Photo Set #1: Election Day, Candidates & More

December 17, 2012

The lines started early this morning [Dec. 17] as Bermudians finally got the chance to cast their ballots in the 2012 general election. Following a five-week election campaign, thousands of voters began flocking to the island’s 36 polling stations when they opened at Voting will continue until 8 p.m. this evening.

Premier Paula Cox, who called the election on November 9, has said she is confident the ruling Progressive Labour Party will win a fourth consecutive term once the ballots are counted later tonight. Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier, whose One Bermuda Election is contesting its first general election, is equally confident and has said the island is facing a choice of two very different visions for its future. To follow along with all the updates from today see our live blog here.

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  1. 32n64w says:

    Interesting but not surprising that the PLP candidates chose PLP pins to adorn their outfits while the OBA more suitably have Bermuda flags.

    These small symbols of dedication reflect a much larger realty that the PLP ALWAYS put the party’s interests AHEAD of the country while the OBA have and will always put Bermudians first.

    PLP – Betraying Bermudians since 1998; one unemployed voter at a time.

    Bermuda deserves better. Bermudians deserve better. Vote for change.

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Party (i.e. political and rallies) before country with these lot.

      Bermuda all the way!!!

  2. Sandra says:

    They have only worn the Bermuda flags as they are red….don’t be fooled.

  3. KitCat says:

    Whoever defaced the OBA sign is a real classy specimen…

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Just full of class and hate…

      Is this what BDA has come to nowadays? Pathetic zealots.

  4. Let me get this str8 says:

    So far in this election PLP supporters have defaced:

    - Donte Hunt’s business in Par-La-Ville parking lot
    - Stolen signs out of people’s PRIVATE yards
    - Ripped up OBA signs on the roundabouts
    - Defaced Cannonier’s banner
    - Defaced Nandi Davis’ banner

    While the PLP itself:

    - Mandated that Opposition posters be taken down from bus shelters while allowing their candiate’s promotional advertising to stand

    Need I say more..

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      And now Donte Hunt’s banner has been reported as being vandalised.

      Keep it classy PLP…

    • i gotta be me says:

      these things need to be reported to the PRO right? or the governor or what? they cannot be allowed to go unpunished

  5. Amazed says:

    FYI- a reminder from the past
    Latest poll shows UBP AHEAD!!!
    It’s Time for a Change — and Proper Polling Confirms It

    No one said the 2007 election campaign was going to be clean, and this week the PLP have done their best to make that happen.

    The slurs, smears and lies (including highly questionable poll results) have been fast-coming, but the UBP team remains confident and in good shape.

    Last night, we completed a new national poll which is consistent with our polls from recent weeks.

    Here are the results:

    * If an election were held tomorrow, 41% would vote United Bermuda Party, 39% PLP, 4% would vote for other candidates and 15% were undecided.

    * The poll indicated that Michael Dunkley was viewed favorably by 64% of voters, up 2% since the last United Bermuda Party poll two weeks ago.

    * The poll also indicated that Ewart Brown was viewed favorably by 54% of voters.

    * When asked to describe what came closer to expressing their feelings about the election, 49% said they felt it was “time for a change” compared to 42% who said: “The PLP deserves another chance”.

    The poll sample was 401 adults.

    So we have a slim lead at this point, while there is still a large undecided vote. Over the next week, we will continue to spread our message of change, including our plans for good governance, tax relief, help for seniors and crime prevention.

    The campaign is close and we’ll need everyone’s support to give us the victory Bermuda deserves. So be positive and keep working for a Better Bermuda for ALL Bermudians.

    (From UBP e-mail today) 8D

    Here are the results of an ongoing, on-line poll in the Bda Sun. I note that the UBP is on top by a wide margin. Would this mean that more UBP supporters read the Sun on-line… or would it mean that there are simply more UBP supporters on line, period…?? Or do you think that the UBP is really ahead…?? 8)

    If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

    All Bermuda Congress

    Progressive Labour Party

    United Bermuda Party

    Depends on the candidates

    Wouldn’t vote

    Spoil my ballot

    National Liberal Party

    Some things dont seem to change!LOL

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      “No one said the 2007 election campaign was going to be clean, and this week the PLP have done their best to make that happen.

