UK MPs “Disappointed” About Election Observers

December 12, 2012

According to the transcript from the Overseas Territories Governance debate yesterday [Dec 11] in Westminster, two Conservative UK MPs said they were “disappointed” about the Bermudian government’s decision not to have UK election observers.

The Bermuda Government responded, saying reports that they refused requests from the Governor and/or the UK Government to allow Election Observers to be present are inaccurate, as no such requests have been directed to the Government of Bermuda.

They also noted that they laid out their position in the 2011 response to the OT White Paper consultation, which said: “Bermuda has a strong, vibrant democracy supported by good governance and accountability.

“In these circumstances, the Government of Bermuda would wish Her Majesty’s Government to acknowledge this fact and not involve itself in any attempts to institute election monitoring in Bermuda.”

Speaking yesterday in the UK, Conservative MP Mark Simmonds said: “I have to say that we are slightly disappointed that Bermuda has not recognised the need for election observers.

“The Governor of Bermuda has suggested to the Premier that as a sign of a mature, advanced and open democracy the country might invite an external independent team — perhaps a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association group — to observe its elections, but unfortunately the Government have decided not to do so.

“I raised the issue with the Bermudan [sic] Attorney-General and Minister of Justice last week, and she assured me that she would reflect our views to the Premier. Interestingly, the example I gave her was the comparison with North Korea, which the hon. Member for Dunfermline and West Fife mentioned earlier. It is a positive sign, rather than a negative one, to accept external election observers.

Conservative MP Sir Alan Haselhurst [pictured] said: “I think that we ought to promote as standard the idea that there should be available to the territories, first, the possibility of election observation missions and, secondly, post-election seminars.

“It was therefore rather disappointing — I do not know whether the Minister will be able to comment on this — that the Bermudian Government in the end decided that they did not wish to take up that possibility. It ought to be seen as a non-threatening exercise that is of positive value in the territories involved.”

For the full text of the debate in the UK please see here.

A statement from Government about the matter said: “The Cabinet Office advised today that reports that Government refused requests from the Governor and/or the United Kingdom (UK) Government to allow Election Observers to be present for next week’s General Election are inaccurate. No such requests have been directed to the Government of Bermuda.

A Cabinet spokesperson said, “Bermuda certainly values its important relationship with the UK as there are significant areas of cooperation and mutual benefit between the two jurisdictions.

“As it relates to this particular matter of election monitoring, the Bermuda Government clearly and publicly articulated its position on the issue one year ago. It is referenced in the Introductory section our December 2011 response to the OT White Paper consultation as point number 10:

‘10. The final point relates to the democratic principle of non-interference in domestic political affairs where there is a long history and tradition of stable government and seamless transitions between different administrations following general elections.

Bermuda has a strong, vibrant democracy supported by good governance and accountability. In these circumstances, the Government of Bermuda would wish Her Majesty’s Government to acknowledge this fact and not involve itself in any attempts to institute election monitoring in Bermuda.’

“This continues to be Government’s stance on the matter,” the Cabinet office spokesperson concluded.

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  1. Bullseye says:

    Here it was simply the messenger. Had the offer been from Caricom then the response may well have been different.

    • Terry says:

      Cedar beams…..

      • keeping It Real says:

