Three Men, One Woman Commit Armed Robbery

April 3, 2012

The police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred last night [Apr.2], which saw four people – including one female — armed with a machete and gun force their way into a residence, stealing personal items from the occupants.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 8:30pm on Monday, April 2nd, 2012, police responded to a report of aggravated burglary at a residence in Devonshire near the junction of Middle Road and Hermitage Road.

“It appears that four suspects were involved; one female and three males, all wearing dark colored clothing with hoodies and scarfs covering their faces. One of the men is alleged to have brandished a machete while another had what appeared to be a firearm.

“The suspects forced their way into the residence and demanded money and jewelry from the occupants. The suspects then quickly left the residence with a quantity of cash, jewelry and a PlayStation 3. No one was injured.

“Officers immediately conducted an area search for the offenders and inquiries are ongoing. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area around the time of the incident is asked to call the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1079, or confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

2012 has seen a number of armed robberies thus far, with victims including tourists, a taxi driver, a liquor store employee as well as residents of a Hamilton parish home. Victims are reported to have had guns pointed to their heads, and in one instance a female victim was alleged to have been sexually assaulted at gunpoint.

On March 5th a taxi driver dropped off a fare in the Lolly’s Lane, Smith’s parish area when he was accosted by two men, one brandishing a gun, who stole a quantity of cash from him before escaping on a motorcycle.

That same night two men — one armed — gained entry into a Southampton guest cottage and stole a quantity of cash, a laptop and two mobile phones before escaping. The victims, an American visitors and her two children, were not physcially injured.

On March 15th there was an armed robbery at Serpentine Liquors on Serpentine Road in Pembroke at approximately 4.30 in the afternoon, and on March 19th an armed robbery was committed in the Trinity Church Road, Hamilton parish area with two armed men breaking into a home and stealing items including and a motorcycle which they escaped on..

In addition there was an armed home invasion in Devonshire on January 3, an armed home invasion in the Friswells Hill area on January 15, and at least two instances of motorcyclists being forced to stop by armed men this year.

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  1. cocoa says:

    This is really getting out of hand. No longer are we safe in our own homes. Very scary and sad.

    • pepper says:

      cocoa, if I have to go outside of my house for any reason I lock my doors…even if it’s to and pick some of my home grown vegetables , Bermuda is in a terrible state..and it seems like it is only get worse !!

  2. JCS says:

    This is not OBA or PLP, this is Bermuda. Something must be done now to stop this nonsense. As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle, but not anymore obviously. The days of working hard for what you have are long gone. Now if you want it, you just go out and steal it.

    • possibilities says:

      this is the trickle down black cadre politics.

  3. Family Man says:

    Its a good thing the situation in Bermuda is getting so much better that the Attorney General has instructed the police to stamp out their “abusive” stop and search practices.

    Bananas anyone?

  4. Chris says:

    Bring back the British cops ASAP!

    Non-biased approach to getting this ridiculous situation sorted. It’s a 21 square mile island yet no one knows where the bad guys are?!

    • pepper says:

      Chris, sir richard is not concerned about the crime in bda…so I guess we should not be to concerned !!

  5. SDLP says:

    These youth’s are going to pick the wrong house one day!

  6. And Now We have Females Robbing! says:

    Its bad enough that we have men commiting these cowardly acts and now we have females doing the same shyt! Well to the Female involved and i hope somebody tells u or you are reading this.My Daddy always told me if you wanna walk talk and act like a man you will be treated like a man! So don’t expect anybody to have mercy on you when you get caught because you are a female! I hope that you get beaten like a man too!

  7. just goes to show u says:

    It’s sad!! I just had a talk about this, female where going to start getting involved. And it has just gotten worst.

  8. REALISM says:

    save yourselves bermuda. police take wayy to long to come to an emergency. time they come your either hurt or dead. someone come to my house its over for them! id find whatever i can and take them out my DAMN self!

    • you're an idiot says:

      thats typically when police are called – when there has been an accident or violence has already taken place. If they acted more proactively by roaming the streets or being present in troublesome areas, you’d be the first to say the police aren’t doing their jobs. You probably question police officer’s rights to investigate suspicious characters hanging out on street corners concealing their identity. People like you are always looking to solely blame the police when it’s Bermudians as citizens that also need to put in the work. And you need to keep your mouth shut – your ignorance simply exacerbates the problem.

