Gunman Opens Fire In Devonshire Boat Club

September 4, 2012

[Updated] A few minutes before 11pm this evening [Sept 4] a gunman rushed into the Mid-Atlantic Boat Club on North Shore Road in Devonshire and discharged a firearm, however no one was injured.

Multiple police officers responded to the scene, and as of this writing remain at the location.

Police spokesperson Dwayne Caines said: “A few minutes before 11pm this evening police responded to a firearm incident that took Mid-Atlantic Boat Club on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

“A lone gunman made entry into the establishment and discharged his firearm, however no one was injured.”

“Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen a man acting suspiciously in the area to contact police on 205-0011, or they can call the confidential crimestoppers hotline 800-8477.”

An person present at the time told Bernews that one person came into the club and shot once before running away. The individual was unable to identify what type of weapon was used, but said those in the establishment ran for cover once the gunman opened fire.

This incident follows just over one week after a firearm incident took place at Woody’s Bar & Restaurant in Sandys.

Update 10.57am: A police spokesperson said: “Around 11pm on Tuesday, September 4th police responded to a report of gunshots at a North Shore Road, Devonshire sports club. It now appears that a lone suspect attended the premises and discharged a firearm.

“A 29 year old male was treated at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for superficial injuries and later released. There were no other injuries reported.

“A full investigation into this incident is underway and any witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

The police, who initially said no one was injured, did not state the nature of the “superficial injuries” the 29-year-old received in this subsequent release. It remains unclear whether the man’s injury was a gunshot wound not not.

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  1. vex says:

    terminate —-

    • new LAW!!!!!!!! says:

      NO GOVT can fix this OBA OR PLP. These roaches fear no one. Only when you start to bury these criminals under West Gate will they fear their maker!

      Bermuda needs a MAX Security prison. No rec no TV no radio no making cookies and eating better food then the general public and no visits from your punk a$$ parents for not correcting you’re a$$ when you was a boy! Take all privileges away. Give them Life for just having a gun.

      • Finally left! says:

        guns are highly illegal here. the penalty for just having one should be stiff, discharging (At least in public area) should be attempted murder.

        • andre says:

          10 years is stiff!

          • Sara says:

            Nobody has gotten ten years for possessing a gun! As a matter of fact, a guy last year got ten years after being found guilty for attempted murder! He physically shot someone and only got ten years!

      • Open Minded says:

        The problem can be fixed. Quite simply the known culprits number some 50 specific primary persons with followers behind them. Erradicate those culprits. A life for a life! If they place no value on the lives of others why should we value theirs. After all their behaviour places our liberties and our lives at risk. Take their lives and the lives of any others that follow in their footsteps.

        • swing voter says:

          the fool obviously wasn’t targeting anyone, just wanted to raise some hell I guess. These fools think its a game, running into a room full of people and shooting at the wall or the ceiling, then running out.

          • I wanna leave says:

            Perhaps, but someone could have accidentally taken the bullet intended for the wall – - bullets can ricochet! This place is out of control. I never used to fear for the safety of my family but I sure do lately. I wish I had the means to move away and never look back. Scared.

        • Joonya says:

          Agreed. They seem to be very comforable now in opening fire in busy public establishments, therefore have no remorse if they were to take an innocent life. So their penalty should be the same.

  2. Get ready says:

    I expect the premier and the governor to hold a press conference tomorrow , not to just condemn this but to declare that enough is enough and this it it!!!!!!

    If not …..Well!
    We are toast !! And for that the last frontier does not care
    Tourism is gone, international biz well half gone… And stop blaming everything ON the world economy , some issue are LOCAL.. Get this done….

  3. same sh1t diff day says:

    where is island armor when u need it. too bad they shut down

  4. Tolerate says:

    This Island is f@cked!!! Don’t know what it is gonna take to stop this. As a father of three, I really feel for my children. This is quickly becoming a place I don’t wish to raise them. So sad because I love my Island so much. I felt so lucky to be born and raised here. Sadly, now it is becoming sh!t just like many other places. The worse part is the @ssholes who come on here and say we are just catching up with the rest of the world and this happens every where else? Acceptance; that’s what we are becoming. People willing to accept any-thing? WE are so much better (or was) as a society. Why for such a small place where most know or are related to others do we have this bullsh1t?