        This is a very sad day for the Cayman Islands. This is not the time to take a critical position of rejoicing at a man’s misfortune in his day of adversity.
        There are still those among us that are concerned for what happened to the Honorable Premier McKeeva Bush on yesterday morning.
        I as a Caymanian,It is with great concern as I witness this sad occurrence that
        is so harmful to the Cayman Islands and to Mr. Bush himself as he is a human being just like the rest of us. We are also concerned for the premier’s safety and his family as well.
        Unlike the naysayers who rejoice at the downfall of another. I do not partake in
        rejoicing at someone’s downfall whether they are wrong or right. God is the ultimate judge, and He will make the final decision.
        even though the governor assured everyone that the take down of Michael Missick is unrelated to the arrest of our own Premier Honorable McKeeva Bush;As a Caymanian, versed in the UK’s dirty tactics and their subtle, and underground operations, I am most concerned for Mr. Bush’s safety and well being and so should every Caymanian as well.He is one of us regardless of what is going on in his life.
        We now have a constitution and a bill of rights enacted in 2012 (November) to be exact.
        Unlike many ignorant Caymanians, the liberals are unceasingly lobbying the UK, and the EU to push for gay rights for lesbians, homosexuals, transgenders, gay marriage, abortion and every corrupt lifestyle that can be conceived seeking legislation to accommodate it all birthed from their liberal agenda. The UK in turn is the home of liberalism of the basest sort and has been pressuring Mr. Bush to force his hand to install their liberal pipeline of sewage through the territories to meet the demands
        of special interest sleepers that live among the innocent simple minded people in the territories,such as our beloved isle the Cayman Islands.
        We have been far too trusting of these new comers into our island. Most of them are only using the Premier, and afterwards; hang him out to dry. He must be leery of
        who he trusts and befriends. Its time to stop doing favors for these people and begin to focus on our people.
        The public should keep a keen eye on things to ensue the safety of the Premier demanding answers from the Governor and the RCIP to ensure his continued safety as these investigations continue. We do not want any more surprises.
        The RCIP and the Governor must be aware that the Government is fully responsible for ensuring the safety of the Premier as a high profile individual a government official, and are mandated by the Caymanian people to ensure that the Premier and his family are “SAFE” at all times.
        We have taken note on the recent unprecedented announcement on this week of the unaccepted condition of the prison and the also recent complaint of the Commissioner of Police that the Central RCIP Lockup is also an unsafe place to retain individuals.
        Therefore the public will be keeping a watchful eye to see just how well the Premier will be accommodated while being held for questioning during this investigation from time to time.
        Therefore in my opinion a high ranking official under house arrest would be in a safer position than being held in any two of the government locations for remand accommodation.
        Mfr. Bush has done nothing different from other legislators in the past.
        However, his safety is of paramount importance. RCIP AND the governor must assure the public that the Honorable Premier is safe and has the security detail necessary to protect himself and his family.
        It is common knowledge that the Premier is a “Thorn” in the side of the UK government
        where their liberal agenda for the territories is concerned therefore we are not too surprised at this sad news
        But lets be clear the UK is anxious to take down the premier as he has been the great pillar standing in the way of the UK and the EU spreading their liberal ideologies that promotes homosexuality, gay and lesbianism, transgenderism, gay marriage, abortion, dissolution of Christianity and a cult take over as well as abolishing traditional family values..The UK is now a liberal jungle that embraces such disgraceful and liberal ideologies which is against the Godly and conservative christian culture of the people of the Cayman Islands..
        The PPM leader Mr. Alden McLaughlin will never stand up to the UK on these serious issues facing our constitution and bill of rights when the UK decides to strike us with them. And when the sleepers in our midst invade us at midnight on these issues
        as we keep granting them work permits and Cayman Status they bring their
        liberal agenda with them to destroy our beloved Cayman Isle..
        Mr.Ezzard Miler is the other choice but he too will be challenged to answer what is his stance on these serious liberal issues facing this territory and how he would handle the UK on this, and will he?..
        If you understand political science as I and others do, you will indeed take careful note that we have now a new constitution and more importantly a ‘BILL OF RIGHTS.”
        Trust me there are liberal sleepers, lobbying the UK on their liberal
        agenda seeking to push it through. Moreover, the UK must get Bush out of
        the way in order to see this through. You have no idea just how tough Mr. McKeeva Bush is on these issues as he fights the UK on this front saving our children from being swallowed up by the destruction of this liberal agenda sweeping the nations in search of a license to condone an alternate lifestyle of everything we were taught not to believe and not to accept as a way of life.
        However, if Bush is to be replaced we will heavily vet those who seek to replace him.
        I invite the premier speak to the people, and also state his feelings and his intentions,
        There is a surprising amount of concern and sympathy for the Premier coming from even opponents who refuse to join the bandwagon of people rejoicing at the Premier’s mishap, and he is still supported despite the situation hanging over his head..People still love the premier and wish him and his family well whatever he decides to do it is his perogative.
        We love you Mr. Bush God bless you and we will continue to pray for you.
        Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
        Rejoice NOT
        when thine enemy falleth, (into this mischief), and let not thine
        heart be glad when he stumbleth – When he meets with any thing that
        injures him; for God will not have thee to avenge thyself, or feel any
        disposition contrary to love; for if thou do, the Lord will be angry,
        and may turn away his wrath from him, and pour it out on thee.( YOU)
        This I believe to be the true sense of these verses: but we must return to
        the sixteenth, as that has been most sinfully misrepresented.
        For a just man falleth seven times – That is, say many, “the most righteous
        man in the world sins seven times a day on an average.

    • swing voter says:

      “Bermuda has a strong, vibrant democracy supported by good governance and accountability.”

      LOL that is to funny…..ummm everybody is very aware of our recent (last 8 yrs) record of “accountability”

    • Out of flight says:

      We rejected a free trip for those guys .
      We have never had a single issue in any of our elections. They clearly wanted a free ride. With the UK cutting down on their free trips they are vexed and now feel the colonies should show some respect and payment for use of the British passport. It is as simple as that. Name one example of “bad” Bermuda election activity. You can’t. We have always had the highest standards.Before the PLP and after…not one example of some impropriety.
      If so name it. YOU CAN’t. so it is obvious they wanted to use CPA money and have another joy ride.
      The Governor is new to Bermuda and should be ashamed of himself to even think of inviting them.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        You have not been around very long have you?

      • Pastor Syl says:

        Actually @ Out of flight: There are numerous stories of election tampering going back to the days of the UBP: ministers of the church placing the X of several older people in the wrong box, against instructions; persons who have stated, “if you want my vote, you have to pay me $50 like so-and-so did; people taking cell phones into the voting booth, taking pix of their vote and conveying it as proof to a candidate for the payout.

        Even if these are not true, the fact that they are circulating is enough to justify an independent oversight. In Bermuda, rumours usually have at least a smidgeon of basis in fact.

  2. swing voter says:

    umum….can anybody pronounce T-U-R-K-S & C-A-C-I-O-S?

    very good… now can you say M-I-S-S-A-C-K ?

    bueno….now can you say C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N?

    excellent….now say A-R-R-E-S-T-E-D ;-)

    c’mon swing voters…please connect the dots before 17th Dec

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      That is a stupid comment and a dumb comparison – seriously, I expect better from you.

      • swing voter says:

        umum where have you been for the last 8 yrs?

        • Blurt says:

          All under the Cox finance minister years too!!!!!!!!! She was ranting at that Rally, makes you wonder how desperate she Is that the truth doesn’t come out.

    • Cross+roads says:

      Like !!

  3. The Professor says:

    It’s obviously easier to tinker when no one is looking over your shoulder…

  4. Cross+roads says:

    The Bda. Government is telling you nicely they are hiding something.

    • Webster says:

      I wonder if our new Governor can over ride our Premiers decision ?
      I sure would love to see the U.K. come to BDA to overssee our elections.