  9. Chart says:

    Hey, when are some of our Precariously Leading Politicians going to speak out about this new trend? The decay of Bermuda is accelerating into very dangerous territory.

  10. BobtheBuilder says:

    How can we protect ourselves. Gonna be forced to go out and purchase a machete and gun to protect my home and family.
    Note: The purchase of the gun will not be from a local retail store but rather from the same hooligans that are doing this junk, just so I feel comfortable and able to protect my family.


    If anyone understand where I’m coming from please reply with SMH.


    • Wee Pow says:

      You cant buy machetes unless you provide proof that you are a landscaper…. last time I checked, unless things changed.


      • Come correct says:

        I bought a machete a few years back, maybe 4 years now, no ID nothing, and paid in cash so its not like they had the name on my card.

      • Cha says:

        You can buy them…you just need to inquire at Gorhams, Masters and the like. They don’t put them on the shelves for obvious reasons. Mind you I did buy one off the shelf at SAL a while back so who knows. Perhaps I will have to move it from the shed to inside the house.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        You can’t buy a machete? You just say “I’m a landscape gardener”. Unless you think all gardeners have official IDs…

    • REALISM says:


      • skeetz says:

        went n got one recently, even got the file to sharpen it too, no questions asked, no ID. even paid with card. and no i dont have a hedge to trim, but i do have a family to protect, which i am prepared to do.

    • Datbye says:

      I agree with you 110% BobtheBuilder,

      I have been telling people for a long time that this would happen they are feeling the power of having a gun and know that they can get away with an armed robbery.

      Cause no Machete is going to stop a bullet and or scare someone with a gun. If this continues to happen, making guns legal will have to happen sooner or later people need to protect them selves and thier family and also feel safe.

      Its so sad that this has to happen.

      I am affraid to ask what will happen next.

      sorry for any typo was rushing this.

      Take care all.

      • just goes to show u says:

        I agree no Machete is going to stop a bullet and or scare someone with a gun, I guess we need to get guns to.

      • thatgirl says:

        i agree!!!

  11. Kim Smith says:

    Can we get an update on the nonsense crime statistics we were fed a little while ago… was it second lowest of all time???

  12. Best Defence says:

    I’m worried about being the victim of a forced entry robbery in my home. Will someone please advise me how to best;

    1. Defend my family form a firearm threat using non leathal power

    2. Puchase the best ‘legal’ dog breed to defend my property

    3. Train said dog to protect my family

    4. Door locking armourment

    5. Martial arts training – MMA etc

    6. Surveillance equipment

    I am serious on all points!

    • Come correct says:

      I have a belgian malanois (police dog) and he hears and smells everything, he smells people walking through my lane depending on wind direction, and they perfect for bite training. That can be done at the Bermuda working dogs club. Door armorment? Well not too many people want to continue working at a few dead bolts when they hear a dog snarling on the other side, but you can still get creative, they even have fingerprint I’d deadbolts online. Martial arts training can be found all over the island bit I’d go with something a little less traditional, something more modern, I’ve trained for 13 years, there are some great teachers here. Surveilance equipment, $2500 will buy you a very nice 8 wireless camera system with a range of 700ft that will email a picture to a smartphone when the motion sensor is activated, just google the specs I gave. Now defending your family from a gun…unless your a well trained martial artist I wouldn’t even attempt it, if you are, I still wouldn’t suggest it, many things come into play in a situation like that, for instance, you may be successful in getting the firearm away from you, but is it now pointing at your wife behind you? Best bet go get yourself a smith & weston 500. Magnum, guarenteed to blow a watermellon sized hole in anything you shoot at…oh wait we’re not allowed to arm ourselves, go to international sport shop, you may find something suitable ;)

  13. The Ridiculist says:

    Gone are the days when you can trust anybody. Everybody is suspect. They be coming to your house scouting what you have and how you live and baiting you up to take everything you have, even your life. No telling how far they would go for material gain. SMH

  14. Owner4Comment says:

    I’d like 2 know for your sake and mines when and what is it going 2 take for legislation 2 be tabled in the house for civilian protection. Realistically if u hurt a would be robber 2 much in your own castle you yourself can face prosecution 2 a degree so whas it going 2 take??

