Photo Set #1: 2012 Evolution Fashion Show

July 8, 2012

[Updated] Scores of people turned out for the Evolution Fashion Show held last night [July 7] at City Hall. The grounds were filled with a runway extending from the front steps, and with Church Street closed to vehicular traffic, spectators lined the street with chairs or just stood to watch the show.

Vendors were set-up offering different refreshments and food. Those in attendance included Premier Paula Cox, Hamilton Mayor Graeme Outerbridge, and various Corporation members, MPs and representatives from Wilhelmina Models.

In Motion School of Dance performed and some Miss Teen Bermuda contestants made an appearance. The show went on until approximately 11.00pm and had one intermission.

Update 12.22pm: View the second set of photos here, and one short video above. We recorded most of the event, and will be uploading additional footage as the day progresses.

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  1. Hudson says:

    Some great shots and some beautiful children – they should be proud. To the organisers well done. My only critisicm if I may say so without offending anybody would be to question what the need is to dress several of the boys up to look like gangsters or at least wanna be gangsters. At such a young age too. We shouldn’t be trying to glorify this idea IMHO

  2. SummerBreeze says:

    Whoa! That show was awesome! And long…but excellent!

    Congrats to all who organized and participated in the event – display of Bermudian quality at it’s best! Well done everyone, looking forward to another year of success…EXCELLENT!

  3. Shar says:

    Yay! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to the full video coverage so I can re-live the night :)

  4. Unknown says:

    Who’s the violinist he is amazing!!!!!

    • Out n about says:

      I agree…the best part of the evening! I would love his contact information. Does he teach music? He would be a great mentor! Thx Corp of Hamilton for a great show!

    • Bernews says:

      The violinist was Qian Dickinson, who most people probably know through Vybez Alliance and from his radio show. He has been playing since he was 4 years old…

      • Out n about says:

        Thx Bernews. My 5 year old son is currently playing the violin, he saw his performance and was thrilled!

  5. To be honest says:

    Shar! I thought that was you in the video you rocked it as usual! Everyone did such a great job mad I missed it live.

  6. Niece says:

    Go Sharmy! :) Wish I coulda been there in person!

  7. I gotta be me says:

    The violinist was AMAZEBALLS!