Photos: Car Overturns After Cobbs Hill Collision

February 17, 2018

[Updated] Emergency services responded to a collision at approximately 7.15pm tonight [Feb 17], located on Cobbs Hill Road near the junction with South Road which resulted in a car landing on its side.

Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, police and an ambulance attended the scene. Bystanders said at least one person was taken by ambulance to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update Feb 19, 5.36pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:10pm Saturday, February 17th police, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel as well as ambulance personnel were dispatched to a reported single vehicle car crash on Cobbs Hill Road in Warwick, near the junction with South Road.

“Initial information suggests that there were two men inside the vehicle, which apparently struck a pillar and ended up on its side.

“One of the men involved, believed to be a 60 year old Paget man, was injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. He was later discharged.

“Inquiries continue regarding the circumstances of the crash and witnesses or anyone with any information is asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Car On Side Collision Bermuda, February 17 2018 (2)

Car On Side Collision Bermuda, February 17 2018 (3)

Car On Side Collision Bermuda, February 17 2018 (4)

Car On Side Collision Bermuda, February 17 2018 (1)

Car On Side Collision Bermuda, February 17 2018 (5).

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    We flip more cars in Bermuda than Hazard County.

  2. Bullwinkle says:

    It is most likely a slower speed flip ,whereas the vehicle is inadvertently turned on to the curb…or wall.

  3. Cranberry says:

    If you see a car with fuzzy number plates – follow them, as they are heading straight to the scene of the accident…

  4. puzzled says:

    I hope the guy in the yellow helmet is ok in picture #2.

  5. PANGAEA says:

    There is one item on a vehicle that many people over look and that is tyre pressure .

    Quite posibly that could contribute to the many unfortunte colisions on our roads to day.
    Tyres today have now become a science.
    Bye the correct and very best tyres not the cheepest, your life depends on it.
    Ignore the hype.
    The life of a tyre is 6 years mximum Do not buy old tyres just becsuse they painted to look new.
    Month / year dates are printed on all tyres.
    Always have a trained person check yiur vehicle tyre pressure.
    if you are involved in a collision check their wheels; tyre condition and tyre pressure .

    You are not judged by your fancy wheels and tyres, you are judged by the way that you drive.

    Correct tyre pressure can not be determined by just looking at the tyre. *****
    Corect tyre pressure numbers/ ratings are located on the inside of the door post. or at least 30 p.s.i.
    Check the tyre pressure in your spare wheel.
    Under inflation is often the cause of many colisions.
    Over inflation can contribute to many colisions also.
    Worn out and out of date tyres are very dangerouse
    The tyre tread displaces the water
    Buy the correct tyre type for your vehicle you do not need snow tyres in Bermuda.
    Come on Guys *****Drive Safe***** you can do it !
    Are you a 5 star drive like me.

    • Interested Party says:

      All very good points, Panagea …. but i would hazard a guess (OK an informed guess) that this was a ‘too much to drink and the damn wall just jumped out in front of me’ thing ….