Videos Set #1: 2012 Evolution Fashion Show

July 9, 2012

On Saturday night [July 7] the 2012 Evolution Fashion Show, was hosted by the City of Hamilton and featured some 150 models strutting up and down the 80 foot runway, local entertainers, clothes from 23 retailers and hair by four salons.

According to Danilee Trott, Events and Projects Manager for the City of Hamilton, “The City of Hamilton Evolution Fashion Show was a labour of love for everyone involved.

“I want to thank the sponsors, retailers and salons who without hesitation stepped forward to participate, the models who spent tireless hours in rehearsal and last, and by no means the least, my team.

“Co-producer, Lamont Robinson of JaKoMa worked with me on the vision for this year’s extravaganza and the City staff, countless volunteers and supporters stepped forward to ensure every aspect of the production was attended to.

“The team from Wilhelmina, Paul Nelson and Jorge Urena who travelled to Bermuda to scout talent were impressed with the models we had participating. We hope to make an announcement within the next day or so about which models could be selected for possible contracts.

“Of course, our international model, Bermudian Darius Dio was phenomenal. He participated in ten scenes and brought an awareness for the male models who are interested in modelling as a career.”

Ms. Trott concluded, “The entire week was an opportunity to showcase the talent of the salons and body paint artists and it provided retailers with an avenue to share the fashions available in their stores. I am very pleased with our week. We estimate thousands of spectators turned out to watch the show.”

Evolution Fashion Show Video #1:

Evolution Fashion Show Video #2:

Evolution Fashion Show Video #3:

Evolution Fashion Show Video #4:

Miss Teen Bermuda contestants introduce themselves:

Dancers from the In Motion School of Dance:

View our first set of photos here, our second set here, and all Evolution Fashion Show coverage here.

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  1. sigh says:

    For once we have ACTUALLY beautiful girls modeling in Bermuda, and I mean drop dead gorgeous … but guess what????

    Some twinkie-brain decided to point the video camera STRAIGHT AT THE CAR HEADLIGHTS…so you cannot see a darn thing! You cannot discern any facial features or true skin tones or anything! you can see the blinkin people in the audience 100% better than the models!!!!

    you would THINK that the person filming would use some common SENSE and would have prevented this, and given us all a wonderful clip which we could enjoy. But instead, we have a horrid torture-fest where you have to wait for one model to walk infront of a headlight so that for a split second you can get a glimpse of the model at the front of the walkway. that is if they line up…

    come on man!!!!!!!! what a way to ruin a hot model show video!

    I pray to God there are better ones from A SENSIBLE ANGLE!

    • Bernews says:

      Good Morning,

      Not the best we know, but the option was shooting video into the light, or not shooting video at all. Obviously no cameraman would ever choose to shoot into the light, however one works with what we are given.

      The City had everything well organized, and we were given one press pass and stationed in one very specific area for the entire show.

      It was impossible to change camera angle without violating the rules, breaking down the tripod and jumping through all the other cameramen’s view and ruining their shots, as well as infringing on the seated spectators.

      Rather than cut the coverage entirely, we uploaded what we able to get for those that appreciate some coverage rather than none. The headlights impacted the [still] photos to the point we don’t really have of this scene, so if we cut the video also we would have no coverage of it at all…

      Perhaps better video will surface, however its doubtful tons will, as most the media was positioned right next to us shooting into the same light…maybe a spectator shot it from a sideview or something and will post it online. If you see anything, please feel free to come back and leave a link…

      Hopefully that helps clarify things,