    • Voter says:

      Worth following the link. The transcript takes quite a bit of reading, but interesting reference made to people taking pics on their cell phones to prove how they voted and receiving monetary rewards … among other things

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        @ Voter,
        The transcript,although rather lengthy makes for interesting reading.
        Some people claim the use of camera phones for this purpose was common practice here during the last election.
        So I assume it is up to the Governor and Commissioner of police to prevent their being taken into the booth. (if it is illegal)

  5. Facing the music says:

    I can go to the Parliamentary Register right now and without even trying hard find more than a dozen registered voters who just happen to be PLP diehards who have been incorrectly registered for more than 15 years.

    It’s hardly any surprise that the current government doesn’t want overseas election observers.

    • Brad says:

      Don’t talk about it report it.

      • Yes Facing the music. why didn’t you report it and by not reporting this criminal act you could be an accessory to a crime. Did you realize that? This is where the saying comes into play. “When good men do nothing, bad things happen!

        If this Government was not hiding something, they would not object to having the election monitored. And why do we stand by and let them get away with it?

      • Concerned says:

        I know that many persons are registered in my area and have made note to the candidate in my area only to be told the PLP have argued that these people are living in said addresses – ‘
        HELLOOOOOOO!! no THEY ARE NOT and never have.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      One thing the PLP government definitely doesn’t want is any outside scrutiny. Hence the harassing of government auditors and accountants.

      Who would be surprised if they rig elections?

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Why don’t you do it and present the evidence to the Parliamentary Registrar? I know why and that’s because you’re lying (again)!!

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        LaVerne, shouldn’t you be busy complying with the Media Council order, rather than wasting your time on the internet calling other people liars? After all, it was actually the Worker’s Voice that was lying.

      • Voter says:

        Because in the past the information has been ignored

      • Noel Ashford says:

        LaVerne – as usual, your mouth opens void of fact but rather full of venom.

        As someone who chaired the UBP election efforts in District # 10 last election, you know full well what happens. I canvassed houses in Loyal Hill that had 10-15 people in one small cottage!!! When asked where they were – they slammed the door in your face.

        People you can safely ignore THIS lie… I have witnessed it with my own eyes and yes had to go to the registrar to remove them. The PLP definitely doesnt run a fair game. We all know they lack ethics – they tollerated a quasi dictator in their own party for how long again?

        LaVerne – Here’s 5 cents – go buy a clue.


        • Tolerate says:

          Wow, with comments like that Noel, it makes me ask two questions.
          1. Why would it be mentioned by UK MP’s if it was not so.
          2. Would the current Government not look at this as an opportunity to show the voting public the election process is carried out correctly.
          I mean, what are we really opening the door to if in fact; the subject was raised? Seems a positive step by UK to show interest in ensuring the election process is carried out without any one crying foul once completed. The current government has repeatedly stated there is nothing to hide. This would be a great opportunity to prove this and move forward. I don’t believe their involvement would imply otherwise.

          • Tolerate says:

            Just another note; so was the request made to the Government of Bermuda or not? Not to open another can of worms but the response states “no such requests have been directed to the Government of Bermuda”.

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      Voter fraud is fairly common in Bermuda and has been for a long time. Furthermore, both parties take advantage of sloppy registration and verification procedures.

      eg. At the last election, one person voted in Paget, drove to Warwick and voted again, true story!

      • Out of flight says:

        That is a lie. and if it was true the Parliamentary Registrar knows nothing about it because I called and asked him. while it is possible for a Kevin Bean to do it because there are so many, it does not warrant a group coming here for ONE example. Why are you so silly …..and…..

        • The Truthsayer says:

          What are they afraid of then? The British Government would pay for the trip. Better to be safe than sorry.

  6. me says:

    Very Very scary!

  7. Terry says:

    Ask the Accountant General…………….
    Follow the money.

    • Someone should send the Governor a copy of these comments. And what’s with the Accountant General administrative leave? Does she know something that they want to cover up?

      This Government complains about the past UBP administration, but whatever the UBP did that was not right, this bunch have taken their dubious administration to a new level and perfected it. UBP couldn’t touch them in suspicious dealings with a ninety foot pole!

  8. Family Man says:

    Its not like they would ever try to deceive us would they?

    • Terry says:

      Um steel ragistered at Paget Island………………….bwahaaaaaaa

    • SoMuchMore says:

      of course not! LOL

      so sad. the uk needs to step in and see what is really going on here.

      • Concerned says:

        Me thinks they are/have connected the links from down south to de north.

  9. george says:

    watch out bda, i see another plp election deception coming on monday as i keep on saying The Plp Intend To Win The Next Election; Virtually

  10. Argosy says:

    Hardly surprising with this lot.

  11. Just wondering says:

    So where exactly is the Accountant General? We all presume that she has been sequestered away so she cannot be asked, or answer, any awkward questions which might just make everyone realise that there is nothing left in the Government’s coffers for her to count.

    • Good question and that’s what I want to know. If that was me and if she does know something that they are trying to hide, I would sing my head off like a little yellow bird, but who knows, maybe there have been threats, you can never tell and some people can’t handle this type of pressure.

      • media says:

        The Accountant General’s leave is because of a completely separate issue. Not great, but not what people imagine. I understand why people might make assumptions but you shouldn’t in this case.

  12. de ja vodoo says:

    TRANSPARENCY is a FOUR letter word to this Government!

  13. WhatAboutUs? says:

    Did I miss it? What ever happened to the Accountant General?
    Rumour was that she was going to release financial facts to the public?

  14. jt says:

    It is dead easy to register in a constituency other than the one you live in and an I.D. with an address is not required to vote. The system is wide open for abuses.

  15. Uh oh!!! says:

    Funny, and to think Mr. Markham, one the key advisors for the PLP until supposably recently, was an election observer for Belarus last year! Just makes you wonder what does this present PLP Government have to hide??? You would have thought, they would have wanted to show off how wonderful Bermuda is in compared to other British Dependent Territories that have been in the news lately for corruption issues.