    • Come correct says:

      I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I’d rather be judged by you in court than have these punks deside the fate of me and my family.

      • Owner4Comment says:

        I agree totally that as well will be me if ever this was to occur to me and my family and I was able to grab something blunt!!

  15. WOW says:

    You have an obsolete Bermudian police force dealing with Jamaican-style crime.

    I was just thinking this morning how it had been a full week since any crime had been committed – there goes that.

    There doesn’t seem to be ANY drastic measures proposed by government or BPS to deal with this. Premier Cox, while you were away in New York getting an award, do you realize the Island is fast approaching a complete meltdown?

    How many businesses are thinking of pulling out? How many expats are leaving? How many tourists are planning to go to Mexico now? How many Bermudians are locking doors and afraid to be out at night? How many Bermudians are getting away with crime because BPS/government don’t seem to take it seriously?

    The downward spiral continues…

    • The truth(original original) says:

      A full week since the last crime? Wasn’t a 19 year old just stabbed yesterday?

      And to answer one of your questions re: businesses and expats leaving…..wait till the school year ends in June.

  16. Fed Up says:

    The people who are committing these crimes are the scum of the earth.
    They are not true Bermudians. What is happening to our wonderful island.

  17. Joonya says:

    Im going home and sharpening my machette which I keep next to my night table.

  18. HeyBye says:

    The Gun laws need drastic change now.There needs to be mandatory sentences.
    There perpetrators need to be sent off to be imprisoned else where.
    The in such a mess, they will take our prisoners for half the cost to make revenue and this would be savings for Bda tax payers.They are in the prison business.
    While there,they can do some really hard time,instead holidaying at Hotel WestGate.

  19. Tommy Chong says:

    HMMMMM! A female robbing someone in the Hermitage Road area. Doesn’t this seem familiar to anyone? Even the number of males with her seems familiar as well. Maybe police should look at perpetrators from similar cases that for some reason were never imprisoned. Maybe the police should report some description of the female involved.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Yes, that’s familiar. I already have a good idea who it is. Perhaps the police are checking who is out on bail right now. That might bring up a suspect.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ Tommy “SHE” was the first person that came to mind!!!!!!

    • Redman says:

      I was thinking the same thing T C, getting away with or seeing people literally getting away murder makes the criminal element bolder that’s for sure!!

      • Redman says:

        oops – with murder…

        • Hmmmm says:

          Are folks refering to a certain knife thief, come group who mugged for a phone and possibly involved with a screwdriver?

  20. The Hell says:

    Unfortunately we do not have a stand your ground law here. We gonna have to arm ourselves in our own homes soon with maze etc. The Police and our politicians don’t seem to have any solutions to this increasing problem. Just lip service.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Stand your ground law or not I’m still going to protect my family no matter the cost. Don’t need maze either in my house I’ve got perfectly good & legal kitchen knife set plus a dart board on my door with a nice set of perfectly good & legal darts. All I need now is to order a perfectly good & legal kevlar vest & helmet I can keep hung up close by a cover wall.

    • DEFENDER says:

      Sure. So when I walk pass your house you can shoot me because I look shady?

      • Come correct says:

        Walk past my yard looking shady is fine by me, walk in my yard looking shady/carrying a weapon and possesion is 9/10ths of the law, YOU ARE MINE.

      • pepper says:

        defender, he said walk past my yard lookind shady is fine by him…walk in my yard looking shady/carrying a weapon… ‘YOU ARE MINE..defender get your facts straight….

      • pepper says:

        Defender, you sound like an ex senator is that you ?

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Defender, At the moment the AG is working on restricting the ablity for the police to stop a shady looking person. I guess she thinks it’s all under control. Kinda like the economy.

