Man Murdered At North Shore Barbershop

June 23, 2012

[Updated – At around 5.15pm today [June 23] two men on a bike rode up to Jason’s Barbershop on North Shore, with one man running inside and opening fire inside the barbershop, shooting multiple times, before running out and escaping on the motorbike heading towards Spanish Point. A 31-year-old man was shot, and the police have confirmed he has died.]

There was a shooting this afternoon in the North Shore Road area, and unofficial reports indicate that someone may have been shot. Police presently have the North Shore blocked off from Bandroom Lane, with multiple officers and vehicles in the area.

Police presently have the North Shore blocked off from Bandroom Lane, with multiple officers and vehicles in the area. Unofficial reports indicate that the victim may have been very seriously injured. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 6.02pm: The shooting took place by the Barber Shop, with unofficial reports indicating the victim was in the area to get a haircut when he was shot. We understand the situation to be very serious, and expect the police to release an official statement shortly.

Update 6.49pm: Police continue to investigate, with senior detectives including Assistant Commissioner David Mirfield arriving on scene. Police are going in and out of the barbershop, with the forensic unit on scene as well. Unofficial reports indicate at least five shots were fired.

Update 7.06pm: Police confirm the shooting victim has died. They said that at around 5.15pm two men on a bike wearing dark visors rode up to the barbershop on North Shore, with one man opening fire right inside the Barbershop, fatally wounding the victim before both men escaped on the motorbike heading towards Spanish Point.

Update 7.16pm: Video of Assistant Commissioner David Mirfield’s statement below. When asked if they are treating it as gang related, Mr Mirfield said that “I think under the circumstances, that is a good assumption to make.”

Update 8.18pm: The victim has now been taken out of the Barbershop by funeral home attendants. The police are starting to remove some of the crime scene tape from the area, however are still blocking traffic on North Shore. There were a few bikes outside the Barbershop, which the police have just loaded into a police truck and removed from the scene.

Update 8.41pm: The police issued a written statement, which follows in full below.

Around 5:20pm on Saturday, June 23rd police responded to reported gunshots at Jason’s Barbershop on North Shore Road in Pembroke.

It appears that two men on a motorcycle wearing full face helmets arrived at the location. One of the suspects got off the motorcycle and shot the victim, a 31 year old man, before both men escaped on the motorcycle heading west.

The scene has been forensically examined and will remain cordoned off until further notice as detectives continue the investigation into this fatal shooting.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen two men on a motorcycle in the North Shore Road, Pembroke area in the vicinity of Jason’s Barbershop around the time of the incident to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent & confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 9.08pm: North Shore is now open to traffic. This is the second murder of 2012, following the murder of 24-year-old Stefan Burgess in January, who was shot and killed while in the Glebe Road area one evening.

Update June 24: Premier Paula Cox, Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief and Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier expressed their condolences to the family of the victim of yesterday’s fatal shooting, and urged calm and cooperation.

Update June 25: The police have identified the victim as Joshua Robinson.

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  1. really says:

    so sad, here we go again

  2. SHOWANAX says:

    The message was sent by the court “system” yesterday. Do what you want, just make sure you get the right lawyer and all your legal troubles will go away.

  3. Disgusted says:

    I’m sure BPS won’t catch the culprits this time for the crime either smh. It has gotten out of hand! So disgusting.

    • Tyrone says:

      You are sure of that? Must be great to have your crystal ball… Thanks for your pointless post.

      • Rory says:

        Im sure.. perhaps if a member from the opposing crew was killed the murders will get caught. But I have noticed when a victim is killed from a certain area, it seems to always be ‘unsolved’.

        I wonder if police from the central division will be doing he same thing they did on cambridge road.

        Im sure the mobile unit aka the big truck will be out now after the fact smfh

        • Judgement says:

          I agree Rory. Unfortunately the killers may never get caught! Sad but true…

        • SS says:

          I’m in agreement with Rory as well. If you take note of who is locked up and who is still out there, have to wonder what is really happening.
          Sad situation.

      • Disgusted says:

        No, only stating facts. You should read the newspaper more often. Thanks for your assinine comment. My gosh, how ignorant can you really be?!

  4. Truth (Original) says:

    We hate ourselves so much. So much heart break.

    My condolences to those who are left behind to mourn.

  5. SHOWANAX says:

    My condolences to the family of the victim.

    They say history repeats itself. This is true, especially when those with guns are sent a comforting message as the one sent yesterday by the courts system. It does not matter, if you are guilty or not, as long as you have a great lawayer and a flawed jury system. Not guilty does not equal innocent, especially in street law.

  6. Bermunity says:

    Why the hell you idiots trying to be gangbangers on a small island where the quality of life is much higher than most places in the world? No logic.

    • Ryan says:

      That is something I will never, ever understand.

  7. Tha Herbalist says:


  8. Family Man says:

    Were they riding a blue scrambler type bike by any chance?

  9. lets get serious! says:

    they are all running round high off something!

    • Geza says:

      Like what?

    • confused says:

      High on the impunity the bermuda justice system offers and the fact we are watching our own island self destruct. We all know that in Bermuda everyone knows everyone and something like “personal business” does not really exist! Its time to start snitching! It’s gone to far!

  10. France says:

    A beautiful Island with a beautiful headache!!!!!

  11. BuBBleS!! says:


    • .am says:

      Are you saying this act was God’s intention/doing?!

      • thommie says:

        No fool God created us n gave us freewill. Someone or more made the choice to take a life -used their freewill. God knows all things. If the killers knew God they could have changed this man’s outcome. Life is all about choices n the consequences thereof. If you believe you tend to live a more humbled lifestyle. Just my humble opinion.

        My condolences to those left behind to mourn this life taken before its intended time.

        • Reverend Pastor says:

          Praise the Lord. God wasn’t feeling too well so he didn’t stop this murder. He is like that. He’ll sent a storm that kills loads of innocent victims, yet a couple of survivors will thank him for sparing them. He’s a two face b****rd really. God is not a nice person. Bit of a twat actually.