  16. Concerned says:

    pull out the brooms from the plantation’s store room and let’s sweep up de droppings from de donkey stable. something smells and it’s not right. Come on Governor, overstep the Premier and let’s do things the right way – to much nonsense been going on for years and it is now time for it to stop.

    • Terry says:

      HE has to follow the Constitution. He (HE) is.

      Very simple. Vote the PLP back in; and open a Marine store selling lifejackets.
      Vote for OBA and a few Independents and things will change slowly but for better.

  17. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    “Bermuda has a strong, vibrant democracy supported by good governance and accountability. In these circumstances, the Government of Bermuda would wish Her Majesty’s Government to acknowledge this fact and not involve itself in any attempts to institute election monitoring in Bermuda.’”

    Just a look at our headlines over the last few years, from RG, the Bda Sun and Bernews, (not to mention the blogs – since they are an obvious sore point) would alert any one who is not wilfully blind that this government’s ‘good governance and accountability’ have been less than optimum.

    Does Britain have to wait for an invitation from the Premier to come and observe? If it is the Premier’s governance that has come under question, surely it is inconceivable that she would invite any kind of independent observation. Can the people of the country invite independent observers? Can we appeal to the Governor?

    There is far too much that is questionable about the governance of this island over the last 5 years or so. Just the fact that there were queries about financial misdeeds and the country is so very deep in debt, debt that has mounted suspiciously swiftly, yet the Auditor has yet to be given full powers of subpoena should raise a multitude of red flags.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      After just observing your posts for many months and genuinely trying to understand where you’re coming from, this is the most revealing. If you live your life by the headlines then I now understand you clearly. So, on the basis of the headlines alone and the accompanying stories, you’ve devised your political ideology? That is sad and speaks volumes about why the media do what they do; its for folks like you. I get it now.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Maybe the British Government could enlist you and your brother as observers. Certainly, both of you seem very fair and unbiased when speaking or writing on political matters.

      I often wonder what happens to people like you to make you and Bryant Trew do a 360 degree turn-around when it comes to your political leanings. Is it personal, or is it ideological? I mean, anyone with just a little bit of common sense would not judge any political party on the headlines in a newspaper, especially the Royal Gazette and the Bermuda Sun.

      I certainly would not put Bernews in the same category as those two media outlets. That’s an insult to Patrica Burchall, whom I believe is very fair in her reporting. Bernews was the only media outlet who contacted the BIU for a response to the recent KFC release. I will say that is par for the course for Ms. Burchall. As far as the bloggers, who like you continue to spew venom, I don’t think that there is much that she can do about that. I can only imagine the number of blogs that she has to delete on a daily basis.

      If you believe that an appeal should made to the Governor, why don’t you do it? Maybe it could be a joint missive from you and your brother.

      As far as your remarks about debt, I’m just wondering if you have ever incurred any in the last few years improving your own perrsonal infrastructure. I know that I have, but like the PLP Government, I’m managing it.

      And you’re proud to sign your name as “Pastor Syl”!! Give me a break!!

      • Who wrote the report? says:

        180 degrees is what I think uo meant Ms. Furbert

        • LaVerne Furbert says:

          Sorry about that. I’m not a math person. But thanks for your correction. It took me 8 years to graduate from Bermuda College because I couldn’t get the math. I stayed the course though, and in 1998 I was presented with my associates degree.

          • Family Man says:

            And we see how low the bar was for that.

            • Come Correct says:

              1998 huh? Interesting… Pssst, Laverne, your faces are changing again —–>

      • Navin Johnson says:

        They do a 360 Laverne because they are honest

      • 32n64w says:

        “Bernews was the only media outlet who contacted the BIU for a response to the recent KFC release.”

        So in the lat year how often have Workers Voice journalists contacted the subject of their articles for comment in advance of publication? Please list in detail the communications with dates, questions and responses.

  18. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    One would think if there was nothing to hide, we’d be proud to have independent observers. We could show the world that we are not the ‘banana republic’ folks are saying we have turned into.

    • Terry says:

      Irony Pastor Hayward we did export Onions for many years.
      Now we export people.
      You’ll get it.

      • Grubster says:

        Yes, especially exported marketing and advertising people. My children are far too young to vote, but we have to turn off the radio every time that childish PLP advert about the OBA engine in the car (or whatever it is) comes on. Even the kids find it embarrassing, as “nobody really talks like that”. PLP, stop being immature even with getting observers in, it is embarrassing.

        • Logic76 says:

          Could not stop laughing when I heard that advert.

        • soooo ashamed says:

          i agree. i have stayed away from majority of the ads. real easy dont watch local tv and never listen to radio. but my son has been following the ads. his is 15. after the last ad with the puppets or something he was enraged and said how childish it was and how it wanst relevant to what is going on in the island. a 15 year old can get that. the plp as usual is playing to the people. they know who their target is and bermudians dont tale this the wrong way but it is the older under educated people that they can inipulate with past wrong and pull race with because they have felt it. we need to as a people to let go of the past and figure out how to move forward. PLP are making promises that havent been thought out and laws that will inturn hurt the people they think they are trying to protect. i dont know who i am voting for but i certianly know who i am not voting for.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      That’s why I’m suggesting that you and your brother be independent observers. Who are the folks who are saying we are “the banana repulic”? Bermuda certainly could not be termed as a “Banana Repulic” with you and your brother as residents.

      By the way, do you have any banana trees growing in your yard?

