PLP Confirm John Gibbons As Candidate

March 14, 2012

[Updated with video] This afternoon [Mar.14] the Progressive Labour Party confirmed that John Gibbons will represent them in Constituency #2, St. George’s West. The East End constituency will see a three-way battle, with Mr Gibbons set to go up against the UBP’s Kim Swan and the OBA’s Nandi Davis.

Mr. Gibbons, the son of John (deceased) and Christine, is a lifelong resident of St. George’s. His primary education was received at St. George’s Preparatory School, and his secondary education at The Berkeley Institute and Northlands Secondary School. He also attended Bermuda College, and has spoken at both Rider College and Rutgers University.

The 37-year-old political hopeful is known from his student activist days, when as a 19-year-old he was briefly in the spotlight in relation to the circulation of a pamphlet.

A statement from the PLP said, “Another of his passions is the reduction of Bermuda’s dependence on fuel. He maintains a deep interest in ensuring that Bermuda can be an example to the world by successfully exploring and implementing the use of alternative sources of energy.”

In 2010 Mr Gibbons launched a comprehensive online campaign presence including a website, Twitter account, as well as a Facebook profile and page saying “it’s the medium of the next generation.” You can visit Mr Gibbon’s campaign Facebook page here, Twitter account here, and website here.

St. George’s West is presently held by the United Bermuda Party’s Kim Swan, who has confirmed he will contest the seat again under the UBP’s banner, while he One Bermuda Alliance has confirmed that 25-year-old Nandi Davis will represent the party.

Mr Swan won by 17 votes in the last General Election, winning 50.95% of the vote vs PLP’s Dean Foggo [457-440] in 2007.

Update 2.18pm: Mr Gibbons’ full statement is below:

Good afternoon all,

Good afternoon Madam Premier, members of the PLP, and the St. George’s branch.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to stand before the people of St. George’s West and allow them to judge the worthiness of a John Gibbons Candidacy, to represent my home of St. George in the House of Parliament.

In the East we care deeply for our ancient and loyal town of St. George. I assure the people of St.George’s West that I will continue to be a passionate advocate for the people of St. George’s, in a way that makes sense in respect of the development of the parish for the residents and business.

I believe that as St. Georgians we should work together to rebuild the town’s economy by seeking to make St. George’s once again the cultural center of the island. This can only be achieved if we start to attract more local people to visit our Town.

I will continue if the people of St. George’s West deem me worthy to fight for the little things that have been too long ignored.I also say today that I am working with the Hon. Min. Minister Michael Weeks to get repairs done on Wellington Lane.

I have lived in St. George’s my whole life – my brother and my father are both buried in its hallowed ground. When my days are done I will join them. This is why I will never forget the fundamental truth that St. George’s as a community needs an MP that understands that ACTION BRINGS RESULTS and not speeches in Parliament and that the little things matter. I plan to be a man of action if the people of St. George’s West , Constituency 2 show confidence in me and vote for John Gibbons. I would be humbled by such a vote of confidence and faith and would do my very best to be worthy of the people’sfaith.

Unfortunately I have come to realize from talking to many young people both in St. George’s and throughout the whole island that many have come to believe that our politics is not relevant to them. This dynamic presents a terrible danger to people of all ages in Bermuda. We see already how the apathy of the youth has brought a whirlwind that is blowing on all of us.

One of the main reasons I have entered the political arena is to encourage and show my generation and those generations under me the importance of clasping in our hands the sword of political participation with uncompromising determination. It is only the awakening of a new Generation that will truly be able to stand against the tribalism and balkanization of so many youth who show outright willingness to kill or be killed.

Despite what other political parties would have us believe, the truth is Bermuda is not sustainable without the Bermudian.

I am of the firm belief that a true economic recovery can only realistically be maintained by the rejuvenation of the intellectual and spiritual life of the young Bermudian in particular. Bermuda stands at the crossroads of an economic transition that we have not seen since we gave up whaling and farming and went into tourism; this is why if elected by the people of St. George’s West I will, with all my heart and soul, support the only coherent energy policy Bermuda has ever had which is contained in the PLP’s white paper on energy.

Energy Independence is NO empty IDEA. It is one of the most important initiatives we have to undertake to strengthen our economy in a world of dangerous resource uncertainty. Both the old and new generations of the PLP understand that energy independence is true freedom for all Bermudians.

This PLP is now clear on opposing those who say that Bermuda should not have an energy policy because America does not have one, why should the Bermudian fumble around in the dark when we can walk in the light of sun and reap the power of our wind and our waves. By embracing the beginnings of energy independence we will not only provide jobs, but will also add new strength to the reasons why international business comes to Bermuda. With this endeavor we can proclaim to a world of possible tourists, “Come to Bermuda and see what the world is going to be like.”

I am proud to have been selected to be the Progressive Labour Party candidate for Constituency 2, St. George’s West. I am among a stellar Team of candidates assembled by the PLP for the upcoming election.

On Election Day, as I am today, I will be humbled, honored and privileged to have the opportunity to stand before the immortal court of the St. Georgian voter and be judged.

