PLP: Where’s The Red Steakhouse Statement?

November 18, 2012

Following a statement from the OBA saying that the imminent closure of Computer City and the resulting nine job losses is “one more example of bad government policies costing Bermudians jobs,” the PLP has asked why the OBA did not put out a statement “praising the opening of Red Steakhouse & Bar and the government policies that supported the opening of that business.”

Red Steakhouse & Bar hosted their Grand Opening last week at their Front Street location, with owners David Madeiros and Rick Olson saying they are “committed to providing an exceptional dining experience.”

A PLP spokesperson said: “Today, the One Bermuda Alliance put out a statement on the closure of Computer City. The PLP questions why the OBA didn’t put out a statement praising the opening of RED Steakhouse & Bar and the government policies that supported the opening of that business.

“Over the last several months, six new businesses opened in St. George’s. Just last week, RED Steakhouse & Bar opened in Hamilton employing 15 Bermudians. The media didn’t lead with stories about this good economic news and the OBA didn’t put a statement out about it.

“There are new Bermudian owned businesses opening every month, but, instead of praising these business owners and promoting these new Bermudian owned businesses, the OBA chooses to harp on the negative. Instead of praising government policies that offer duty and payroll tax concessions for restaurants the OBA chooses to exploit the loss of a jobs for political purposes.

“The OBA is all about talking down Bermuda for their own political gain. It’s really sad that a party stoops so low. Instead of harping on the negative, we hope that the OBA will join Bermudians at the next ribbon cutting to encourage Bermudians to patronise some of the new Bermudian owned businesses that are opening on a regular basis and that are providing jobs for Bermudians.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    Awesome. We can tell all the staff from BNTB that ‘retired early’ that there are plenty of jobs at Reds Steakhouse.

    And if they have to retrain, the caring plp government even has courses on how to be a waiter or a potwasher.

    This is just the sort of news to show the economy is turning around isn’t it Paula?

    • ECONOMY Stupid period says:

      Should we treat Rick Olson with the same respect he shows government?

      • Rick Olson says:

        Which is …..

        • Kick n Kiss says:

          You kick government on every angle and kiss the backside of OBA

          • Rick Olson says:

            Is that why I had a PLP MP cut our ribbon? My first though was to ask Johnny Barnes cut the ribbon as to keep politic’s out of my business but thought that was disrespectful. I think we are about dining not politic’s and we will not lower our standards to your negative level.

            The most important thing to many is putting Bermudians back to work on Friday night we had 12 Bermudians on this floor and one foriegn worker. We are doing are part and are working hard to train our staff to serve at a higher level.
            My partner and myself have 6 children between us and this venture is crucial to our financial survival and future for our children. We are not playing we are te real deal and committed to excellence in the service industry.

    • Blurt says:

      Absolute nonsense. PLP, nanny nanny boo boo person, everyone on this island wishes new business openings the best of fortune an success, but speak to restauranters on the island and you’ll soon see that many of them are close to death, and fighting against closure. The policies of the PLP directly contributed to this….Lack of getting cruise ships to Hamilton, all focus on PLP involved Wedco being funneled the money instead of COH and ST Georges. Driving out ex-pats who do dine out more than us through policies of tax, term limits and stirring up hate against them. It is wonderful that a new restaurant has opened. Let us not forget, the cake has been gorged on by the PLP for themselves, leaving crumbs for the rest of us…the unemployed number is rising and not reducing on a weekly basis.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      What Jobs at Reds Steakhouse!?!?! There are no jobs being advertised for restaurant workers anywhere at the moment except for an Executive Chef for the government. Beats me why government would need an Executive Chef. They should be eating cafeteria food as they supposed to be the servants of the people.

      I bet my bottom dollar the majority of the jobs at Reds Steakhouse have been taken by foreigners just as other restaurants endorsed by this government have it.

      Oh well! Wan’t matter a bit who Reds Steakhouse hires being that the owners were not intelligent enough to see the trend of restaurants moving towards less exclusive menus like Latin switching up their menu & name to Victoria Grill to survive. Reds Steakhouse will be like a sequel to Greg’s Steakhouse.

      • Rick Olson says:

        Tommy you are completely wrong on all accounts . Why so negative…is your life so bad ?

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I’m not being a pesemist I’m being a realist & I know I’m not wrong on all accounts. First paragraph is correct government is looking for an executive chef but doesn’t need one & there are no other restaurant position being advertised but that. Second point may be wrong but how many Bermudians do you have employed at your other restaurants? Think carefully because working in Bermuda for so many years doesn’t mean being Bermudian it just means they’ve left one less job for a real Bermudian. If you have really hired 15 real Bermudians a honest hooray for you just don’t sell out like other businesses have. Last paragraph should be apparently correct to someone like you who already has experienced trying to change, “The Shame Of Front Street” to a, “bistro” did not work just as there is little chance of success selling overpriced steaks & alcohol. Probably better off sticking with low end hospitality but former owner of closed down MR Onions should know this better then anyone else.