        • confused says:

          If “god” knows all things, he needs to pick up the phone and call crime stoppers! When will this island please open it’s eyes and take the faith from worthless ideals and use the flipping mouth and eyes that “god” gave us!

      • FlamingSword says:

        If that’s what they were saying you wouldn’t have to ask would you? A plan is something that encompasses everything that takes place within an act. It is not the act itself. God created man with free choice, that is part of His plan – does that mean He’s to blame for every choice you make? His plan encompasses your evil choices, even your choice to disbelieve in Him. Who knows? Maybe God’s plan is to reward the deceased with everlasting life in Paradise and forgiveness for their wrongs – and maybe the murderer will receive punishment or ammend their life and benefit people in a way that he would not have before his crime. God has a plan. Would you rather He not have a plan for this madness? Gosh its this Godless mentality that’s got us in this mess in the first place. I prefer god’s plan to your plan honestly!

        • Shakingmyhead says:

          I always shake my head when watching the Christians try to justify their Gods complacency and ignorance in the same sentence. If something bad happens, its because free will was given to man and it was mans fault. If something good happens its because god made it happen. Convenient huh? Keep deluding yourself folks.
          Btw, saying ‘I’ll say a prayer for you’ is literally the least you can do to offer assistance. I’ll say some words and pass the buck to the sky ghost and hopefully he’ll help. Well ask the families of the dead and those serving long sentences how much he helped. Saying ‘God has a plan’ is just your arrogant way of saying ‘I dont know why’, but dressing it up in your supercillious, sanctimonious drivel.

          • confused says:


          • Bermywan says:


          • JP says:


          • Charles says:

            While I agree with the essence of your point as an Atheist, the mean-spiritedness and condescension of this post is equally arrogant to the mindset of the Christians you’re trying to condemn.

            I may be too pragmatic and cynical to believe in God myself, but I’ve seen first-hand the very real comfort that spirituality can bring people…many of whom are people that I love and care about. Whether that comfort is the result of delusion or not, its still comfort, and calling someone’s beliefs “drivel” is extremely disrespectful, particularly when they’re trying to contribute to an honest discourse in the only way they know how.

            If you truly feel that talking down to people is the best way to get your point across, the least you can do is stop using a pseudonym and wear your patronizing attitude on your sleeve.

            • Fed Up Bermudian says:

              Here, here. This is the most balanced post I’ve read in a long time on the subject. I’m sick and tired of having rabid atheists jam their beliefs down my throat, as equally as I’m embarrassed and frustrated at christians who want me to believe that my version of spirituality is the wrong flavour, or that I’m not ‘christian’ enough because I don’t in turn try to force-feed all my friends and acquaintances ‘the right’ brand of spirituality. Live and let live. If someone thinks that this is God’s will because it gives them comfort, fine. If someone thinks it’s codswallop, that’s fine too. But there is never any call for either ‘side’ to be insulting or condescending. There’s no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, it’s just what you believe. Thanks, Charles. Signing my name has nothing to do with whether I feel the conviction of my words, but rather that there is no freedom of speech here. I applaud your bravery, though.

            • Oh Really? says:

              Thank you Charles. The most educated comment here, in my opinion.

            • Proud to be a Christian says:

              Bravo!!!!! Shakingmyhead – God even has a plan for you. And guess what? You’re participating in it. So whether you choose to believe it or not believe it, the choice is yours. Oh yeah….its called ‘free will!’

          • Anbu says:

            Damn skippy mate.

      • ras says:

        We are got to remember who we are , what we were, and were we are going! Only God knows!

        RIP… ras bless ya soul!

  12. MissG says:

    It’s still not understood y it’s beef on this small lil piece of island right but I do know that this stuff right here needs to stop!! What if somebody came and killed ya mama, ya sister, ya niece, ya granny what ya gonna do then? Like because ya man u don’t think it can’t happen to your kids or how about u!!!! From now on your gonna have to look over your shoulder 2 keep yourself safe from ppl tryna a get you, ya gotta count the days until your in a body bag cause u don’t know when ya times gone be because ya life that your living!!! I blame BDA for making the youth now days have a closed in mind with no expenssion, this islands way too gone! We all need 2 stand for what’s right! The pain that these parents have to go through is straight torchur , now that’s another family & friends that have 2 mourn in disbelief!!! UnBelievable GROW UP #realtalk You must not be hitting no p#@sy!!!! All these beautiful woman lingering the island smh that’s y men is also women cause they be straight Bi%ches!!!! Nobody’s perfect but come on show some dignity!!!!!

    • Rory says:

      All these beautiful women are the ones sleeping with these murders/gangsters. Guaranteed if girls started dealing men with ambition this whole thug thing would decrease drastically.

  13. N/A says:

    [name removed] wasn’t a gangsta, he couldn’t help what neighborhood his family raised him in, he was actually a real cool guy. But mark my word, he was ambushed, and the person that told the shooters he was in there, was in the barbershop with him getting his haircut too! The police will interview everyone there, and they will find that person, hopefully! Because he is just as responsible for this murder as the person who pulled the trigger in my opinion…

    • Rory says:

      Fo real…. funny how majority of persons from one particular area either get killed or imprisioned but yet people from the opposing crew hardly ever get killed or arrested.

      Starting to think other factors are at play….

      • TiredTiredTired says:

        Tired Tired Tired of this crap. Condolences to the family. What gives anyone the right to take another life??? For what????? Bermuda is 22 miles; too small for beef. This is NOT appealing in anyway and to be honest with you if I was there I would quack and quack like a duck. I would say and tell the Police everything I know; trust me. Enuff is enuff. You are not bad, cuz when you do down you go alone and for a long time; you are a sorry bunch of crap.

        You want to be a hero do something with your life besides murder aholes!!!

      • Bobthebuilder says:

        10 years and finally someone is noticing how one sided things are. Easy to get a conviction for certain people or groups of individuals while others with all the fingers pointing at them somehow get off or don’t go up at all.


