Cooper’s Sponsors Miss Bermuda’s Wardrobe

July 12, 2012

Newly crowned Miss Bermuda Rochelle Minors visited A.S Cooper and Sons today [July 12], with the local store sponsoring Miss Minors’ wardrobe for the Miss World competition.

The Cooper’s sponsorship entails helping Miss Bermuda enhance her wardrobe required for her trip next week. Organizers provided a clothing “wish list” based on the schedule of appearances, and Cooper’s does their best to fulfill the requirements.

“Under the direction of our General Merchandise Manager Jim Leamy, we have three fashion buyers/managers assisting with choosing the best suited clothing and accessories. They are Maria Silveira, Donna Boddington [former Miss Bermuda] and Jacqui Neath-Myrie,” Cooper’s Managing Director Somers Cooper said.

This past weekend the 22-year-old student and fashion model was selected over seven other contestants to win the crown. Miss Minors will compete in the 2012 Miss World Pageant in Inner Mongolia, China.

The international pageant is scheduled to have representatives from over 100 nations and will get underway on July 24th, with the finals taking place on August 18th.

- Photo by John Manderson

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  1. Peace says:

    Thank you coopers for doing this for this lovely young lady and doing this for bermuda.

  2. SummerBreeze says:

    Yes, many thanks to AS Coopers for believing in the vision of Miss. Bermuda, your company is to be commended greatly for your support in Bermuda.

    Once again, congrats to Ms. Rochelle Minors on your win of Miss. Bermuda – you are the best to represent our Island with the way you continue to present yourself with much respect, confidence and poise.

    I trust you will have a great cheering team of loved ones to travel all the way to China with you for your support – the rest of us are rooting for you here in Bermuda – now, GO SHOW THEM GIRL!!!

  3. K.T.B says:

    Thank you A.S. Cooper for generously supporting our Miss Bermuda(past and current)for two consecutive years!

  4. Jury says:

    Kudos once again to A.S.Coopers for extending their generosity and support to Miss Bermuda!

  5. Just me says:


  6. Fij says:

    YES!!! If AS Coopers want to Sponsor the support team that would be greatly appreciated too! (monetary donations please lol) No bah let me stop.. GO ROE!! Make us even MORE proud than we already are of you

  7. Evie says:

    Thank You AS Coopers for their generous support to Miss Bermuda. Rochelle, may God’s blessing be upon you on your journey to Miss World. I have no doubt that you will be an excellent representative for the people of Bermuda as you will present yourself with the grace and dignity that is you.