          My life is not that bad but it would be a lot better if I saw some type of future for Bermuda besides it being turned into a pre Castro Cuba. Foreigners have the choice to up & leave when the feces hit the fan while Bermudian’s will have to stay & suffer. Like I stated if you’re helping Bermudians to survive I tip my hat to you but if you are trying to be as deceiving as plp then I hope karma catches up.

          P.S. Just a little advice from an analyst. If want to change a dive bar to a bistro you need to stop your drunkard patrons from p!ss!ng in the sink of the men’s bathroom or fix the ramp coming out of it so the stuff doesn’t flow out into the main bar area making the place reek.

          • Rick Olson says:

            Tommy again you are wrong on all accounts Bermuda Bistro is doing bettter then the Beach ever did and we are having our best year ever due to increasing food and catering sales alcohol sales are flat and i expect to drop . Bermuda Bistro is WORKING.

            You mention MR Onions I sold off more ten 5 years before they closed and they were solevent and profitable.

            Please note being anal does not make you an analyst so keep your hating comments to your self.

  2. Yes Aye says:


    Someone at the PLP gets it. These OBA people will grasp at anything if it helps them!!!!!

    OBA, stop talking down my country!

    • 1minute says:

      The OBA grasping at anything??? The PLP has spent their campaign on talking about the OBA instead of how they are going to make Bermuda better. They are sounding nervous. As for the OBA, I wish they would stop replying to every little thing the PLP says about them. The PLP is just trying to run their campaign as well, and it seems they are falling for that old trick.

    • Blurt says:

      PLP STOP TAKING DOWN OUR COUNTRY. ( note how the greedy PLP say MY, when in reality it is OUR country for the Benefit of all BERMUDIANS! Not just the greedy PLP)

    • Y-Gurl says:

      “Your” country is already down

  3. Next Premiere says:

    This is not an election on who will be the next class president. Both parties are being childish with this back and forth nit-picking. They are forgetting the real reason they are in these positions. Lets talk about solutions for the good of the people of Bermuda.

    We want to hear solutions. We all know the problems.

  4. Bullseye says:

    I think that the sugar-coating is well covered by the PLP.

    I think we all hope to try RED steakhouse. We wish them well.

    The OBA need to point out the bad for the PLP have been claiming recovery for awhile now which is patently false. Even the Auditor General doesn’t have the books on many Govt. Dept.’s going back years so no-one even knows where the Govt’s money is.

    The PLP wants everyone to be positive and stand strong, but the PLP is all about cover-up and that is not being positive. Being positive has to at least involve some honesty. It has to have some clarity.

    Standing Strong means nothing!!!!! How about this slogan? –

    Act like everything is ok and it will be ok!

    PLP – Acting like Everything is OK for Bermudians

    PLP – Standing Strong for Bermudians

    Everything is not OK and they are just standing there hoping you will vote for them anyway.

  5. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Oh! Was Red’s Steakhouse in the expanded EEZ? I didn’t know. I am presuming that is the Government policy that afforded them the ability to open. I am sure those of us who still have jobs will do our best to keep the doors open, since there won’t be any cruise ships coming to Hamilton. Duty and payroll tax concessions won’t make up for lack of customers.

    Mr. Cannonier has already made positive mention of the new businesses in St. George.

  6. wow says:

    So an increase in 15 jobs outweighs hundreds lost???? Now that just don’t add up LOL

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Do we know for certain that 15 job positions have been filled? This is according to a Government that felt they had to mislead us.

      What would the 15 positions be in a restaurant when the majority of restaurants only have room for a number of staff less than 15?

      • Rick Olson says:

        I know for certain come for a vist and see for yourself that Chong is WRONG.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I would be more than happy to be proven wrong about this.

  7. Truth (Original) says:

    Man. Our politics are so petty. I just can’t believe that this where we are and this is the level if debate we get when we are choosing which party will run our country.

    So disheartening.

  8. Wheerzs Waldo? says:

    What PLP government policy supported the opening of this business???? Would it be the one where they didnt sign the cruise ship contract in time allowing one cruise line that was originally scheduled to come her the opportunity to get out of their contract andgo somewhere else?

  9. Familiar says:

    Let’s see.

    PLP bad governance took us down to the economy we have today, but they don’t want to take responsibility for the consequences of that. IE business closings, job losses, etc.

    But they do want to take credit for the start up of a business by long time business people who have the experience and background to take advantage of the lower costs, available space and abundance of available staffing options.

