  24. peter says:

    u think paget and warick dont have bad b$stards to?

    • N/A says:

      I’m sure they do, in fact I know they do. However, stats don’t lie. And stats suggest that gun crime is prevalent more in the City and Somerset. Hopefully the bad b#$tards in Warwick/Paget aren’t so bad anymore..

      • Bad Girl turn Good says:

        The only difference between Paget Ba$tards and Somerset/Town ba$tards is that Paget ba$stards dont Shi% where they eat. But it looks like the buffet is open and all is welcome and providing take out.

  25. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Bloody scary an all . Rakes and Hoes dropped in a mad dash to escape the gunman . Time to confiscate passports from these idiots if caught .

    • Warrior 1 says:


  26. peter says:

    and you guys are right, best place for them is under a car or truck,, give the toads a break

    • Exactly! says:

      Exactly, toads don’t kill, stupid idiots with guns kill.

      Puttin’ a target sign on the front of my truck tonight! Bring em’ on! (save the toads)

      • Terry says:

        Bet you won’t.

        • Exactly! says:

          I save toads every day. Now shoooo, be a good toad Terry and I will spare you too.

          • Terry says:

            You threatening me Exactly ? Because if you are your messing with the wrong guy. I’ll get your isp et al whether at work or home.

            • Simon says:

              @Terry: sounds like YOU are the one making a threat to @Exactly. You need to chill out. We will put up with your idiotic comments, but not your threats. That is not acceptable here.

              • Terry says:

                Threats? “I will spare you”.

                Simple Simon met a pie man…………….

                You jest. I don’t.

                • shaking in my boots says:

                  You never let me down Terry. Again you comfirm how much of a TOAD you really are. I would love to join the others in pouring salt on your a$$. I imagine you look just as you sound a real jack a$$. Feel really sorry for your wife if anyone was stupid enough to marry that is. Good going guys keep it up chase his a$$ out of here.

                  • Truth says:

                    You say TOAD, many say TERD. Terry, Tery, Terry always making a fool of himself. Some things never change.

                • Lame says:

                  No Terry, YOU spare US! So lame. Let’s not insult the toads. At least toads serve a purpose; they eat bugs.

            • .am says:

              You’ll get his ISP? Not sure how knowing if he’s with CV, Northrock, Transact or Logic is going to help you out much.

              If you’re going to threaten people, it helps if you at least have a smidgen of a clue as to what you’re on about.

              Try ‘IP address’ next time.

  27. peter says:

    by the way the lil punk that got caught up friwells hill the other day with the “guns” and other stuff is out

    • Simon says:

      Of course he is – wonder if he was just near the roundabout in Paget. Hell, let em’ all out. Why not? What do we have to lose right? Open the doors to Westgate. Whatever. So over this place! I’m out!

    • PEPPER says:

      Peter are you sure this guy is out ?

  28. In Mark's opinion says:

    Bermuda police are always tightlipped about these serious crimes , when they should be asking the public for help on the radio right after the incident to look out for people fitting a certain description going in what ever direction . Always waiting to long to let the public know whats going on when the bad boys are long gone . Show what those cameras recorded in the area for the public in that area at the time can remember if they saw them Bad Boys getting away on which roads.

    • peter says:

      your right mark, almost like the police are protecting them,, let off some real info the moment it happens so we can help effectivly,,, wat they gona tell us in a few days,when most have moved on and forgot,,,,clown police

    • wondering says:

      agreed!! very true…the investigation won’t get compromised!!!

    • Mr. Duane P. Santucci says:

      I have to agree with Mark,as we know talk radio has become the fastest way of reaching the masses at any given point during the business hours of the day and the evenings,so if an incident has occured making it known via talk radio is the quickest way of notifying the public as well as people being able to be on the look out for suspisious circumstances or culprits.cctv is good to a degree but does not seem to work as well as proposed and i wonder if we the tax payer are getting good for our buck and is there other camera technologies that are far advance then that we have,because if you look at the footage of some of the past cases,i think it is poor quality and i have seen better footage in othe juristictions,making me believe we can do better by investing in greater quality equiptment that allows us to see ther culprits much clearer or the vehichle used in such crimes.all in all Bermudians are getting involved and will step up to the plate if given the much needed protection that allows them to speak without being a target themselves.

    • Scott says:

      err i disagree..

      i think tight lipped just means not giving out details, not that they arent looking for public input.

      does the public really need a solicitation for information? If you saw a shooting are you really just going to wait until the police ask for the public’s help before you say anything? if so then we have a whole lot of big issues on this island.

      We found out about this within minutes via online. Its a news article. Are people honestly waiting for an explicit invite from police to give info? seriously?

