Seven Redundancies At TeleBermuda Company

February 16, 2018

When the new owners purchased TBi the “intent was to avoid redundancies,” however an “intensive assessment of the company determined that layoffs were unavoidable,” the company has confirmed.

In December of last year the East End Group partnered with Celeritas Limited to acquire TBi.

TBI said, “When the new owners purchased TeleBermuda International [TBi], the intent was to avoid redundancies. However, an intensive assessment of the company determined that layoffs were unavoidable.

“Our analysis revealed that TBi’s current operational requirements did not align with its staffing levels. Regrettably, we were forced to make a difficult decision. Going forward, we do not anticipate any more redundancies in the immediate future.:

When asked how many people were laid off, the company told Bernews it was seven.

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  1. Zevon says:

    PLP losing us jobs already.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Now that’s a far stretch to try & make this politically motivated, especially when the movies are clearly explained for you right in this very article. Nice try though.

    • frank says:

      This has nothing to do with the plp
      TBI merged with east end so this is a private decision
      By a company so just stop or get on a plane

  2. frank says:

    When ever there is a merger there is always a job loss

  3. Bermuda juice says:

    Oba would have just gave the jobs away threw pathways…. let’s not be childish. I hope those people who lost their jobs are able to find work as soon as possible.

  4. Mr. Dixie says:

    Due to 60/40 ruling?