UK Gay Magazine Spotlights Bermuda

December 6, 2011

Bermuda is celebrated as “the Queen’s pearl in the sea” in the latest issue of “G-Life”, a British publication aimed at young gay professionals.

In a six-page full colour spread written and photographed by Francko Harris — who grew up on the island — Bermuda’s beauty and tranquility is discussed along with the island’s ambivalent view of homosexuals.

“It had been four years since I left and to be honest I was a bit sceptical as I was sure I had outgrown Bermuda and become accustomed to certain pertinent liberties being a gay man in London,” said Mr. Harris in his article entitled “The Beauty of Bermuda.

“[Bermuda] is 21 miles of pink sand beaches [yes, really pink!], palm trees and crystal clear ocean. It is an island although technically not classified as a Caribbean island because it is all by itself, secluded in the middle of the Atlantic away from any other island or country.”

London is now home to a large community of gay and lesbian Bermudian expatriates. Some participate in that city’s annual Pride Parade celebrating sexual diversity, with acclaimed female impersonator Sybil Barrington flying to the UK to lead the local contingent in the last march [pictured].

“Growing up gay in Bermuda was not the easiest although I enjoyed every second of it. Bermuda [has more] churches per square mile than any other place on the planet. However, over the years Bermuda has seen its gay community bloom. Gone are the days of being ‘the only gay in the village’. There are drag shows and even a secret [although not so secret] gay beach ..”

Mr. Harris said he was surprised to see how “blatantly gay” Bermuda had become on his recent return to the island.

“The gay community is still fighting to get the words ‘sexual orientation’ added to the Human Rights Act,” he said. “This is a major part [of a lobbying] campaign at the moment.

“With that said it still does not stop or hold back any gay from twirling up and down the city or kissing their partner in the club.”

Mr. Harris encouraged the magazine’s upscale British readership to visit the island, praising Hamilton’s nightlife ["a very fun collective of people"] and restaurants ["dining in Bermuda is an amazing experience"].

“All in all if you can get the opportunity to travel to Bermuda and I am sure you will not be disappointed and will be begging for more,” he said.

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  1. The One (Original) says:

    Gay tourists are high rollers, well behaved, and generally very affluent. Bermudians would be wise to get their heads out of their rectums and welcome these people. Don’t be so bothered about what they do under the sheets in their own bedrooms. In addition, the church should stay out of it and deal with their own sinners.

    • Family Man says:

      Just so long as they don’t try to rent one of LaVerne’s apartments for a short term stay. That potential conflict may end up at the Human Rights commission.

  2. Fouler says:

    SHUT UP!!!

    • The One (Original) says:

      Ditto to you Fouler.

      • Fouler says:

        What!!!! The Lord made Adam and Eve, Not ADAM and STEVE.

        • Trikeita Leshae says:

          Yes and according to the story, everyone came from 2 people, so if you think incest and other “abominations” weren’t involved somewhere in the plot…here’s a NEWSFLASH!!

          • all clogged up says:

            LOL it didn’t take long for Mr. Christian to vent on this story. Wonder how many women in the flock he’s laid ‘holy’ hands on ;-)

        • sandgrownan says:

          What lord?

        • Rich says:

          Quoting fairy tales is hardly an appropriate way to justify your position.

          Quoting fairy tales in such an unsophisticated way as ‘not ADAM and STEVE’ is even less so.

        • Ginger says:

          @ Fouler I genuinely feel sorry for your ignorance!

  3. fyi says:

    I think more gays should follow franko and the rest of them and go to england where they will be accepted instead of trying to force their way of life on conservative bermuda. Gays are the death of mankind because they cant reproduce. jus ponder that for a sec

    • all clogged up says:

      ya they can’t produce…but they can adopt children that were born of adolescent fornication, drug induced sex, rape, prostitution, incest,poverty stricken parents etc etc. Thanks to irresponsible, licentous heterosexuals, these unwanted children will make a positive contribution to society instead of ‘the death of mankind’

    • Rich says:

      The death of mankind isn’t all that bad. If we become extinct, it might be the only way mother Earth can avoid total environmental catastrophe.

  4. pick & choose says:

    +Gays are the death of mankind because they cant reproduce. jus ponder that for a sec+

    And if ALL gays bred as irresponsibly as a lot of heteros we’d have run out of room on this planet a few millenia ago ..