    • Shawn says:

      I understand how you fill i too have a very young child also and this island is well too small for this. I may have to leave sooner then im planning. Most of us knew this was going to happen because of what happen at Woodys.

      Mark my words something real bad is going to happen soon cause we heading down a bad path.

      But if this was happening in Fairy Lands, Tuckers Towns, or any place where high end people live they would have been have had this issue solved.

      Please be safe out there Bermuda, we killing our people, businness and tourism and not to mention making it hard to live and have fun here.

      • True but... says:

        It IS happening everywhere: you are forgetting about the shooting in Paget at the roundabout in BROAD DAYLIGHT!

  5. Dit says:

    too much Jamaican influence in that beautiful island now it may be a case of locals acting like they leave in Spanish Town

    • mixitup says:

      I Agree PAULA COX!!!! GOVENOR!! We want to hear you!! We are sick of this foolishness!

      • mixitup says:

        I Misplaced my post… I do not agree with “That” poster.

    • caribbean History says:

      @Dit – fid you think before you posted?

      Jamaica’s problems stem from from the following, yet they still getnover 4,000,000+ tourists a year:

      - mass urban migration after imancipation of the former slaves and their families who wanted no connection with their former colonial plantation owners

      - the 1970s OPEC global oil crisis where the price of oil was increased exponentially forcing Jamaica into the hands of the IMF to borrow money to key the money afloat, you probably got discounted oil from the aparthied regime in South Africa I expect.

      - poor management from popular leaders, who had the confidence of voters, but no ability to properly manage the civil service or position Jamaica for the development of trading blocks like the European Union, NAFTA etc

      - the rise of a political elite and mentality where only those close to politicians benefit from contracts and opportunity, sound familiar, check the contracts at Tynes Bay, Cedarbridge, Airport ………sound familiar?

      @ Did, just go to a mall in the USA for your next vacation instead of travellingmto the Caribbean or Santo Domingo thats all, in the meantime comemwith some tangible evidence to show how Jamaica caused the shooting last nit, or the man brandishing a gun in Somerset last night

      you soundnlike people who decry the current Govt, yet have no solutons to anything, if you loveBermuda come with some solutions to help rid our Island of this criminal menace.

    • Grizz says:

      @Dit, have to disagree. These influences have nothing to do with Jamaica. Are you saying only Jamaicans shoot each other? Do you not see what’s happening in America?….locals are acting like they want to act…like damn hooligans! Not Jamaicans, not Americans just dumb clowns!!

    • Come Correct says:

      Is the US unfluenced by Jamaica too? I bet it was all Bermudians involved, actually I bet it went something like this:

      Ganster: *boom!* *pitter patter of little gangster feet*

      Bar patron 1: Noooooooooooooooooo!

      Bar patron 2: Did somebody get shot?!

      Bar patron 1: Sorry, a$$hole scared de sh!t outa me…spilt my drink in my lap…Tarbenda! Another dirty bird n coke before the po shows up askin questions n tapes us off from de bar.

      …3 hours later when the threat is clear and the police show up…

      Bar patron 1: Officer *hic*…I vas sittin to de baaarrr, mindin my own *hic* businezzz, enjoyin my drink and next thing I know *hic* I’m wearin it!…I swear to drunk I didn’t see nuffin else, Im GOD! *hic* But I know dat bie owes me a drink, wait til I *hic* see him again, I’m gettin my drink…Did I tell you he made me spill my drink? De yoofs today, bie I tell you…ay ya got fiye dollas? I need another drink…

    • Gods luv says:

      Such an idiotic comment. Why try putting blame on others. I guess us Bermudians are so perfect not!

    • Richard says:

      To much Jamaican influence! Bermudian have for years going to Jamaican praying on poor people to become drug mules getting lock up or stuck in BDA after they drop off there package then after they have done it enough here them saying stuff like yo mon um supporting a family down yard. not saying that other Jamaicans have not brought some of the bad ones up here but on a whole Bermudians have done this to them self it not Jamaican bringing guns here it bermudians custom officers letting know drug dealer friends bring in drugs Bermudian and the biggest drug dealers on the island Bermudians and how dose American get off the hook. Why do Bermudian hate Jamaicans so much. Parkside, 42, MOB most of their links are in the US and Canada and it’s the Jamaican influence that causing it lol wow. one more it was Bermudian that cut a man open to get the drugs out of him right lol man funny stop trying to blame other people.

