OBA’s Secret Plan “Revealed” On Social Media

November 17, 2012

Following PLP MP Darius Tucker’s call for the OBA to release their “secret plan, Senator Michael Dunkley took to his keyboard and “revealed” the OBA’s “secret plan” via the social network site Twitter.

Clearly amusing some of those in the Twitterverse, Sen. Dunkley’s tweet — which was labeled “top secret” — was retweeted 19 times. It is not quite clear where the tongue-in-cheek photo originated, as it has also been making the rounds on Facebook.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Mr Tucker said: “Last night on ZBM, Kim Swan acknowledged that a consultant was brought in after the last election… and recommended a “secret plan.”

“According to Mr. Moreno, it was recommended that the UBP split up, with the younger members forming a new entity. It was then reported that the secret plan recommended that the old UBP members rejoin the new entity and form a new party. Sounds familiar?

“When asked whether this plan exists last night, Kim Swan answered simply “yes.” The public needs to know exactly what is in this plan and what the OBA is hiding.

“For weeks, we’ve been asking what the OBA is really all about? The answers may be in this secret plan. It’s time for the OBA to come clean. Who do they really stand for and what are they really about?

“Is it really about the country or them getting power? Bermudians deserve to know the truth. That’s why today, we are calling on the OBA to release that secret plan,” concluded Mr Tucker.

OBA Chairman Thad Hollis responded saying: “The One Bermuda Alliance was founded on the need to bring change to Bermuda, to provide Bermuda with a Government that puts the people first. We were not founded on the basis of a ‘secret’ document.”

Mr Hollis continued: “Bermuda needs real change, not another five years of the politics of division and distraction.”

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  1. Catherine says:

    Love the secret plan! Let’s all work together to make it happen. It’s time for a change.

  2. Yes Aye says:

    Real cute Dunkley,but day by day people are getting to realise that the OBA is just a sham; I fancy renaming of the UBP with the same players in charge.

    I reckon you give craig 6 months then, BAM, you are the leader.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      What these players (read politicians) failed to realise is that when they abandoned the title UBP and retitled themselves OBA , they effectively took something away from the political landscape (mentally) that some of us loved to hate . Please note that the word loved was used first . O.k. … Maybe if the UBP would have stood their friggin ground and and fought back blow for blow than maybe even I , recognising that these people are at least for real , deserved my vote , and they would have got it along with many family and friends .
      To whom much is given , much is required and , over the decades the UBP was given much . However,when the time came to put in the required WORK as the OPPOSITION , they [the UBP] took the expediant way out and now expects the swing voter to tow the line . I’m sorry but I won’t , some will , but count me out . Give me back the familiar UBP , who at least I knew made cents and dollars .
      YES AYE !!

      • navin johnson says:

        you are not now nor will ever be a swing voter…..

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          Swing voter ; You read me well my friend , I probably would never vote for the Natives .

    • Al says:

      The Leader is elected by the membership. Dunkley can’t replace Cannonier as the leader. Period.

  3. Like It Is says:


    I will be voting P.L.P fot the next Government!

    I am not a kool-aid drinker.

    I just know who has my best interest at hand.

    • Come Correct says:

      1.5 billion in debt with crumbling infrastructure and steadily decreasing government revenue streams are in no ones best interest. I can see how you might think the plp will create equality or a shift of balance as far as privalege, but unless they know how to change an individuals mindset, you can’t. Unless of course we continue on the road we’re on with more and more business closures, more black businesses can open under the handouts of the soon to be expanded EEZ and give the privalege to their own. In which case white people will need to survive and use those UK passport to go find work elsewhere, thus further decreasing government revenue on the island. So if building Bermuda from the ground up is in your best interest, by all means, vote for them. Oh, and all this while dodging the IMF. I’m voting oba simply for the hope of getting the plp out, I think enough money has “gone missing”(no one has run into the poverty stricken areas and thrown that up in the air) and if by some glimmer of hope they do get elected, they better practice what they preach or it will come down on them like a ton of bricks, more so than the plp because they PROMISE change(IMO its about time people were held accountable for the words that come out of their mouth), people are tired.