    Hmmm, yeah, I guess their policies could have helped the guys out.

    Kudos to David and Rick.

    PLP… when you step up and take responsibility for the damage you’ve done, then maybe we can also start to recognise the positives that have come from it.

  10. gracious says:

    I wish both sides would just shut up already with all the rhetoric. It’s honestly time to put up or shut up…all this talk does not mean any thing its the actions that count and so far those have been abysmal at best..The sad part is that all the anonymous posters on here who are talking down the PLP will go to the polls on the 17th and vote them back into power..smh

  11. Rick Olson says:

    Just woke up after a very busy week of fun and work and grabbed my iPad which sometimes gets me in trouble this time of night. Look for me to comment shortly when I can better collect my thoughts. I would certainly like to thank Minister Minors for her support and role in cutting our ribbon on our opening night . Now back to some real work .

    • Family Man says:

      Thanks Rick. We were wondering what the Government policy was that helped Reds to open. Now we know – Ribbon Cutting.

      When you say ‘back to some real work’, I presume you meant yourself and not Minors, because that’s about as real as she gets.

      Good luck with the new restaurant though.

    • The best of luck on your restaurant, Rick! Restaurants are difficult endeavors, as you well know. I personally can’t afford to be a patron, but many others can and will, I am sure. Don’t let the knuckleheads get you down.

    • Gatorade Jeff says:

      Yeah, good luck Rick, the restaurant looks great. But getting Patrice Minors to cut the ribbon? There is a massive irony in that.

  12. Soooooo says:

    Should they also discuss the policies that cause Silk, 64* and many other restaurants to close their doors? I congratulate Rick and wish him all the best. His business model is lean and mean, they profit from location, and the volume of sales ( at a lower price than most)

    • Um Um Like says:

      And how many jobs were lost when Silk closed? None I presume…

      • Your joking says:

        Willing to bet there were not too many Bermudian jobs..

        • Soooooo says:

          Does it really make a difference how many were Bermudians? Even if there was only one it’s too may!! But wether ther staff were Bermudians or not is really irrelevant. The fact is that any business closing or relocating has a trickle down effect (and yes so does one opening) to suppliers, landlords, staff. Even down to where the staff buy their groceries.

          Anybody would think that Bermuda could work without guest workers!!

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Bermuda worked extremely well in the 80s & early 90s without the amount of guest workers that have replaced Bermudians in the hospitality industry at present. IB guest workers are needed but all these low level guest workers could pack up now & leave & Bermuda would be a lot better off.

  13. TheViewFromHere says:

    I believe that this is the crucial information from the OBA statement with reference to Computer City:
    The turning point for the company was the Government’s out-of-the-blue payroll tax hike in 2010. The tax hike shocked the local and international business community, whose leaders described the Government action as a ‘breach of trust’. The company director of Computer City said: ‘We started seeing customers – companies and individuals – leaving or downsizing after that.’

    The Govt wants kudos for policies that have generated some new businesses……but are they prepared to accept how wrong they got it in 2010?

    This press release sounds like a Govt that wants the praise for successes, but which isn’t prepared to take the flack for its mistakes.

    • Please Leave Politics says:

      What’s even worse… the PLP have the audacity to claim putting payroll tax to 14% as one of their “accomplishments”.

      From the PLP website:
      In 2011 we announced Payroll Tax roll-backs to 14%

      How is that an “accomplishment” when they were the ones to raise it 16% the previous year?

      How stupid do they think we are?

      • Local says:

        Don’t forget the way they tried to deceive the public with the way they discussed the payroll tax increase!
        When raising the tax from 14% to 16% they routinely referred to the additional 1% of salary lost by the worker (since the employer pays half) as “only a 1% increase.” Reality is, to go from paying 7% to paying 8% is actually over a 14% increase in the tax rate. (1/7 * 100 = 14.2857) THAT is how stupid they think we are.

  14. your joking says:

    Dam….the reason Computer City is closed is simple….they obviously were not run 100% effective otherwise they would have switched their business model when they saw sales declining. That being said….it did not help having almost 6000 people leave the island, most of whom were business men/women who would have been their core customers. So in effect the PLP had a lot to do with it.
    As for Red…Mr Oslon has done a fine job of opening a new restaurant and hiring locals. However his clients at the moment are those who always want to try something new and are clients that have been taken away from another restaurant. So in order for him to succeed he will have to keep these clients which will be at the loss of another establishment….There are too few customers at the moment in Bermuda for all too survive.
    So when Mr Oslen’s restaurant is a success, and I’m sure it will be, I have a feel others will struggle to stay open, at the current rate Bermuda is headed…So PLP had nothing to do with these 15 jobs “created” because due to the lack of working people(especially expats) on the island I am sure 15 others are now worried about their jobs.