  6. smh says:

    yea lets here the govt and PASTORS say sumtin about this! yea i know they aint…quick to judge but cant speak up when they actually need to!

  7. It's time says:

    Corporal and Capital Punishment need to come back on the books.

  8. ya says:

    Live or leave? What ya dumb??? Lol

  9. Ian Moone says:

    Boy, I wish there was a company here in Bermuda where I could purchase protective armor so that I could go out and feel somewhat safe whether than not feeling safe at all and locking myself in house. The government and the police could only do so much to protect us (the citizens). We must do our put in protecting ourselves. We could simple says we just don’t go to at risk places. Well in light of the shooting we have seen this year and in past years, we could easily see that almost everywhere is becoming a at risk place. So why not have a company in Bermuda to offer protect armor?

    The late President of the United States of America urged people in his Inaugural address to “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” – J. F. K.

    I believe that this is what the people trying to start up the armor company asked themselves. And I would urge the rest of us to do the same. Instead of complaining, insulting, destroying the reputation of individuals, political parties, and this country.

    I will end my comment by stating what was the motto of IslandArmor “I’d rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have one”.

    Hope for the best BUT prepare for the worst!

  10. More than Enough says:

    Bring back the officers and those responsible for operation clean sweep!

    More disgusting behaviour! Have we not had enough!? People, please many of you know the answers to who, what, where, when and how. If you don’t want to get involved with the police call the anonymous crimestoppers tip line. If we know who, where, etc…. and do nothing about it, we become indirect accomplicices in these killings.

    Will it be enough only after it affects and kills someone in yout family! Stop this now! Do your part – Bermuda!!! Talk to crimestoppers – then pretend you didnt see anything or know anything.

  11. Thanks be to God that this was an incident with no injuries or casualties but in realtity the Premier and Govenor,along with Mr. Wayne Perenchief coming together in a press conference is not going to do nothing for the safety of our boarders,we are only waisting our time in trying to keep applying a band aid approach on a situation that has spiralled way out of control and do you really think government giving a license for an individual or business to sell bullet proof vest is going to help,God forbid. when I hear people call for the pastors and the church I smile because these same folk dont have the time of day for the church when all seems well but when disaster strikes we are the first they expect to hit the ground running behind the police and I dont say that in no disrespect to anyone but in reality that we are a Island and we exist and co-exist with each other on a dot in the middle of the Atlantic and we are the laughing stock of the entire World.

    24 miles long by 3 and half wide at its widest point and yet we cant control this situaion,well to the one who think this is because of Jamaican influence,I beg to differ and would say that WE can not continue to put blame on other nationalities and need to learn that this is our sons of the soil doing this and even if they have ties to other cultures through family ties,people will be people the world over, we need to get a grip on the fact that Money rules and this lifestyle goes hand in hand with many other elements and when we keep dealing with it from the grass roots level on the street we will get exactly what we are looking for,just another black boy that we need to lock up but the real jack a$$ is sitting back laughing and the havok that they help to create because while they are in the streets killing one another,there are those that sit back and just make out like a fat bandit.I am not a hero and dont intend on trying to be one but I do not hide behind pen names but will say we all need to sit up and pay attention.

    Bermuda this is my home but like many others have to consider my childrens future and if need be have no problem in relocating to another juristiction and put my home and country far behind me so that my children CAN have a future and live hopefully a more peaceable life and for those who say that no matter where you go there will be guns and shootings, I beg to differ as I look at the percentages that we are dealing with and Bermuda for its size is far to small for what we are presently experiencing on our shores.

