Photos/Video: OBA Supporters Celebrate Victory

December 17, 2012

Approximately 18 months after its official formation, the One Bermuda Alliance won its first general election, sweeping to a 19-17 victory at the polls. Supporters gathered at Vasco after the polls closed, where the mood was jubilant, with a sea of red flags waving as people celebrated the victory.

The OBA won 52 per cent of the popular vote with the PLP taking 46 percent and the record field of 15 Independent candidates just two per cent. In numerical terms the breakdown was 15,928 votes for the OBA, 14,186 for the PLP and 628 for the Independents.

The 19 winning OBA candidates and constituencies were: #1 Kenneth Bascome, #2 Nandi Davis,#4 Suzann Roberts-Holshouser, #7 Sylvan Richards, #8 Cole Simons, #9 Trevor Moniz, #10 Michael Dunkley, #11 Bob Richards, #12 Craig Cannonier, #14 Glen Smith, #19 Jeanne Atherden, #20 Susan Jackson, #22 Grant Gibbons, #23 Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, #25 Marc Pettingill, #27 R Wayne Scott, #28 Jeff Sousa, #30 Leah Scott, and #31 Shawn Crockwell.

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  1. SoMuchMore says:

    Time for Change! Glad you all can Celebrate, Congrats! You have my Backing!

  2. status! says:


  3. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Champagne still flowing on this side of the “pond” (USA)!!!

    Never been a better day to celebrate a new beginning for BDA… Hey Brown, Burch and Commissiong – you can kiss my you know what!!! Up your nose with a rubber hose!!


  4. TheViewFromHere says:

    Well done OBA.

  5. Lets see what you can do OBA? says:

    Whites voted on race………and black swing voters, voted for their wallets to be full again. People needed jobs. You can have all the heart you want PLP, but people need to eat and the country needed a change. If the OBA can’t keep their promises…………this will happen to them in 4 – 8 years.

    • Who done it says:

      What? Whites voted against being marginalized by the racist PLP tactics and their wallets.. Maybe the PLP will stop this garbage and start to be inclusive and not divisive

  6. Interesting... says:


  7. maybe says:

    To all the negative people that are still stuck on race being their biggest gripe, I say to look in your own families at your racial make up. I’m sure there are some white and other ancestors in your family, so leave race out of it. The people of this country have exercised their right to vote and select who they want to change the path that this country is on. For the record I am of mixed heritage and proud to be Bermudian.

  8. Erica RM says:

    Well said maybe…well said. We are ALL on this Island together regardless of who leads…sink or swim we do it as a Country. I too am Proud to be Bermudian and proud to call you my friend.

  9. loveone says:

    that room looks like the Bermuda I live in. People of all colour loving and rejoicing in our beautiful community. Congratulations OBA.