    ‘jus ponder that for a sec’

  5. star man says:

    “Gays are the death of mankind because they cant reproduce.”

    Are you nutz? Homosexuals only represent a small proportion of the population, 10% or less – not all of it!

    Homosexuals do not CHOOSE to be gay, they are born that way.

    • What The??.. says:

      Ditto.. to each his/her own. Bring on the GAY FOLK!! They are a lot happier then these miserable hypocrites.

    • Ganja Mon says:

      they are not born gay..That is a myth to push their gay agenda on the normal people. People are are gay most likely have been sexually abused at a point in life..Then they are confused and dont know what is “normal”.

      • star man says:

        Wrong again.

      • Mike Auxard says:

        Ganja Mon has to be a troll , nobody is that ignorant.

      • Rich says:

        Seriously? Sexual abuse is the cause of being gay and ‘confused’?

        Do you really hold such a mind-numbingly stupid belief as that?

      • Lazy Fools says:

        @ Ganja Mon: you’re an idiot

      • Trikeita Leshae says:

        Clearly you are God and you know ultimately how people are born. I was always taught in sunday school and church that the lord knew me before my mother did, so if he really had a problem with Gay people, they clearly wouldn’t exist. Furthermore, God said I was created in his image, guess Gay people don’t count in that situation either. Unbelievable, sitting here telling me what God said like he spoke directly to you. and I’m straight. Sorry, I just can’t get this logic, when all Jesus ever preached about was love.

        Kudos Francko Baby!!!

    • CheapSkate says:

      Why is it that humans are the only animals that are gay…. Cause they want to be that way.

      • Nil points says:

        Wow ignorance at its highest level, try a search on the internet. Animals can be gay too !

      • Lea says:

        yeah… your logic is “sound” do some research.. PS some animals are trangendered :o .. ex. fish, frogs ect.. noooo wayyyy mind blown..

      • Gay Animals says:

        I had a dog growing up that was gay. Always after my other dog, who was straight. The straight dog set him straight as dogs do (snarled and barked a “get off me man”, yet they still co-existed as friends.

    • Are you serious!!! says:

      Well, tell them to be born again!!!

  6. Trikeita Leshae says:

    First of all big Shout out to my aceboy Francko for standing up for himself and living his life the way he wants to, and for also showing Bermuda in a positive light. The country in totality does not have an anti-gay sentiment, just a few ignorant people, who do not realize every person bleeds the same colour, and is therefore human and worthy of love, in it’s various forms. I am not gay, but I do think that everyone is entitled to LOVE and to form lasting relationships, sexual and otherwise.

    I believe that the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender,Bi-sexual) community shouldn’t have our (heterosexual) beliefs forced on them either. If you want to be a conservative and live where being a homosexual is taboo, there are a lot of countries that you can go to, be accepted and live quite happily as well. Homosexuals have been around since the dawn of mankind, and mankind is not extinct yet. So there goes that argument out the window. If you disagree with homosexuality, that is your right or point of view rather, but to try and force others to run and hide their sexuality is wrong. All that these people are asking for is to feel safe, to earn a living and to enjoy that living. How can you disagree with that? People are people and they deserve to live the best quality of life that they can, and no other person has the right to tell them that they can’t.

    For the record, there are a lot of wealthy gay men and women. Let’s go with Micheal Kors, Elton John, Ellen, Ricky Martin, just to throw out some famous names, who have money to spend but have to contend with hate from heterosexuals who, by the way, are free to have whatever kind of sex they want, with whomever they want, in their choice of location around the world. How is that fair or just to homosexuals? Also, I hate to break it to you, but the downlow on both teams is very real and at the end of the day, sex is sex, and people are going to keep having it in all of it’s forms, whether you consider it normal, legal, an abomination, or whatever. Sounds like you think you know, but you don’t really know.

    I think this sums it up really well though:

    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”

    Let the Church say AMEN!

    And let’s support those 2 words and a comma!!!

  7. PAINT says:


  8. all clogged up says:


  9. Ummm, what?? says:

    “Mr. Harris encouraged the magazine’s upscale British readership to visit the island, praising Hamilton’s nightlife ["a very fun collective of people"] and restaurants ["dining in Bermuda is an amazing experience"].”

    Clearly he is talking about another island in the Pacific called “Bermuda.” Nightlife?? Amazing dinning experiences? Yea, right.