        • The HeLL says:

          Tommy Chong I’m with you That’s it I’m getting my Mase and my stun gun and iif the cops don’t like it they can kiss my a** Its my house and family I have to protect not theirs…

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Hold on there buddy I did type legal means of defending the family. Well at least legal till I use them but at that stage I’d rather go to prison for putting a criminal six feet under than them hurting my love ones. You getting mase or a stun gun could possibly land you in prison before anything really happens. I do think you may be just blowing off steam & not serious but just in case.

  21. Family Man says:

    We’re going to need a bigger jail.

    • trees says:

      No we don’t just bring back the noose!

      • Come correct says:

        Yea because that won’t start any riots lol can’t do the noose cuz apparently its racist, we either need a firing squad or a guillotine (however you spell it), you know, one of those big droppy choppy thingys, oh yea, and make it public…lesser offences, I said the cat will do, plus the scars would make excelent table talk.

        In saudi arabia, if your caught stealing from a store, ALL of the shop keepers will beat and drag to the square to publicly have your hands separated from your body. What are we missing here?

  22. Come correct says:

    I’m gonna start growing naga peppers, anyone want some SERIOUSE pepper spray hit me up, no guarentee they won’t go blind though.

  23. Kathy says:

    We need to stop talking and start acting!

    Is there a social media sight where we can all sign up and start protesting, marching on the house, forcing the government of Bermuda to LISTEN? There should be an organised movement in Bermuda. We are ABSOLUTELY fed up and, we the people of Bermuda, need to be heard! We need to take back our island.

    If there are only a handful – say 1,000 bad guys, there are still 64,000 good guys and we can make a change. If we are scared and bar ourselves into our homes, what good does this do for our society. Nothing.

    If we want our laws to become like Singapore, then we need to say so. We need to change our laws so that the bad guys will listen. It is not rocket science. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We need to copy what has already successfully been done in communities to regain what we’ve lost.

    It is not too late, Bermuda. If the government won’t do it for us then we have to organize ourselves to force them to do it.

    • Just One says:

      64 to 1, I really like those odds, let’s do it!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Who said we want our laws to become like Singapore’s? Which one of Singapore’s laws are you referring too? Singapore is not an utopia so not all their laws a perfect or should be administrated anywhere on earth. Please be more specific about which laws you think we should adopt from there.

  24. what next ! says:

    I was in a conversation with some one who was telling me the talk on the street is that drug dealing is getting old the new trend is now robbery, WOW ! the question ?????? is how far will we let this new trend go…
    my suggestion is we need to stop talking and start doing ..not now but RIGHT F***ing NOW !

    • Boombye says:

      Robbery yes…but not for cash because as we all know the average person now carries credit cards. However, robbery for GOLD yes. High prices and nice convenient locations where you can take “your” gold and sell it for some cold cash makes it an easy choice.

      Anyone know if you are finger printed and ID’d when gold is taken in. When I was in University I took some old and broken gold with me to a PAWN shop. Before I got my cash I was told that I had to provide ID and a fingerprint. I asked why and they told me that all jewellery was photographed and sent to police and was held for 30 days (I think) in case it met the description of other jewellery that was reported stolen. That way – if it was found to be stolen, hthey had my ID and fingerprint.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Drug dealing will never get old in any country that has prohibition laws. No drug dealer is going to become a robber when drug dealing is always more lucrative & less risky. What’s happening now is where addicts could find odd jobs to get money for there addiction in Bermuda before the recession has taken that away. The only way I can see a drug dealer being involved is if their giving addicts guns & telling them to go find them something nice & they’ll give them a fix for the stolen goods.

  25. Old Furberts kettle says:

    Do we have a accurate description of these black males?

  26. jt says:

    I’ll take a wild guess here and throw out that armed robbery is now a gang initiation. Pretty hard to ever rat out fellow gang members, or leave the gang, knowing you can be hung out to dry on these charges.

  27. rummy says:

    Some are really looking for a revolution.

    Just be a prick.

    Or tell you children, my BMW needs a service. Get a job.

  28. Booze Cruise says:

    were they on foot, on bikes or in a car? If we had cameras at major junctions or areas where this type of thing has happened before then you could narrow down suspects coming in and out of the area where the crime was committed. Two bikes riding together dark clothing etc. If they were on foot check the security cameras in the area, Belvins, Dunkleys, Squash club. I hope these pr**ks get whats coming to them.

