OBA: “Rally An Endless Stream Of Attacks”

December 12, 2012

[Updated w/PLP response] Last night’s [Dec 11] PLP rally was an “endless stream of negative attacks aimed at the One Bermuda Alliance,” OBA C#27 Warwick North Central candidate R. Wayne Scott said.

The rally featured the candidates from Constituencies 24 through 36 including Michael Scott, Dennis Lister, Kim Wilson, Randy Horton, Scott Simmons, Stephen Todd, Zane DeSilva, Jonathan Smith, Lt. Col David Burch, Marc Bean, Dale Butler and Lawrence Scott.

Our 2.5 hr webcast replay of last night’s rally is below, drag the bottom bar to fast forward:

Mr Scott said: “Tuesday night’s rally at T.N. Tatem School was a telling reflection of the Government’s election campaign to date – an endless stream of negative attacks aimed at the One Bermuda Alliance saying absolutely nothing to the people of Bermuda about the problems they face.

“There were nearly a dozen speakers and yet nothing was reportedly said about growing jobs, making neighbourhoods safe again, reducing Government’s massive debt, reforming education or turning around the economy.

“If the Government spent just half the time on the problems of the people that it has spent attacking the OBA, people might have a better idea of what it’s for in this election.

“But the rally showed a Government thinking more about itself than the people, with no mention of the future, no discussion of ideas and no solutions; making it more clear than ever that this election is about more of the same with the Government or change with the OBA.

“I was canvassing in a neighbourhood with the sounds of the rally coming across, talking with out-of-work residents who felt they’d been abandoned, with no one listening to them and everyone wondering about how they were going to find work again. The disconnect between the Government and the people is deep.

“The OBA has put forward a comprehensive Jobs and Economic Turnaround Plan to grow 2,000 jobs for Bermudians. We have put forward plans for safe neighbourhoods, great schools and making Bermuda more affordable.

“It’s about jobs, jobs and more jobs, for a society based on economic and social equity, leaving no one behind. Let’s end the negative politics. Let’s use this election to move forward together. It’s time for change,” Mr Scott concluded.

Update Dec 13, 8.07am: A PLP spokesperson said: “We are not surprised that the OBA is criticizing and opposing an event that attendees viewed as positive and uplifting. The OBA has consistently opposed, criticized and rejected virtually everything positive advocated and achieved by the PLP.

“The rally featured PLP candidates talking about how we’ll create jobs and opportunities for all Bermudians. It featured speakers talking about building a fairer Bermuda that doesn’t work for just the privileged few, but, for all of our people.

“We talked about how we stood strong for Bermudians during the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression by helping our seniors get affordable doctor’s visits and medication. We talked about how we introduced the EEZ to help our job creating Bermudian small businesses in areas that need it most. We talked about providing DayCare assistance to working families.

“We talked about our vision for the future which includes creating job opportunities for Bermudians with the One Stop Career Centre, Job Corps Bermuda and the red carpet for returning graduates. We talked about growing our economy by establishing a bond market and bringing in new types of international business.

“That is what the rally was really all about. We encourage the OBA to hold rallies of their own to allow the public to have the opportunity to see and hear what they are really all about.”

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  1. Blurt says:

    Well said Mr Scott.

    The PLP politicians have been spiteful, insulting, disrespectful and very empty….they will lose the election because the divisiveness, spite, childish insults and repeating of incorrect statements show that the PLP think we are brainwashable and stupid. We can see through their weak electioneering. Won’t get fooled again.

    • Out of flight says:

      What a load of rubbish. He was not even there. while he might have watched the video coverage it is obvious he did not hear jokes, ideas and many suggestions of what we would do. Maybe he fears he will lose again. Or maybe he also knows he is a black surrogate or what they really wanted to say but could not say.

      • bs says:

        They act like a bunch of clowns!

        • Nanny Pat says:

          I’ve never been more embarrassed to be Bermudian after watching this disgusting video. Have we no shame? Have we no class?

          These people are pathetic and an embarrassment to us all.

      • Sandgrownan says:


    • i gotta be me says:

      Frankly, I thought Kim Wilson had more class. And I KNOW Michael Scott has more class! Why these two continue to align themselves with these jokers is a mystery to me.

