Accident Involving Police Car In Devonshire

December 5, 2012

Earlier this afternoon [Dec 5] there was an accident involving two cars at the junction of the Middle Road and Montelier Road on Devonshire. One car involved was a police car, and we unofficially understand the police car may have been responding/reacting to the armed robbery in Flatts this afternoon and the subsequent search for the suspect.

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  1. i gotta be me says:

    Good! I hope the Police caught the bastard(s) red handed!

  2. Probably on his cell phone.

  3. swing voter says:

    oh what the hell, Whats another $4000 added to the national debt gonna hurt anyways

  4. Y-Gurl says:

    “Advanced drivers” can these clowns do anything right

  5. Micro says:

    Passed a bunch of them yesterday (bikes, black unmarked car Corolla, random forest green Mitsubishi jeep) racing east with no sirens on (turned them off bottom of Crawl Hill and continued east). Facking idiots drive like they own the damn road.

    So many times I’ve nearly been hit by these “advanced drivers” overtaking on hills and round corners.