  29. omy says:

    If you want to see the future of a country look at its youth

    • Mr. Duane P. Santucci says:

      Our youth are only as good as the adults that nutured them,be it in the home the classroom or some form of technology,such as television,movies and music,so go to the root of a situation and try and be a part of the solution and your vioce does count so be encouraged

  30. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Very sad for what is happening to my country. I only hope that when (not if) someone innocent gets shot, that they survive – and the gunman is caught.

    • this Special island says:

      What you mean.. when? it has already happend – Twice!.. Just not in broad daylight (yet)….

      • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

        Yes, but there was always the inference that the victims were involved somehow. When someone truly uninvolved is hit randomly – then you’ll see the scatter-action I previously mentioned.

        Like a Nanny driving kids from school in a CRV. Or worse, a kid being driven from school. That’s what I am talking about. Not the GF of some gangstah who shoulda known better than to hang around such scum.

  31. peter says:

    we are to passive on this sh%t,,,

  32. peter says:

    and why are cycle shops still selling tinted visors??

    • Me says:

      So if a criminal commits a crime in a hat, stores need to stop selling hats? If a criminal uses shades and commits a crime, shops should stop selling shades? Of the thousands of peoploe that use shaded visors on their helmets for the purpose of protecting their eyes from the sun while riding, a small number are using them to commit crimes. A knee jerk reaction will do nothing to solve this problem and only hinders thousands of regular people that use visors for their correct purpose.

  33. peter says:

    a lot of unanswered questions since this sh$ts started,,, check it
    what gona be the excuse for the cameras in paget? i wonder ,,unmaned? not working? watch!

  34. liars says:

    this is territorial obviously….this is what happens when you put Loughlands in Paget so you change the voting scales to your advantage.

    • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

      Your comment about Loughlands is rubbish of course. Territorial my a**. They were after one of the people in the immediate vacinity. The people who dropped their hoes and ran. Tho quite why their girlfriends were there I don’t know.

      • liars says:

        what do you mean it rubbish!!!! there are now atleast 200 more votes that are predominatly black(and we all know what that means) in Paget!

        Call it what you want but l see it for what it always was.

        • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

          It will take many more than 200 black votes to swing Paget. But I see your point.

        • OMG says:

          And what does Loughlands have to do with today incident?????

        • Scott says:

          with all due respect, the count of black votes vs where shootings are is irrelevant in my opinion.

          Perhaps the plp is stacking constituencies… but i think thats a totally seperate debate.

          Shootings are not black on black because of the skin color. They are black on black because of the neighborhoods/people involved who just happen to be black.

          i do NOT equate PLP voters (if thats what youre hinting at) to these stupid thugs that shoot at people. I think, as much as people like to bash PLP supporters (i like to fault them too), they are representative of the current “gang warfare” and to associate loughlands or any govt “affrodable housing” as a “projects” is pretty far fetched.

          • Scott says:

            *they are NOT representative

          • LOL (original) says:

            Agreed Scott worst comment I’ve read in awhile. Liars politics is politics racial poking like that is disgusting.


        • Lissa says:

          Wow!! yup race always becomes an issue on this site. Let the black bermudian bashing begin….

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Don’t call the people living in subsidized housing criminals/public offenders. You have no idea why they’re there. Never mind that the roundabout is about a mile away and out in the open…yeah, guys are fighting to see who gets to set up a toll booth next to the sign right in the middle. *eyes rolling* Really?

  35. CantWatch says:

    This ‘Fire Arm Incident’ is most likely and obviously a distraction for BPS and everyone else while another shooting took place and has hurt someone…I hope the young man Is ok…I’m praying for him. & They will never find who did it…because Serious Crimes couldn’t even catch a Cold.

  36. Curious George says:

    Man the lifeboats ladies!

  37. Terry says:

    The irony of all this, is the fact the plan is working.

    You just don’t get it do yah.

    Payback is a beach that you left.

    You’ll get it.

  38. Itsfiveoclocksomewhere says:

    @ No longer angry and my other concerned friends. A significant number of these gang members do have legitimate jobs and are relatives and friends to many law abiding people. They attend school in Bermuda or abroad and can be seen plying their trade in full view of others.

    I agree that they may not make as much money as the BIG FISH, however it’s significant enough to keep them on the street at odd hours of the day and night and allow them to have huge rolls of cash to buy cars, furnish houses for their girlfriends and send the younger gang members and sometimes themselves to college. How do you get a young man under 21 to walk away from making $100 dollars or more an hour while drinking booze and working at their own pace to making less that half that amount under constraints?