  2. swing voter says:

    Like I said, rallies are theatrical performances that appeal to the party base. Swing Voters wouldn’t attend as we simply look at the facts on paper and quietly make a decision. No emotional bs….just the facts

  3. Private Pyle says:

    Fast forward to 1:57:00 to see Lawrence Scotts silly dance. :\

    • rumandcoke says:

      I urge everyone to take a look at this rally. Thanks Bernews for the video.
      “Be afraid, Bermuda. Be very afraid.”

    • frank says:

      you oba fools don’t know how to have a little fun real black people always dance when they are happy

      • Argosy says:

        Looking at the PLP’s record and the state we are in, I have to ask you what’s to be happy about?

        Oh, I forget. The message is “whatever you do, don’t mention our record because it sucks.”

      • i gotta be me says:

        uh…. wow….

  4. RFK JFK MLK says:

    Chronic Buffoonery

  5. GOD 1st says:

    @ Blurt they have been very disrespectful,spiteful,insulting I agree with you.

  6. SoMuchMore says:

    the plp are dancing and doing a whole lot of crap while the island is in trouble so sad.

  7. Opressed says:

    The PLP/BIU will stoop as low as a snakes belly to try and win. They have no shame. The lowest form of life, from the shallowest end of the gene pool Do not stand near any of them when they start to speak as lightning might hit you too!

  8. Serious Though says:

    Elect OBA and let see what they can do for 5 years…

    • frank says:

      you meen the new upb who don’t give a dam about my black people when are you little stupid blacks out front going to see that you are being used if you don’t know ask your granny or popa

      • bs says:

        Stop living in the past and wake up. Different party, mixed race. Drop the race crap!

      • frustrated says:

        YOU are a racist man frank… If you keep spreading your hate our island won’t move forward.
        “My black people” vs you “stupid blacks” you sounds confused!

      • Sandgrownan says:

        You’re a racist

      • Argosy says:

        So…..when Ewart gave all those major construction contracts to Zane and Dennis, you don’t think your “black prople” were “being used”?

        C’mon, Frank. Really!

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        Ahhh…more stimulating PLP intellect

      • D Jones says:

        Is that all you got, the race crap? I guess so, since it’s all you are about. If you give it up, you might have to do something.

      • tfrm says:

        Frank – you live a very said life of hatred. you are extremely racist adn perhaps you need to get a hobby that stimulates your endorphins – maybe then you would feel some kind of warm loving happy feeling – Geesh man seriously. We are in 2012. LETS MOVE THE HELL FWD. Or keep your hatred to yourself so you don’t taint the hearts and minds of the coming generations with your ignorance and hatred. Yuck -what a dirty attitude.

      • Hmm says:

        If everyone on the island thinks like this, then we have no real democracy. If people think like this, then the government can get away with quite a bit. At least the fact that we are not independent yet means that there are some power checks.

  9. WoW! says:

    This is so embarrassing for Bermuda. Clowns need to get serious! This is nothing for youth to aspire to be. What a Joke! Who runs the PLP campaign? We’re in serious trouble as a country…

  10. Vote for Me says:

    The majority of posters are criticising the PLP rallies. If they are so bad, simply ignore them.

    I can assure you that the OBA will start having rallies within the next 2 elections once they realise the value of energising the voters. Many like to use the US as an example. Obama was well known for having huge rellies, especially during his first campaign. Romney did the same in 2012.

    The examples of criticism show how out of touch some of the OBA supporters are, including candidate Scott. To learn some valuable lessons, you should all attend the next rally at Berkeley on Saturday. Weather permitting the crowd will be exceptional.

    Note also that the optics of a UBP rally with a majority white support base was considered to be contrary to the public image they wanted to portray, thus no UBP rallies. It seems like the OBA are taking the same advice. Perhaps the OBA shold be more comfortable in demonstrating their party’s diversity…

    • Eastern says:

      I guess you’ll find out for sure on Monday night!!!

      • More Confused says:

        A rally at Berkely? Is that Berkely Institute the Government owned school? A Government owned property? The PLP are so full of its own lies it forgets it’s lied. Remember the outrage from the PLP a few weeks ago when the OBA had posters in the buys shelters and the PLP had them ripped out saying there should be no political use of Government owned property?

        What a bunch of deceivers and liars. They deserve to win and have to face their voters with the financial pain that is coming. What’s happened so far with the PLP austerity mmeasures will seem like a band aid compared to the PLP Shock and Awe.