      The slurs, smears and lies (including highly questionable poll results) have been fast-coming, but the UBP team remains confident and in good shape.”

      Exactly, nothing changes. The PLP is more than willing to destroy the social fabric of this island with their constant attacks in an attempt to retain power. Just disgusting, but predictable.

  6. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    (゚o゚)ノ Give me a break no one has been more relentless and on the attack more than the racist whites in Bermuda . Black people have always voted for either or but majority whites have always voted UBP/OBA, AND NEVER EVER SUPORTED THE PLP…ALL of the newspapers and blogs and facebook sites and even face book joke sites is riddled with political bigotry and in huge favor of the UBP/OBA,..

    Lying about this secret document which clearly shows a party that would be sneaky and use manipulative tactics just to gain power in Bermuda yet again. Doing everything to regain power instead of being upfront, the social fabric is destroyed with racist people and hatred at any intelligent person and don’t let them disagree with you then they are considered fuel for the fire.
    Case in point..a number of you racist bloggers are showed your full support for Kim Swan he and his brother .and had nothing but good things to say about your beloved Kim however once he said yes that document is real …oh all of a sudden he was stupid, a liar, a secret PLP supporter and not to mention what you called him in front of your children.
    Just a thought..wehn I look at STAR WARS the good guys always wore GREEN and had GREEN TO PROTECT THEMSELVES…THE BAD GUYS AKA THE DARK SIDE HAD RED AS THEIR COLOR..IJS

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Black people have always been welcome in both parties, while the PLP go out of their way to anounce that they are a black party and nothing more. Even Prem. Cox said that the other day when introducing Pastor Bean as a candidate.

      But I am not surprised that you don’t see the downright hate, contempt and racism directed by the PLP against all of its opposition. Your posts on here are just as bad and if not worse.

      Now attack me and call me names, cause in the end that is all you have.

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Oh and look at how Ras Mykal, Rodney Smith and Cannonier have been treated by you PLPers when they announced their support for the OBA.

      What do you say about that?

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        RAS MYKAL?? bawwww ahahahhaha …this guy knows nothing except pictures and speaking with a fake Jamaican accent while reciting poetry and He is one of those handful of black surrogates used as a front… Second Black people has always supported both parties you saying that they have always been welcomed makes no sense and that is not the issue at hand…and if your white I can bet my life you have never supported the PLP,blacks support either or ..whites support UBP/OBA bottom line, a Black party would mean everyone of them was black and if they was then what is wrong with that, when Zane joined in today’s time He was called by his own people a n___er lover and not just 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 white people but a whole bunch of white people despised him for joining the PLP. You are one of the most racist posters as well str8 you would never address the racism, you will try your best to pass it off like the PLP voters is racist and that white people are the down trodden and the innocent UBP/OBA does no wrong…and all of the OBA/UBP members are the perfect leaders for Bermudas you fail to so see nasty racist ways of your party and what your party displays and you fail to see the wrong in the secret document, lol and you try to end your false post as if you have been attacked all your life and say “Now attack me and call me names, cause in the end that is all you have.”
        As if the posters have nothing more but malice and hatred and are not rational and cannot discuss matters, that is a racist statement with huge undertones of arrogance and filled with bigotry. When in fact it is you who are name calling and constantly attacking PLP on all levels.. Nice try but it doesn’t work str8

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          “Black party would mean everyone of them was black and if they was then what is wrong with that”

          So why call an OBA a white party when it is a much better representation of BDA’s population then the PLP ever has and ever will be more than likely? They are not all white in the IBA, but ignorant and hate-filled posters such as yourselves continue to label it as such. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e?

          “You are one of the most racist posters as well str8 ”

          Hahahaha. Pathetic labelling and accusations is all you have and all you can stand on. Tell me why I am racist. Is it because I have the audacity to criticise the PLP? That defense is old and worn out just like your nasty and divisive mentality.

          • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

            Oba is not a white party it’s a party that uses black people to disguise the white people who is power hungry…why you don’t address the secret document??? The whites that is in the OBA/UBP used manipulation to form the OBA, THEN DENIED IT but then was proven that they were lying and that the document IS REAL ..and further show me where I said oba/ubp is a white party??
            Jesus said Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”
            By you neglecting the document shows that you defend wrong and that you are in support of a wrong, and what you gave is not proof of what a hypocrite is, and now you try to attack my intelligence by asking if I can spell as if your superior in knowledge than me. That’s a old trick that the slave masters use to use and by asking me if I can spell you should take the LOG out of your eye and the words is spelled l-a-b-e-l-i-n-g and c-r-i-t-i-c-i-z-e
            Can you structure an acronym correctly ??its OBA/UBP…not IBA.
            PLP supporters criticize the PLP party that’s what a supporter does but you have no criticism whatsoever of the OBA/UBP?? Strange. And hurry up and take that log out of your eyes .

            • Come Correct says:

              Every post you ever submit is based on racism. Why is that? You have no intention of ever defeating racism, you and others would rather keep it alive. I have criticisms of the ubp and criticisms of the plp because theyre doing exactly what the ubp did, just the opposite way around. I cant critisize the oba on this because they havent been in power or used race as an advantage to my knowledge. Now you will bring up the document. We all really know what its about and the document leaked over the internet was fabricated, there was a document none the less, we all knew this. The fabricated document was put out for the sole pupose of division. The word surrogate has a variety of meanings but anyone can twist just about whatever they like to suit thier own means. If the “secret document” is all you have to go off, well…well i dont know because if i say anything I’ll be a racist. My main point to all of this is, and I’ve said it before, at what point does it end? At what point do we realize we are a bunch of different PEOPLE stuck on a 22 mile island but all share one thing in common… WE ARE BERMUDIANS! WE SHOULD BE F@CKIN PROUD TO BE BERMUDIANS. I dgaf who runs this island as long as they do it for Bermudians and its clear that the ubp and the plp are incapable of doing just that. At what point do WE as BERMUDIANS rise up as a common people and demand more from our pathetic politicians? Every last one of us knows that there are quality candidates in either party with INTEGRITY that get pushed to the back seat. WHY THE F@CK DO WE ALLOW THAT?! AT WHAT POINT DOES THIS DIVISION END? AT WHAT POINT DO WE DEMAND BETTER FOR ALL OF US? Please, if there is a racist thought in your mind, we are surrounded by water, go drown yourself, so the rest of us that would like to co-exist with eachother can do so in peace.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          “Second Black people has always supported both parties you saying that they have always been welcomed makes no sense and that is not the issue at hand”

          Are you slow or just pretending? If one group of people is continually ostracized and denigrated by a specific organization due to the color of their skin why would you expect them to join?

          So that is exactly the issue at hand. Black Bermudians have had the luxury of being accepted, integrated and welcomed by all Parties. White Bermudians have not.

          Let me leave you with an excerpt of Dr. James’ speech in 1967 about the PLP’s approach to race relations. In 45 years your Party still refuses to change.

          • Let me get this str8 says:

            Speech by Dr. Clarence James at the City Hall on 11th October 1967.

            My Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen:

            My appearance here tonight stems from a longstanding interest in race relations which began in 1948 when I first went abroad. At that time I was clearly a product of a rigid dual system of education. This segregated system was even developed to the point of granting scholarships under different names. There was the Bermuda Scholarship and the Rhodes Scholarship for white children. There was the Bermuda technical education scholarship for coloured children which I received.

            Once abroad, I suffered through a period of adjustment to an integrated educational environment at McGill University. This adjustment took real effort on my part for the first year or two. I also became keenly interested in the problems of racial discrimination in general and especially those problems as they affected Bermuda, my home. Dr. Gordon, and others, made Bermudians aware that the root of the problem was the lack of universal franchise, which particularly affected the coloured segment of the population. This I believed, and still believe, to be an accurate appraisal of the basic cause as far as Bermuda is concerned. So, I followed with interest the events which led up to the mixed land and universal franchise used in the 1963 elections. I returned home just prior to these elections. I actually joined the P.L.P. at that time because I felt the party was sincere and completely in support of racial integration in Bermuda. I vigorously supported the protest against the lack of true universal franchise and the gerrymandering of the electoral districts.

            But during the succeeding years, I sadly noticed in the P.L.P. a growing movement to abandon their early claim to foster racial integration. They developed an increasing and persistent dissociation from all sincere efforts to promote racial integration in such a way as to produce results. The P.L.P. trend has proceeded in recent months to the point of a virtual hate campaign. The hate campaign, if allowed to gather steam, will eventually lead to a division of the races and to destruction of Bermuda. Of course, I left the P.L.P. when I found they were bound in this direction.