    There are those of us that do have options to leave but choose to stay to help make our homeland the best that it can be,because regardless of what we have and are experiencing there are those in our country that make this country worth standing for and fighting for,our fore fathers put to much in making it what it is that we dont dare forget from where we once came.So what is the answer,well that is quite simple but not many want to hear it.IT IS CALLED PRAYER,THERE IS A CREATOR WHO SEES ALL AND KNOWS ALL AND THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WE CAN CONQUER ALL,WE TRIED JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING,SO IT CANT HURT TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO HAS THE ANSWER.
    SO TO ALL THOSE THAT WANT TO CRITISIZE THIS SUGGESTION i WOULD SAY,YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING THAT ACTUALY WORKS AND WE CAN GO THAT ROUTE,THE LESSON IS THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO RESOLVE THIS BUT IT WILL TAKE A MAJORITY TO GET IT DONE,BERMUDA WE ARE A GOD FEARING NATION,I truly believe that nothing takes God by surprise so why dont we lead by example,government dont have the answers and they are proving that each and every day but yet they will waiste no time in the homosexual agenda and locking us up for texting and using cell phones while driving and pushing for gaming in our shores but the loss of life is almost like a benefit to rid them of undesirables,as long as it aint on their doorsteps pointed at them.

    I am sick and tired of all the political wrangling with this issue and all sides need to come together on one accord and make a consertive effort to how we move forward and Bermuda Government (P.L.P.) stop the nonsense and call in your Mother country and yes their may be a price tag with it but it is far better then what we have seen thus far.Every establishment should now be looking at getting the latest technology in survielance equiptment and not some of the trash we see being sold in recent years. a police state is what we will have to be when others fail to do what needed to be done long before hand and no the U.B.P dont get off the hook because we had the oppurtunity to protect our boarders from the U.S.forces when they were leaving our shores from our former bases but you said it was to expensive to have them do it but boy are we paying out of the backside now. sorry i cant get caught up on the activity on our streets when I know full well it goes to a deeper level to folk that dont even run in the same circles as the ones that are playing rambo,maybe it is my italian blood in me that keeps pushing the issue.

    • Dantes Inferno says:

      Pray the crime away. That’ll work.


        • Dantes Inferno says:


        • ABM says:

          If it really works, then pray away all of the suffering nations, pray away all the poor people in the world, pray away all the aids victims in Africa, pray away all the starving inoccent children whom reside all over the world. Thats just the tip of the iceberg for you!! When you can do that, the nwe can have a conversation!

    • Dantes Inferno says:

      Come the next general election, I urge you to pray instead of vote that would be great.


        • Fed The HELL UP says:

          You sound real dumb.

        • Dantes Inferno says:

          It’s beyond funny that you believe what you say to be true.



        • Dantes Inferno says:

          Haha i just realized you said “OVER THROW THE GOVERNMENT”

          With what? Prayers? LMAO

        • just a librarian says:

          Not voting won’t really send that much of a message. Although it is your right whether you do or not, I hope you realize that even if nobody votes we are still left with the same party in power as we’ve had all this time.

          The best thing to do to beat the powers that be in run independantly and pray that you have enough of the people’s votes to become the next ruling party.

          Although I believe in the power of prayer, action helps as well.

        • oh my durr says:

          Some truth amongst this sewage of festering sh*t that bernews likes to call the comment thread function. Abstain and let them know we are not joking and failing that we OVER THROW THE GOVERNMENT. full props Mr Santucci

  12. sad says:

    This is really sad honestly. What is our island coming to? I don’t usually comment on here but its just gotten to that point where I just need to voice my opinion. I’m not understanding this. Why are these lot killing each other?! Really what for?! If we were to ask them they wouldn’t be able to give us one good reason why cause there isn’t no reasons behind all this. All this is doing is causing people family pain, unnecessary pain. Its ridiculous and just heart breaking. I know for a fact that there are people that know what’s going on and who’s behind all this madness. I just wish they would say something before it gets even more worst than what it is. Like @more than enough said,”call crimestoppers if u don’t want to get involved or just simply don’t trust the police. Just do something please! Save another life! Think of your brothers or cousins any family or friends because now days NO ONE is safe on this island. As far as Paula Cox and the Governor I don’t even want to hear what they have to say cause this sh!t should have been addressed a long time ago. When will they do something? When it hits close to their homes? Do SOMETHING sh!t! If these cowards take a life make it a law that they have to give theirs! WTF! I’m just a fed up bermudian that is very heartbroken with all that’s going on on this beautiful island I call home. All I can do is pray for my island.