  15. William says:

    You know… i did not know that was in the NEW EEZ…

  16. Katlyn says:

    To Economy Stupid: If you make such a statement then answer the question.So easy to lash out at someone when you hide behind pen names answer the question!

  17. William says:

    Pastor Syl Hayward says:
    November 18, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Oh! Was Red’s Steakhouse in the expanded EEZ? I didn’t know..

    i went back and read the comments lol seems Sly has about the same thought..

  18. BigD says:

    What baffles me is how the PLP believe the OBA must jump on board with its policies. Mature politics dictate the choice of comment. But if there should be a comment I suggest it goes like this congrats to Red Steakhouse on its opening and provision of jobs for 15 Bermudians. The question for the government is what steps are being taken to stem the job losses in the financial sector, Ace, HSBC, BNTB, CD & P and CAP G? That is 15 gained, 217 plus lost do the Math. The time for change is NOW.

    • Judge Dredd (r) says:

      PLP says, “OBA says 2+2=0 makes no sense”
      But +15 jobs – 217 jobs (approximately) = “where’s our praise for creating jobs”
      I guess the PLP are victims of their own education system…

    • Blankman says:

      Don’t forget that Red has taken over space formerly occupied by Silk, another business that went under – at best the jobs gained here offset the jobs already lost there.

      • Rick Olson says:

        We have a much expanded service area and staffing levels and hired mostly local something most restaurants do not do so it is a win win .

        • Finally says:

          Speak for yourself Rick!
          Some of your staff at your place “the shame of front street” could use a little retraining!

          • this is what is being “PASSED” at the course and sent out to replace foreingers because Gov is desperate to get Bermudians into the industry, it really is a shame what is happening over there because they have too!!Stop shooting the messengers are hands are tied

  19. Mad Dawg says:

    Can we have some up to date unemployment stats from the government, or are we still looking at 2011 numbers?

    • navin johnson says:

      If the present Government stays in power you should get unemployment stats sometime next year…..probably right after they supply the auditor general with the financial reports…..Everyone wishes Mr.Olsen well with his new restaurant…..but sometimes the news of 56 jobs lost at Butterfield and 20 at Flagstone and 9 at Computer City put the restaurant on the back burner……The Beach is not for me but I would try Red as there is not a good steak to be found in Bermuda….Good Luck Mr. Olsen

      • Um Um Like says:

        Is Waterlot not good enough for your liking?

        • Moonbeam says:

          The steaks at Waterlot are grade A — but much too expensive !
          At RED, Rick Olson provides grade A at good prices !

        • navin johnson says:

          Waterlot is average food and outlandish prices with uneven service…..the steak cannot compare to a real steak house…

          • Jason Bda says:

            Says you…. Very expensive but one of the Best Ribeyes I have ever eaten. With the direction of our current government is taken us I will not be able to afford to eat out anymore!

  20. Dee says:

    Would the PLP spokesperson like to comment on another restaurant – TASTE in John Swan’s building? Specifically what has happened to this restaurant ?? I’m sure we would all like to hear what they have to say about it!

    • street wise says:

      The landlord has taken over the restaurant.

    • Please enlighten us what has happened to Taste..??? Has it closed..?? I was in there once for a sandwich, and I never went back… In my opinion the menu was lacking. They must have lost their business to Tribe Road Kitchen.

      • Come Correct says:

        I hear they lost their chef to Tribe Road Kitchen…better make sure her insurance is being paid though.

  21. Gordon Simerley says:


  22. Sandgrownan says:

    One business does not not a healthy economy make. Red is clearly bucking the trend, and good luck to them.

    The simple act is, as a direct consequence of PLP interference, rhetoric and idiotic policy, the local economy is floundering. There is no liquidity, no confidence, no demand. There is 10% unemployment.

    There is no recovery, no change, no ideas.

    Minister Minors should stick to cutting ribbons.

  23. street wise says:

    What EXACTLY did the plp do to help Red Steak House start their business… other than cutting the ribbon?? Seriously, what did the plp do for them?

  24. Mamma Mia says:

    Party politics should be abolished here on this tiny dot on the map! Too much completely uneccessary bickering back and forth and none of it serves any purpose whatsoever. We need one strong team from the best of the best to lead us back into prosperity rather than this continual downwards trend and daily poli-tricking!

  25. Lu says:

    Why is everyone talking about RED being a “new” restaurant…when it has only opened because Silk had to close down?? Yes this does employ Bermudian’s which is great news, but this is not a new restaurant, it is just replacing another one.

