Bus Service To Be Interrupted For Meeting

July 26, 2012

Bus service will be interrupted from 9.30am to 12.30pm tomorrow [July 27] due to a meeting for BIU members to ratify the new bus schedule.

A spokesperson said: “Please be advised the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) will hold a meeting for BIU members tomorrow morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to ratify the new bus schedule. Service will be interrupted from 9.30 a.m. and will resume by 12.30 p.m.

“Also, DPT Central Terminal in Hamilton is currently without power and cannot operate and will therefore be closed from 4 p.m. until power is restored.”

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  1. Edmund Renound says:

    And it continues during peak season!!!!

    • Big Thunder No Numbers! says:

      Won’t you take a break bie! The meeting is about the new rosters!

      • Mad Dawg says:

        It’s about the 4 th meeting they’ve had to discuss this.


        • Swing Voter says:

          that’s what sunday’s are for….cooling it under the banana tree with a beer an a splif to discuss nothin

      • The nitty gritty says:

        All this nonsense under a “”"LABOUR”"” Government?
        Who’s wagging the tail here?!
        This is a good example of the future under this regime.
        The hell with the taxpayers, the kids, those without transport-it’s all about us.
        Go ahead vote for them again .

      • EYEBROW RAISED says:

        So they can’t put their new schedules in a memo or in their paystubs this is the stupidest waste of time wtf is wrong with BIU/Govt?!! Seriously and at peak hours I swear you people walk on your brains.

    • Head up high! says:


      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        The statement is from the Government announcing the meeting. It is the Department of Transportation that is holding the meeting, not the BIU. Unfortunately Bernews did not report this one correctly.

        • Justice not Peace says:

          I don’t think there’s a difference between which entity is holding the meeting. The outcry seems to be about the time which gets chosen to hold the meeting. We are bustling with the influx of tourists and rider ship of locals who depend upon the public transportation to get around. I personally think it is ill advised to have a meeting at this time of day when it will affect so many people. There has to be some other viable time or way that the contents of this meeting can be shared with the drivers.

        • Edmund Wells says:

          Ms. Furbert-

          Unless it’s been corrected since your comment was posted, the reporting appears accurate- the meeting was called by the DPT.

          Which is different from the prior meeting, which was called by the BIU.



        • ahem! says:

          actually the above statement says “the dept of public transportation is holding a meeting for biu members” so Bermynews did get it correct, some people want to read into it rather than read it.

  2. Honestly says:

    Are these people serious? There aren’t enough buses on the road in the first place, now u want to interrupt service AGAIN for another meeting! The solution is to send those who are off duty to the meeting and they will inform the others @ a meeting a time that is conducive to all visitors and locals alike relying on the service as I’m sure all or most will be in attendance. That’s why the service is available… SMH AGAIN

    • Simple thinking says:

      Have two meetings. one for the people off duty and then hold another one for the people who working when they get off work.. Why are my tax dollars paying for this crap.. I really hope that those on duty don’t get paid for whilst they are not working.. Have two meetings.. Simply !!

      • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

        @ Simple thinking,

        Of course they will get paid!
        Why would you think otherwise?

  3. Booooo says:


  4. Goose says:

    How can the central terminal not operate without power? Bus drives in, picks up people wanting to go home, bus leaves.

    • Big Thunder No Numbers! says:

      You guys just talk to hear yourself, you ain’t got clue to what’s going on! And ya just talking.

      • Small Lighting Pure Numbers! says:

        enlighten us, o great one! Tell us the reason for it being closed….

    • Concerned says:

      cash registers/card machines – no tricity no can work oh, NO A/C!!!

  5. Guy Carri says:


  6. smh says:

    So how the **** I’m supposed to get to work tomorrow ? And how are the tourists coming off the cruise ship supposed to travel around and spend money!? In case you didn’t know, most tourists travel to the beaches and parks at 11.00. Open for business, Bermuda? I think not! Sick of these lot.

  7. Malachi says:

    This is really getting ridiculous!!

    The ministers are taking my money; the premier is afraid of the BIU; and the general B.S. continues.

    In some countries you would find these individuals at the bottom of a lake!

    I’m getting to hate this country just a little more each day!

  8. Tolerate says:

    3 hours interruption to “rectify the new bus schedule?” Well thanks for the notice. We’ll just tell our visitors to deal with it. After all this happens in every country, so why would they be upset or put out. As our guest, they should just shut up and “take a break”.
    Has Mr. Furbert resigned from the Tourism Board yet? How’s that appointment working for us?

  9. 32n64w says:

    Didn’t they already vote on this in May: http://bernews.com/2012/05/bus-service-to-stop-for-2-hours-tomorrow/ ?

