New Music Video: “A Place With A Vibe”

September 19, 2012

The official music video for A Place With A Vibe was just released online, showcasing local artists Victims of Existence featuring ill-Logicial Linguistics. The video was directed by Darnel Williams, and shot on location in Bermuda.

Victims of Existence –- Khari “Otis” Thornhill and John Eric Amaral — recently signed a Digital Distribution contract with SunToucher Entertainment LLC, in collaboration with Sony Music for their album release, and hosted an album release party last night.

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  1. mixitup says:

    And we wonder why our youth have strayed? “Were gonna get wasted and High?” “Welcome to the Venue where their is Liquor on the menu?” “Getting High because it’s essential?” ” I’ll make it HOT like Satan?”

    The youth are the way they are because we’ve allowed it!!

    • Positive Vibes says:

      I’m sitting back thinking to myself as I read the negative comments.
      I love the song! I love the Video! I don’t Do Drugs I don’t smoke w**D I don’t Drink to get drunk! Where is the negative inpact on my life from the lyrics in the song? #WAYADUMB

  2. GreatFun says:

    Great song! Great Vibes!

    @mixitup – - The message of the song is clearly to enjoy one’s self in whatever your “place with a vibe” may be. So lighten up for a change – - the song isn’t suppose to “parent” the youth – - they actually have parents for that!

    • i gotta be me says:

      if the message was to enjoy oneself then how come nobody is smilin’ in the video? they all look glum and broody. even the singer(s) don’t look like they are having a good time!

      • GreatFun says:

        @i gotta be me:

        I was actually present for this video shoot (in the club scene). EVERYONE enjoyed themselves in this video – sorry, you can’t see that when you watch the video.

        But I am not surprised that you can’t – - Bermudians have a knack for only being able to complain about things instead of uplifting anything local – - music, artists, singers, writers, anybody – - apparently, if you are local, your message is “harmful”, you music is “just average”, etc.

        This video is awesome!! Victims of Existence, ill-Logical Linguistics, and PlayList Management (all Bermudian) are doing things on a higher level and I can only hope that the country is ready for them.

        • i gotta be me says:

          Sorry… I just watched it again and again I have to say nobody seemed to be smiling or having a good time…. believe me, I would like nothing more than to say it was great but I’m giving an honest look and I just can’t see it. I would also not say the video was awesome just because they are fellow Bermudians! That would be unkind. But hey, I would love to be proved wrong. The proof of how good it is will be in their sales numbers. : ]

          • Purple says:

            Agreed with you. Hurts my heart to see to what levels we will sink to to become “famous”. It’s portraying a lifestyle that we are trying, as a society, to fight against. Staggering down the street and getting on a bike? Is that the message we want to send? What happened to don’t drink and drive?

            • mixitup says:

              Great! Somebody get’s it! This video is trash and the lyrics are trash, plain and simple. This is the exact type of thing that led Bermuda down the path we are at now, the acceptance of this garbage. How about glamorizing education? Or how to treat a lady? Maybe a video showing how Bermuda use to be? SMDH

            • Yng Black Mind says:

              @i gotta be me & @purple:

              Yes – the video portrays drinking alcohol. Yes – the video indicates a “party” lifestyle. However, it does not encourage drinking and driving in any way.

              What you fail to realize, eventhough you have watched the video, the “tourist” or main character walks throughout the entire video. He never rides or drives any vehicle of any kind. Yes – he walked to a bike and sat down – and the video cuts to another scene. However, in a later scene, you see him walking and the bike rides past him and he attempts to run after it (quite a funny scene, actually).

              But I can respect that you (I gotta be me) – you are willing to see how the video will be received by the masses – - much respect for that stance.

              It is a lite hearted video which highlights Bermuda, her people and the fun which can be had on the island. Did you even see that our local company, Blue Halo, was featured throughout the video? The group obviously believes in their community to partner with the Blue Halo project.

              Look at the good before you judge is all I am saying.