      • Like It Is says:

        Just about every country in the world is in debt and have businesses that are closing.

        I think you are sensationalizing quite a bit(no offence seriously)

        Bermuda is in a good standing, I think people like you that seem very smart and probably do help alot in bermuda are very quick to speak to hype alot up but I think with your intelligence you could be fair.

        • Come Correct says:

          To be honest most of what I said above was just speculation based off of what the loyal bloggers go on about, not facts and not saying that’s how it will play out. You say just about every country is in debt, this is true, but they are huge compared to us and have things like exports they can rely on to bring revenue, Bermuda onion won’t cut it. Canada is fairing the recession pretty well in fact and I think we can all agree the recession would have been a lot easier on everyone if a certain person hadn’t had a war budget of world conquest proportion. Did you see what they did to Iraq? They never stood a chance, operstion shock and awe, like holy crap, necessary? C-130 planes circling overhead 24 hours a day, that’s millions in fuel alone. Found their WMD’s? Nope but they found oil. That’s what the American economy relies on. Bermuda however does not have these kinds of resources. We’re a 22mile island that relies on foreign business and tourism, both of which look quite grim for now. I don’t understand how 1.5 billion in debt can be seen as a good thing when the price above everybodys head is greater than that of other larger nations, especially with no clear increase in revenue in sight. Without money how can the government help struggling businesses, which in turn would bring more employment.

      • I think you are totally wrong in this – remember the PLP have a plan to turn it all around????????

        BWWWWWWWW – that sounds more like Paulatricks!!!

        • Like It Is says:

          you are entitled to your opinion and so am I.

          be safe , bless.

          See you at the polling station, best of Luck!

    • George says:

      @Like it is I think your confused not only with your turn of phrase but with the fact that the PLP may have THEIR best interests in hand but they don’t have YOUR best interests AT HEART!

      • Behind the scenes says:

        @George, The commenter, “Like it is” may be confused, but if they are sure that PLP has his/her best interest at hand they could be right…they might have been promised some “contracts”

        • Like It Is says:

          Hey George,Behind the scenes how are you?

          I do think that the P.L.P have my best interest at heart I have seen them fight hard to acheive a better life for me and many of my peers, I do painting for a living and it is hard out here at the moment,I lowered what I used to charge, so I can get more work and it has worked alot(I have never had an illegal contract with government/yet I have had 2 contracts and seen many buisnesses in my profession get fair just contracts)I think that alot of Bermudians blame the Government unfairly and do not do their fair shake to make it happen for them.

          In all respect, I really wish we as people of Bermuda truly take a think of what you could be doing to really help, also I think for myself and am not partial,its just the P.L.P Government have set the direction for me, I just need to blow the wind into the sail with my hardwork and common sense to save and live life fairly and the rest will fall into place.

          I think we all have our own minds and we all have been taught respect because Bermuda is a great place of respect, so in saying that, best wishes to you and yours, and the supporters of the O.B.A., with nuff respect.

          • Come Correct says:

            “The P.L.P Government have set the direction for me, I just need to blow the wind into the sail with my hardwork and common sense to save and live life fairly and the rest will fall into place.”

            Probably one of the smartest things I’ve read on here, tired of people bitching about a government that didn’t do this and that when they need to play their part just the same. No one will do it for you, not without a price attached anyway.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Oh they have all your interests in hand ..and their bank accounts

    • navin johnson says:

      one can only imagine what your best interests would be for you to vote PLP…..friends and family? civil servant?


  5. Come Correct says:

    Somebody’s got jokes lol.

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Well there we go, it is all out in the open now & kept nice & simple so that even the PLP spin masters can understand.

    Now, on to the real 1.5b issues plus little things like IB flight, primary level education passed off as good enough, crime, hundreds losing their homes not being able to pay mortgages on homes which have lost 30% of their value, non existent tourism, decaying infrastructure etc.