  29. sharky says:

    Everyone who thinks they can defend themselves against these coke head losers needs to really understand that unless you have a loaded 357 Magnum its a dangerous misadventure to try to fight them off.
    What’s best is to identify your “stuff” with security tags,pictures,scratching your initials into cameras,and using invisable ink kits you buy on ebay .Make it difficult for this stuff to be sold and these d#*k heads will quickly realize there is no market for their goods.
    The courts need to fill Westgate to the rafters with losers packed so tight their man dates can’t bend over.
    One last option.Find these animals,post their pictures with those of their mothers and fathers,then cane them under the flag pole each day at 8am so I can watch on my way to work.

  30. Paget boy says:

    There is simply no punishment that scares these guys anymore in our court/judicial system. Wednesdays Bda Sun says stop locking up black males??? WHAA???….thats the problem…the Govt doesn’t want to be seen tuff on the criminals because they are Black?? Thats crazy. Crime is crime…and most of it is black on black crime. No way we are ever going to bring back capital punishment or cat of nine tails in the 21st century so lets try something else…
    Send the long term criminals to far away prisons in South America. This will cut off communications with their gang mates and families for years. They won’t be able to teach anything to the short time criminals serving time and you might stand a chance to break the gangs chain of command…so to speak. Westgate will have lots more room for the short term criminals. Of course we have to punish the short term criminals with a tougher, harder Westgate as well. Black or white criminals punished firmly and swiftly…make it unbearable to imagine serving time away from all the people that care about you. Its gotta help more than what we are doing now with our prison sentences at Westgate.

  31. United says:

    How about a second amendment type law as in the U.S.? Allow gun ownership to qualified people, they have to pass a background check, mental stability test and so on. With all the fees Bermuda could even hire MORE police. I know a lot of you are gonna scream but in the U.S where there are conceal carry laws, crime is extremely low. And I know these coward thugs would think twice before trying any of this. The police is only limited to ANSWER crime calls for the most part AFTER a crime has been committed.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Obviously you haven’t watched the documentary Bowling For Columbine.

  32. Crazy says:

    The best thing you can do is practice splitting open watermelons with a baseball bat aim right for the sweet spot and watch the pulp fly …..

  33. In Mark's Opinion says:

    The people of Bermuda now need laws to protect themselves by any means.

  34. Truth is killing' me... says:

    This Government needs to go… Yesterday!!!!

    • Redman says:

      Amen to that Truth is …

      I can still recall Minister Terry Listers “… we are going to go Softly on them … interview, How’s that approach working for us Mr. Lister??

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Remember the King Of The Idiots, Ewart Brown, and his big push on “Alternatives To Incarceration”?

        How did that work out, Doc?

        What a bunch of amateurs.

  35. Real says:

    Idiot on talk show today shouting for the OBA to stop their scare tactics! If he is not scared of the bull…. going on right now something is really wrong with him!! If 1.4 billion dollars of debt, crime out of control, corruption to the hilt, no tourist to keep economy going, expats leaving, education system hopeless, gang warfare and police service that don’t have a clue doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

    • Redman says:

      @ Real, Agreed,

      Sadly it is called being Stuck On Stupid!! I suppose the former Premiere’s (& Others) comments of “… don’t vote yourself back to the plantation” was classed as informative to that Muppet and others that think like that. Sadly they did vote not only themselves back to the plantation, but the rest of us as well!!

