29-Year-Old Pembroke Man In Critical Condition

December 6, 2012

A 29-year-old Pembroke man was found lying injured on the ground outside Woody’s in Sandys early this morning. He was taken to KEMH where he is listed in critical condition in the ICU and the police are interested in speaking with anyone who may have information on how the man was injured.

A police spokesperson: “Around 12:45am on Thursday, December 6th police and first responders attended a reported medical emergency outside Woody’s Bar & Restaurant in Sandys parish. Details are unclear at this time; however a 29 year old Pembroke man was found lying injured on the ground outside the premises.

“He was treated at the scene by EMTs before being taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance. At last check the Pembroke man was in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

“Detectives are interested in speaking with anyone who may have information on how the 29 year old Pembroke man sustained his injuries. Anyone who can assist is encouraged to contact the Somerset Police Station on 234-1010 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. Obvious says:

    Check the cameras

  2. Webster says:

    do they have cameras ? what the hell is going on at woody’s

  3. Gofor says:

    Wat the hell he doin up their ??? That’s playing Russian roulette if I’m ever seen it

    • Friend says:

      I wish people will not think like this…he is an amazing young man and father that his kids mean the world to him…it shouldnt be his from pembroke and cant come west if thats the case…its cool time will tell and if this was someone committing and assult it will come out some way…and if so this person should feel so bad for what they have caused his sons to be in alot of pain.

  4. Cousin says:


    • Friend says:

      I agree…this is sick and all to do is pray for him that he comes through this and if someone did this to him…they better pray no one gets a hold of him.. lets keep him in our prays and hope he pulls through this for his sons,family,fiance,and friends…

  5. Black Un-employed Bermudian says:

    My prayers are with this young man and his family.

  6. Shut it down says:

    Firstly, my prayers are with this young man and his family. It really hits close to home as I had a similar incident happen to my family when those wannabe thugs pulled a gun on my fiancee and beat him up. No justice was served.
    Secondly, I’m sorry but if the owner had any sympathy as to the destruction that is going on in this country, he would close up shop. I understand it has been there for years and is a community staple for residents of Somerset, but unfortunately it has turned into a breeding ground for these gangsters that are ruining our country! There is no way that he can turn a blind eye to the number of incidents that have occurred there recently! I hate to say it but, these M.O.B guys must be… It truly disgusts me that these LITTLE boys get away with this stuff. People need to start speaking up and stop protecting these cowards. And yes they will probably just find somewhere else to hang out but why make it easy for them? Close down or at least make some amendments to your operations, make it a members only establishment, for example. Eventually they will have no where else to terrorize and maybe stay inside and out of trouble. They will get what they deserve, one way or another, and I truly hate to say this, but society will feel no sympathy.

    • Street smarts says:

      So I guess all court street and town should close up because it’s a breeding ground for parkside. People Should be able to go where ever but right now it’s a war so you have to choose the places you travel carefully. It’s sad but we bermudians let this happen no one else . It’s our children, brother,cousins that are doing the dumb s;;t . Stay in your lane

    • Raised Eyebrow says:

      It’s a business and it didn’t happen on Woodys ground so why should they close because of hooligans. People still go there so they will service the people who CHOOSE to still frequent the premises. Then it would be a few more people out of work al ya’ll would have that to grumble about get a damn life. Woodys is a great place to hang out unfortunately due to some recent unfortunate incidents it has been marked but that by no means suggest they should close! ARE YOU MAD…Some people talk simply because the have holes in their face or in this case because they access to the internet. SMDH…If you dont want to go there then dont go SIMPLE

  7. Shocked says:

    What has this island come to? Again and again I’m disgusted that this place is what I call home. The place I used to boast about is now a breeding ground for violence and crime.

    The Bermuda once we knew has gone, all we can do is hope (and vote) for justice for the individuals that did this.

    My thoughts and prayers are with this young father- my wish is for a full recovery. To his family, loved ones and children – the power of prayer is important, keep going- my thoughts are with you at this terrible time. Keep your heads up and stay strong. No parent or child should have to face this.

  8. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    Wow, this is totally incredible. One should be able to travel wherever and whenever they wish. I don’t care if you’re 2 or 200 years old.

    My heart goes out to this gentleman’s family (especially kids), and now to hear they have had to fly him out of the island. My prayers are with you guys. (i mean that too)

    I remember the good ol days of reminising with friends about all the different places and different things we would/could do on the island. Neighbourhood soccer matches/softball matches. Massive marble tournaments. 10-12-15 of us sitting off on the rocks fishing. Laughing and giggling at who caught the Slippery Dick fish or the Black Joe.. Even the good times up at Woody’s. (it used to be THE spot). SAD SAD SAD. Dang – I guess I’m just getting old huh!!!!

    What kinds of stories will the youth born in the 80′s and 90′s be able to tell their kids. Not one piece of GOOD.

    Thank God I’m a 60′s baby. I don’t how you young guys do it, not being allowed to go here or there. There has got to be something better to do out there.