      • Grubster says:

        Really not trying to be funny in any way, but just wondering if someone could enlighten me to the real definition of what is a “banana republic”

        • Logic76 says:

          A banana republic is a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource (fruits, minerals), and usually features a society composed of stratified social classes, such as a great, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy, composed of the élites of business, politics, and the military. Certainly not this country! We have nothing to export, though we continue to act as if there’s still money in the bank…when IB leaves they’ll turn off the lights on the way out.

        • Jim Jones says:

          A Banana Republic is where you go to buy overpriced jeans and cargo shorts.

    • Webster says:

      Pastor Syl, I agree with you why not bring in some observers ?my concern is we could end up like the turks and caicos…or the Cayman Islands !!!!! Whats up with these leaders ? is it all about money ? and to hell with the people and their concerns

  19. ABC says:

    i laugh

    キタワァ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


    dat glass gonna be shatter soon ull thrown 2 many stones

    • v!nce says:

      no chance mate…
      where you think the debt came from
      shatterproof glass

      • The Truthsayer says:

        Debt came from the PLP…and if you don’t believe that you’re a dumba$$.

  20. Kim Smith says:

    Ah… so it sounds like there were some crossed wires and, no doubt, we would welcome independent observers, yes? And anyway, under the circumstances of all the problems around the world with voting results, perhaps they can just come anyway.

    All I know is that if the PLP wins this election, we need to look closely at the ballots because I cannot imagine that could possibly be the result.

  21. Kim Smith says:

    In my opinion if the PLP wins this election, we need to look closely at the ballots because I cannot imagine that could possibly be the result given all of the problems we have had to manage over recent past especially.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Kim, obvioulsy you have never voted before. Both the OBA(formerly the UBP), the PLP, and the returning officer in each constituency has a chance to look closely at the ballots.

      • soooo ashamed says:

        it is funny how you continually say that about OBA but have you looed a the PLP and the number of former UPB that have passed through those ranks. please grow up. i dont know who you are but some of us look at people as people. not race gender or party. just people and make up our mind that way. mayber you should too. stop looking for a conspiricy. because Satan is alive and will show you something. even in your closet im sure if some one want to look and find the six degrees of seperation. look at people for who they are as individuals and stop lumping anyone together. please.,

      • just a thought says:

        Comprehension must not of been a strong suit either. It took you 8 years to get math, you are obviously still grappling with the Comprehension because you continue to state the OBA (formerly UBP). Well hopefully for the next 8 years they will be in power and you will have plenty of time to finally get it right.

        Your comments just prove you cannot do anything but live in the past. Draw a line and get over it!

  22. Vote for Me says:

    This is really a non story. No matter who you support politically, there are no actual or imagned allegations of electoral fraud in Bermuda. Interestingly enough, there are stories of the former administration using vacant apartments to allow voters to register and therefore swing votes in their favour.

    With regard to headlines, they do not allegations prove. We have a system of Police, Prosecutions and the Courts to find guilt or innoncence and it is ridiculous for anyone to suggest that the system does not work.

    For financial information, it is disclosed by teh Ministry of Finance and not the Accountant General.

    Note also, OBA have refused to deny that the author of the ‘secret report’ is currently working for them!!

    • Terry says:

      Vote, you one sick dood.
      Spin spin spin………………….
      Someone has to report abuse of the system.
      You gonna complain yah lame ass?
      Drink some more koolaide wif yah mates.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      The DPP is the only one that can bring such charges to the fore.

      And which Party politicized this position which essentially eliminated the independence of this most crucial position?

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Sigh. The DPP is appointed by the Governor. When the Constitution was last amended the post of Attorney General was made a political appointment. The DPP remains independent and appointed by the Governor in his sole discretion. The current postholder is a Brit so you and many others should be overjoyed.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Also, note the PLP has not denied that their long-time consultant Michael Markham wrote a report for them about how to use race in an election.

      VFM, when you talk about the “secret report”, you mean the report that Michael Dunkley spoke publicly about and denounced in 2009, right? That’s the “secret report” that you’re referring to, right?

  23. Who wrote the report? says:


    Did we have election observers in 2007?

  24. Hmmmmm says:

    Where were the British when people had two votes and some only had one (i.e. 1998)? Where were the British when plane loads of students of a certain ilk were flown in to vote? Where were the British when newly minted expats were given the vote without even knowing the difference between North Shore and South Shore just because they were British? Where were the Brits when constituencies were so gerrymandered as to virtually legislate guaranteed, safe UBP seats?

    I guess its the same old same old. McKeeva Bush is arrested for corruption, abuse of power and theft. Meanwhile HSBC is fined for “invalid compliance”. Its true what they say: they embezzle, we steal.

    The Brits need to observe their own elections where for Police Commissioners they elected people with 5% turnout and all family voting for a candidate. There’s enough to do in Limey Land without coming here for 71 degree December weather.

    • Terry says:

      Man you sound like smoking gun.

    • Jackson says:

      Hmmmmmm – the Brits played by the rules though. The fact that there was only a 5% turn out doesn’t invalidate the results. If there had been a 100% turn out with 95% spoiling their papers the outcome would have been the same, no?

      My thought is that surely the opposition parties here should have a say in whether the election is observed. You have to admit, denying that opportunity does smack of having something to hide, doesn’t it?

      You carry on thinking the way you do while your brothers and sisters are robbing you and your family. If you find yourself broke, you always have the option to move to the UK…..

    • v!nce says:

      i’m pretty sure two wrong do not make a right. but being that you mentioned some voting discrepancies from previous elections, perhaps you should use your facts as a case FOR having british observers here.
      you would think that anything that can be done to ensure that the outcome of this vote is a true reflection of the democratic process would be done.