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Not all of the electorate is so easily swayed by bread and circuses.

      Well at least they are partyign this time, as opposed to promising so called “free” handouts.

    • tfrm says:

      It’s got nothing to do with having or not having a rally – it s the lack of intellectual substance of these rallies – excited and energizer the voters about positive changes and what you can do for Bermudians! Not about racism, hating white poepl, speading racism in our society and criticizing the OBA. Oh and being a minister of the Bermuda Government – how about you talk properly and conduct yourself in a respectable manner – what an example of stupidity you are for our youth.

    • Hmm says:

      The PLP is the current government. I don’t think it would be good to just ignore what they say. If they get in again, they are the ones who will be deciding our future.

  11. GOD 1st says:

    @ out of flight What has this rally accomplished nothing. What will the last rally accomplish nothing just noise music, comedians,entertainment ,insults but no solutions that they can use to fix Bermuda today. By the way how many people in this world are black,and white if you have such an issue with color. These divisive tactics to help plp regain power will haunt them, people like yourself are using this document as a weapon of mass destruction to try divide the people . It is not about color wrestle not against flesh and blood it is the demons within people that cause concern. PLP have seriuos issues to face as do others like yourself. GOD loves all his children he created each and every humanbeing in his own image and likeness.

  12. Codfish and Potatoes says:

    If the majority of the voters elect the PLP again, they will truly deserve what they get. The PLP has not put forward any kind of plan to reduce the national debt but rather has said we spend our future taking care of the present, especially themselves. Their radio ads speak to the uneducated and emotional voters and prove that they know intelligent, right-thinking people are already in the OBA camp. The PLP cupboard is empty and they have no clothes. There is only one choice for Monday if we want a future government that will make a change for the better.

  13. GOD 1st says:

    Patrice Minors is still handing out contracts in hopes of getting more votes. .AJW was awarded the contract for the old magistrate court. When you find out who the shareholkders are you are sure to put the puzzle together.Friends and self plan not Bermuda

  14. GOD 1st says:


  15. GOD 1st says:

    @ codfish I am black and i AGREE with you 100%

  16. Filta JP,MP says:

    OBA are dreamers, I’m one of the 27% of black voter u will not be getting.

    • Come Correct says:

      You always have such enlightening things to say. When I grow up I want to be just like you.

    • More Confused says:

      If the OBA get the remaining 73% of the total vote I think that would be enough to sink the PLP.

    • Brad says:

      It’s better to dream if the alternative is a lack of vision!

    • tfrm says:

      Well you Filta JP,MP must love poverty, lack of jobs, a screwed up economy, a racist hateful society, no tourism, blatent corruption (or maybe you are getting something out of it too – you put your ex beside PLP – when this country turns into hell (which was once paradise) I will get on a plane with my family and my passport thank god alloweing me to leave Bermuda and work and live anywhere in Europe and Laugh at you!

  17. Dee (Original) says:

    I am seeeing a certain amount of arrogance within the OBA lately. Craig Cannionier’s temper tantrum the other day turned me right off, just as I was swinging their way. Last night, Bob Richards was downright rude when the reporter asked him a question he obviously didn’t like. As the reporter tried to clarify himself, Mr. Richards talked right over him. I know it’s probably annoying having to answer some questions but be respectful…regardless of whether you’re talking to a reporter, the Queen or the man sitting on a park bench!!!

    • Brad says:

      But you wouldn’t say the PLP are arrogant? Ha!

      • Dee (Original) says:

        @ Brad, did you not read what I said?!!! What the OBA has to understand is that they need to get some of the PLP supporters over to their side. I clearly stated that I was swinging their way and I was turned off. Your comment was exactly what people are always criticizing the PLP for, the “Well they did it too!” mentality!!!! I never said the PLP wasn’t arrogant, and I may in fact agree with you. However, does that mean that I want to also see it in the party I am 80% convinced I want to vote for, and only have a few days to make up my mind the other 20%?!!!

        • navin johnson says:

          Dee you know that is not true….your mind has been made up for you a long time ago…

          • Dee (Original) says:

            Uhhh, you would know this…how? If you had read any of my many comments all over this website you would know this is not true. I don’t know why you felt the need to drop that bit of sarcasm in there, but my vote counts just as much as yours. When I read derogatory comments such as yours, it makes me wonder what you OBA supporters really think of us. Some people are simply not 100% sure, especially if they have always voted one way. Your comment (and the motive behind making it) certainly doesn’t help your cause….

