Free Teleseminars For US/BDA Entrepreneurs

November 10, 2012

Patterson Partners Ltd. is launching a free, monthly Teleseminar series focusing on success strategies for local entrepreneurs.

Although the Teleseminar series has been created with the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs who are dual nationals of Bermuda and the United States in mind, as well as Bermudian entrepreneurs who are married to and/or have children who are American, most calls will be relevant to business owners who do not face the same level of complexity that goes with navigating the wealth transfer and tax laws associated with two or more countries and are welcome to register.

Call topics are expected to cover financial, marketing, strategy and other key success areas. The first call will be held on Wednesday, [Nov 14] at 12.00pm and will focus on “3 Simple Steps in 30 Days to Tax Savings”.

Highlights of the first call include:

  • What aspects of your tax strategy are reducing your net worth
  • If your bookkeeper and accountant are saving you money or costing you money
  • The 3 things almost every dual national entrepreneur gets wrong and what to do about it

To register, visit here.

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