  36. stunna says:

    BDA police service is too soft on criminals. Most officers can’t fight their way out of silly string,and should use their training behind a desk,they are family and friends of criminals,who they protect,they are wives and girlfriends of criminals they also protect. The island is too small for officers who are connected to bda crappy life style,and events. Put these officers on traffic duties,guard duties,and security duties,or desk duties. Because its a waste of money&time keeping them anywhere else. Bermudians are soft,and dont have the passion for physical crime fighting. A very few do have potential,but most don’t. Keep the women off real crime fighting,because they just get in the way and hinder progress. Your heart needs to be in crime fighting,not a hefty pay check and benefits. Bda needs American/European/Carribbean real true crime fighters who have actually been in street war and know how to put real fear in these lil disrespectful clowns,without mercy. Bring back corporal punishment. These criminals are laughing at the police. I am bermudian,and I know where/why the island is losing the battle for peace. This only happens in bda nowhere else in the world,Its pathetic and I am ashamed of the bda police system. Nowhere else will you find short lil pudgy/portly female officers fighting crime,its a joke to the island, that’s a reason why people laugh at the police too. There’s even a lot of chubby overweight male cops too. Really funny stuff. Get serious,Get real,Get with it. Remember there are innocent babies,mothers,fathers,elders,cripples,& visitors that bring our money we need to survive here on the island,that need protection. Serve & Protect.

    • protect yourselves says:

      NO THE LAWS HERE PROTECT OUR CRIMINALS!!!!! GET FACTS STRAIGHT!!! They get hell from the public when they use full force. We need new government!!!!

  37. James Goodfellow says:

    Ban full faced visors.
    Punitive confiscation measures in relation to proceeds of crime to include family members
    Proof of income when purchasing high value items
    Strict punishment for receiving stolen goods or benefitting from the result of crime (to include mommas accepting a gift of the latest SUV from their innocent unemployed son)
    Impose a minimum 20 year tariff for violent crime
    Bring back UK police officers
    Amnesty on firearms followed by a minimum 25 year tariff for possession
    Bring back UK police officers
    Send these savages to overseas prisons.
    Bring back UK police officers
    Allow police even more freedom for stop and search – whatever it takes to stop this rot.
    Bring back UK police officers
    Harsh times call for harsh measures – Capital punishment
    & bring back those Brit coppers to sort this mess out.

    • protect yourselves says:

      Um just so you know because we’re under British rule we can’t have capital punishment!!! And British officers are unarmed there just like here. So what’s so great about the Uk officers??? I say get some US officers maybe some retired swats!!!

      • Mad Dawg says:

        With British police officers Bermuda was safe. As the police said this week, now nowhere is safe.

        The police should be breaking down doors, arresting thugs by the dozen, every night. Make the gangster thugs lives miserable.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Was waiting for this comment are you gonna ban hoodies, scarves, dark cloths and bikes too…………………..

      LOL How about making laws where this type of crime ie home invasion, sexual assault, crimes committed with a weapon have mandatory sentences with no parole. Meanwhile a rehabilitation program and psyche test. The public flogging nights should come back.

  38. Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

    Glad im out of “That Island!”

  39. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    I think that every concerned Bermudian should shut the island down by STOP going to work for at least a week or until The Powers That be finally work for their Wages….that way we can stay at home and prepare for the inevitable…EVERY BUSINESS EMPTY….something would be done then trust me ….them in the Pariament think they are rulers but im here to remind you that YOU ALL WORK FOR ME . I AM YOUR BOSS NOW DO WHAT WE ASK OF YOU OR YOU WILL BE TERMINATED SO THAT A FOREIGNER CAN DO THE JOB PROPERLY CAUSE YOU HAVE PROVED TIME AND TIME AGAIN THAT YOU ARE INADEQUATE AND A TOTAL WASTE OF HUMAN MATTER.

  40. Real says:

    You all call for more stop and searches. You do realize that last year they stopped over 11,000 people and not one firearm was taken from anybody. There were firearms found on people and at certain houses but not during any 315f stops. What a waste of time that could be spent riding around neighborhoods instead of one big road block in the middle of nowhere. And funny how there is a call to bring in English cops! Are you gonna allow them to do what you won’t let the cops that are already here do. As soon as one of these idiots act up and a Bermudian cop puts his hand on him you all complain, so are you gonna allow the English cops to do that? As for the ones on holiday with the Serious Crime Unit, they haven’t solved anything yet! I am sure they are absolutely loving their time staying at their hotel as well as the free breakfast and dinner that you all pay for.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Total BS. The police should be making the thugs lives miserable. As Jonathan Smith said, there are 600 known gangsters. Round them up, arrest them, humiliate them, then arrest them again. Make their lives miserable.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Yep, you pick up something and you flip people, that is how guns are found, take away the stop and search and you take away the information source. I wonder what the real reason for the change is….perhaps we are getting too close!