      • Like It Is says:

        see your point, but we have no need.

        this story has no real relevance and makes me think it could be something more to do with payback over the brothers from gauntanomo bay? maybe, cause all my life I think nmostly all of the population has been ok with the voting process and to my knowledge never had this problem, I think its a shame and makes us all look bad when our country is a repectable law abiding jurasdictiion.

        wouldnt you say?

        • v!nce says:

          oh, me personally, i do not have an issue with our election not being monitored. but when people begin to question previous elections, it makes me think that they have an issue with it not being monitored. however, if it is observed then there is no doubt over result.

          power can make people do some crazy things, such as abuse positions and take advantage of trust. bermuda as a whole is currently suffering from being retroactive community as opposed to a proactive one.

          so in this case; the retroactive approach would be to have an issue arise from the voting practice. the proactive approach would be to prevent the issue from arising to begin with.

    • Lemar says:

      So Bermuda has a history of ‘dubious’ (read: ‘unethical’ but not illegal) election practices and you don’t want independent observers to watch our upcoming election? Why not? guess when the shoe is on the other foot all is now good… The saying that we’d rather be robbed by a ‘black’ government rather than a ‘white’ government rings a bell… But I’m just a house n#$%#r, so ignore all of this.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      HSBC was fined $1.something BILLION for their invalid compliance. That’s about as much as our debt!

      It is because of rumors of shady dealings in the past by both parties that we should welcome the chance to clear the air. I don’t know if anything was ever reported, but to date, nothing has been done to definitely clean up our electoral process – from registration ID all the way through balloting and the counting of the votes.

      @ LaVerne: In no way could I be considered an impartial observer as I have been quite vocal in my distress with, and distrust of, the ruling party…as you know quite well. I guess that is another example of your so-called satire. Ha-ha. Even if I were to be as honest as I could possibly be, people would feel within their rights to have doubts about my integrity, especially given this hostile climate.
      I have made it quite plain as to why I feel as I do, on several occasions. If you don’t understand it yet, I feel sorry for your powers of comprehension, as they would appear to rival your ability to manage computation.

      • Pastor Syl says:

        that should read “definitively clean up our electoral process”

  25. Y-Gurl says:

    The PLP don’t want anyone observing anything they do, and we all should ask the question why they refused impartial observers that are smart enough to spot “irregularities”

    • Like It Is says:

      because there are no irregularities.

      where are they?

      what election?


      come on be fair and just STOP this nonsense.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Oh right they are the honest party with no criminal background, and no criminals in their ranks and have been transparent…oh must be my bad, the only nonsense here is your refusal to see reality and truth

      • Rick Rock says:

        Funny. The posters saying there are no electoral problems here are probably the same people who would swear up & down that Gore was robbed of the 2000 US election.

        If there are no irregularities, there would be no problem having observers, right?

        Just to check. And make sure. And verify. We don’t want any ‘problems’, do we.

      • The Truthsayer says:

        So if there are no regularities then they will report that. What the F are you scared of?! You be FAIR and STOP this nonsense.

  26. LaVerne Furbert says:

    I think that the last time that I heard that there were “international obversers” at an election was at the first election after apartheid was abolished in South Africa. Where there any observers at the last election held in the U.K.? Maybe Pastor Syl and the rest of you can refresh my memory as to which countries/islands had observers at their election. Maybe you can also tell me who requested the “observers”. As I see it, it’s just another play of the OBA (former UBP) to distract the voters. By reading the reponses on this site, I see that many of you have been distracted. All you need to do is go out on December 17th and vote for the party of your choice and accept the result once the votes are tallied. Hopefully by the Pastor Syl will have been chosen as an independent observer for the constituency of her choice. Or maybe His Excellency will allow her to appoint 35 of her parishoners to observe the 35 other constituencies. That is, if there are 35 people who attend her “church”.

    • Like It Is says:

      I agree.

      I think many Bermudians sensationalize alot!!

      And for any one to even think that people will be tempering with balotts and this has nevr happened or even been seen to happen is soo very sad.

      I mean to all the people who are saying this is taking place when no inkling of this has ever been detected and we have never had a peoblem with this, why would you insinuate that there is just to create doubt?

      I mean dont you have any respect of being fair?

      What are you creating for your country when you know this has never happened, why would you want others to think of us in that way?

      This whole situation really, really hurts alot because, this just brings us all down, and it isnt even true.

      feel sad right now, really.

    • Jackson says:

      I don’t understand your standpoint Ms Furbert. Surely a transparent party such as yours would have nothing to hide and would welcome observers to prove that point?

      You mention that the last time you heard about “international Observers” was in South Africa in the post-apartheid election. Well, let me update you. The following is a list of countries which have welcomed observers:

      Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro)
      Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
      Bosnia and Herzegovina

      To avoid being usneccesarily verbose, suffice to say there are a lot more than that, but you get my point.

      Actually, you know what? Take a look at this document B)

      (OCSE Election Monitoring Report)

      • Rick Rock says:

        Don’t confuse LaVerne with facts. The only one she remembers is South Africa, so that must mean it hash’t happened anywhere else.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        LaVerne has made up her mind. Don’t confuse her with the facts.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      From the transcript (apparently even the US had observers last month):

      It is worth bearing in mind that having election missions is now the norm rather than the exception. Just last month, the United States had a delegation from overseas, including at least one Member of the House of Commons, my hon. Friend the Member for Preston (Mark Hendrick). I know that the hon. Member for Rochford and Southend East has taken a great interest in Africa, and many African countries have
      11 Dec 2012 : Column 10WH

      such delegations. Territories and nations that do not have election observers from elsewhere run the risk of opening themselves up to questions such as, “What is it they have to hide?” Perhaps the Minister can enlighten me, but I think that there are very few countries in the world that do not have election observers; North Korea springs to mind. Perhaps he can think of a slightly more exhaustive list, but I think it would be a very small list of countries. Any electorate that has elections coming up should ask why they do not have election observers coming into their country or territory.