        • wwatcher says:

          Thats right Bob, cause the po po and all the Jury’s have it in for one side and let the others go free!! Don’t be so bloody foolish! Usual BDA nonsense lets look at blaming everyone else and not take our own children and families in hand

          • Bobthebuilder says:

            U missed the point. No need for me to say anymore. You’ve proven your comprehension skills.


        • Test says:

          Soooooo true it’s who u know but GOD don’t sleep

      • SS says:

        Yup, imformants for sure. Look at the big picture. Who are the majority locked up – all from the same area!! Definitely some other type of play going on.

    • no doubt says:

      i second that and i hope they get 38 to life just like the real murders they r just as responsible
      these lil badmind fools need to grow the hell up. personaly i think they r gay cause they stalk another man then they go up westgate all mans recreation facility to spend the rest of their lives round a bunch of c#@ks when its all this catty out here to get
      send them all there and just let them f@#k each other n b happy

    • Shit Happens says:

      why does the person who told the shooter had to be in the barber shop? Thats what wrong with us quick to judge. He might have told someone that he THOUGHT was cool with him he was going there to get a clip and they could have set it up.

      • JP says:

        He could have even had a frenemy on he BBM contact list or even on his FB and posted a status saying he was going Jason’s Barber Shop to get a haircut!

    • Test says:

      He was a verry nice person condolences to his mom very sweet lady you did your best

  14. T. Simmons says:

    They need to bring back that electric chair. Enough is been enough! Time to get rid of these low lives. F*ckin tired!

    • Shit Happens says:

      so are you saying an eye for an eye? they took someone’s so the system takes theirs.

      • confused says:

        Its not “the system”, if found guilty he/she will be convicted by a jury of there peers, looks like throwing a little balance to the mix to me

        • Come Correct says:

          I say if convicted, death by gun man, one shot to the lower abdomen and leave him there to watch the life drain out of his sorry a$$. 75cent cost to the taxpayer. Convicted of possessing a firearm? Cut the middle and pointer finger off both hands, a constant reminder for life, a sign to the rest of us as to who he is and what he did, and he’ll sure as hell never fire a handgun. Theft or robbery, take a hand, second offence take the other, if these guys wanna re-offend, make it impossible to do so. The sad part is, you’ll be doing this to all the foot soldiers, but take out the army and what is the king left with? You’ll have to be real loyal to risk dismemberment for someone elses dirty work. These severe punishments actually work very well in arabic countries, probably because they do it publicly. You want this gang life to be less appealing to younger generations? Come on son we’re going to an execution, let me teach you a little somethin about life.

          • mixitup says:

            Harsh but I agree! Can’t be more brutal than barging into a full Barber shop and killing someone in cold blood and running off…..Dang cowards. I want to know who gave birth to these barbarians and how do they sleep at night.

            • Come Correct says:

              Sorry but the soft humanitarian bs doesn’t seem to work, its not as much fun when the other side is just as unforgiving as you are to you victims.

      • R you serious!!! says:

        yes of course

    • Tyrone says:

      We never had the electric chair here.

    • Mike Hunt says:

      Hey T, we never had an electric chair. Perhaps you are writing figuratively?

    • JP says:

      I say and eye for an eye! They don’t deserve to live after killing someone else! You know what! F#ck the chair, I say stone them to death!

  15. WOW says:

    Such a small island. Such Huge Problems….will this ever end????

    • Worry says:

      No because they are worrying about the wrong things get it together only gonna get worse

  16. The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

    I hope the police are smart enough to find out who the mole is who informed them of the victims wear about’s. And interrogate his stupid little a**.

    • Rory says:

      I doubt they confiscated phones of everyone who was there. Would have been smart if they did though

      • Bs24 says:

        Agreed. But I’m sure they didn’t.

        I was thinking the same thing earlier!

      • united says:

        Right, by the time the first bullet came out the gun everybody stayed there waiting for police right?

      • Mike Hunt says:

        You don’t really think these gang members use their own phones, do you? They are stupid, but not that stupid.

    • Tyrone says:

      According to Rory and Disgusted, the person(s) responsible will not be caught. They apparently are the experts and have ESP…

  17. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    As a J.P. in this area , I call on all the Saints from across the street to come out tonight and condone this very horrible act .Come as you are , no need to put on your warpaint and best frocks . Please don’t pass around the collection plate , save that till the morning , and give that money to the needy in our community ,all of it .
    Preacherman there is a mountain before you , remove it .

  18. dee dee says:

    I was watching a program on NatGeo last night about Russia’s worst prisons. Send these murderers to Black Dolphin prison. Look it up.

  19. Time to stop! says:

    My prayers go out to his beautiful children that are left behind. I hope you will pray also!

  20. stern says:

    Bring Back Capital punishment for F##@$@ sake!!!!! Make these a$@#$holes that take a life have their’s taken too. SIMPLE!!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!! That’s why this country is the way it is! TOO SOFT ON CRIMINALS! wait until it hits home!!!! and happens to a family member to those that make these SOFT LAWS! that’s when things will change.. TRUST ME!!! Just think only a handful of idiots can take a whole country down. Wake up and change these laws!!!

    • mixitup says:

      It’s been said time and again, as long as we are under the British, it’s not our call. Capital Punishment isn’t and can’t even be a topic of discussion. London won’t allow it here.

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Part of the problem with this theory is that those a-holes don’t even value their own lives, that’s part of why they do things like this. Knowing it could be their ‘turn’ next, gives them a thrill. If they could die at the hands of ‘the man’, then that only makes them a martyr. Hit them where it hurts. Find out the names of anyone they supported with their thuggery and take the money back from them. Hey, proceeds of crime, right? I don’t know the answer, and if capital punishment actually works, I’d support it. But, I strongly suspect it won’t, and that won’t make us any better, in any way, than them.

  21. It is overdue for Bermuda to have a maximum security ‘supermax’ prison for hard core gang members who commit pre-meditated murder. If convicted they should be sentenced to heavy prison terms with no parole. 23 hour a daay lockdown and no visitation. No tv no recreation. This will be a deterrent because no one in their right mind will want to go to this facility.