  10. pebblebeach says:

    Why don’t the Union leaders send the bus drivers a copy of the schedule, joint leaders and representative commentary and recommendation via e-mail or post the schedule and commentary on line somewhere for the bus drivers to privately access, review, comment and eventually vote on….

    The bus drivers can do it at there leisure or when convenient to them within a certain timeframe.

    Those of us and our visitors that rely on public transportation deserve better.

    • Cleancut says:

      Where have you been living all this time? under a pebble on the beach? The bus drivers rule, the BIU rules. Management and Government have no say. They can all strike if they don’t agree with the timetable. We are all hostages until the ransom is paid.

  11. holeupwaitamimit!! says:

    If this ratification requires a vote then why can’t it be done via proxy with just the shop stewards in attendance who can relay the message back to the other workers, it is not necessary to have confirmation of the schedule being accepted unless the bottom line is whether they do or don’t through a vote…maybe more of us should take off from work to attend the house of Assembly so they we can see and hear first hand how our lives are affected by the decisions of so few… let the referendums roll!!!

    • The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

      That idea will be to complicated for their small narrow minds.

  12. poor black says:

    Mostly poor blacks and tourists take the bus anyway , who cares?

    • Honestly says:

      Omg!!! Did u just go there? There are poor whites who catch the bus as well. Not to mention students who are working or @ a camp.

    • Exactly! says:

      Exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t give a sh-t about de bus schedule – I’m too busy driving around in my big fat CRV to care – -and that’s only cuz my GP car is in de shop…

  13. Opressed says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! to the fifth world.

  14. Another party for the PLP bus drivers. comon down. Bermuda at its best.

  15. The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

    What it boils down to is they don’t give a sh*t. They are just showing their selfish, egotistical ways. Ignorance is bliss.

  16. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Is it broken ?

  17. Kim Smith says:

    Unfortunately the union has more power than sense and so they will do as they please until we find an alternative.

  18. Rard says:

    I hope this happens again, one week before the election. Riiiiiight!

  19. Shining Example says:

    Black Authenticity Construct…

  20. Old Furberts kettle says:

    Fire these c%@¥

  21. Tolerate says:

    Government won’t touch this one. Not even their loyal bloggers. You see there is an election looming and the PLP has already been put in its place the last run in they had with the BIU.
    Makes, me laugh at the bloggers who call OBA/UBP. The government is definitely PLP/BIU. What a joke; I dare you PLP, say something about another disruption in service.
    After all Mr. Furbert was elected to the Tourism Board and we know just how much he hates to inconvenience our visitors.

  22. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    Only in Bermuda….. this is disgusting and no-one does anything about it. The union runs this Island, they can do anything they want. I am appalled.

  23. Head up high! says:

    Furbert Incorporated has done it again! As a struggling government how can they support this! Remember, if you ignore something and pretend it did not happen and ignore it – you support it. As a BIU member how can any of you support this type of leadership and behavior? As a bus driver how can support a “leader” and “union” that either is too selfish or to incompetent to plan a meeeting at a time that is more convenient for the public that you all serve. This is the Public Transportation System, isnt it? Are you all to afraid to speak up and suggest that perhaps in these tough times it might be better to have these meetings at a time that will not impact those trying to get to work, the doctors office, to the grocery store? What about the tourists on vacation…did you guys not do enough f’n damage to the islands reputation last year!!!! I have zero respect for those of you that work for the PTB! You are all either weak or an incredibly selfish bunch of individuals!!! Why not meet after 6:00pm when the locals are home or can get a ride home and at a time when tourists will be back at their hotels and cruise ships!

    Have fun at your meeting tomorrow!!! Bro Chris will probably have you all singing a few verses of “how great thou art”!!! Keep cheering for him. His house and paycheck will continue to grow while our future goes bye bye! I HOPE THAT ALL YOU BIU DUES PAYING SELF BUS DRIVING SUPPORTERS HAVE A LONG STRIKE SOON SO THAT YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH UNION BENEFIT SUPPORT MONEY YOU WILL GET! do any of you have the nerve and the testicular fortitute to ask that question tomorrow!

    • BDA student says:

      Well said

    • Verbal Kint says:

      If the Union suggested moving the meeting time that would make it look like the BIU was telling Govt what to do. Uh, wait. Never mind. :)

  24. Swing Voter says:

    Like I told my BIU supporter Grandpa…..you ain’t gonna be satisfied until yur pension cheque doesn’t show up.

  25. Concerned says:

    I guess they will also discuss “NO LOans from the BIU” – can they strike against the Union???

  26. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    the B in Bermuda means BOLLOCKS!