Thank you very much


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  1. d-reader says:

    big up

  2. true dat says:

    Talk about grasping at straws!! LOL!!! =D

  3. J Starling says:

    Good luck bro! Glad to hear that your candidacy has been confirmed!

  4. Voice of Reason says:

    John Gibbons, a true voice for the people of St. George’s and Bermuda.

    I wish you all the best and i’m sure you’ll be able to show that representation is more than giving loud speeches in parliament!

  5. Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

    This Joker!!!! I wouldent vote 4 John if u paid me!!!

  6. Jim Bean says:

    mmm- an election is coming since he was on facebook just the other day saying that he was not the candidate!!

    • J Starling says:

      Haven’t seen that myself, but technically he wasn’t the candidate until this official announcement – he would have just been the branch’s nominee. Subtle difference I guess.

  7. Prayerful says:

    Well thought out speech, John.

    I am proud of you!

  8. Um Um Like says:

    Is he hung over in that first pic?

  9. Cancer says:

    Sri PLP and Jon this is a two horse race between Kim Swan and Nandi Davis. PLP have done themselves in.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      OBA have done themselves in by running a candidate in a seat that was only a very marginal victory for the UBP in 2007 (17 votes I think?).

      • observer says:

        I agree with that!! If i was the OBA, i would ask Kim if he would join the party, that is one extra seat that the OBA can’t afford to lose.

    • Voice of Reason says:


      You should write a wonderful piece of fiction entitled, “Bermuda according to Cancer”. It would entertain many.

      If you really think a 24 year old outsider is going to get any traction in St. George’s you are sorely mistaken.

  10. Rummy says:

    Well all I can say is an election is sooner than later since we have the like of Comrade Stirling and Dunleavy posting everywhere but you can’t on their sites.


    • J Starling says:

      For the sake of clarity, my commenting policy is clearly laid out on my site. People are able to comment, although due to certain abuses by various posters I now have to clear each one individually, a process which is not always instant.

    • next? says:

      Hilarious from you. Chapeau. Does it really surprise you that these sites end up having to block your input? No offense, but while some of your posts are razor sharp and insightful you post a shed load of drivel to wash them downstream.

  11. Take That says:

    At least he LIVES in ST. George’s UNLIKE Nandi Davis of the OBA!!

    • Got to go says:

      That’s hilarious… I mean Nandi lives a whole what… 8 miles away? sheeeeesh

      • Voice of Reason says:

        You clearly don’t know St. George’s voters!

        • Truth (original) says:

          That explains why their town is dying.

        • Got to go says:

          I’m from St. Geo, third generation, and I own a business in St. Geo, and I can tell you that John won’t be getting my vote

          • Understanding says:

            That means there are 1099 others that he can get!

  12. fools and children says:

    I hope the hand that is injured in that picture is johns drinking hand lol!

  13. Sad Mentality says:

    Just because someone lives in a Parish makes the best to represent it? We are facing an island white crisis. St George has its Particular concerns but we need to get out of this territorial mind frame. St. George’s people should choose who will best represent their community and speak for them in the house of assembly, stop the silly comments about were people live. Thats one reason the island is a mess today!

    • Voice of Reason says:

      You are making very little sense. Where you are from does matter, and if you don’t know Bermuda history know this, St. George’s are very fickle voters.

      island white, must have been a Freudian slip….

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        One that will be hear at the next PLP rally no doubt……………………………


    • Have a Cold One says:

      It seems to matter much more in the East and West than maybe in the more central parishes. Within reason I don’t think people in the central parishes care as much who you support during cupmatch?

  14. Sad Mentality says:


  15. May I Add says:

    Someone that lives outside of the Parish, that comes into the Parish often making an effort to be visible in the Parish is doing much more work than someone just knocking on their neighbors doors!

    • Understanding says:

      I guess you’ve been out canvassing in St. George’s then?

  16. I love my life says:

    For all of you crazy people that dont mind someone representing you that isn’t even from your area or consitituency “Wake UP”!!For Example; How could someone from St.George’s that lives in St. George’s do a good job in representing a resident from Somerset.Its not impossible but they are detached!They don’t live in that community so they wouldn’t understand the issues that residents are even going through.On top of that nobody in the community knows you so people won’t trust you. Someone that LIVES there in that community would be much more accepted because people will feel that they have something in common and can really relate to this person. Any candidate that IS NOT from the area or neighborhood they are representing or canvassing Bermuda please BE WARE because i can’t see that person really being genuine.(They aint from their so why should they care!) When u live in your consitituency the PEOPLE become the WATCHDOG or CHECK and BALANCE. When you live in the community that you run in it makes a HUGE difference because now i feeel like we have something in common a connection. Now i can relate to you! If these candidates live outside of your constituency they can only go by hear say which is always a bad thing. I want somebody representing me that LIVES in the area or that neighborhood. Letting someone else represent you in the next general election that isn’t from your area is like letting people in China make decisions about what happens in Bermuda’s next general election. Think about it seriously!

    • Sabrina says:

      I agree with you SYM! While it IS possible to bring in fresh ideas when you are an outsider… there is NOTHING like the passion that comes from someone who has LIVED in an area long enough to truly know the heart of the people.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Oh give it a break, most of us barely knows who lives 2 houses away from us never mind the next neighbourhood.

