Video: Mona Li$a’s “Island Not The Same”

July 15, 2012

Bermudian hip hop artist Mona Li$a has released a video to her latest single ‘Island Not the Same,’ which she was inspired to write after her cousin and good friend Jahmiko Leshore was murdered last year.

On March 1st, 2011, 26-year-old Mr Leshore was leaving a residence in the Boundary Crescent area of Devonshire when he was shot multiple times, sustaining mortal wounds. His girlfriend was pregnant at the time, and gave birth to their son a few days after Mr Leshore’s murder.

Mona Li$a, aka Simona Eversley, was born in Bermuda and moved to Bellwood, Illinois in 1998. She said her musical journey began as poetry, expressing her inner feelings about subjects such as her non-existant father, struggles with finding herself, and her cultural change from Bermuda to America.

She has combined both cultures, elements, and life experiences to create her own one of a kind style. Her musical influences range from Tupac, Akon, Beanie Sigel, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Luciano, Sizzla, and Bermuda’s own Collie Buddz.

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  1. aww says:

    big ups mona! do ya thang girl

  2. Well done a message that needs to be conveyed within the walls of our schools and the streets of our communities.

    Keep your head up and it really don’t matter who appreciates your talent and gifts God has given you,just note that God himself is standing by and smiling down on you as you walk out your calling in life to bring us together through every lyric that God has placed within you.

    Please note that many will hear the Words of wisdom coming through your vocal cords and they may never come to you and say thank you for the difference you make just for following your heart and the Spirit of God to do this but on behalf of those that may never say thank you, I say Thank you for Bermuda and the gift that God has afforded us through your obedience and dedication that it took to really put this together and may God continue to bless you and open far greater doors for you that no man can shut and close behind you every door of no return that no man can open.

    You are blessed and you will continue to be so,so remember to put God first in all things and through His son Jesus Christ you can do all things through Christ who will never fail you or let you down. there are those that are sincerely praying with you and for you. God Bless

  3. WOLF says:

    Wow. Really?

    Okay, sure.

  4. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    Good message! Now this is the kind of hip hop the youth should be listening to. Instead, they listen to the thuggish message where, money, loose women, drugs are the focal points. Too bad to.

  5. intel mafia says:

    big up fam

  6. Old Furberts kettle says:


  7. VJG says:

    Thank you Mona Li$a!!!! When I saw my nephew’s face in your video… My heart just sank…:(
    Too many young black males murdered…..I pray for all of the grieving families who have to continue to live each day with the memories of yesterday ….including my own. Stay strong, but most importantly don’t let their death be in vain. Bermuda as a whole has to make some serious changes soon before more young, black males are killed…Please!!! Bermuda is not the same as when I grew up…and that is a sad reality….

  8. allrise says:

    tears fell off my face …it is sad to see all of this violence ….
    every one has to do their part to stop this maddness….
    let us all do something more positive to encourage , help , inspire our young
    people ….be a proud Bermudian , I am ! ! ! thank you . Arnold Smith

  9. Monalisabermuda says:

    Thank you everyone for yor kind comments! I am a very proud Bermudian. I love my island. I look foward to the day we restore what once was another world! #Peace