    The BIG FISH needs to be taken care of as well

    Lol@cant watch’s comment!!! (cant catch a cold) humor is good in these trying times

    At the end of the day, these guys choose to do what they want irrespective of the consequences they may face, whether its death or prison. When are we going to start making the hard choices to deal with the problems we now face?

  39. i like reading de comments

  40. saltus student says:

    another way of my generation making a mockery of themselves.
    I’m extremely disappointed.

    • Itsfiveoclocksomewhere says:

      Well said Saltus student. @talk de ting. Me too!!!

  41. winningsolution says:

    Winning solution101 – Why don’t all the faithful bernews watchers with the big voices get on the police payroll and man the cameras…we will surely be on the right path to catching the paget shooters.. you all assess don’t miss a beat when it comes to whats posted on the computer. Might as well make some money birdwatching the cameras. Than we can all live happily ever after. Even the snobs in Paget, Bermuda.

  42. No one is safe. Everyone can be touched. Bermuda is too small for this activity. Hopefully the cameras picked up the shooter’s activity or someone will provide the BPS a description. Welcome to the new normal. We get a big fat F as a society.

  43. Advertise troops needed for war. Gunmen wanted from Bermy from any hood.
    Sign up for Mexico war on drugs oh sorry thugs, and Afganistan, and wheres the other wars going on? o ya um Osama and them well I dont know, come on u guys bermys too small.
    Wear ya badges of honor back home after you win, We can be proud of warriors then

    • uma move in tuckers town cause these guys are not getting caught Im scared! daylight, n no one saw! wheres de police? look you guys just go somewhere and take all ya destructive weapons and aaallll ya boys off the island, go just go!!!!

      • mills, e says:

        how can you all be so ungrateful after all that God has done for you………The Great Luciano!!!

        • The Bible: An Obvious Work of Fiction. says:

          Is this the same God who caused the Tsunami in Japan last March that killed tens of thousands of innocent people?

          Not such a cool God in my humble opinion.

          • OK! says:

            @The Bible: An Obvious Work of Fiction.

            Luciano is a reggae artist. So yes maybe he did cause the Tsunami in Japan.

            “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6 – geesh! :S

            • Curious George says:

              No, I do not think he’s referring to Luciano the recording artist, rather, Lucifer the Devil, I’m afraid. When people say they are praying to God or thanking their God or whatever, be aware that they are not always referring to the same God you are.

              Be curious. Ask. Who is your God and who do you worship?

  44. black male says:

    Its never gonna stop, People jus wait for the perfect chance to catch somebody lingerin and jump at de chance to get em! If u don’t kno bermuda is divided into lil crews n certain ppl can’t go certain places. So stay from where u aint wanted! Blame government 4 changing the skool system. Shoulda neva made cba!! Jus kept it simple

    • Brian says:

      I have to agree with the comment about the school system. the school system is the training ground.

  45. the Bible: An Obvious Work of Fiction. says:

    Very sad that you delete posts which don’t agree with your traditional Christian Bible point of view. You would prefer that people believe in fairy tales rather than show them the truth. In a month I expect you to delete posts exposing Santa as a fictional character too! Only thing is, most children stop believing in Santa by about the age of 12. God still stays in otherwise intelligent adults’ minds. So sad.

  46. the Bible: An Obvious Work of Fiction. says:

    OK well now I see my previous comment again – but waiting for moderation. Sorry for my pre judgement of you.

  47. wow says:

    Wow @ the Loughlands comment. Thats a new low. I have a relative that purchased one and recently became a member of the OBA. To insinuate because govt provided what the deemd affordable housing to mainly black people automatically equates to black votes is crazy. I am not a PLP supporter but with member from the oppositing talking like that i doubt theyll get my vote either.. What a way to make people feel welcome. SMH and to keep blaming this on black people as always using racism. That comment was not needed and had nothing to do with the headline story. But it respect your honesty as im starting to see daily on these blogs exactly how certain people feel if were not the same color. Hate that its alwyas equates to black and white. When will it end?

  48. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    @Wow you are so correct. People in Bermuda seem to have the ability of making everything into a black & white issue.

    Very sad – it is definitely impeding our progress.

  49. Kim Smith says:

    So, consider this: God is not a person… God is ‘everything that is’ and so, arguably, creates all, good and bad… but that creation includes all that WE do and say (and even think), both individually and collectively, resulting in heaven and hell. The attribution to God as being accountable for everything relieves us of our responsibility and needs to be examined.