        Bermuda is roo small for this tribal nonsense of east end vs west end vs wherever else. Sure it is fun & fine to joke about it but the days of horse & buggy with people seldom venturing more than 1/2 mile from home are over.

        • Sabrina says:


          I agree that we are way past they horse and buggy times. (Great vision, gave me a smile) I do not see it as east end vs. west end at all. If given a choice I would prefer someone with a vested interest in my community. Hopefully, no matter what the results, when the time comes things can get done to help St. Georges get back to the lively place it was once before.
          Time will tell.

        • Pastor Syl says:

          @ Triangle Drifter: “most of us barely knows who lives 2 houses away from us.”
          This statement exemplifies for me why there is such a division in our society. For many of us, the loss of community, which came from knowing most, if not all, of your neighbours if a major one. We identify ourselves with our neighbourhoods. Where we grew up means something and there are differences, maybe subtle, but real, in the way each parish approaches life. As a Point Girl, I often joke that Somerset and St. George are foreign countries to me. For better or worse, in some ways they are. The way they think, even their accents and slang are different, although you may have to listen closely to hear it.

          I am not in any way, shape or form saying there is something wrong with this. In fact, I think it is something to be preserved as heritage. I do not think homogenization is such a good thing. I do think, however, that since it is a reality, it would be a big mistake to forget that it exists or to discount it. (That was the error that was made with the mega-schools – which many of us protested but nobody was listening. Now we reap the results.) You may wish it was different, but it isn’t and you have to meet people where they are, not where you wish they were.

          That being said, it would behove any candidate that is running against someone who lives or has close ties with the district they are contesting to ensure they do a thorough job of door-to-door canvassing, preferably with someone who does live in that district. Listen closely to the needs and concerns and do what you can to get them met before the election is called. Should you not be successful, remain closely tied to the district and continue to work for their welfare, not as a strategy, but because you care. Believe me, most of them will know the difference.

          All that being beside the point – I don’t know you, Mr. Gibbons, but I know your mom. For her sake, I wish you well. I look to the young ones to bring honesty, transparency, honor and ethics to the political scene. My generation has not done a good job of that to date.

  17. jt says:

    Someone check to see if Ms. Furbert is off island. There have been no posts anywhere from her, ‘Betty Trump’ or ‘SG4U’ in some time…hmmmm…….

  18. Hmmmm says:

    What is all this cloak and dagger. Circulation of a pamphlet, has spoken at Rider and Rutger. I’ve spoken at many fine institutions and places of Government. I’ve spoken to world leaders. All means nothing, unless you know the subject matter and in what context.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      good show john …but its not a one night stand…you came out bangin’…ya nex appearance has to be better ….and better and so on….but what i dont get is all of ur great ideas really dont have to be sold to us ..Hey in case you didnt know YOUR party has held the Helm for over a decade…why havent they done these things….if you never conveyed them to your mps….geeesh John maybe ur the smartest of um all brah…see u at de poles bie……..lolzzzzzzz

  19. Mountbatten says:

    John remember that Lavern only got eight votes . Can you do better than that ?

  20. Cancer says:

    Yeah nice motivating speech john… But what are you saying – has the PLP been asleep at the wheel for thirteen years???

    • Understanding says:

      To echo a poster above, “Cancer, You should write a wonderful piece of fiction entitled, “Bermuda according to Cancer”. It would entertain many.”

      There are a majority of the people in this country that don’t agree with you.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        correction it should read “voting majority”……… guess that is all that counts to the PLP staying in power………….


  21. Cancer says:

    St Georges is already represented by UBP and PLP and the place is a dead horse because of dead representation. Either go with those present dead ponies or bring in the new blood. Be like OBAma people of St Georges – keep hope alive and vote OBA!

  22. Curious George says:

    John? Wow.

  23. Clinton J. A. Paynter St. Geo 4 life says:

    Congratulations on the nomination mate… If it was easy everyone would do it. You may be playing for the wrong team but you have my respect.

  24. how low can u go says:

    The PLP has lowered their standards when they can pick a person like John Jr. The have surely lost their minds. Has anyone outside of ST. George’s from the PLP spoke to anyone who lives in ST. Georges who KNOWS John JR?

  25. Unbelievable says:

    One thing I know is that John has immeasurable love and passion for St. Georges and its well being. Like Clinton said, to bad its for the wrong team because the OBA would have had a real prize with you! Maybe PLP should have considered replacing Jennifer with you. Going up against Kim is gonna be a tough one mate. Either way you still have my utmost respect and keep doing what you do for the best interest of the East!

  26. 911 says:

    A very good speech by Mr. Gibbons but I must say it sounds to me like he is running for a party that has been in opposition, not a party that has been in power for almost 14 years. He should win this seat easily with this anti-establishment strategy because so many Bermudians have not figured out yet that the PLP have become the new “UBP/Establishment” over the past 14 years while still “pretending” to be a party for the people…

  27. Pastor Syl says:

    Bernews, I wish you would print the names (and maybe even the relationships) of the folks in your pictures.