  10. The One (Original) says:

    To Fouler: It has been reported that several other galaxies 10 billion times bigger than our own solar system have just been discovered. Did God make them in the same 7 days or was he on a different shift?

    Face it the Bible is a work of fiction, written by man to control the masses. Newsflash: Santa doesn’t exist either.

  11. The One (Original) says:

    The only time it should matter if someone is gay – is if you are thinking of having sex with them. Maybe Fowler has a secret he’s struggling with.

    • Fowler's Dad says:

      Or maybe Fowler’s dad was gay and forced himself on Fowler… and what bothers Fowler the most is that he enjoyed it.

  12. BDA Playa says:

    What??? Now you ppl want bda to be destroyed by EARTHQUAKS like Soddom and Gonorrhea??? Homosexuals and sodomites are not GAY — that means happy!!! Homosexuality is an EVIL abomination in gods eyes. Some lazy christians forget the word of god and that is why sodomtes run rampant in bda now. Well ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! There are RULES for man to live by in the bible where it say if man lied with a man he committs ABONINATION!!! It is time to take a stand and stand up for what is right. Homosexuality is a SIN. Standing up and speaking against EVIL is not bigotry it is the RIGHT thign to do!!!

    • Mike Oxlong says:

      You really are as thick as pig sh1t

      • BDA Playa says:

        Let all these ppl leave bda and go to ENGLAND which everyone know has always been a SODOMYITE country. Remember other ppl in Europe call sodamy the “english disease”? I wonder why that is??? ENGLAND send sodamy around the world with their navy. Now is time for them to repe what they have sowed and take bak all the sodomyites they spawn in MY COUNTRY and other lands.

        • mixitup says:

          What an idiot but “A” typical in Bermuda..cherry picking their sins. If you don’t agree with GAY great!! then be sure not to be ok with pre-marital sex, lusting over that sexy girl/guy u saw today, the thief, the liar, the masterbator, the porn watcher, the glutton, the worshiping of idols (including that car u love to sport in) and then see who’s left?

          Moral of the story WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE THE NEXT MAN! are you Jesus? God? No! you’re not perfect either. ppl like u irritate me.

          • BDA Playa says:

            I do not judge no one. The Bible does. Bda needs a King Aza. When there were sodomites in the land, and they did according to all the aboninations, King Aza do what was RIGHT in the LORDs eyes by expeling ALL sodomutes. Let these ppl go to ENGLAND if they like it so much there.

            • JCS says:

              Get stuffed!

              • Family Man says:

                I love Bda Playa’s comments. He just cracks me up!

                Surely the rest of you realize he’s just taking the mickey? He lays it on pretty thick but there are a lot of people in Bda that really do have the sort of outlook he exaggerates in his comments here.

                • BDA Playa says:

                  The JOKE is on you, so-celled family man, and other ppl like you. We will RECLAIM our beloved home land from the sadamites. As the great California preacher Michael Massey say: Homosexauls don’t just want to get married they want to change the entire social order!!!

                  • Nil points says:

                    A number if the PLP are gay , get over your ignorance and fear already.

                  • Dee says:

                    Bda Playa is a troll ignore him/her. No one is that stupid – oh wait a minute maybe they are.

                  • Hudson says:

                    Wow. White supremists quote the bible when talking about blacks. How ignorant is that? It is skin colour right? So why the big leap here? Quoting the bible to validate hate views on sexuality? Really? How sad. Being gay is no different than being black or being a muslim or being old. It’s simply who you are. How about some inclusion in this society and some realisation that people should be treated with respect regardless of race, colour, religion, age, gender OR SEXUALITY! We are different – it’s what makes the world go around. Let’s just agree to respect eachothers differences and move on. The hate that spews from these blogs is almost too much to handle.

            • Rich says:

              Yes, but thankfully we live in a society governed by law and not by centuries-old conceptions of justice ossified in time.

    • all clogged up says:

      go live in Afghanistan!

    • The One (Original) says:

      Bda playa you are an idiot. “Man should not lie with man as with woman” could mean anything and make no mention of sex does it? Just as Bible thumpers interpret the Bible as they see fit – and ignore other parts. The Bible is pure SH*T. I feel sorry for anyone who believes in that rubbish. The Bible says it is OK to have slaves too – so why did it get banned then? If the Bible is true then absolutely every last person on earth is going to hell. It could also mean that, if Hitler said a prayer before he died, that he’s in heaven. You ppl are so stupid.