  41. Panty Raider says:

    Police: Sorry, too busy looking for headphones.

  42. Debbie Smith says:

    @ Sharky:

    It is really kind of pointless marking your possessions as a determined theif will steal whatever they want. A prime example is that my 7 year old grandson, went to camp at Elliot Primay School yesterday with his Nintendo DS 3 clearly labeled with his name on the game console, case and cartridges but yet some little theif stole his stuff from his school bag. Perhaps the thugs of today are learning from their parents who will see them with someone else’s belongings clearly marked and allow their child to keep it. My daughter went to the school this morning but no one came forward and returned his stuff. My grandson has also had 2 school jackets, 2 gym jackets and snacks removed from his bag whilst on school property. We ensure that his name and telephone number are on everything that he takes to school but this does not stop the theif who wants what he does not have and his parents will not provide. We will return to the school during lunch break with the police to see if that scares someone into admitting that they stole his game console. I don’t expect that they will but I do live in eternal hope that good will always overcome evil.

  43. Noel Ashford says:

    The island went to such trash under the PLP. For all those who said “The PLP hasn’t destroyed the island as suspected” … are you REALLY sure? Looks pretty messed up to me!?! Why dont we get a competent government and then a competent police force with a clue to come in there and clean this place up. Instead of busting people for using ipods on their bike which is a watse of everyones times, why dont they go out and solve some real crime if they are in fact even remotely capable of doing so?

    How is it that they cleaned up NYC in the 90′s which was FAR worse and they cant clean up a small island like this?! Pathetic!!!!!! Send NYPD in there and bust some heads, set a curfew and scare the gangsters – right now the police are more scared of them! If people don’t like it and want to cry foul – tough! It’s the rest of society being degraded versus that.

    So sad to see what the Island has gone to, debt out of control, crime out of control and Laverne Furbert as a senator for a brief stint! Could it get worse?

    Stay tuned… “PLP – SOLID”
    (Solidly Corrupt and Incompetent?! – What did solid stand for exactly?)

  44. not shocking says:

    Wouldn’t suprise me if this wasn’t the doing of a certain unsavoury character I know of! He is a horrible person and has robbed many people over the years- me being one of them! He has been hanging around town ppl and doing bad things lately- so if it is- i hope the cops lock him up for life!!!

  45. cowards says:

    Now I know that you cowards who did this burglary are reading this, because I am sure you want to see what people think and you most likely smiling since you have no brains. #1 Surely when you saw the child you should have though to leave, but no, you are way to smoked up on some weed to think so far #2 a playstation – shows me you have no education or if I have to come down to yourt level in spelling idication #3 so you have stolen around $2000 worth of items, where is the next $2000 coming from #4 – for the women involved in this. You are most likely involved with one of the men, you fall pregnant, he leaves you and once you have the baby, think to yourself what would you do if someone robbed you and your child was in the house.

    What the government should do is hang you all and if they do not want to do that is fix you all so that you cannot breed

    • Tommy Chong says:

      You’ve got some serious prejudice going on. As much as I can’t stand bullies particularly ones who rob from others I can’t let your statement go uncorrected.

      I agree with you on the child point as it makes crime even worse whenever a child is involved but to chalk it up to smoking cannabis is way off point. Cannabis use alone does not give anyone the false courage or aggressiveness to rob someone in fact in most cases it does the opposite & makes users paranoid of their own shadow & lethargic. Cocaine or alcohol are a more likely culprit of inhabited aggressive behavior shown by thugs. Cannabis has proven to have a much lower dependency rate than cocaine or alcohol in fact its dependency rate is as low as caffeine’s so just as no one goes out & robs to get a cup of coffee no one goes & robs to by weed. The flip side is that there are those who will go out & rob for cocaine & even alcohol as we have seen cases in the news of people breaking in to places to steal liquor. If you think what I’ve typed is untrue don’t just check out this chart taken from studies done by professionals It’s alright if after these facts it still hasn’t had an affect on your mindset. I understand that you suffer from a disease spread by contagious propaganda called reefer madness as many do in Bermuda.