  13. sad says:

    It has already hit close to my home, too close so I know how it feels to mourn a family member because of this madness!

  14. Slick says:

    Well Well wheres all the island armor haters now.

  15. Finally left! says:

    hrrrm. regiment has done some operations with the JDF, :P think we can call the JDF to come do some operations in bermuda?

  16. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Politicians…ALL OF THEM!…care about a paycheck and nothing else. ALL TALK…NO ACTION!!!

  17. theothersidebda says:

    We don’t need island armor as this is simply a ‘defensive’ reaction. We need an ‘offesnsive’ reaction. PLP/OBA, whomever, you need to put in place and ACT UPON, SEVERE policies to end this. You want my vote (eithe side), get serious and get moving.

  18. Watching says:

    Shhhhhh…secret bloggers trying to destroy and discredit Government!

  19. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Embed armed plain cloth officers in hot spots . Bermuda I am prepared to authorize and even encourage our local law enforcement agency to Shoot to kill any bandit showing off and firing a deadly weapon .

    • The Right to keep&bear arms NEEDED! says:

      I agree! No armed plain clothes officers are anywhere nowadays!! Why not? The police have a good idea who the a##holes are and where they live and hang out!!! Enough is enough!! Where too next?
      Watch out, Front Street is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. MAKE MY DAY says:

    I figured it had been too quiet lately – was time for the gun “nuts” to perform again!!! Now there are also rumours that there was a maching gun on show at Woody’s in Somerset the other night!!!

    That’s all we need – these maniacs with high powered weapons!!!

  21. Expats pay the bills says:

    This is a bunch of 30 or 40 cardboard gangsters creating this problem. The government needs to bring in the flying squad from London or Stratchclydes constabulary in Glasgow and they will squash these little cardboard C@5s. Another idea is to drive through legislation which would see these wannabe villains deported to the real men’s prisons of London or Glasgow and then we will see how hard these little cardboard cut outs are………..

  22. uprising!!!! says:

    Untill people stand up and speak out and say something to help the police, this madness is going to keep happening. These fools have family & friends that know something. Just call crimestoppers, it’s that simple!!!! Your not being a snitch if your saving someone’s life,that’s called a hero.

  23. jon boy says:

    Island Amour,,,,a joke thing Poor Excuse ! just another person or persons trying to make a dollar on the Flip Side ! Let the police DO THERE JOB ! If they need assistence from outside Angency’s let them get the help they need …Suggestion they need to look at Special Forces from our Neighbours,, Or look at what has been tried and Proven,,,Operation Clean Sweep …….I’t will Only get Worst unlest we make a (HONEST) effort to Stop this Madness ! Politian’s and Preacher
    Stop looking For Photo OPP’s ….and Man or Wowan up to whats Really Goin On !

    • Common Sense says:

      Bullet-proof vests being sold to anyone who wants one? Oh really. Do we want the machine-gun wielding punks to also be wearing a bullet-proof vest? That’s what would happen if we start selling “Island Armour” to residents. (Police should be the only ones in bullet proof vests.)

      • yawn says:

        well they got guns and we didnt sell it to em. so think they dont have the vest already…

  24. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Wayne Furbert must be pulling his hair out this morning on finding that anti PLP (mostly white) bloggers have caused yet another shooting.

    • hmmm says:

      I don’t remember Minister Furbert saying (mostly white) bloggers in the RG! Then again this was last week joke Cedar. Keep playing the race card, so when the PLP drop it they’ll win again. The same way they have won for the last 14 years.

    • St. Davids says:

      Get a life Cedar Beams, you are part of the problem. How about you stick to the issues rather than bringing race into everything you say….. go away

  25. St.monicas road says:

    Bps you can’t tell who’s doing this? O forgot —– ….time to take this island back uma —-

  26. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    i bet if that gunman knew that there is a strong possibility that everybody at that place could have a gun on them he would not have done that…legalize guns for decent citizens!!

  27. The Ridiculist says:

    Agreed I not see an action plan in place to eradicate this lucid behavior. I am appalled. These shootings have been going on for farrrrrrrrr to long! Government nor the Govenor dont give a damn about the situation. No action plan over a four year period. Oh boy i am waiting on the events that is going to generate a public outcry. Because it certainly is not the killing of the black men in this country.

