Photos #2: 2012 Christmas Day At Elbow Beach

December 25, 2012

Hundreds of local residents made their way to Elbow Beach today [Dec 25] to celebrate Christmas Day. The annual tradition gets underway in the morning and continues throughout the day.

The turn out resulted in what the police termed an “over abundance” of vehicles parked on South Road, and prompted them to warn that violating vehicles will be ticketed and run the risk of being towed.

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Comments (22)

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  1. Between de lines says:

    Only a handful of black people I see.

    • Overseas Bermie says:

      Between de lines im a white Bermie…and never went Beach on xmas day…dis is an expat thing….95% expats are White,,,!!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      So…..And your problem is??? I see a whole bunch of people who are renting homes, buying groceries, paying taxes etc.

      I don’t care what you look like. I want to thank you for being here in spite of the Between de lines that unfortunately live here too.

    • status! says:

      @betweendelines—-why would black people be going to the beach? for “christmas”?duh?the ones there have obviously united with someone of that persuasion..we have families to visit and congregate with as well as friends tht are housebound, this celebration is not a black thing anyway.

    • Will says:

      strange how i only see people having fun
      besides..there is a load of Asians there as well..but i guess they aren’t important to acknowledge in your single track mind

    • Boom Bye Bye says, 'me no deh pon dat" says:

      u need to get a life.
      black people dont have time to be EVERYWHERE, especially on a beach in december. its an expat thing let them do what they want. and yes im black.

      • foldgers says:

        erm…. i used to attend the family got bigger had to you know.. scale back.. did not know my black face was soo important to some people.. hmmm.. maybe next year ill find out what time the pictures will be taken, run down,, show my face , you know… so certain people can actually see the good time being had by all.. instead of counting colours…sad… narrow… ignorant..

    • Douglas says:

      You are an idiot!

  2. Colourless says:

    I see people having fun. Who cares what colour they are!

  3. Will says:

    lol the dog in picture 12 is seriously stoned off his face

  4. skippa says:

    All that nasty booze drinking and carrying on doesn’t impress me!
    Jesus is the reason for the season not Goslings.
    SICK BUNCH- hell awaits!

  5. Tank Rain says:

    Skippa, Make believe places and gods don’t scare most people. Get a life instead of bracing for a make believe after-life.


    Tank Rain

    • skippa says:

      hell awaits you – and the rest of the drunks
      you just might be the anti-christ – your big big day is Holloween.

      • American Zero says:


        In your little book it says Jesus turned water into wine…therefore if you do not drink you hate God.


        Not the Anti-Anything

  6. Mama Jones says:

    um,maybe all the black Bermudians have the privilege of having their family near by to spend Christmas with???? Just a thought!

  7. Bermudian says:

    Nice to see people having a good time, why not try Horseshoe next year and save getting the tickets. Enjoy!

  8. So Tired says:

    They’ve been at Elbow for years. Leave them alone. Bothering you?

  9. bir says:

    happy you guys had a great time spending x-mas on Bermuda Beach…