    I’m sure the food/wine is great, but did we really need another expensive high-end restaurant? What about those who just want an average priced night out with their family now and then? RED will not be for the average Bermudian family, wasted opportunity in my opinion.

    • golden says:

      This is considered a new restaurant. Reason being new owners, new decor new everything:- hence new resturant. So I am guessing that Silk was not a new resturant when it opened as Pinks Deli used to be there?
      Why are you putting down a resturant which you have not dine out yet?

      • Lu says:

        I am not criticizing the restaurant itself and have given no negative comments on the quality of food or decor at all, and I wish them the best of luck, we need all businesses to be successful.

        What I am criticizing is the statement that this is somehow an ‘additional’ business in Bermuda, ‘new’ may have been the wrong word. This was not a new building which has now been filled, or space that had been vacant for years that is now being used. This is just a ‘refurb’ of another business which had previously existed, and so I cannot see how it shows a contribution to a ‘growing economy.’

        I have already booked to dine there twice over the Christmas period, and in fact suggested it to my colleagues for our Christmas party, as we should give it a try and help them off to a great start. My friends and I often try new places. The problem I have is when we are looking to go somewhere for a ‘quick bite to eat’ one evening after work and are faced with minimal choices. There are only so many places to choose from that are $30 and under, most are upward of this. It just seems as though an opportunity was wasted to have a restaurant that sold good quality food at reasonable prices.

        • @ LU not sure if your including the workers required all Bermudian, who “Refurbished” Red and to all the other LOCALS who also found work, electricians, awning makers, installers waiters and waitresses,bartenders, porters, pot washers, and many others who as you suggest were not being helped during this economy. Not sure where you get your information about this being a vacant spot for years?
          I can assure you Rick thinks of it as a new building after the refurbishment and the cost of doing so. To suggest the difficulty of finding somewhere in the city with their outrageous rents offering $30.00 meals,and perhaps that is what you would have done speaks volumes. As a sugestion try dining outside of the city where there are lots of places offering 3 courses of good food for under $30.00

          • Golden says:

            Truth be told, the space has been vacant for less than a year. But that is neither here no there. I wish the new owners of the new Red all the best. It is so sad that the opening of the resturant is marred by politics.

  26. theothersidebda says:

    So when a doctor loses a patient, does he tell the family “Your father is dead, but I just helped the guy with a skinned knee in the other room”???

    How about addressing the issue of the government policies which were cited as a reason for the demise in this company? And by the way, which government policy exactly gave rise to this new steakhouse? How can you possibly take credit for this?

  27. 1minute says:

    I am guessing the this Government has forgotten what they did for 30 years, and the job of the opposition…

  28. Ringmaster says:

    All the PLP do is criticizse the OBA for not having plans, then next day for having plans. All while Bermuda’s unemployment goes up, despite new ventures like Reds.

    Where is the PLP platform, what they will do to fix the economy they broke, what will it cost and how they will pay for it?

    How will they create the environment to create jobs in the private sector? Silence because they have no ideas.

  29. The Man In The Long Black Coat says:

    Are the PLP forgetting that in order for Red Steakhouse to open in its current location, Silk restaurant had to shut down? I would say there has been no net creation of any jobs with the closing of Silk and the opening of Red. Nothing like spinning a story for your own benefit.

    The PLP is heavily reliant on the stupidity of the electorate to vote them back into power. Only in Bermuda would a government that has overseen unemployment reaching the double figures (I’m including those Bermudians who have had no choice but to leave, who no longer make up part of the official unemployed) get reelected.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      The Artful Dodger ruined Silk , Fresco’s and every other entity he had a hand in . Regretfully he’s a really bad example of the many positive PRC’s this Government has helped to open businesses and purchase property , because it was the right thing to do .

      If it was up to the Architects of the OBA , long term residents would still be languishing , begging the government for relief .

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Ah, blame the business owner again.

        If a new business opens, take credit fir it. If a business closes, blame the owner. Verrry clever.

    • The Devil's Advocate A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      Actually if Rick is true to hiring as many Bermudians possible then this has benefited Bermuda more than Silk since they have a track record of hiring foreigners first. I must disagree with those who say it doesn’t matter if Bermudians or foreigners are hired since only a small number of Bermudians are lucky enough to have the means to leave Bermuda while others will have to stay & suffer & those are usually the ones who are willing to do the low paid restaurant positions.

  30. Vulpes says:

    It would be helpful if the PLP spokesperson could elaborate and explain in detail precisely which Government policies “supported” the opening of this business. By the way, congratulations and good business to Mr. Olson.

  31. Time Passages says:

    This story is about the most pathetic example I’ve ever seen of ‘grasping at straws’.

    PLP – you have truly lost it.

  32. Real Talk (original) says:

    I am so sick and tired of the PLP watching what the OBA is doing. Fourteen years later and still acting like the Opposition!