      • Who wrote the report? says:

        Well N. Korea is always a good country to be paired with…I guess

        • Family Man says:

          They don’t like companies without a social conscience either. We DO have a lot in common.

    • Anon Ymous says:

      Belarus had international observers in the recent past, Mr. Markham should be able to enlighten you on how it works.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      LaVerne: as anyone who actually speaks to me knows, I don’t have a church, I have a ministry, a social justice ministry. I also counsel individuals who express a need.
      Bermudians erroneously got the impression that the church I wanted to form was to be a “gay” church. Hence those who are LGBT and are in the closet were not interested. Those who are already “out” have, for the most part, already been so damaged by traditional denominations, they are not interested in church. Heterosexuals fell into two categories: those who were afraid to attend because people might think they were ‘gay’ and those who only wanted to come so they could identify who was ‘gay.’ Wonder which category you would have fallen into?

  27. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Speaking yesterday in the UK, Conservative MP Mark Simmonds said: “I have to say that we are slightly disappointed that Bermuda has not recognised the need for election observers .

    He’s right they should be here . Especially as the OBA will be a case study for the future political science major who would wish to know how it was possible to kill a major political party (the UBP)in a fully mature jurisdiction and calmly and efficiently move on , with their full support base , without carrying any of the foul baggage of its former self . This scenario is nothing short of miraculous , and has never been executed so precisely in the history of politics anywhere . Well done UBP/OBA . I tip my hat to you !

    The should come anyway .

    • Come Correct says:

      Serious though, how much are they paying you, or is retirement that boring?

      • Like It Is says:

        how much are they paying you?

        how much are they paying me?

        how much are they paying…?

        You sound silly saying that, its old, nobody is being payed.

        • Y-Gurl says:

          You ask some stupid questions, are you sure you understand the issues

    • Tolerate says:

      Exactly, they should. This is not a slight at either Party.

  28. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ Hmmmmm: Perhaps I should have said the stories, allegations on both sides, the general turmoil (I haven’t the patience or time to detail each one, there are so, so many) would indicate that the Premier’s statement is, to coin a favourite word, “disingenuous.”

    If you can’t figure out where I am coming from given what I have written – and even I admit I have been copious, I don’t know what to tell you. Simply put, I grew up a staunch PLP supporter in a PLP supporting family. My parents had high ideals and believed the PLP reflected those ideals. I have voted PLP all my voting life.
    However, I do not like race baiting. I do not appreciate important questions not being answered especially when asked appropriately. I don’t like diversionary and divisionary tactics. I don’t like pointed fingers to deflect from difficult question. I question why the lack of transparency, why the Auditor General is being muzzled (by not providing her with full powers of subpoena). I don’t like feeling suspicious. I positively HATE being in debt and not knowing how it is going to be paid – on both a national and personal level. I have a tenant on Financial Assistance. If the government has no money, how will I pay my mortgage? The bank will take my property. If the government defaults, who then takes over the island? Ask yourself that?? And if you have answers, you know more than most of us, and that is part of what is really scary.

    In one of my past lives as an addiction counselor, I used to tell those clients that objected to being drug tested that if they were clean, the drug test should be a source of pride – proof that they are living sober lives. It backs up their word. They already know their word is suspect, based on their history, so an independent corroboration is a benefit not a curse. It is only those who are afraid they will fail the test who see the test as an imposition or feel the need to get angry about having to take it.
    Pick the bones out of that.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Thanks for responding. I’ve thought about how to answer you so here goes. I’m sure that you do not agree with every stand taken by your activist brother. But he is still your brother and while you may privately or perhaps publicly chastise him, he is still your brother and nothing will ever change that. Political ideology evolves, it does not get turned on its ear. If it does, it means one was never really a believer in the first place. I am not entirely satisfied with the PLP; especially under Paula Cox, but there is no way I can be made to turn to the OBA because at their core, they can never represent my political philosophy or the core values I believe in. The PLP is manned by imperfect people, but the core values that resonate with me remain theirs and not the OBA’s and can never be. People cannot allow themselves to be so influenced by the steady diet fed to them by the media in this country. We have to be independent thinkers and have more depth to our being than to be swayed so radically on something so fundamental as a vote. To achieve a better PLP does not mean voting OBA. This campaign waged by you and others online seems to be “we’ve heard nothing good so they must be bad”. Respectfully, that’s not only bad politics but its bad period. I can say with some degree of confidence that barring some personal details, every question which the conspiracy theorists say has not been answered has been; the question is, has it been reported and do we know where to look.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        What I want to know is what Syl Hayward’s brother has to do with HER posts. When ideology gets turned on it’s ear, it is most likely a case of a person who is deserted by the party. My father used to say, “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me.” There have been years of awaiting the possibility of a better PLP. What we have gotten instead is a progressively worse PLP. What you see in these posts is not so much an online campaign as people expressing the fact that they are fed up with the ineptiude of the present Government. People are deathly afraid to admit the failure of the PLP. It is only a failure if you allow it to continue on its present course. Election monitoring is the norm. Transparency is the norm. Watch dogs of governments are the norm. Bermuda is stuck in the 19th century in so many ways.

      • Pastor Syl says:

        @ hmmm: Since you have brought my brother into the conversation, let me say categorically that there is very little that he does that I do not agree with. We have much the same value system, as instilled by my mother, the same values that have not been in evidence in the PLP for far too many years. I came back to Bermuda 4 years ago and sought a PLP Pembroke branch meeting for 2 years, including requesting at Alaska Hall that I receive notifications when branch meetings and other party events were being held. I ran into Neletha Butterfield once by accident and was told of an event to take place the next day (for which I was already booked) and that was the sum total of my awareness of PLP activity in Pembroke.