    • Come Correct says:

      If they were any more negligent I’d have to call this population control.

  28. trees says:

    Need to lock these guys up in cages and put them down below the cliffs by Southlands this weekend. Let “God” decide their fate.

  29. blessings says:

    I bet if Perinchief, Paula Cox and Police Dept. exclude Pedro, Teachers, Addiction Services and concerned Retired Teachers of these rebellious expelled, or F grade teenagers, and criminal minded young adults would meet for a serious talk and using a specific strategy I know the killers would be found.

  30. #FedUp!!!! says:

    Its only one group of “lil p*#sies” dat Ʀ doin tha BS & tha police kno who it is, but these “lil p*#sies” Ʀ — for tha police so its a Lose Lose situation, Its funny how its a 24hr presence of police on court street n front street wur tha “lil p*#sies” hang ona regular & no police presence NE-wur else 2 keep ppl safe !!!! & yes its tha “Parkside sorry, PRICKside” that Ʀ indulging is these activites …. [Its funny how they Ʀ solving these shootings around court street n otha P.S teritory shootings, but cant solve none up St.Monicas Rd n tha rest of these places that Ʀ Anti Parkside related !!!! #Food4Thought

  31. eyeinthesky says:

    SMH! Can someone tell me why cameras are not on North Shore Road. Most of the gun violence is concentrated in a area from old Slip Away Bar to Berkely Hill. and if police think guys are coming out of Spanish point it should be cameras set up at junction of north shore and St. John Road.

    Please be proactive. Cameras are here to stay.

  32. jojo says:

    maybe we could find whose ‘territory’ this is and that would lead us closer…..?

  33. Pure Madness!!!! says:

    I am so sick of all these comments about the PLP, OBA, UBP, BPS, not doing enough/blaming them, their need to find a solution to the problems that are now occurring in this country. You want to place blame, start with these a$$holes families (mothers particularly)who have spoiled these little bastards from birth and not given them the right and proper tools to live with so that they could/should have to be productive citizens. Then we have to blame ourselves for not stopping the shit when we first saw it happening, when these little shits started coming from whichever area and sitting on your neighborhood wall. We knew what they were doing but did we do anything, nope, just turned a blind eye.
    How many of you can honestly say that you have seen crap go down in your neighborhood and have reported it? Probably less than a quarter of you.
    I live in it and you best believe I report any and everything I see. Too many of you people are afraid of these little sh!ts.
    Its time to take back our country people, time to stand together and defeat these a$$es. If you afraid, than yes call CrimeStoppers, enough is enough…..

  34. They nearly ALWAYS go thru my belongings with a fine tooth comb each and every time I visit, twice a year for years at the airport. So where are these guns coming from? Look to the cruise ships, and leave the frequent faithful alone!

  35. #FedUp!!!! says:

    I see that bernews has removed my comment abt “—” … Wat am I not eligible 2 say that abt tha trouble makers, cuz tha truth of tha fact is tru, seen it 4 myself & seen ppl on Court Street sell’n drugs aka “Crack Rocks” in front of police & cameras lyk its a legitimate business… *SMDH* (This Should Be In tha “Well I Never” category)

  36. timsrty says:

    american influence, and bermuda police —-
    and im a cop

  37. timsrty says:

    they wont let us use the force needed ,, we know who half these guys are,,,
    so why am i here? why did we even take this oath?

  38. timsrty says:

    bernews why would you stop me from telling this truth and take out the word —-, whats going on?
    i serve this island by risking my life

    • Bernews says:

      Sorry about that, but we are legally responsible for comments so have to adhere to certain things to avoid issues of libel and defamation…

    • huh says:

      @ Bernews how are you legally responsible? What really can they do to you?

      • Bernews says:

        Technically we are legally responsible as it’s our website. There is a fair amount that could happen to us…put it this way if we didn’t monitor for libelous statements we would be sued out of business very quickly. So in the interest of staying in business we edit potentially libelous things….

        • huh says:

          Thank you for answering.