      Another thing you have mentioned is how these punks are uneducated which maybe or maybe not but its the basis you have used to show their intelligence. Because they stole a playstation it doesn’t mean they are brainless as playstations are expensive & I’m sure there are drug dealers that would trade quite a few crack rocks for one & along with everything else they stole they probably have enough traded drugs to keep them set for a week. Yes I did type a week because the effects of crack last less than an hour before addicts start fiending again. Lets put it this way on judging these criminals intelligence compared to others. I’m sure that its most probable that these thugs all have previous records & have been in front of one of our highly esteemed judges. Now if they’ve been in front of a judge who has had years of university studies & training in what to do with people like this & this judge has decided with all knowledge that these criminals are deemed safe to let out into the public who is really educated & who isn’t?

      Lastly on your assumption the female is most likely involved with one of the men. Maybe this is true but the chances are slim as a female like this would more likely not even be attracted to men and to bust in & rob like she did she may even consider herself one of the guys if you get my drift.

      • how how says:

        Tommy you sound like a solicitor, stop being so much to the point, it was just a comment, whether factually correct or not

        • Tommy Chong says:

          That’s because I am soliciting my point just like many others abet their’s on here. Why does it bother you? I made a comment to some ones comment so why is mine not, “just a comment” like theirs? Is it because I referenced a fact that shows that Bermuda’s favorite pass time can lead to worse addiction & degradation then a flower that many want to blame for our recent violent crime? You need not worry about this as I’m sure most in Bermuda who get drunk weekly in public realize they make absolute fools of themselves already & don’t care if they do.

          Do you really think we’ll ever get back to the peaceful Bermuda we had with a full on Nixon/Reagan drug war. This is what lead to the American gang bangers of the 80′s & 90′s. We are at this stage now & can’t see the trees from the forest even though most of the rest of the world has come to the REALization of it all. Our laws allow the solicitation of hard drugs & violence to flourish while you’re more concerned with my solicitation of words & ideas. I’m sure the majority that read this site are either adults or some teens who in both cases able to make sound decisions about comments here.

  46. My two cents says:

    Has anyone stopped to think that the millions wasted on overruns could have been used toward rewards for information given to police in regard to anything to do with guns.
    Do you think these punks would snitch for $100,000? Do you think their friends and family would come forward for $100,000? You bet your boots they would. How much reward money has been offered for snitching on people with guns? Maybe I am mistaken

  47. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Cut off their trigger fingers..


  48. Shocked and Appaled says:

    It’s beyond me how the police can’t get a grip on 22 square miles and 65,000 people I had more people then that at my University. No disrespect but DO MORE!!

    • trees says:

      too busy hiding in the trees booking people for “speeding” and wearing headphones!!

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      They can but people would not like what it would take the guns are here and it seems new ones are getting in.1 They need to keep a closer whatch of the points of entery. 2 If they know these criminals as they say they neeed to follow them and search every where these guy and girls now go and whom they associate with. 3 They can walk in a search with out a warrent you know the justifiable cause is the visit from the suspect. The question is would Bermuda allow thatat least until the crimes of this type become a one off thing again? How long will I take for the people to say enough is enough and they start reporting everything they know to the police? I do not believe that Eva is right on the crime as even if the injustices of the past where equalized crime would stop or even occur less.
      People have and always will do what they can get away with.


  49. thatgirl says:

    this is why i live in america where i can keep a firearm in my home to protect myself & my family.. if the bermuda police won’t/can’t protect you.. you should at least be able to protect yourself.. the bad guys have guns.. why shouldn’t the good guys?!

  50. Crazy says:

    “… There’s no such thing as a good gun. There’s no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys. …”

  51. Foxtrot Oscar says:

    We need to bring back the Bermuda Police FORCE!! Enough of this soft handed, slap on the wrist Bermuda Police Service. They need to be out there on the streets, knocking heads and harrassing the hell out of these little punks. They know who the gang members are…start giving them a taste of their own medicine…house to house “invasions” with guns to their heads. See how they like it! This island is totally out of control and it’s only going to get worse!