Taxi Overturns In Southampton Collision

October 7, 2012

Emergency service personnel responded to a report of an accident on Friday [Oct 5] night in the Middle Road, Southampton area. A taxi collided with a wall before the vehicle overturned leaving the driver with minor injuries.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 11.00pm on Friday, October 5th police attended a reported single vehicle collision on Middle Road in Southampton.

“It appears that a taxi was being driven along Middle Road when it collided with a wall and overturned. The taxi driver, a 52 year old Sandys parish man, reportedly sustained a minor arm injury as a result.

“There were no other injuries reported and apparently there were no other occupants in the vehicle at the time. The taxi received damage to multiple areas. Inquiries into this collision are ongoing.”

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Comments (9)

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  1. Wow… How did that happen? Did maybe the wall cut in front of the driver? Hmmmm

  2. yawn yawn says:

    Too many older drivers on the road for extended hours. If you feel tired, stay put, park up and get a nap.

  3. Prayerful says:

    53 years is old? Wonder how old yawn yawn is?

  4. roger says:

    HOPE DRIVER WAS OK, MAYBE SHAKEN UP. New car needed. Maybe a Permit will be for sale soon!

  5. BERMUDIAN says:

    he shoulda been payin attention! old taxi drivers are so pokey!

  6. Taxi's says:

    Taxi’s are the worst drivers. If they ain’t going over the line, slamming on breaks, and going slow as hell, they’re hitting walls, containers, and just about anything stationary.

    You would think the more time one spends driving would make them a better driver but NOPE! Not our Taxi drivers.

  7. tricks are for kids.. says:

    WOW…..52 is considered old????

    At any rate..sticking to the article at hand (not his age or that he may have needed a nap or is pokey)I hope the driver is okay and thankfully he only suffered minor injuries as it could have been potentially a lot worse….

  8. Opressed says:

    Again, we MUST put the blame squarely on the shoulders of docb for allowing these massive vehicles on the road. He brought his American mentality here with him, gotta have a huge car, even if you live in a slum.

  9. Mister Nice Guy says:

    oppressed you just wont leave that man alone inna, i bet he has never done anything to you “personally”. some of these commentors need prayer.