    On the flip side we need to address the social conditions that are breeding this type of criminal. We need to identify kids early on who have the potential to head down this road of criminality and intervene to get them and their parents the help they need early on.

    • YES says:

      I second that!!!!!!!! Whoever builds a Supermax….black or white party! You got my vote! Why the F@$# am I going to wait until it’s my son. Lock down these killers as the writing above states. All you Gov Mp’s all you want is that fat A$$ check with no concern for us normal folks. You all will not do squat unless the animals take a shot at you. Trust me it’s coming, sorry to say I don’t wish it on you. If these guys can come into a barbershop and gun a man down when he relaxing getting a clip! The animals will turn on you next. THIS GOES FOR BOTH PLP AND OBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRY THE F> $> C> K> >>>>>>>UP and pass some real SH@# ON THIS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jt says:

      Why should we waste money building this and waste $80,000/yr. to house them when we can find the same overseas – ship them there, pay yearly fees plus profit to prison and still save at least 50% (likely much more)?

      • richard says:

        I am down with that.

        • Peachy cream says:

          So am I. Been saying that for a long time now! But as usual no one’s listening!

    • People have been, been saying that!!! But the law only acts after something happens. Social workers and family service are sooooo simple, they need awards for Most Daft.
      When a showdown of the victims children and the killers children have a shootout in the schools…, well i cant even say they will wake up because they would say none of the children have a problem till they find which ones did it! Lol Dummies. Just imagine. Just like how they said for years theres no gangs. All the biggers where Lol The headline would probably read “Stray bullets hit school kids” Wait till the kids run the schools. If you don’t listen you will feel

  22. Tyrone says:

    Ok, you can have the darkest tinted visor that you want but cannot have decent tint on the windows on your car. Yup, makes sense….

    • Portia says:

      I thought they passed a law to ban those full face helmets? If that hasn’t changed, then why didn’t the police stop this bike BEFORE they got the barbershop, just like they’ve been stopping people for months now for having ipods and cell phones?

      What good does it do to have “tougher” anti-gang laws if the police do not enforce them, but spend all their time enforcing silly trivial ones? Imagine, if a cop had pulled this bike over for having full face helmets, it might have saved a life tonight…

      • Huh says:

        You think a murderer is going to abide by tinting laws?

      • Mike Hunt says:

        Good Portia, the Police will stop all black males wearing full face helmets and the murders will stop. Come on!

        • Come Correct says:

          She does have somewhat of a point, banning the visors is pointless and will probably cause more uproar than anything. Keep it as it is and pull over everyone towing with tinted visors, i mean everyone! You want a tinted visor, well this is the price that comes with it. I see this all the time, I’ve also seen this with a guy pulling a gun from under his shirt leaving white wall. If all of the descriptions are the same, then that’s what you look for, so they either switch their MO or run the risk of getting caught riding dirty. Also you can’t just target black males, I’ve heard of a certain a$$hole that uses shoe polish to cover exposed skin. Its actually really simple, pull them over search them send them on their way if they’re clean, if they aren’t, they’ll most likely pull chase, then run them the f@ck over, no bike is faster than a 2 way radio.

      • Carol Shuman says:

        NOT banning full face helmets is ridiculous. It might not stop murders, but being able to run around in a form of disguise encourages bad behavior. This has been on the table for years and was a recommendation of recent Bermuda gang study. For heaven’s sake. What does it take?

  23. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Punks having punks, no father, no family, no love, no church, no fear, no God…no good!

  24. sahman says:

    Didn’t the Minister of National Security talk about banning tinted visors about a year ago?

    Talk talk and more talk.

    • Insider says:

      He mentioned previously that he tried to put the law through, but it was DENIED by Derrick Burgess and Terry Lister.. GO FIGURE!

      • Reverend Pastor says:

        I have a full facial helmet, I like the safety factor of having my face protected in case of an accident, and have never killed anyone. Go figure.

        They banned guns, and people are still getting shot – go figure.

        I will not get rid of my full facial helmet just because some young punks out there occasionally use them while committing a crime. The idea is beyond ridiculous. Go figure.

        • Everett says:

          I think the issue is not the full face helmet but the dark visors associated with the full-face helmets. Full face helmets should not be banned but the face helmets with dark visors need to be banned.

        • R you serious!!! says:

          Can’t you get a full face with a clear glass. And if to much sunlight is the problem wear shades. I would like to see you ride up in one of the danger zones in that full face of yours. Let’s see how the youth like your idea when you ride in!!!

          • Think Wisely.. says:

            What if I wear glasses and dont have contacts which allow me to wear shades? That tinted visor helps to protect my eyes. I can assure you that riding/driving with the sun in your eyes is dangerous and most times you cant see at all because it’s so bright.

          • Anbu says:

            So u r going to pay for people who need prescription shades?

      • GMS says:

        Won’t achieve anything. Criminals, by nature, don’t adhere to the law. Guns are banned too, aren’t they? Does that stop criminals from having them?

        • duh says:

          You can hide a gun!! U cnt hide a helmet silly! Please use your brain!

          • GMS says:

            Sure they may not use them all the time when they are riding but what’s to stop them donning them just before they commit a crime and disposing of them shortly afterwards? They don’t carry their guns around all the time do they?

            What are the chances that, once donning their dark visors for a five minute period to commit a crime, a police officer spots them and stops them before they do what they are intending? I would imagine those chances are’t that high. We might as well ban motorcyclists from obscuring or removing their license plates as many of them do when they use their bikes to commit a crime. Oh wait… we do that already and how well does that stop it happening?

            Only law abiding citizens abide by the law! It’s a simple idea but seemingly too complex for some to grasp.

            Perhaps you should engage your brain a bit.

            • Duh says:

              My point is u cant hide a helmet! at least police n ne1 driving would spot the bad guys! engage ya brain!

        • wizeazz says:

          It’s used as disguise dummy.If banned and you are wearing one you get stopped.

    • Mike Hunt says:

      Like you seriously think that will work?. Guns are banned but these men don’t care about silly thing like laws.