          I can understand if it was a gangbanger coming on and saying outrageous hurtful things but that gentleman was saying he was a cop, it would have been interesting for all of us to hear his viewpoint in these times of all these shootings.
          People who dont usually post online are now posting.
          If you like can you elaborate more on why you edit postings, more or less the freedom of speech section i am talking about in Bermuda not a direction towards your site, i am sure I am not the only one who would like to know more.

          Thank you

  39. Gone UK says:

    I remeber when I was a kid and you never heard about any guns or shootings on the island and I’m only 20. There was the odd stabbing and such but never guns.
    I believe these gangs and gunmen have sacrificed they’re rights by owning or firing a gun.

    Should put them all on an island or maybe a container ship and pit them against each other. Film it and sell it live on pay per view world wide, generate some revinue off these jacka$$es. Like each one gets 1 bullet and a gun and then have them fight each other. The winner gets the other’s bullet, if not fired, food, water and moves onto the next stage. Then when we’re down to 5 to 10 have a showdown using all of the them. Sorta like death race but with out them getting let free.

    What would the winner of it all get? The rest of the food, water and maybe life in prison, i haven’t figured that out yet. Anyone who doesn’t want to play; life in solitary confinment, no seeing other people, no comunicating absolutly nothing.

    Think of all the betting and tax on the betting the island could make and the money from the show.

  40. Make Ya Move says:

    It’s time for the government to make a stand…!! Premier Cox and/or the Governor need to declare war on these so called gangs. What happen to this elite special force we supposed to have? The police must have an idea on who these people are.. Start smashing in doors and windows, snatch them off the walls and throw them into a van where a few big cops can beat the crap out of them till they talk or confess. More needs to be done. Allow the cops to bash some heads in..
    Our cops are weak!! Anyone been pulled over and confronted by the state trooper? Hand on the gun just waiting for an excuse to shoot you!! The problem is these guys have had free reign all these years with zero fear of de man.
    If something doesn’t change, there is going to be some vigilantly action taken. Everywhere I go I hear it more and more. To our government: We as the people of Bermuda are fed up with this tit for tat!! It’s not good for our children, citizens, tourism or international image.
    Make ya Move!!

  41. HeyBye says:

    We need the Brazilian hit squads here, after hours police officers cleaning up crime ridden areas on their own.
    These “wan be gang bangers” need to be shut down once and for all.
    This is not a Bermudian way of life, we were always better then almost any other place in the world.
    Now residents have to rush home at the end of their working day and shutter their homes and not venture out in the evening.
    This is absolutely ridiculous.
    Not a word from this PLP Gov. They fear losing these idiots votes.

  42. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    Let me break this down for you decent citizens so you are aware of what is happening , and for those strong enough to read please read, and think deeply on this and then you can understand what is happening in our society, here is an analogy..
    Whenever you call the exterminators to your house they come and put a HUGE blue and red tent around your house and pump it full of chemicals and kill the insects in the house then they put bait all around your house so that when the rats or roaches come they eat it and take it back to their lair and it kills off every one of them….What do you never see an exterminator do??..You never see him go into the bushes and trees and hidden places that the rat and roaches live nor do you see him throw a tent over the bushes that around your house,…now to explain the analogy
    Bermuda is like the house, the people who call the exterminators is the decent citizens of Bermuda, the criminals is the rats and roaches, the exterminators is the police, the tent is the police intelligence and the bait is the police intelligence, the police cannot go into places where the rats and roaches(criminals) are because they don’t fully know everything about rat and roach lifestyle they only know about it when it pops up, criminal business happens in a dark realm and at certain times and the places where rats and roaches (criminals) hang out.
    Certain clubs, certain hang out spots, these are homes to the infestation, however you never see theses pest come out to places where decent people are and if they do they usually attack another rat (or their own kind).
    The tent of police intelligence is killing off these rats and roaches, more of them are getting caught 1 by 1 and the tent is forcing them out of the house of Bermuda and into their own hang out spots. The police do not have to throw a tent over their homes because they know what is going to happen when roaches and rats gather, especially after eating the bait.
    You as a decent citizen should NOT be in places where rats and roaches hang out and especially when it is known that this is their hang out spot. If you decide to hang out where rats and roaches gather then expect to catch pure hell from rat and roach life…imaging walking in a cave naked and rats are running around your feet and flying roaches is touching your skin….doesn’t feel to nice or welcoming right???
    If places wish to cater to rats and roaches then they will get no money or business from me until they change the atmosphere of their establishment, and when they do and it is rat and roach free then I would go. I suggest that you boycott those places and let rat business handle rat business.
    And when the owners of the establishments see that they are losing money then they will either close down the infested hole or they will have to get the exterminators on the job 24/7 And the exterminators will cast their tent and their bait and one by one down they fall.
    Personally I would like to have a rat trap or something to protect my family incase a rat finds his way into my home, we all as decent citizens need to make sure that these rats do not come in our home.
    So I you see a rat or a roach hanging out with other rat and roaches call your exterminators consistently and if they don’t do a good job get their bosses (the government) to speak with them and get a spokesperson (be it royal gazette bernews, gov minister)to help shed light on the infestation so they can be caught and put away.
    Finally to the idiots who would say “oh their misunderstood , how could you call them a rat or a roach”
    Chill out it is an analogy, a fair one I must say..however I do not want to hurt the image of Gods creatures the real rat and the roach because even rats and roaches live in communities and they work together, but these people ..the criminals I speak of,is human rats and human roaches, and they are nuisance to our society, and when they decide to drop their disgusting behavior and become a human being then I can accept them as my brother or sis……cheekums bi