  50. Bad Girl turn Good says:

    i prsonally believe the police are pu$$ies, do i watch to much CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, Cops etc

    1) Cameras – HMMMMM

  51. Bad Girl turn Good says:

    I personally believe the police are Pu$$ies, do I watch to much CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, Cops etc

    Cameras – HMMMMM@ the actual round about – Ice queen – Paget stop lights -  Modern Mart/Paget gas station – Elbow Beach  - Warwick gas station/Lindos Warwick – All this is going towards Middle or South Road Warwick NOT INCLUDING Private residence of which you can SEEE the actual cameras posted on the homes or driveways.

    Obviously they dont know how to do their damm jobs (INVESTIGATE)

  52. Alana(2nd Chance) says:

    It’s a pity to come onto Bernews, or any website and read about violence. What’s even more disturbing is the lack of togetherness the island has. What ever happened to unity? I am presently in University, and I can say it has been anything but easy to find the money to up and leave…so Saltus student…that’s easier said then done. I’ve been to government for 4 years in a row, 5 actually, and banks for loans… because I didn’t have all A’s means I am not worthy for a 2nd chance to make something of myself? && even so, what jobs are there for graduates now days? So please spare your two cents. Easy for you to speak up about education…you attend Saltus! But that isn’t the issue on this article. I REALLY didn’t understand the PLP comment, quite frankly I don’t care WHO is elected…at one point of time someone will ALWAYS become greedy! Again not the issue…WHERE DID THE RELIGION THING COME INTO PLAY? CAN WE STAY ON TOPIC HERE?! HOWEVER TO POINT OUT IN MY OPINION (as we all are entitled to our own) GOD IS GOOD!!! Why does it have to be a nanny that gets a stray bullet? It could be anyone…a mother pushing her baby in a stroller, a child riding a bike, or playing in their yard…BUT again that isn’t the issue. There are so many valid points on this discussion. Why is it so shocking because it is in Paget or daylight? Wasn’t it shocking on Good Friday? Where are all the witnesses to that shooting on Good Friday?! As adults I see you bickering with people namely Terry, when as adults we should know ignorance is bliss! Just like the youth who are restless, divided, and becoming deviants, the more we bicker with one another we become restless, divided, and the island will only perish! It’s true the parents, or lack of parenting plays a significant role. Let’s not break this incident up to black or white, or try to incorporate how serious one gun violence incident is from another. Or any other incidents of crime for that matter. The issue is that this doesn’t apply to one person…it’s OUR island…how can you let a minority take away the freedom we once had?!

  53. Terry says:

    Ann yah buys up dee paig kaul mee ah toad wurff rode keal……..

    The lame truth is exactly what simon is saying in their boots and their still shaking.

    Even bad girls have Pu$$ies.


  54. Terry says:

    Alana, if I am “bliss”…..you got a lot to learn. Stay where you arte.

  55. Alana(2nd Chance) says:

    Terry, just because you are saying what you feel doesn’t mean you are correct… I am not one to argue with a fool, because from a distance you can not tell who is who. As I said we are all entitled to our opinion…have a great day!

  56. The Ridiculist says:

    Where are the Proud to be Bermudian ladies? They should be down front street trying to collect $1 from each person to collect REWARD$$$ that can lead to information and arrest. Instead they would rather support a one man show of violence that doesn’t benefit BERMUDA in any shape or form. Take a hint and go down Front Street and raise some $ for the real BERMUDA problem. Otherwise consider changing your name to GO Sink a Ship. Your cause is pointless.

  57. strong says:

    God does not sleep, when you do wrong it comes back at you.

    @ Terry you need to grow up!! Truly people are very tired of your crude remarks they are not even worth reading…. I HAVE DECIDED TO BY PASS YOUR JUNK.

  58. ok what did I miss... says:

    @Alana (2nd chance)just a question, because I was one of those students who attended private school off of bursaries, grandparents and child support payments (when my mother got them), what do you know of anyone’s finacial situation? Because Saltus attends Saltus, you think it’s easy? I know plenty of parents and children who sacrifice for the opportunity of having a better education. Almost everybody is struggling right now, looking for jobs etc. However, like you said that isn’t the issue, but I had an issue with your assumption about privately educated people.

    • Alana(2nd Chance) says:

      You attended private school off of bursaries, not solely from your parents and their wealth. Yes of course I am assuming that the Saltus student isn’t on bursaries, but I am pretty positive that is not the case. Please don’t get me wrong, I attended private school, as stated that wasn’t the issue and my issue was that education had no relevance in why the shooter behaved as he did. You have educated people who also do ignorant things. Saltus also said that if they were educated they would have jobs, but as you said as well almost everybody is struggling, looking for jobs, hence in MANY cases education is irrelevant to jobs especially when you still see many expats in high positions. I know many friends who have successfully completed BA’s and Masters and who are deemed “over qualified”… Needless to say this is way off topic.