      • Truth (Original) says:

        Your understanding of the word is severly lacking. I do however agree with you that people ought not use it to bash people, including homosexuals. If they wanto to come to Bermuda, I welcome them. I may not agree with their lifestyle (which i don’t) it is largely irrelavent to them visiting. If I met a few on the streets, I would make them feel as welcome as I would anyone else.

        You are way off on the Bible though …for sure.

        • The One (Original) says:

          Truth: I understand – cos I believe in Peter Pan too. He’s definitely real.

    • K18 says:

      “What??? Now you ppl want bda to be destroyed by EARTHQUAKS like Soddom and Gonorrhea???”

      Ohh that first sentence made me LOL! Literally! You are an idiot.

  13. Jus' Askin' says:

    Gays, Ganja and Gambling ;-)

  14. mixitup says:

    Don’t Blame the GAY people! Blame the STRAIGHT people…hell, they had umm..

  15. Boom Bye Bye says:

    Bermuda is FINISHED.

  16. to the perfect people says:

    WOW…. so nice to see narrow-mindedness is still rampant on the island!! People seem to pick and chose the versus of the Bible they most enjoy to throw at others. How come no one ever speaks of the versus that state if a woman weds and is found not to be a virgin she should be taken to her fathers door step and the men of the town should stone her to death?? (obviously not quoting but thats the jest of it) You should alson not mark your body according to the Bible.. so hopefully people like you Ganja Mon havent marred your body with tattoos! Grow up, let people live THEIR lives. It is not your job to worry about their after life.

    It is not a choice no more than a heterosexual makes a choice to like the opposite sex. I think someone should post a link to this Bernews thread to the magazine Franko so highly praised his homeland in… so the people of the world can get the real truth of the island. The small minded bible thumping prejudice people of Bermuda!!! Hats off to you again.. spit on that free tourism plug, then cry and look for a handout! SMH

  17. Ashame says:

    Ladies yah need to wake up because Bermuda is so homophobe ya men are pretending to be straight and getting married . That’s how it’s done in Bermuda what it’s wrong we’ll ya just go ta church on Sunday and pretend you are in another world lol lets face it it is lol

  18. Ashame says:

    And all this hatred is the reason why Bermuda needs to amend its human rights act

  19. Common Sense says:

    Have you ever noticed that the likes of BDA Play are always quoting the one ABOMINATION they know of. Most so-called Christians have absolutely no idea of any others, and if they do, they dismiss them because they would look “fullish” quoting them.

    Just a few examples of other ABOMINATIONS in the bible:-

    • Being a shepherd (that’s the first one in the bible). Just try explaining that one! The Welsh and the Aussies should be ashamed of themselves!
    • Eating seafood with no fins or scales. Ever been to a cocktail party and watched we Bermie’s scoffing the shrimps, or the crab salad! And don’t even mention St. David’s Islanders spending their lives catching lobsters! These are ABOMINATIONS by any definition – according to the bible.
    • Eating insects. I guess that means all aboriginals around the globe spend their entire lives committing this dreadful ABOMINATION!
    • Having a “proud look” a “lying tongue” or “feet that are swift at running to mischief”! On second thoughts maybe no-one in Bermuda is guilty of any of these particular ABOMINATIONS.
    • And whatever you do please don’t raise the issue of adultery and what the bible clearly states is the punishment for this grievous offence against the Ten Commandments. I personally know of dozens of what I call “serial adulterers”.

    Here in Bermuda we have gays and lesbians at every level of our society and the vast majority do no harm to anyone. Gays and lesbians cannot or do not propagate so there is no threat of them ever becoming a majority or posing any kind of threat to the community, except in the eyes of those religious bigots who choose to castigate them at every opportunity and quote the one abomination they like to bring to our attention. That’s the reason why we need to amend the Human Rights Act to include “sexual orientation”.

  20. amen says:

    The ones that are so vehemently against it & hate homosexuals are the most questionable to me. What’s that saying “those who protest the loudest usually have the most to hide”? If any so called “straight man” goes on such passionate rants about gay people like a few have here are suspect. Kinda like the Republicans in the United States

    I know for a fact that this goes on in Bermuda too so ladies watch your men. Any straight man who will go on and on and on and using homophobic expletives is most likely dabbling in it himself. Typical of the ignants in Bermuda though.