    PLP policies are partly repsonsible for the precarious economic situation we find ourselves in.

    A new restaurant opened!? *golf clap* Go tell it to the owners of Frescos, 64, Silk, Gregs Steakhouse and all the others who have had to shut their doors over the past couple of years.

    I wish RED all the best (will hopefully be getting a table there soon) but with the current government would quit taking swipes at the OBA and show us what THEIR “secret plan” is for turning this island around.

    Former PLP supporter who will not be voted for them again in 2012

  33. navin johnson says:

    The PLP wants to get back in because there is too much at steak…………………………………………………………………………………………………..sorry

  34. State the Obvious says:

    Many opf these new employees were just transferred from The Beach to Red Steakhouse so it isnt 15 new jobs ofr Bermudians.

    They should really check their facts before issuing this nonsense!

    • Rick Olson says:

      Correct we did move some of our best staff from Bermuda Bistro @ the Beach to RED …….which has CREATED jobs and we are working very closely with the waiter training program for replacements which will be challenging. I do not anticipate filling any of these jobs with foriegn labor BUT I really need to keep some key work permits for stability and training.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      There are only around 8 employees at The Beach that I know of & not all are Bermudians so how could this be?

      • Rick Olson says:

        Come to Red on Friday at 7pm and I will personally introduce you Tommy and we had up to 30 staff this summer now down to about 20. How will I know who you are Mr Chong what c,Olof shirt will you be wearing green or red ?

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Fair enough, I’ll spare anymore judgement till I see for myself. No need for introduction as Bermuda is only so big that I will know if the employees are locals or not. Maybe I’ll try your steak since I’ve good things about meat preparations of the chef at Bistro but never ate there since the smell & look of the establishment has turned me off. I’d think the meals at your new place would be better or on par with past restaurants so I’ll venture on a try 7 observe at the same time. Though I don’t think I’ll wear red or green since I’m climbing down the fence on the red side but have not decided to jump to the ground yet. Maybe since I’m still neutral I’ll just wear my birthday suit. ;-)

          • Local says:

            “Bermuda is only so big that I will know if the employees are locals or not” – This is ridiculous! I am a Bermudian, born of Bermudian parents, and it is offensively common for me to be asked where I am from by other locals who assume I couldn’t possibly be a Bermudian. You don’t know everyone on the island and your judgement is perfect.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              If you are a Bermudian born & bred that gets mistaken for a foreigner its more than likely you have enough education not to need to work at the low end of hospitality. Am I right or am I right?

              • Local says:

                I don’t see how my need to work any particular job is relevant to a discussion of how people make assumptions about people based on nothing more than a glance. My issue is with people assuming they know me or my story based on what I look like. But to answer your question: You’re right, I am FAR too educated to be wasting my time arguing with someone like you. Better to use my time debating with people who employ logic and reasoning, making an attempt to actually address someone’s points rather than throw in an unrelated point. Enjoy your ignorance!

  35. tricks are for kids.. says:

    I wish ALL parties would stop ‘bashing’ each other and get a grip… far as I’m concerned NEITHER party is worthy of a vote…..we should go back to the days of old when there were no parties because it was only with the inceprion of political parties that things started to go array…..

    Mismanagement of funds that has fallen on the shoulders of the citizens of Bermuda……

    Outrageous rents, prices at the grocery store beyond ridiculous, Bankers are the main crooks (even in the days of the Bible Jesus kicked them out of the Church)…

    Soon this island will be further divided between “The Haves” and ‘The Have Nots” and those that THINK they have are going to be in for a rude awakening…..

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You should get a taste of a US election at the local level. Brutal. Bermuda is a tea party (no reference to the US Tea Party) by comparison.

      At least this time the OBA is standing up to blatant lies put out by the PLP. A good thing. Hopefully they will go on the offensive as election day approaches reminding voters of the PLP scandals & failures since 1998. There is much Cannon(ier) fodder to be fired at a very easy target.

  36. Time Passages says:

    I wonder if PLP MPs will start hanging out at Red’s just as they did at Greg’s. Wonder if they will expect dinners for free just like they did at Greg’s – that’s why the poor guy went out of business. All the profits quite literally eaten up by pigs at the trough.

    Vote the PLP out on Dec 17th – or they will completely ruin Bermuda.

  37. Congrats Rick to your new venture – best of luck.

    I can only imagine that “If” elected the PLP” members will be the only one’s there to enjoy it while to rest of us have to look for Eliza Doolittle van.