  43. Smh says:

    You know what’s the funniest thing…. Some of you are so quick to blame the “white bloggers” for the shooting when if fact it’s all black on black crime… people really need to wake up and open your eyes.

  44. timsrty says:

    time to clean them out,,,any any one defending them,,, with full force
    we have bigger guns

    • The Ridiculist says:

      Go for it I’m sure you will have more support than not.

  45. Smh says:

    And these boys think they gangsters I would love to see them in one of the hardest hoods in LA or NYC and I bet they be cryin for their mamas……grow up and take care of your family and stop watching the next man ..,

  46. I wonder,, says:

    The bitterness and hate shown on this site, and we wonder why those less able to deal with their anger in a constructive manner do the things they do.. We Bermudians.. wow

  47. jmo says:

    Bermudians are bitter and fed up, and are speaking out of frustration at what is happening over the last few years in our island home. Tryna buss an assault rifle in a crowd of ppl outside a club….doesn’t get much worse than that….jus glad it didn’t go off…..for what….what was the purpose of taking things that far?

  48. huh says:

    “A full investigation into this incident is underway and any witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

    I have copied and pasted this statement because after every incident this is all u hear or read. It has almost become a broken record syndrom.

    We need real action! And now! enough statements already and talking it is exhausting.

  49. shottafrombirth says:

    parkside — the police.. jus like yankee did….parkside r just his offspring… r u people oblivious… if u wanna get away with any crime, join parkside…. shoot up di place.. spend 96 hours in lockup…come out n do it all over again !! BERMUDA WE NEED A VIGILANTE !! THIS SH*T HAS GOTTA STOP

  50. You The N#$%ers says:

    @dit You’re pretty much dumb as hell. How does jamaica have an influence in the violence in bermuda? Most of these guys have never been to Jamaica, they go to the U.S, canada and the U.K., or are you saying it’s because jamaicans live here? If that’s the case you are the most fool minded on this island.

  51. You The N$#$ers says:

    @dit and they aren’t acting like they “leave” in SpanishTown i think the word you’re looking for is “LIVE”!

  52. You The N$%#ers says:

    @smh You’re DUMB as hell if you think these criminals don’t travel and go to places just as hard abroad. How many Bermudians have commited armed robbery and murder in the U.S? Open your eyes to reality and relax with that old, easily intimidated, small minded, “the big world out there” mentality that you people hold so dear. As bad as it may sound what makes people in “L.A” ANY harder than here? To be completely honest Parish wars are more dangerous. If you live in L.A and someone wants to kill you, you can actually drive 300 miles and never see them again. How hard do you think life is for the kid confined to a 7 mile radius with people trying to kill him everytime he steps out of those boundaries? You can’t run here. It’s WAY REALER than ANY state you’re talking about respectfully.

    • oh my durr says:

      PPl abroad are ‘harder’ because the majority are ‘real’ out of necessity and not ‘real’ by choice – 2 very different things.