              Yng Black Mind
              (those who know understand)

              • mixitup says:

                @ Yng Blk Mind.. I don’t think these guys intentions are bad, they all look like cool peeps. But let’s cut and paste your statement somewhere like “I know little Mike is out there selling drugs BUT LOOK AT THE GOOD BEFORE YOU JUDGE, it helps to pay the bills.”

                And there it all begins….that’s my point.

              • Purple says:

                And it’s “justification” like yours that has allowed things to degenerate little by little. You can’t get a little bit pregnant. Your analysis of the video comes from a thinking person’s standpoint. But for the young impressionable minds that will see these images flashing by in a few seconds, they will not rationalize like you have. Perception is reality – especially to them. This video is irresponsible in words and images. Think about that with the next alcohol-related fatality. The sad thing is it may not be the driver, but an innocent pedestrian….oh wait… That’s already happened.

                • Yng Black Mind says:


                  My “justification” is nothing more than an explanation of the video.

                  You have taken one portion of the video and used that to glorify your position.

                  “A Place With A Vibe” does not encourage people to drink and drive – period. Anyone who believes otherwise is being disingenuous at best – - hateful at worst.

                  The young people, who you believe are too impressionable, are much more clever than you think or give them credit for. They know what is really going on when you, as the adults, continue to lie to yourselves about your faults/failures as parents.

                  My children understand the reality of the video BECAUSE I explained it to them. I refuse to allow society (music, movies, etc.) to raise my children – that’s my job. I can only hope and pray that others are willing to do theirs.

                  It is so easy to point the finger at music videos and the like and say – “That’s the reason our society and our kids are . . . ” – - that’s a coward’s way to deal with things.

                  If I take the suggestions listed above, all the music we should produce in Bermuda will be public service messages for the Ministries of Education and Tourism? That is not how the arts work.

                  The artist’s job is to create from a place of inspiration and passion – - to invoke a feeling which others can feel through the chosen medium of that artist.

                  I can respect you do not embrace the theme of the video – but to condemn the video, I believe, is wrong.

                  If you don’t like the video/song based on its content, that’s fine. But my question would be – then why take the time to write a comment about it? (just a thought?)

                  Yng Black Mind
                  (those who know understand)

                  • Purple says:

                    @ Young Black Mind

                    You have your opinion and I have mine and I am very happy to say that I, like you, have spoken at length to my children concerning the influence of music and how to make the right choices.

                    That does not negate my right to speak out regarding what I see as irresponsible, particularly for those children who’s parents do not take the time to explain the above to them.

                    As I have said, you have a right to your opinion and although you would describe my points as “disingenuous” and “hateful at worst” “a coward’s way” with my “faults/failures” as a parent…the reason why I “take the time to comment about it” is because it is my responsibility to do so – because of my love for my fellow citizens.

                    Sorry if you don’t like or appreciate that.

  3. Boom Bye Bye says:

    Good tune! nice video! keep it up

    • Boom Bye Bye says:

      Also the singer has a really good voice. he should go far

  4. umjussaying ! says:

    ITs only entertainment ! If u had any intelligence you wld be able to discern ! Cool song Cool video. Hey it obviously caught ur attention. Moreover (Mixitup) if u don’t like don’t watch it ..

  5. betty Rech says:

    I heard these byes this week decent byes that have grown up together with positive roles in their lives

    Hey people listen to the songs stop thinnking negative and listen to these guys trying to get a message across to those young folks caugher up…. Sounds like there are people with jealous minds thinking negative.

    Keep up the good work guys proud of you

  6. Free says:

    This is not very good at all.

  7. A Place With A Vibe says:

    This is REAL HIP HOP

    These guys aint tryna hop out the bed with their SWAG ON !

    or taking a look in the mirror saying WHATS UP?

    THE REAL HIP HOP IS ALIVE VIctims Of Existence to the WORLD.

    ( Not afraid to step out of the ordinary and make tracks like this )

  8. So the point of getting together is to get wasted and high? Lovely message to kids who are already confused.

  9. William says:

    Um what is your take on Tommy Lee’s chunes?
    heres a cartoon with audio…

    Young folks are way beyond any where we would probably think they were at ,at the moment.