Suspected Burglars Arrested In Paget

February 2, 2012

Two men in their 30s were arrested on suspicion of burglary in Paget last night [Feb.1].

A police spokesperson said, “As a result of a vigilant resident reporting suspicious activity in their neighbouhood, two men, a 39 year old Sandys man and a 36 year old Pembroke man were arrested on suspicion of burglary in the Berry Hill Road, Paget area around 10pm Wednesday February 1st . Both men remain in police custody pending further inquiries.

“The Bermuda Police Service continues to encourage members of the public to report any suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods to the police by contacting 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity. The public is reminded that receiving stolen property is an offence punishable under the law.”

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  1. FREDDY G says:


  2. Oh well says:

    This Country and you Bermudians amaze me. Bernews has reported that police have caught 4 burglars in the last few days and in total there are like 10 comments. Let them crash a police car and there would be 100 comments. What a thankless job. Great job Bermuda Police Service there are alot of people (most of them who b!tc# about you) that will not have their house broken into because of you!!!

  3. Malachi says:

    @Oh Well: Please do not generalize about “This Country” and “you Bermudians”. I’m guessing you are not Bermudian and would ask that you not judge an entire country based on a few blogs read on this site.

    I would guess that MOST Bermudians do not post their opinions on this site so please use some perspective when making such comments.

    If you must know, based on your singular commentary, I do not take the view that all foreigners are arrogant!

    • HOOLAGIRL says:

      As a Bermudian born there in 1949 and who has family members buried in St. Peters graveyard dating back to the early 1600′s I will speak out for the first time. Bermuda overall has gone to hell in a nutshell.
      Police are doing the best that they can with limited resources and unlimited hindrance by many in authority. Attacks by helmeted bikers and robberies make it a place that many are not choosing to visit. Drugs is overwhelming the island and its
      once beauty and ambiance are being spoken about in a negative way. THE ISLAND NEEDS CHANGE AND NEEDS IT NOW.

      • Ryan says:

        ‘HOOLAGIRL,’ although you may be Bermudian and have family born here, that does not make you nearly as informed — or even qualified to make an opinion — as someone who actually lives here.

        Although I agree with many of the points you have made, you are sensationalizing things: please do not paint the island with such a negative brush, or imply that an ignorant minority has allowed ‘Bermuda overall [to go to] hell in a nutshell.’ It has not. (I’d say the poor Government has had more of an impact, actually, but I digress…)

        Please, I implore of you, visit your birthplace: you may be surprised, delighted even, to know that you do not ever have to watch your back, as you would have to in so many American destinations and islands to the south.

        Goodness knows, I live here full time and never have.

    • Oh well says:

      Malachi dont read my comment and assume anything about me. Because Im Bermudian hence I can comment on them. Im black too if you wanna try that one next. You can say what you want the proof is in the pudding if a police officer crashes a car its 100 comments. A police officer take 4 @ss#oles off the street and the only comments here are yours assuming that im a foreigner.

  4. Rick Rock says:

    Caught red-handed by the sound of it. Lock them up. Make the rest of us safer.

    Ryan, I applaud you for defending the country and all that, but if you walk around without ever watching your back, that’s pretty naive these days. Have you ever walked through the bus terminal when it’s crowded? Or along Front Street at 9.00pm?

  5. Another Bermudian says: says:

    Cut off their hands – I bet they’ll never steal again