  7. Time Passages says:

    Warning to OBA: Don’t leave any straws lying around – the PLP will grasp at them.

  8. swing voter says:

    that secret plan works just fine for me…..to be honest I’ll vote for poop on a stick than to see the island facing another 4 yrs of clueless overpaid MPs making stupid decisions, reversing the decisions, and giving us bs excuses why they did what they did…..kinda reminds me of my 8 year old kid

  9. New Norm says:

    Seriously you idiots, who cares if they had a “secret plan?” Any good business would have a plan and possibly restructure themselves after failing with a product (or in this case an election.) It would be poor business practice to not “watch the video tape of a football game after you lost” – you’d want to know what you did wrong and come up with a plan to play better for the next game.

    Or here’s an easy to understand example so the idiots can all shut up about this and move on to real issues: take the dried fruit company SunMaid (they make raisins and prunes etc.) Prunes had a reputation as an older generation product and were losing market share compared to other dried fruit products. The geniuses at the company decided to RE-BRAND “prunes” as DRIED PLUMS. And guess what, sales increased. The product is still the same and is still a very healthy part of ones’ diet. It had an image problem so they changed the image.

    What’s the big deal if the UBP felt they had an image problem? Perhaps they did so they took charge and changed it. Some of the faces may be the same but they are still good for our country. They still want what is best for Bermuda and it’s people. I applaud them for keeping up the fight.

    (And let me just stop you there before the unintelligent with no retort start calling the OBA prunes. Don’t waste your breath, it’s not really a funny joke. It was an analogy of a solid business plan.)

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Never would anyone call the OBA prunes but , the expected end result could be the same for the re-branded OBA as with the consuming of the dried plums . smh while lol

  10. Plato says:

    Lol is the OBA a joke? I think so, poorly done Dunk, bad taste, wrong timing in these serious economic times, this show the disconnect between the Haves and Have nots which the OBA represents.

    • Come Correct says:

      Maybe in your mind, in my mind the disconnect between the haves and have nots would be supposed men of god having $160,000 contracts to consult themselves, while the have nots still have not got a thing. I could walk down parsons road and point out to you numerous people that could have used just a slice of that 160g while I run out of fingers an toes to count them on…just one road. By the way has Pasta Bean paid that money back yet? Sorry but it looks like the joke is on you…and me…and anyone else who isn’t friends or family.

    • Chum says:

      Get a life Plato, Michael is not one who has run the country into the ground and looted many millions. Anyway, I think his tweet shows the shallowness and ridiculousness of the PLP daily attacks – a party with fourteen years in power should be running on its record.

    • navin johnson says:

      Plato the real joke was the idiotic Darius Tucker Secret Plan Press Conference.

  11. SpinCycle says:

    The only jokes here are the aforementioned article, which I must admit is in a little poor taste and timing, as well as the PLP supporters who feel that this useless government has done something for them other than removed opportunities. When the economy is good we all have the propensity to do better. Get with the program, NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING! Only the go getters get anywhere. You know why Mr D is a have… because he works 16 hours a day at the dairy and spends a fair amount of the other 8 trying to make Bermuda a better place. Until you realise that initiative is free, and the only thing that will take you places, you will go nowhere! Stop dragging the rest of us down with you!

  12. Sad says:

    They want to know the plan because they don’t have one. PLP is full of LIES!!!! What happen to not renewing work permits after 7years especially if one is not an asset to the company or Bermuda??? You got MP’s out there renting empty homes so they can run for certain consistuatcies. I am so afraid to see what our island gona be like if they get onto power. They are not representing the people’s party well at all.

  13. Jahma gibbons says:

    If I paint a horse black and white is it a zebra now? NOPE ITS STILL A DAMN HORSE!I’m not against the OBA but I’m not for the PLP either.Seems to me the PLP have been caught in to much scandal and have poor money management skillz!!

  14. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Hey Mr. Dunkley! You got jokes!! On a serious tip, I hope the OBA does win the election. We desperately need a change.