        • over soon.. says:

          Dee does have a point here. The oba cannot do the same nonsense they accuse the PLP of doing. If you say they are arrogant, then dotn be arrogant. try to be as accomodating as possible. You know people will be trying to find flaws, so just up your game and explain yourself to a T. If what you say is genuine and the right thing for the people, then the truth will prevail.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Bermuda reporters & radio hosts are often far from professional & unbiased. It shows in their tenacity in questioning. Those on the receiving end know who is who & treat them accordingly.

      • Dee (Original) says:

        I agree, however that is not an excuse to show your a**!!! If reporters are having you blow your cool, how are you going to handle being in the hotseat?

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          Like refusing to answer so called “plantation questions?”

  18. Dee (Original) says:

    So the OBA can do the same? I thought we all wanted a change….

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Definitely not and they didn’t.

      My whole point is all of a sudden some are are so disgusted with the OBA’s perceived treatment of the media. But not once have any of you spoke with such outrage over the PLP’s refusal to speak to the media when it comes to certain subjects. How many “no comments’ have been provide as a response to legitimate questions (of any Government) or hid behind “plantation questions?

      PS: Richards and Cannonier both answered the questions, despite your protestations.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      And you said your mind was not made up..

  19. GOD 1st says:

    PLP trying to undermind folks with a circus and taunts lol

  20. GOD 1st says:

    A certain talk show host and callers on hott 107.2 are angry frustrated just because Mr. Cannonier chose not to debate. lol you are you seriuosly angry about that lol lol talk about emotions lol

  21. GOD 1st says:

    over 2K lol

  22. navin johnson says:

    acutally it was Ms. Cox and the PLP who chose not to debate..their excuse was that it would not be fair to those who had already voted….that would mean that the other 39,000 of the electorate who had not voted would not have a chance to see a debate.. I think they saw a side of Mr. Cannonier that they did not want to face in a debate…

    • VJ says:

      Well if the previous debates were any indication, it’s probably a good thing(for you)they didn’t. How much embarrassment can the OBA take? She would have cleaned the floor with him!!!

  23. Dee (Original) says:

    @Let me get this str8-I never mentioned Mr. Cannonier or even said which interview I was referring to. You are missing my point entirely…which is that I AM disgusted and fed up with the PLP and I certainly don’t want to see any of the traits I so despise in them displayed by the OBA. Remember it is all about perspective, what offends or turns me off may not do the same for you. Thus, just be on your best behavior period. Every vote will count in the election….

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Understood and agreed…

    • navin johnson says:

      I thought your post of 10:14 referred to Mr. Cannonier by name Dee(original)

  24. Dee (Original) says:

    @ Navin…You are correct. My point was that Mr. Richards wasn’t answering the reporter’s questions.

    The blogger then stated “PS: Richards and Cannonier both answered the questions, despite your protestations” I thought he was claiming I accused Mr. Cannonier of not answering questions as well, hence my reply.

    I’m not above admitting I made a mistake. Anyway, stop stalking me now and find somebody else to pick on geesh…

  25. Xman says:

    The OBA doesn’t have much of a record as the PLP.
    so why are they making all the stupid noise about the OBA.
    Could it be that they feel threatened that the OBA has gained so much support in such short time.
    or have they just realized that Bermuda is in the worst economic situation since before World War 2.
    and they are responsible for it.

  26. me says:


  27. Minister Moonwalker says:

    she was more like billie jean and she caused a scene awoooooooooooohhhhhh

  28. Filta JP,MP says:

    @tfrm, What are you waiting for? Makes sense for you to get your ticket now. You could get an early start to your life in Europe. Have a nice life in Europe. Peace!

  29. Ringmaster says:

    Amusing how the PLP denigrate the behaviour of Craig Cannonier at that crime press conference. Craig responded from the heart to the disrespect afforded by the reporter. No script, just said it as he felt it. Very powerful response and showed he has emotion and feeling about the true issues facing Bermuda.

    No one provokes the Premier in the way the reporter provoked Craig. It would be unthinkable. Just like attacking your Grandmother, it’s just not done so Paula Cox has an easy run.

  30. smh says: