TeleBermuda Upgrades Operating Platform

January 12, 2016

TeleBermuda International [TBI], a Bermuda-based data and communications company, announced that it has completed testing of its new, multi-layered IP platform.

“The platform features some of today’s most advanced networking and security components, including Cisco, Fortinet, Arbor Networks and Arista,” the company said.

“The platform provides state-of-the-art distributed denial of service [DDoS] protection, managed firewall options, and next generation architecture connected to GlobeNet’s bidirectional, self-healing fibre ring which connects to New York, Miami and South America. The new platform will provide TBI’s customers with improved security, connectively, reliability and flexibility.

“TBI’s new platform has security features that will offer several advantages to Bermuda’s commercial and residential customers. The upgraded infrastructure includes a managed firewall solution and intrusion detection/intrusion prevention system [IDS/IPS] powered by Fortinet, whose security platforms have won multiple awards and have been highly recommended by NSS Labs [a security analyst firm whose results are backed by a full test lab].

“TBI also invested in an advanced distributed denial of service [DDoS] detection solution, powered by industry leader Arbor Networks. The Arbor solution will help protect TBI’s business customers against DDoS attacks and will allow rerouting and scrubbing of the unwanted traffic while allowing non-threatening client traffic through.

“The new platform is Internet protocol version 6 [IPv6] ready and can provision up to 240 Gigabits of capacity. These capabilities will offer Bermuda business a level of flexibility and capacity that hasn’t been available in Bermuda until now. Additionally the infrastructure provides full redundancy at the IP layer, enabling TBI to completely re-route all of its customer traffic seamlessly, resulting in minimal to no change in latency.

“The GlobeNet fibre optic self-healing ring provides an additional auto rollover layer that is unique in Bermuda.

“TBI has both a low density and high density data centre configuration at its Southside Network Operations Centre, strategically positioned within close proximity to the Island’s fuel suppliers, International Airport and Private Jet Terminal.

“In addition to having 10,000 gallons of fuel capacity on site and 1.5 Megawatts of power generation, TBI’s Network Operations Centre [NOC] and Tier 3 data centre is SSAE 16 compliant. TBI is directly connected to the GlobeNet bidirectional, self-healing fiber ring, providing direct connectivity to New York, Miami and South America. This direct connectivity with GlobeNet removes any vulnerability of local loop failure to businesses co-located at the Southside facility.

“Additionally, as residential customers continue to require more and more bandwidth to satisfy their home entertainment and communications needs, this new TBi platform upgrade is designed to provide the highest quality and full bandwidth availability being demanded by our customers.”

Greg Swan, President of TBI, noted ”With this new investment in our Network Operations Centre, we are in a position to provide present and future value ad services and capacity needs to the most demanding of Bermuda’s commercial and residential customers. The multi-path, redundant system was designed and implemented by Bermuda based CCS Group Limited.

“The solution they have implemented is built to world class standards and will benefit our clients in Bermuda and make us more appealing in the international marketplace. We fully expect this upgrade will help attract businesses that demand the highest standards for data management and security to Bermuda.

Peter Aldrich, CCS General Manager said, “CCS was happy to be a part of the evolution of TBI’s IP infrastructure. There have been a lot of advancements in service provider infrastructure in the past few years that deliver real benefits to service providers and their customers.

“TBI’s new multilayered IP platform employs innovative technologies from industry leaders. We’re confident that TBI’s investment will distinguish it from other service providers in the region.”

Mr. Swan added, ”A lot of work has gone into researching the best of breed options for this reconfiguration of our network while maximizing the benefit of our strategic location and our unique capacity configuration.

“We wanted to ensure that this new design positioned us to take full advantage of the upturn Bermuda is presently seeing and positioning the Company and Bermuda in terms of off shore multinationals considering Bermuda as part of their global strategic positioning.”

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  1. Matthew says:

    There would be some latency if it switches to a different route.

  2. Hmm says:

    While the bells and whistles sound great, it would appear that your customer base and customers of the other local ISPs, are concerned with the very thing you have not mentioned at all! We pay faithfully every month for a contracted speed of 8, 10, 15, 25Mb or more. Not discounting your infrastructure, this story would be of some value if customers actually received the speed they pay for.
    There are what…3 or 4 ISPs in this tiny island serving maybe 35-40K customers and between all of you, the best you can offer is 25mb to the residence at break neck pricing, some redundancy, and DDOS protection?? I don’t know about the rest of my island but disgusting is what comes to mind! Do better!!