Festival Rebranded To Bermuda Fashion Festival

February 6, 2015

The City of Hamilton today announced the re-branding of the City Fashion Festival to the Bermuda Fashion Festival.

“The City Fashion Festival has been a major production on Bermuda’s event calendar since its inception in 2011,” a spokesperson said.”

“Each year the event grew tremendously and in its fourth year we witnessed the festivals extreme growth where it received unprecedented local and international media coverage, and was supported by the largest attendance for events throughout the week.

“In 2015 we have further transformed this festival, expanding it into a global destination event, re-branded as the Bermuda Fashion Festival.”

“The Bermuda Fashion Festival will feature both local and international designers in a variety of runway and trunk shows. The week will include a theatrical Hair & Beauty Show featuring talented hair stylists and make-up artists in the Earl Cameron Theater.

“Also included in the schedule of activities are The Raft Up and an island style Pool Party. Finally wrapping up the week is the Evolution Retail Show allowing stores island-wide to showcase the variety of available fashions from urban wear to high fashion brands.

“The Bermuda Fashion Festival will cater to and include international partners, guests, celebrities, models, fashion enthusiasts, media and designers traveling to the festival to participate in and attend the events being hosted during the Bermuda Fashion Festival.

“Our international partners for the 2015 festival include independent fashion consultant Shiona Turini, founder of Style Bermuda and former editor with Cosmopolitan Magazine, CR Fashion Book and Teen Vogue.

“Our designer mentors and guests include a variety of editors from world renowned publications including Cosmopolitan, Elle, Interview, Complex, Seventeen and Town & Country. In addition, our relationships with a variety of top model agencies and fashion organizations will offer international modelling and designer opportunities, for those that meet the standard.

“The week of events is taking place July 6 – 11, 2015 and continues to support the mandates of the previous four years: tapping into a niche market by putting Bermuda on the international map as a fashion destination; giving designers an international platform to showcase their collections; providing local retailers and salons with unmatched brand exposure; supporting aspiring models with specialized training, global opportunities and exposure; supporting emerging designers by providing them with professional mentors creating a foundation to hone their skills and strengthen their brand while offering opportunities for international exposure; and lastly but most importantly providing visitors and residents with a week of fashionably fun, first -class style and wickedly entertaining events.”

For the latest buzz and updates of the Bermuda Fashion Festival visit bermudafashionfestival.com, and for all our past coverage of the event click here.

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  1. Ed Case says:

    Since there’s an international element to this festival, let’s hope the Musician Union don’t complain about it.

    Maybe if you let them try the dresses on for equal time, they’ll be OK with it.

  2. somuchless says:

    I think they wanted to remove the word ‘city’ from it so it don’t make them sound like they’re associated with the Corportion of Hamilon/City of Hamilton. Lol

  3. aceboy says:

    The COH is so ego filled they seem to think they are running Bermuda. Thank goodness they aren’t and will be voted out in the next election now that the tax payers will have their vote restored.

  4. Just keep your identity…n’be true to yourselves…there is so much you take for granted that others don’,t have…membah I saiddat!