  38. Rick Olson says:

    The bottom line is we need to raise revenue as a country and unless we all want to be taxed more we NEED MORE EXPATS we also need less politic’s and MP’s on both side wanting to do the right thing. Both parties are guilty of avoiding the REAL issues. Forget about my business what about gaming, taxes and gay rights we all await your response. Party politic;s must end I want to vote for someone that has principles that I believe in and not the same old same old.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Well said. We need to create demand.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      MORE EXPATS? I would think that you Rick living here for so many years would see the mass increase in expats hired over Bermudians within the past 7 years. I’m sure you can see an increase of employees from a certain part of the world in a less than a decade. I know your businesses & you are not the culprit of this since I’ve had drinks at your establishments don’t see you following this way. Maybe you need to rethink your statement & be more specific about what expats we need. If you have your head on properly you would see its the IB type not the type that has been hired by the multitudes island wide.

      • Rick Olson says:

        Tommy do you want to be taxed more ??

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Please explain how having more foreigners working lessens the taxing amount because I’m not getting the relevance? Government & the owners of the importation dock decide what the taxes will be & at the moment they just hike taxes up to cover their lost which is more to do with friverlous spending then anything else especially foreign workers. Actually come to think of it maybe in a way your right foreign workers do affect taxes since every Bermudian job replace by a foreign worker makes taxes go up since the only means of survival either become financial help from government which comes out of our taxes or almighty forbid stealing which takes a massive chunk out our taxes through court, lawyer & prison fees.

    • street wise says:

      The plp said that they would hold a Referendum on Gaming to run parallel with this election. What happened to that idea….??

      More empty promises, just like the myriad of promises the plp are currently making in ‘electioneering mode’… promises the plp will never be capable of bringing to fruition. It’s all B.S. folks.

      The plp. No talent. No plans. No ideas. No solutions. No future.

    • Richard says:

      Rick not a fan up PLP right not but I really wish you the best in BDA if you don’t have anything going for you you hate the person that dose peace and love.

  39. navin johnson says:

    instead of the PLP making a press release issue of the opening of a restaurant why not tell the people of Bermuda what you are doing to the pensions and benefits of War Vets? cutting their pension and increasing your pension and lying about your cuts this year when the only thing you have cut is war veterans and the elderly….thats the kind of Government you are…making big announcements over secret plans and restaurant openings while you prey on the most vulnerable…The Beach maybe the Shame of Front Street but the PLP Government is the shame of Bermuda….

  40. Terry says:

    All the best Rick and your partner.
    It’s a resturant not a causcus house.

  41. sickandtired says:

    I, for one, am sick and tired of this primary school back and forth crap! To much time is wasted on this when instead each of these parties should be showing us how they will be bettering this island. Try winning our votes the mature way!

    • Terry says:

      They can’t ‘sickand tired.
      Look at the makeup.
      75% are UBP/PLP stalwarts.

  42. Sorry Sir says:

    OK, I’ve said this before. Why is the PLP praising new businesses when they’re just built on the grave of another business? New businesses in Bermuda right now are not lasting long, while others that have been ingrained into our society are shutting their businesses down after decades of service. Why are we praising that people are starting businesses were old ones once stood? They should have never gone out of business in the first place. Not only that, what about the tremendous amounts of office space that is now empty. You can have a new business popping up everyday day but what about those office spaces that empty? They should be filled with workers who will support the businesses. If we keep going down this path I’ll bet my life that these new businesses will not last long at all.

  43. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    Funny, PLP has been in power for a while (too long) but the ONLY thing in business opening is this ONE restaurant!?

  44. Ha! says:

    With all the issues surrounding us, the PLP are concerned about a statement regarding Red? Seriously?! Grow up and get your priorities straight!

  45. Terry says:

    You should see Ewarts Stake House.

  46. Legal Eagle says:

    Dear “TIME PASSAGES”–per your post, yes, Greg’s did seem a favourite of PLP MP’s! But please clarify, how do you KNOW—and I mean KNOW- they were getting free meals –or are you just making that up?? I know both Rick+David! They are both astute and sucessful businessmen + I doubt IF TRUE, would let that happen to them!! Congrats Rick+David! Best of luck+I hope you succeed over the ‘noise’ of the politicos+naysayers!!

  47. Harry P says:

    This has to be the best advertising for Red, everyone is talking about it and this medium is free! I admire your approach Mr Olson.

    • A wise man once said any publicity is good publicity, regardless of the cost and in this forum priceless, run all the way to the bank Rick, quick

  48. zzzzzz says:

    I don’t see how the opening of Red can be seen as an endorsement of the PLP’s policies. If Bermuda had more THRIVING restaurants today than it did in 2008 then the PLP’s bragging could be justified.

    Ignoring politics – I had a drink at Red on Friday evening and it was a great experience. All Bermudian staff (that I saw) and very professional. I am looking forward to having dinner there.

