Video: Minister, Astwood, Easton Sing In Boston

May 15, 2012

Last night [May 14] Minister of Business Development & Tourism Wayne Furbert, along with local singers Tricray Astwood and Steve Easton sang the U.S National Anthem prior to the Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston.

The “Bermuda Day” event was spearheaded by the Bermuda Department of Tourism, and also saw the first pitch of the game thrown by Shawn Caisey of the participating Gombey group.

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  1. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Great shorts guys! Lots of free advertising hopefully.

    • Out of flight says:

      Such creativity. Go for it. Why not? They love our shorts.
      What did it cost to take the back-up singers?

  2. Roger Donawa says:

    FREE..? You think?

  3. Wow!! says:

    Wow…arae you serious!!! what an ambarrasment!! And Tricray should have sung that by himself!

  4. Wow!! says:


  5. Scott Stewart says:

    Well sung – I’m proud!

  6. Weldon Wade says:

    Great Job Steve!! Great job guys. I need to come by the studio!

  7. Bullseye says:

    Well done! I think they did great!

  8. Oh my... says:

    Success is knowing thy talent, and then mastering it…

  9. Tourism Supporter says:

    I think that you guys did a great job. For those with negative comments, I would like to see you get up infront of thousands of people to represent your country…but wait nope you are at home on your computer with nothing better to do than degrade the people that are actually doing somthing to promote Bermuda. Again guys…JOB WELL DONE!

    • pepper says:

      I agree with you these guys were great !!! They sure made me proud to be a Bermudian.

  10. Johnny on the spot says:

    Ummmm as an american….. these fools should not have been singing my anthem….

    • Come Correct says:

      haha whats next the Russian ambassador singing for the Stanley cup?

    • allcloggedup says:

      Johnny Jackass…..look in the mirror and you’ll see the fool.

    • American says:

      As an American….do you know the anthem?

    • Steven Easton says:

      Come on now, no need to call us fools, that was completely unnecessary! BTW, the audio on this was being picked up by the lapel mic on Minister Furbert’s shirt. There is another version that we are trying to get a hold of that has the audio from all 3 mics. We were well received at Fenway! All the best :)

    • TRUTH HURTS! says:

      F*$# you and “your” anthem. Americans are so annoying. As a Bermudian I don’t want you reading my news.

    • smh says:

      First of all if we are fools why are you reading our news?
      Secondly, our performance was certainly better than ROSEANNE’S!
      And thirdly, that’s why America is hated by many- people like you ruin it with your elitist attitudes. SO MUCH FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS!

      • Shaking My Head.. says:

        Wow.. You really are ignorant.. First you bad mouth the minister and attack anyone with a positive spin on current events then you are defending him in the next breath.. Get a life comment stalker!!

    • Tongue-in-cheek says:

      Comments like Johnny’s really annoy me. Why do you Americans come on here just to criticize us Bermudians? It’s like you’re jealous or resent us or something. You seem to hate the fact that we can stay here and eventually you have to leave. You’re in our country as a guest and making money here so why do you choose to come on a Bermudian site to make nasty comments? If you don’t like us, just leave.

  11. Joonya says:

    As silly as this idea may seem to me, I give you kudos Mr Furbert for going the extra mile as a Tourism Minister.

    • Come correct says:

      A silly idea is singing another countrys national anthem to them, but I can completely justify it if its being performed with an american, and dave chapelle is standing right next to them…that is dave right?

      • Joonya says:

        Either way, the guy showed he’s got b@lls to do it in the name of Bermuda Tourism, whatever the outcome may be.

  12. I gotta be me says:

    Great… now let’s get them to sing God Save the Queen before everyone of our own sports events.

  13. Concerned says:

    I was a lil anxious in the beginning – good job!

  14. g-gurl says:

    Good Job !

  15. Waslet says:

    I agree with Wow. The minister really thinks he can sing and he CANNOT! He should’ve left well enough alone! Leave it to the professionals (Tricray and possibly Easton)

  16. Truth (Original) says:

    Good job guys.

  17. Leroy Francis says:

    I also agree with wow…..what was the Minister thinking?

    • Letiwas says:

      I (Leroy) did NOT say this!!! lol. Ppl are childish!!

  18. Bermywan says:

    More wasted money…

  19. Cowell says:

    The singing was absolutely dreadful as you would expect from a politician so it’s a no from me.

    However, top marks for doing something original, risky and within a key target market audience. The Bermuda shorts were a nice touch also.

  20. Apples says:

    What’s with all these cookie tourism ministers?

  21. Truth is killin' me... says:

    And coming to “America’s Got Talent”…Waaaaaayne Furbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. thinkfirst says:

    good job

  23. Leroy Francis says:

    I dunno who made a comment using my name in a previous comment….but I think that they represented Bermuda well. Big Up to my boys Tricray Astwood and Steve Easton, one of the most talented people I know. Im proud of you guys!


  24. Judy Dill says:

    Can’t wait to hear them again. Where will they be appearing next.”Great job.