      • Observant says:

        I think most have lost that point.
        Guns are illegal…they don’t care.
        Murder is illegal…they don’t care.
        Dark full-face visors…make them illegal…they’ll pi$$ themselves laughing.

        The ones carrying out these crimes don’t give a rat’s a$$ about the laws, people or themselves…

    • Dee says:

      Problem is…who is selling these helmets. The guy who sells the helmets makes lots of money and don’t give a damn about what the helmet is really being used for…all about the money! GREED!!! MORALS AND PRINCIPALS OUT THE DOOR! Oh, forgot to say, he is probably friends with Minister of National Security!

      • jredmond says:

        seriously? The helmet game is lucrative like that? I had no idea there was some vast helmet conspiracy out there.

        • Come Correct says:

          Ya mon! You didn’t know the gun jams if you wearing a clear visor?!…don’t worry some people just don’t get it. Let them have the visors! Let them paint a big target for the police…oh wait I forgot the police haul a$$ in the other direction when there’s a gun involved.

          • Oh Really? says:

            Unfortunately, there are only a select few trained Armed Force Officers here and not all of them are allowed to carry (let alone USE) firearms. Sad, but true. I know I wouldn’t just stand there and wait to see if my uniform saves me if I were an unarmed cop, so I can’t criticize as you easily chose to do.

      • I'm Amazed says:

        Dee- You must be the only one who doesn’t realize how ridiculous you sound! So all the murders are a conspiracy by those selling helmets???? So the governor, government ministers, other politicians, police chief right on down, are all in the “selling helmets by any means necessary to make money business”??? The Minister of National Security is friends with all of the helmut selling guys? Those selling the helmets don’t care about what the helmets are used for? You are forgetting those that sell the get-a-way bikes…..any store that sells dark clothing, the workmen that pave the roads for the get-a-way bikes to travel on….yeah, its one big conspiracy!!!!! Time to wake up Dee since you have actually forgotten to include those that actually pull the trigger!!!!!!!!! It’s morally wrong to pull the trigger – not to sell a helmet.

  25. Devil'sParadise says:

    Nuffn will change until a politician, cop, foreigner or sum CEO or boss gets hit. & trust me it will come. i mean nobody gettin caught & alotta ppl r fed up wit ppl in high places, whether its authority or position. Maybe then BDA wud tune in…

    • wwatcher says:

      Nobody gettin caught??? have you seen how many convictions the po po have gotten in the last year? Hopefully these fools will be caught too!

    • I'm Amazed says:

      So you’re fed up with those making the laws – not those breaking them!!!! Shaking my head at the ignorance – it’s the criminals that must change!!!!!!

      • Dee says:

        SMDH….you SERZ???? Do you think our children were born this way??? We have helped to create this problem and as long as we have people like you talking stupid shit…poor us! btw…most of our criminals go to Westgate and become even better criminals because now must learn to manipulate a system that is not set up for rehabilition. Look at the age group of these criminals we speak about…they are children! something is terrible wrong when children resort to this life style. There is a bigger picture here and we as a people must stand together for an overall change if we expect the next generation coming up to be good law abiding citizens.

  26. Liars! says:

    this is he national securities job, he is a fool!

  27. Redeemed says:

    If the mole was in the shop, he probably left before the gunmen arrived. Don’t they have cameras on that stretch of road?

    • richard says:

      mmmmm Why to go Redeemed I was thinking the same thing somebody had to have made a call or something in the shop just before it happen.

  28. family says:

    Rip :’(

  29. Sadness!! says:

    Condolences to the family of this shooting victim. Another family devestated by violence. I hope that the police are checking the traffic on all the networks to reveal who might have sent the message that the individual was on the premises… RIP!

    • yupyup says:

      Can’t they trace PINGS from the celltowers to see how many calls from which numbers in that area or is Bermuda to small to do that?

  30. Family Man says:

    I guess these guys missed the minister’s TV ad about respect.

  31. RUFKM says:

    Police have 110F in somerset. Clearly they targetting the wrong people. Wonder why they won’t disperse the real troublemakers.

    People need to stop worrying about corruption in the government and start worrying about it in the police.

    Will the new governor do anything to stamp out the real menace, or will he turn a blind eye to possible corruption in the police.

    • Bs24 says:

      Well his already got one blind eye. I hope the other one proves to be useful

      • CYGNET says:

        What an incensitive statement about the Governor. Remember he too was a victim of a thug. Stay to the subject and offer a solution or prayers to the victims family and for our island.

    • Please one says:

      The only thing that is going to help us is prayer prayer and more prayer we all worry about the wrong things get it together god is watching worry about what you are doing god is the only one we should be pleasing

      • Test says:

        The world is coming to the end read your bible get yourself first then your family in order we cannot keep blaming the government or the police or anybody else. Get in order

      • jt says:

        Tell me precisely how our prayers will change the actions of these guys.

        • Come Correct says:

          They don’t, it just makes you feel like your doing something. Religion is a tool used to control the people by creating fear of a higher power. These thugs realize this, I bet their prayers at a young age fell on deaf ears too, if we as a nation don’t step up to do our part, they will become that higher power, you will fear them, they will run your life and your fictional book will be useless to you.

      • The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

        And you really believe that..With all the churches we have in this island we should be crime free..Give me a break!!

    • dee dee says:

      Remember? He came here with a blind eye.

  32. GazaGirl.... says:

    R.I.P cuzzin

  33. I hated Bermuda, like everyone see its, its a one sided fu€kery $hit going on. We should all get together & do what we have to do, cause the police knows who’s doing what, let’s close in these Parksides guys, & yup that’s what I’m saying, only a matter of time,cause the other side hands are cuff & Parkside is running bermy. It looks like they want war, yes were thinking fu€k up. no arrest has been made, in it you bad cockeroaches. Rip family

  34. Life. says:

    Rip my ni%ga.

  35. Crazy says:

    In the streets it’s gettin hott ….” and the youts dem ah get so ccoooooooollllddddd.

  36. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Bermuda forget about the good in God , now we face the evil from the Satan .
    My condolences to family and friends .