    • Rick Olson says:

      We actually had 1 non Bermudian on the floor our Assistant Mgr. no servers and we are looking for more staff so we can open for lunch servers and chefs at the momment. We also have 4 Bermudians in the kitchen .

  49. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    Rick and David, you are to be commended for the fact, that you are training and hiring mostly Bermudians and that you have taken on a new business in this economy. From my experience the other night, you will be successful, and I hope people come and see for themselves. Congratulations and Good Luck.

  50. I love Bermuda says:

    Any new business is good business for Bermuda!

  51. Truth says:

    I am planning to open a rocket launcher is the new year but please don’t report or applause it as a great business just yet
    As its a gamble may work may not have not found a local astronaut yet still looking but I know a guy who sayshe is up for it for a few dollars . Imma try it let’s see !

  52. Noel Ashford says:

    PLP – ‘Short for Daft’…. Let me get this right… How many people lost jobs they NEED to pay for expensive mortgages from the Banking sector, IB, finance etc (around 10% of the workforce) but its ok … they can replace that with dish washer… ? and all those 100′s or 1000+ people by now can fight for those 2-3 jobs – PLP get lost – we are sick and tired of your cr@p – you shall NOT be missed and you definitely wont go down positively in history – at least not with the cog and Ewart Brown’s name attached not to mention LF, Rolfe the gunman and the rest of the muppets… Please – just give up already – you have less people fooled than you did last time. The sheer lunacy of PLP comments is enough to put the comedy business out of a job too only further adding to the failed PLP government’s record! “PLP – Enemy of the Comedian”

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Noassford , Will you do one positive thing before you vote on the 17th ? Please let go of Ewart’s foot that’s been stuck up your backside every since . Let that godd$mn foot go and take back control of your life .

  53. May I suggest that everyone please read the plp’s 10 point plan for recovery. It is very detailed, sets goals and lays out timeframes to achieve those goals, and the results are measurable…..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Ms. Cox wants to share with you, the constituent, the 10 point plan for recovery for Bermuda:

    1. Creating jobs
    2. Continuing to develop Bermuda as an attractive place to do business
    3. Strengthening Bermuda as a tourist destination
    4. Improving public safety
    5. Providing a first class Education system
    6. Improving our energy, sustainability and environment initiatives
    7. Responsible government budgeting
    8. Providing for our growing population of seniors
    9. Improving social policies
    10. Improving infrastructure

  55. M.R. says:

    $2+$2 = $1.5 billion debt

  56. Sorry Sir says:

    From what I hear, they don’t treat their employee’s well. Just sayin’.

  57. Tommy Chong,
    Why dont you go to the supermarket and buy two coconuts and start your own restaurant! Thats the size your “coconuts” need to be to start and run a restaurant in this economy. To actually blast a restauranteur or hospitality person is ignorant to say the least. Owners put their wallets and mortagages on the line, along with everyone making sacrifices in the industry, and you sit anonymous behind your computer chirping about nothing????!!!! Come on down to one of my places and I will start you in the pit. You wouldnt last a night, but mine rock out nightly and are awesome. Woosyah later Chong, I am guessing you were a fan of his? That explains things.

    Derek Myers

    • D Jones says:

      Jeez!! Best of luck to you Rick

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Why don’t you go & fondle a mouse Derek.

      “Owners put their wallets and mortagages on the line, along with everyone making sacrifices in the industry”

      LMAO!! That’s some funny stuff & I thought that John Candy was the funniest Canadian ever but you may have become the new funniest.

      Opening a new restaurant is piggy bank change for Rick & the same for your boss so save boo hoos for someone with zero knowledge of who these people are.

      Your boss is one of the main culprits for hiring foreigners over Bermudians & to be fair Rick Olson has helped Bermuda economy & Bermudians 100 times more than your boss & I may owe some respect to Rick but never to Phillip.

      You need to get off your high horse & count your lucky stars you’re making that big paycheck in Bermuda because you’d have no chance at home. I’ve tasted your cooking & it’s not even all that Ben Jewett’s cuisine would whoop yours any day. In fact I’m sure you couldn’t even compete with any of the chefs at the Mandarins across Ontario & they, “rock out” day & night at probably half the overpriced wage you get.

      Now I bet you wished you remained anonymous to keep away from the harsh truth of your 22 square mile stardom. Here’s a tissue now go back to your “pit” & keep your boo hoos out of my soup.

      P.S. Keep your comments about Ceech’s friend to yourself because he’s made more money cooking up a bowl of green on the silver screen than you ever will cooking in your small island restaurants. This is what truly explains things.

      • keep hiding behind your little pen name, you little, little man! if you had any nuts you would reveal who your are but i wouldn’t expect it.