        Since that time, I have seen and experienced increased racism and race baiting (including being called a house n***er to my face because I was a part of the march on Parliament after Dr. Brown snuck the Uighers in under the noses of not only the Brits but his own Parliamentarians! I have seen profound arrogance, disrespect for individuals and the Rules of Parliament, sheer rudeness and I am sure I don’t need to mention the secrecy, which touting the passing of PATI. What a twisted document which actually hinders public access to information rather than creates transparency. Please tell me when the Auditor General will have full powers of subpoena??

        If you think I am basing my rejection on headlines in a newspaper, you don’t know me and you have no respect for my intellect and powers of reasoning. Unlike Ms. Furbert, I have a Bachelors and two Masters Degrees, accomplished in aggregate in 4 1/2 years…with ADD no less (impacting my ability to concentrate and be organized).

        The campaign, if you will call it that, has been begging the PLP to be transparent, to answer legitimate questions clearly (we shouldn’t have to search, the answers should be easily available) without resort to name-calling, racial remarks and finger-pointing. Y’all lost me at “Well, the UBP did it.” Two wrongs will NEVER make a right.

        • Pastor Syl says:

          “I am sure I don’t need to mention the secrecy, which touting the passing of PATI.”

          That line should read “WHILE touting the passing of PATI.”

  29. blankman says:

    What exactly does Paula think they’ll find?

    • bermudian through and through says:

      how would she know? she’s just a cog in the wheel. remember????

  30. If ya got nuffin to hide then ya got nuffin to worry about….

  31. William Sidis says:

    LaVerne – you are truly pathetic in every way imaginable. Poor soul.

  32. w%$rstupid says:

    All i see here are oba idiots making excuses for the election loss on Monday

    • Kathy says:

      Love your name @wpplrstupid (white people are stupid)!!! Can we please close the race card? It is getting very OLD!

      Commenting on the article…

      “The Bermuda Government responded, saying reports that they refused requests from the Governor and/or the UK Government to allow Election Observers to be present are inaccurate”….

      …so, indeed it appears that the PLP would then welcome the election observers if requested? Why wouldn’t you want observers to come and monitor the elections? Is there something you are trying to hide?

      • Family Man says:

        Clearly the plp would ‘welcome’ observers but it might take a few months to process their work permits.

  33. w%$rstupid says:

    How many elections have had observers in the past.

    Come on oba fools, i know you have an answer

    The internet sure has made all you whites brave.sound real big with the tough talk. Get to say what you want.

    Must admit it feels good.

    Hate ya

    • Rick Rock says:

      Dozens, if not hundreds, of elections all over the world have had observers.

      And, though you’d like to think it, it’s not just white people checking black people.

      Bernews, if I were to change my name to something really racist and insulting, thinly disguised by putting a % sign in the middle, I’m assuming you would have no problem with that.

      • Like It Is says:

        The way in which Governments response was put to the UK government seems to have been misunderstood by these two UK ministers and seems a bit like trouble making, the Bermuda Government has no problem with observers to oversee the elections, the Government just stated that Bermuda has a safe and fair electoral process and that Bermuda Government has been very diligent in keeping to this standard.

        The Bermuda Government never refused nor did they be arrogant, they just wanted their good reputation to be respected, Bermuda has been a loyal territory that has never posed a threat even through turbulent times, we are a respectable nation.

        I am pretty sure if the Premier said lets have the observers to quell the nay sayers, not one irregularity would be found, NOT 1.

        ITS not about the OBA/UBP or the PLP, or IND its about Bermudas reputation for good Governance and regulations, that is seemingly being put in the spotlight, and to some degree may have a negative effect on our island nations reputation, at the moment we are trying to expunge certain elements that are threatening our reputation, why would we intelligent people in Bermuda want to bring this forth, when you know within yourselves it is untrue to suggest we have a corruption problem in our voting process.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          Bermuda has a strong, vibrant democracy supported by good governance and accountability. In these circumstances, the Government of Bermuda would wish Her Majesty’s Government to acknowledge this fact and not involve itself in any attempts to institute election monitoring in Bermuda.’

          Sounds like a refusal to me…But then again I don’t speak PLP

  34. Ringmaster says:

    Scary thought. Thanks to the PLP giving out ideas, maybe the UK will appoint “surrogate blacks” so as to avoid detection to watch over the shoulders of voters. Now we’ll need to be careful of our shadows.

  35. Rock Watcher says:

    @Tolrate, before the next election I suggest you volunteer to work in the campaign of your choice, become a branch worker, get out there and see for yourself… names still registered to what is now a slab in the ground.. because the house was demolished 20 years ago. O people who will tell you they want their vote to stay at the area where they lived before.. In the days of Mrs Scott, you worked with the opposite Scrutineer and with agreement the names were removed, and of course often you provided the form for that person to re-register where they were living…. Today it is a travesty what is taking place.

    The yearly registrations under the UBP were for new voters coming of age, for changes of address or due to a change of name due to marriage. People would have you believe it was a total one hundred percent re-registration… more spin!!

  36. Rhumrunner says:

    I wonder how long the UK government can stand by with the feedback they get about corruption allegations in Bermuda before they finally intervene??????

  37. Triangle Drifter says:

    By the time the voter gets to the ballot box it is too late.

    How are people checked for dupes? By license #? By passport #? By address? Is the verification checked in real time?

    What is the PLP afraid of? Deception? Surely the PLP knows nothing about deceiving the voters now do they?