  37. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    It is time for ALL ( male, female) dark visor helmet wearers be stopped and searched. If there is indeed a ban on these helmets.
    Instead of stopping and harrassing a driver for flying a flag.

  38. Felix says:

    This won`t stop, I mean how can it, no fear with the powers that be and why? Because nothing is done or even said by this government. So I say F@#$ Um keep killing yourselves !!! Like this F@#$^& up government I don`t give a Sh$% !!!!
    And all you do gooders and church goers, grow a pair would you !!!
    PS I hope you all know that on Dec 21 , 2012 you will all “STILL” have to go to work !!!

  39. Felix says:

    I mean Dec 22nd !!

  40. Earl/Esther Trott says:

    It is a shame that this has happened. It appears every time there is a not guilty verdict for a shooting, then someone gets shot and killed soon after.
    It is amazing what happens when a country or nation forgets GOD.

  41. hazeleyez says:

    These lot is going to wait till they hit someones little kid by accident is that when Bermuda and the police is actually going to do something and put a stop to all this madness… I pray that never happens because I don’t want to see Bermuda going into a riot…this island is REALLY gone down its not a safe and beautiful place to live anymore…

    • Fruity says:

      i feel you but dont believe that the island will make any more of a fuss bc its a kid (sadly) wreckless is wreckless and its been personal and still just WORDS…. nothing will change. sure have hope, prayer whatever… aint sh*t gone change. Hide and ‘try’ to be hidden ;)

  42. Real says:

    How come every time something happens in Bermuda, the world is coming to an end and everyone says read ya bible? This s*^t been happening in other parts of the world for 100yrs. And I am sick of people blaming the police for being one-sided. If anyone here knows any parkside member that has killed someone or shot someone put it on here or call crime stoppers and give them the information.

  43. Ni#@a'sAin'tGansta says:

    I swear these little dreamers need to wake up,they ride up and down looking for people to shot!Question is what did that person do to you??Nothing!!!!!but they live here or there and know him!!Guys are like real bi=c#hes,watching everybody and what they own or do.Go get a job,get a girl damn take ya eyes off guys for once!Jealousy has fueled a fire that will continue to burn,black youth continue to murder,and the Island gets Poorer!!Wake up and stop this stupid ignorance!!!Robbing,Killing all from our own,we might as well be slaves again!!!

  44. Cant Believe It says:

    R.I.P Cousin, I am going to miss you sooo much!! :( :( Can’t bellieve it!!!

  45. Gemini says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night. Thinking of the victim and the family. The family has been through this already. This is not right.. They are killing their own and they all probably grew up together. It really saddens me. It really does..these young men forget their is a God,

  46. ....... says:

    So sad, my condolences to the man’s family.

    After watching the first video, do they really need all those police officers standing around the crime scene around doing nothing except for talking to each other, like seriously.

    • Observant says:

      Did it ever occur to you that they have to wait for the forensics people to finish what they’re doing before going into the scene? They do that so that the evidence is not harmed in any way.

  47. Baltic Fury says:

    Broad daylight, heavily populated area, presumably cameras not far from here. Doesn’t appear to be the toughest crime to solve.

  48. Dee says:

    @……. says. That is how the police operate. You can’t find a cop on the streets, but once something happens they all come out of the woodwork for their photo op. I know one female cop that literally poses with her radio by her mouth in case somebody takes her picture!

    • Tyrone says:

      Yes, we should have a police officer stationed every few feet on every road in Bermuda…

  49. richard says:

    Hmmm now what gang could be behind this one let me think now. It seem to be the one where very few of there members seem to get convicted or spend much time I Jail why is this so There father was like this as well before he was killed and I am sorry PLP how do you come out your building every day and see this fools and not want to put a blow torch to them and purge the street once and for all (for all Of US). Which lead us back to believing as most of the hard working people in Back of town believe there are to many higher ups in both parties benifitting from the Drug world. It time to Crush these fool old and young male and female(the forgotten factor) Come on leaders Lead!

    • Bermudians jus Talk says:

      REAL TALK f$#@ PLP ObA Police and PARKSIDE

      • Observant says:

        Care to translate that, Bermudians jus Talk?

  50. duh says:

    Banning visors will work ignorant ppl!!! If u take every1s tinted visors! N so when u see sum1 with a tinted visor at least u kno for 100percent dey up 2 no good!!! Think ppl!! It would help!!

    • Dee says:

      @ Duh…you are the ignorant one if you think banning dark visors will work! Should we ban dark clothing and bikes since the murderers use those too? These people do not care about laws!!! As soon as you ban dark visors they will move onto something else like scarves. When you ban scarves they will use something else to disguise themselves! They are already breaking the law…MURDER is illegal in case you didn’t know so how will banning visors help? PLEASE EXPLAIN!!! By the way, there seems to be two or three different Dee’s on this site as I am not the same one that asked for the ban.

      • Pay attn says:

        That’s what duh is saying if we get rid of the tinted visors & you see a clown riding around with a scarf hiding they face then that should tell you theyre up to no good! Cause it’s no reason why they should needs scarf around they face if they have a full face visor (minus the tint) .. Come on now – we know it won’t SOLVE the crime but it will pin point suspicion

  51. Bermudians jus Talk says:

    Ppl talk some shi$ on here EVRYtime some 1 pass U ppl talk s%$t not even been 24hrs F$#kn sh^t heads go out in public and stand up 4 Something!!!Half of U have a f$#kn gang banger in ur HOusehold payn Ur Belco Bill and ur washn his f$#kn cloths and feeding him.Go f^%$ urselfs and start making a change start from U and ur kids!!!

  52. Concerned Citizen says:

    What is happening in my country is a tragedy, these young men have no self love as someone said previously they have no value for their own lives and so they feel no way about taking someone else’s life. The problem obviously has nothing to do with the superstition of “god”. It’s funny that people say these idiotic and insensitive things like this mans death is some part of a divine plan & that “no god” is the reason that this has happened when for the record, the higher the percentage of atheists in a country, the higher their rating on the global peace index but that is irrelevant. I don’t believe religious faith or lack of it will determine a persons propensity to become a murderer, it is their lack of self knowledge, self love and a poor foundation that leads them down this path.

