TBI Introduces New Long-Distance Call Plan

October 24, 2011

TeleBermuda International Ltd. [TBI] announced a new long-distance plan, offering customers unlimited calling to the US, UK, Canada and Ireland for a fixed monthly fee.

TBI said its Infinity plan will allow customers “to experience the freedom of calling as often as you want and talking for as long as you need for …. $39.95.”

“Infinity unlimited mobile long-distance also includes calls received from Bermuda to your mobile phone when you’re roaming in the USA, UK, Canada and Ireland.

And TBI also said it was introducing new low rates to the Caribbean islands as well.

TBI and rival Digicel are scheduled to square off again in Bermuda’s Supreme Court this week.

Digicel’s right to offer long-distance telephone services has been questioned by TBI because of the restrictions of its wireless services licence. Digicel argues its internet service provider Transact — which the company recently purchased — was offering the long-distance service, rather than the Digicel operation itself.

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  1. FYI- Call ME NOW says:

    There is nothing new about this current plan. It has been in existence since they moved from Reid St.

    Re-marketing perhaps???

  2. Terry says:

    Um cunfoozed…….

    It’s not new?

    Street addresses call for this?

    Maybe their rent went up…….

  3. Terry says:

    Lord!!!!!!! So much for improvements.

    “You are posting comments to quickly. Slow down”.

    Heads up on that one Bernews.

  4. Clear View says:

    It should actually be $35.95 The release stated as follows,

    “…This service provides unlimited calling to the US, Canada, UK and Ireland for a fixed monthly fee of $34.95 on two lines, either a fixed or mobile phone for one flat rate…”

  5. Oy Vey says:

    Hmm, so Digicel enters the market and suddenly our long distance prices go down. It looks like it’s in our best interest as customers to have more competition rather than less.

  6. Reality!! says:

    I am guessing that TBI will not offer the Caribbean the same package as the US, UK and Canada because this is where most of their revenue is coming from. Digicel on the other hand has the Caribbean market link and can offer something better than what TBI is offering but will not give us the same because there is still a long gap of competitive moves that will prove competitive.

    future prediction(reality check)-TBI merger with some other business or close down.

  7. Wise Serpent, harmless dove says:

    Reality! You are spot on!!! TBI needs to offer meaningful incentives to its most loyal customers or suffer the consequences! Biting the hand that feeds you TBI? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

  8. Debbie Smith says:

    Well, if by Digicel getting in the mix causes TBI to lower pricing then thank you kindly Digicel. Now what about the rest of you, are you going to have healthy competition or moan and complain? To be honest, all the cell phone companies and ISP’s need to lower the monthly service fees and get rid of the roaming charges.