            It is now clear that the P.L.P. programme of distortion of the truth is but part of a hate mongering campaign which actively seeks to divide the races. The hate attempts to cover up for the irresponsibility and incompetence of P.L.P. leaders themselves. It creates a frame of mind which would constantly distort a true assessment of what is fair and what is unfair. It breeds civil disorder, disrespect for law and order, and eventual anarchy. Already P.L.P. leaders have instructed Bermudians to break the law, and P.L.P. leaders are now asking their followers to save their money. Could they be actually planning civil disorder and disruption of the economy where there may be no jobs for the very workers they say they are representing? Make no mistake about it, in any disruption of the economy, naturally, politically, or hatefully induced, it is the working class that will suffer the most not because of any malicious intent of those who are relatively more advantaged but because of the general rule that workers have less in savings and fewer alternative job opportunities

            • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

              So you mean to tell me that in 1967
              1 in 1963 PLP was formed seeing a threat that black people who where fresh off from segregation would be in a position to be in governmental leadership the UBP was formed 1 year later in 1964

              Shortly after the PLP’s formation, the constitution of Bermuda was altered to focus on party politics, and a General Election was called on 22 May 1968. In the election, the party was soundly defeated by the newly formed, conservative, United Bermuda Party. With all the sneakiness that went along with trying to get into a leadership position there is no wonder why Dr James left and Joined the UBP WHO HAD INFILTRATED into the plp and tried to break them. Citing this speech does nothing but show the lengths that UBP would go to remain in power ..and it worked for them for over 30 years. PLP gets in power and all the whites go on an endless attack and use all their power to defame and make any black leader of the PLP look bad
              and you misqouted the speech and left portions get a point across..why did you leave out the rest??lol

  7. Private Pyle says:

    Why does Terry Hodgson always look so terrified? C’mon dude.

    • CHEEKUMS BIE says:


  8. If You Only Knew says:


    Stands for Organized Bull Shi–ng A——S.

  9. M.R. says:

    when asked to have a joint picture taken with Craig Cannonier, Paula Cox refused. Not even looking at the constituent who asked her.

    Now THAT is classy.

  10. 32n64w says:

    What is up with the dude holding the PSAT/NMSQ prep book (a manual that prepares high school students for the preliminary version of the SAT college entrance exam)?

    Is he trying to make a statement that the PLP are still preparing to be a capable Government … after 14 years of trying? I don’t get it.

  11. I still love y'all says:

    It’s a shame that as a young black Bermudian, I have to keep my opinions to myself when at work just so that I don’t offend my own ppl or be referred to as a house n#cc&.. At the end of the day, we all live, work, and socialize together, and if u really look around, there isn’t outright racism, because if you’ve ever been to any place in the city, we’re getting along quite fine in the nightclubs or at different functions. It’s just put on blast at election time to make ppl vote based off their emotions, but end of the day we will still be quite cordial and friendly to each other tomorrow (unless PLP lose and decide to get nasty). The one thing I’m disappointed about the PLP is that they know how to win but they’re showing that they don’t know how to lose.. The very thought of them losing scares the living sh!t out of them. As a former PLP supporter its sad to see what they’ve become and if we don’t hold them accountable we’ll watch our beautiful island turn to sh!t. And to dat bie “cheekums bie” if u could point me to where the racists whites are, I’d be grateful and I’d like to see it for myself, because from all accounts the whites that I’ve come across have been very friendly and polite, whereas I find my own ppl to be more racist, I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes and it’s embarrassing.

  12. kevin says:

    Race race race that is the only subjsct the PLP are good at …someone please tell me when does race run a country ….you have failed and we only hope you will go back and actually admit you screwed up we have failed as a country because you were actually voted back in 2007 and you have put us in such a state that we will take years to get out ….PLP came into power no debt no unemployment and a pretty steady economic position where are we today …………. no words needed you have failed …lets see how smart the electorate is

  13. Proud Bermudian says:

    Finally the day when race does not matter, I mean if a white man beat our premier! oh my plp something to think about!