  53. You The N$#@#$ says:

    So you ALL know its parkside yet you sit back in fear of them.
    They used to ally with 42 against Middle Town and after a falling out with Prince and David also with Jahkeil and David they turn on each other. After that 42 is wiped out systematically and entirely.
    I think that eventually they will turn on Middle Town and wipe them out too but they’re too dumb or fearful to recognize whats about to happen. This wont stop until the heads and their loyal few are wiped out. Then the good kids who wish they could be seen in other parts of the island can start a rebuilding process. None of this will be possible or achieved until YOU remember your proud black upbringing and rid this scurge from your streets.

  54. Mussel Pie says:

    One day a child might find a gun stashed in one of the houses of these thugs and accidently discharge it hurting themselves or someone else. Or a young boy, or girl for that matter, might take a gun to school and shoot fellow students. What’s in the law books for that scenario? And don’t think it can’t happen. I never thought that all this killing would happen on this small island of ours.

  55. Curious says:

    Rip man thats a busy area bermudians r pokey someone heard sumtin n came to look or saw something speak up bermuda or our kids will have no future. When all the males r gone they gon come after females. Speak up bermuda please lets bring these idiots to justice

  56. Sadness!! says:

    @Carol Shuman et al’banning full face dark visors’What it will take is a Government that can make decisions… This Govenment has proven that they cannot make decisions… during this entire 14 year sof their reign… they have been masters of No Decision or Flip Flop Decisions!!! things will be getting worse before they get better… Most Bermudians Know That!! IMHO

  57. Oh Really? says:


    • Oh Really? says:

      *response to Charles’ reply to Shakingmyhead.

  58. Peace says:

    Love, compassion and forgiveness is what this island needs. It has to be part of each of us in order for our spirits our beings to be happy. Universe will answer. Lets say a kind word, do a good deed, smile at someone, comfort someone who hurts, encourage someone. Love yourself right now! You are special!

  59. Smh says:

    IGNORANCE plain n simple!

  60. Ms Jackson says:

    When will these dark visors be outlawed and not sold on the Island. That is the common denominator in all of the shootings carried out on bikes. So why are we taking so long to outlaw visors. Laws come and go so quickly on the Island, why not this one tomorrow morning and before the politicians have off for the summer. Why not start a petition today to have them banned.

    • Observant says:

      The dark visors are not the cause, merely a tool to disguise the perpetrators. They don’t follow the current laws regarding guns and murders, what makes you think that these dip$hits will follow a law banning visors?

  61. jus how it go,s says:

    Death penilty plz :( I miss my neighborhood and lovely island back!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  62. MOG says:

    My only question is where there any children in the shop at the time of the incident?

  63. Ignorance is bliss says:

    I’ve read EVERY single comment on here & I’m confused beyond belief. For those bringing religion in this PLEASE STOP!!! God didn’t make this plan or set it in motion, I find it amusing that Christians use the Lords name when it’s convenient for them. JUST STOP! Say your prayers & keep YOUR beliefs to yourself. Ever since I was young I questioned religion because it was always manipulated. The comments on Bernews further my disbelief. As a child growing up my mom always said “Idle hands are the Devils Playground” <- this right here is Bermuda's problem. The youth have NOTHING to do. Yes, there are alot of youths doing GREAT things, but that's simply because they come from solid families. Most of the guys running around dong the shootings come from single family homes & was raised in poverty & getting into a gang lifestyle is seen as a way out. It never started as a "kill" society, it evolved into it as the yrs went on & the drug are became flawed. No one remembers what brought us to this point. No one speaks of the double crossings in drug deals gone bad, or the home invasions, or the robberies between the gangs because this does not interest anyone because you all (Bernews community) don't believe that such a cause is worth killing someone for. Once their (gangs) money flow has been seized or put at a stand still they do become restless & this does nothing but frustrate the gangs & they act purely on anger. If the "mole" was in the shop & did alert the shooters, I'm almost certain that when the shooting happened he ran like the rest of the crowd or got out of dodge before the shooters came. To all the Police bashes, CUT THE SH*T! The police act simply on what information is given to them & what evidence is collected. Yet, I do agree that our justice system is flawed & our prison system is a joke… Moving right along. The reason majority of one crew of gang is locked up is because they had a snitch in their camp. If the police are to find one in the other sides camp the EXACT same thing will happen. There is no way to solve this problem, Bermuda is just going to have to ride the wave & hope an innocent bystander does not get caught in the crossfire, yet again.

  64. Duh says:

    Ban the helmets please problem solved! then if u wear it ne1 driving wa spot u or the license plate or something! People sayn guns are illegall dey use them blah blah blah! use ya brain! Example- if red shirts wa banned wont anny 1 in a red shirt stane out n every on the road notice! and notify the police! i think i proved my point!

    • Come Correct says:

      I think their idea is to look like everyone else. Ban red shirts and they’ll stop using them. Use your brain, all they are doing is using an every day item to mask their identity, ban it and they’ll stop using them, If not why don’t they just ride around with ski masks on? So if you ban a tinted visor do you think you’ll be able to get my identity through a clear one? Still not likely. Now add muzzle flash and richocheting bullets to the situation, what are you going to see? Nothing because your head is going to be so far up your ass looking for a place to hide you’ll turn yourself inside out, and the entire thing is over in less than 30secs. I say keep the visors and anyone with a passenger and tinted visors should be pulled over and searched, what grounds? Well I was told once, I fit the description of the guy they were looking for. At least right now the police know their MO and what to look for, until they switch it up. Its a constant battle of changing tactics. If you really want this to stop you should try stopping their funding, bullets aren’t cheap here and every drug user on this island including the large population of weed smokers helped to put the bullets in this man. Weed, a multi million dollar industry the government could be using to pay off our huge debt and take majority of the profits away from these gangsters (because let’s face it, a good % of this population smokes weed, old and young). Let’s do the math, due to prohibition the price of good weed, and I’ll be generous, is about $100 for 2 grams, 28 grams in an ounce, 16 ounces to a pound…the profit is ridiculous, and you wonder why this lifestyle is appealing? Do you understand how many pounds one person can turn a week here? I’d rather sit on a wall doing that than work and pay taxes. I haven’t even touched on harder drugs, because I don’t touch harder drugs. Prohibition and users are fueling this violence, not tinted visors.

      • yupyup says:

        It’s not about WEED anymore brotha! It’s revenge and respect. The real dealrs can’t make money anymore becuase these guys are makign it impossible to sit on the streets to sell it so they are all hole dup in homes etc. It’s not about that anymore. It’s anger and an eye for an eye and then you have the want to be or want to fit in ones that have so much going on in their lives that they feel this will make them important and accepted?????? This is what Bermuda has come too :) Sick Nation.

        • Come Correct says:

          I agree with you but at the same time, the bigger heads that are getting this weed through are the ones making the profit. There’s so many people selling weed now its actually difficult for the average foot soldier to make a killing, so why cut your profits by buying the weed to sell when you can ivade someones home with a gun and take theirs. The thing is they aren’t making profit off of these revenge killings, that’s why I’m saying drugs and drug users are fueling the war. If this government were to follow in the footsteps of what other nations are doing, and supplying drug users with what they need in a controled environment, it could potentially take the profit out of the gangsters hands. By prohibiting anything, you create a black market for it. Thousands of different types of alcohol out there these days and people still make moonshine although its prohibited, because there is a demand, and since its illegal, there’s a greater profit to be gained, for some its worth the risk.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Yes problem solved.
      They use scarves so lets ban them.
      They use t-shirts so lets ban them.
      They use bikes so lets ban them.
      They use rain coats so lets ban them.
      They use hats so lets ban them.
      Only dumb asses think that by banning anything will be of help. GUNS ARE BANNED FOR FAWKS SAKES!!!
      Enoungh of the ban sh!t talk please!!!

  65. tricks are for kids says:

    The REAL picture is a whole lot bigger than dark tinted visors and if we are honest with ourselves we would see this………

  66. Shocked and Appaled says:

    1.147 S1 students stayed back at Berkeley
    2. A law to disperse large groups was passed, yet drug dealers assemble on the same street as the police station EVERYDAY!!
    3. Mothers buying their 17 year olds $1000 prom dresses and getting them hotel rooms for their graduation…9 months later similac
    4. $400 for true religion jeans and your never worked a day in your life

    Bermudians need to be real and start sharing the blame for the downward spiral of this country. There are too many parents raising materialistic brats, instead of hardworking respectable individuals. We now live in a society where owning true religion jeans and LV is more important then getting good education. It seems as though the basic morals that should be taught at home are being lost and being replaced with empty ideals. This is not an OBA problem or a PLP problem it is a Bermuda problem. As a people we really just needs to do Better.

    • Fruity says:

      **AGREED** ..mind I blame government for some things but overall your comments are priceless; only hope they’re recognized and fixed!

  67. BERMUDIAN says:


    • Fed up says:

      Actually, I think we as citizens need to do our job as well. The fact that the man walked in and out of the barber shop without anyone saying anything is pretty ridiculous.

      • Onion Soup says:

        Fed Up, I’d like to know what you would have said to a guy waving a gun around in front of your face and if you really think he’d have just said “oops, sorry” and walk away. FYI, your opening your big mouth in a situation such as that faced by the patrons of the barbershop would have probably resulted in your being shot as well. We’re not dealing with people with all their marbles intact, who are probably amped up on some illegal stimulant and are hell-bent on achieving their goal…anybody attempting to stop them in that moment would become just another target.

  68. BERMUDIAN says:


  69. thy dont learn says:

    Thy take a life thy shld have their’s taken from them.

  70. thy dont learn says:

    Their was a SNITCH in the shop.. Cause park side dont even travel pass black watch pass. I hope at night they cant SLEEP whom ever that told he was their..

  71. R U Serious says:

    What is the general consensus from people on bringing back the death penalty??? Are people for or against???

    • Against because the innocent will be hung and the guilty will be free. Thats the law. Can’t you tell they may hang you for defending yourself from killers, when the parkside prisoners break out!!

  72. Redeemed says:

    What makes me laugh is how some of us want to say that God is not the answer when there is a direct correlation between this islands choices to dishonor God and reject the Lord’s standards over the last 20 yrs or more and its downward spiral into heavyweight promiscuity, hate, violence, drug use, drug use, greed and murder! When we went to church and made sure our kids went to church we were building a moral foundation on God’s Word and when our children got old they didn’t depart very far from that training. Even if our parents did not attemd church regularly, they always made sure that we were there for sunday school and our parents had the sense to at least respect those who had given their lives to the Lord and were trying to live for Him. Now this generation hasn’t been taught about God or His love or His standards. We have shut His Word and His ways out and left them with no moral foundation. So when the storms come in their lives, like they do for everyone, they have no solid foundation on which to stand and make morally sound and honorable decisions. God indeed gave man freewill as He said, “today, I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.” deuteronomy 30:15-20. It’s the choices we on this island have made over the last few decades that have caused death to and destruction to run rampant in our streets. Too many of us did not choose life for our children by rejecting the standards that the Lord set for our own well being. God told Adam that if he ate from that which he shouldn’t then he would surely die. Adam was originally created to live forever but he used his freewill to turn a deaf ear to God’s words and although it took awhile Adam did finally die because the Lord is not a man that He should lie. So dont be surprised by all of this so called “sudden” killing and destruction, its simply the truth that the wages of sin is death and the fact that we have chosen to eat from the world’s ways and mindset and have allowed ourselves to doubt the truth of the living God just like Adam did and now our society is running around realising that we are naked and vulnerable and we don’t know what to do to truly change the mess we are now in. God loves all of us but He can not bless disobedience or rebellion. He said choose life so that He can bless us just like He has in the past.