    I also believe the bible says not to judge people. I see ya’ll pick and choose what you want out of it. Anywho gays are better off not coming here anyway( and we as a country end up losing out for the intolerance of a few idiots). Judgmental downlow people and overall boring place filled with nasty people. Wish yall was this passionate about our violence and poverty.

  21. Damian L. Blanc says:

    Amazing to see all the HATRED that exist amongst the people……but let me say congratulation to Francko Harris for being a True Bermudian Ambassador…

    Now for all the ignorant folk out there who wanna throw stones…..before you do…..check around you…just in case you end up throwing stones at your Husbands, Boyfriends, Brothers, Son, Daughter, Grand Children, Sisters, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, Carpenters, Electricians and the list goes on.

    Does it really matter who you enjoy an intimate moment with?

    Grow your mind people and leave the ignorance behind!

  22. The road to hell says:

    Some pretty unbelievable comments on this thread. So much for tolerance? I’ve forwarded this thread onto the magazine – perhaps they’ll revise their listing.

    OK so not everyone will get along, but whether it is color, religious “beliefs” or whatever you do in the privacy of your own home so long as it doesn’t actually hurt someone why bother?

    Live your life. You have no right to judge anyone but yourself.

  23. FYI (Original)- Consider This says:

    It is always amusing to see the number of comments posted after many have clearly taken snippets from an article that not only highlights reoccurring issues in Bermuda, but also serves as a promotional piece for tourism in Bermuda. In addition to that, I would like to address the following points:

    Point 1– Irrespective of the negative Christian connotations there are many other religions who despise homosexuality. Whether Islamic, Buddhist, Judaism, etc. these religions condemn that type of behavior as well, nor is it right to point fingers solely at one denomination versus the other. If one is going to take charge than consider this: despite, the religious aspect of condemning sexuality (homosexual, adultery, etc) and if religion was removed completely it is scientifically impossible for two human beings of the same sex to reproduce. And by that I mean that if you were transgender, bi, etc. you would still need the female and male components that allow reproduction to occur. Most religions have their own statutes or belief system that highlights homosexuality, adultery, etc. and the sole purpose for man and woman. So, there is some resolve to what should be a relatively short debate on religion vs homosexuality. There are many who do not believe in any religion or hierarchy, but still despise homosexuality.

    Point 2–Now onto what seems to be a more pressing issue. The systemic way of thinking in Bermuda leaves many Bermudians feeling edgy about homosexuality. We know it exist, but do we really want to address it. It is a very sensitive matter for all parties. Those advocating for human rights; and those not wanting to toe the line and addressing the matter hoping that “it” (homosexuality) will go away. There are many phobias associated with homosexuality. It is not a disease, nor is it contagious, and it isn’t something that individuals should shy away from. It is a very real reality that exists in a typically reserved country. Many of us work amongst homosexuals on a daily basis without even knowing that they are even gay. Homosexuality, has given rise to other terms such as metrosexual which refers to a a heterosexual male who is in tune with his appearance or “feminine” side. A colloquial derived from the homosexual idealism. Imho, whatever your sexual orientation or preference is it is a lifestyle choice and a choice that has evolved through “whatever” personal experiences one has encountered. And if that individual is comfortable with their choice than so be it.

    Point 3– The author of the article was eloquent and direct to point out his own personal experiences here in Bermuda as a homosexual male, and in realizing that homosexuality is quite taboo opted to make a lifestyle change to a country that accommodated and embraced his lifestyle choice. Furthermore, the magazine is an affluent magazine targeted for homosexuals. Mr. Harris spoke of his fondness for a country that he has grown to love and admitted that since his departure Bermuda seems to be a bit more open than in earlier years. Mr. Harris reveled in a recollection of Bermuda’s fondness due to her distinct location and beauty. Nothing in his article depicted a country where you would be hated or scrutinized traveling to Bermuda as a homosexual. He noted Bermuda’s current present state and I think that is somewhat a key point as a traveling visitor one wants to be reassured that they are safe when on vacation.

    In closing, countries around are established by their own cultures. You either adapt, accept, or reject.

  24. wow says:

    SMH…. God bless Bermuda

  25. Not Gay But.. says:

    I’ve got a gay friend moving to Bermuda. I was going to forward this article but then i read the comments and decided against it. Refreshing to see most posters have a brain whilst there are still one or two religous (and by that i mean uneducated) types who still hold on to their fears and prejeducies.

  26. Just do it! says:

    The addition of sexual orientation into the human rights act needs to change