Duerr Surrenders At Somerset Police Station

January 29, 2013

Christoph DuerrChristopher Duerr surrendered at the Somerset Police Station this evening [Jan 29], the police have confirmed.

The search for Duerr began at approximately 11am yesterday after the police tried to execute a search at a Seawall Drive, Boaz Island residence.

Three people were arrested at the residence, and drugs and ammunition were also seized from the house. However, the Police said Duerr “bolted” from the residence upon their arrival, while “clutching what is believed to be a firearm.”

Since that time has been the subject of a massive manhunt in the West End, which has involved dozens of officers from the Armed, Canine and Marine Units. Police were stopping and searching vehicles leaving the area, and conducting various other searches.

Speaking this evening, Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm that Christopher Duerr has surrendered at Somerset Police Station this evening. The Police would like to thank the public for their assistance in this matter.”

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  1. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    and what of the suspected gun ?

    • i bet... says:

      $5 says he gets off because they cant prove he had one..

      • RawOnion says:

        He’ll be locked up because of the drugs and ammo in the house providing someone says it was his.

    • WTF says:

      If him guilty, he can go to jail and then run for MP and become minister of Transport or Tourism. So actually he can go to jail, earn a law degree but he can’t be a police officer but he can have a seat up the other big house la case de assembly.

      • wondering says:

        “like” button

      • RNA says:

        shut up and go back to where you are from

      • Victor says:

        For either political party, it might be added, (though I’m not sure his alleged offence assuming he wiil be charged is of sufficient gravitas for interest from either party)

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Well I can’t say that your lying ! Maybe that’s the projectory of the New UBP .

      • haters never prosper says:

        You people are like crabs in a bucket….cant stand to see someone bypass the mistskes they made in their lives and make something out of themselves. instead of congratulating people all you want to do is pull them down smh. Just because you feel like s%$# and your life is stuck in neutral doesnt mean you should hate on people that are going places in life. Maybe you should take a page out of Shawn Crockwells book and maybe one day you can be where he is instead of sitting on the side hating! at least he his contributing to society. are you?

        • dummy says:

          How is dat fool goin places. Jus —- and u wan us feel sorry ya lil freak? Naaa

        • Justine says:

          well said @haters never prosper

        • Sorry Sir says:

          They have all them freedom in the world to better themselves even in the confines of a prison. I just wouldn’t want a former criminal to work in Government and make crucial decisions that affect my life and the lives of many others.

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ haters never prosper,

          I will never hate on someone for bettering themselves. I will always support that. On the other hand, that does not mean I want this gentleman to be the face of Bermuda Tourism. I believe they could have put him somewhere else.

        • Sorry Sir says:

          Not only that, you open up a door for possible corruption.

          Take that Andre dude, who apparently talks to angels in prison. That guy has been arrested and convicted for fraud. Would you say that because he’s “bettered himself” that he should be a possible candidate for Finance Minister?

          Give me a break dude. Once you’ve been on the wrong side of the law, they’re things that you can’t and/or shouldn’t do. He can’t be a policeman after he’s been incarcerated but he should be able to be a politician?

          • Bermuda Cat says:

            @ Sorry Sir,

            I agree with you. I’m not saying the man does not have the right to work, but why does it have to be the head of Tourism. Could have gave him another job in Gov, where his skills could be better used.

            But I understand where you are coming from with regard to not being able to be a police man, but can run for office. Just doesn’t make sense, but then again, that happens alot these days.

        • anonymous says:

          You miss the point in a HUGE way! The issue that I and so many of my fellow Bermudians have a problem with isn’t that Mr Crockwell (and others like him) has turned over a new leaf and made himself a better person.

          The problem I have is that as an honest citizen that never stepped down the wrong path, I had to make HUGE sacrifices in order to pursue my education. Even upon returning to Bermuda, to the society I have only ever made POSITIVE contributions to, I continued to make financial sacrifices – didn’t have cable TV or eat KFC simply because I know how to prioritize my funds and understand that paying my debts was worth more than those luxuries.

          Meanwhile, my payroll tax dollars were funding someone else’s enjoyment of those same luxuries! I and my fellow HONEST Bermudians PAID for Mr Crockwell and others to get obtain a degree and keep his belly full of KFC and his mind entertained with Cable!

          Before any ignorant commentor decides to rant about how it sounds like I’m complaining about having to make sacrifices to better myself – forget it. I’m not complaining about the sacrifices I’ve made. I’m proud of them and I appreciate the lessons I learned on my journey! I AM complaining that prisoners in Bermuda have the ability to leave West Gate having obtained the same thing as me without knowing what sacrifice even means! All this does is further breed the false sense of entitlement that is growing rampant within our society today. It undermines the lessons that parents and educators try to instill in our youth, that good things only come to those that work hard and make sacrifices.

          • Proud2bBermudian says:

            I have to admit that the argument against Shawn Crockwell as Tourism Minister is a good one. But I think I should take this opportunity to dispel the myth that taxpayers paid for Shawn’s education. That is untrue. His father paid for every dime of his law degree. The prison system may offer certain classes to prisoners or even provide them with the opportunity to get a GED, but post secondary education is not among the offerings paid for by tax payers.. As I said, Mr. Crockwell paid for his son to get his law degree. His father sacrificed for years to educate all three of his children. I hope people read this an stop making that FALSE statement.

            If people want to condemn his position as a Minister that is fine, but please do not speak on matters that you have no idea about.

            We makes mistakes in life, each of us do. Some more magnified than others. But I think it should be every Bermudians aim to help support those of us who CHOOSE to rise above their mistakes.

            • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

              @ Proud: thank you for setting the record straight about Mr. Crockwell’s education. We as a people are very quick to get upset without knowing all the facts.

        • Gemini says:

          Thank u.

  2. MazumboCann says:

    Wise decision

  3. Princess of Bermuda says:

    I am glad he was smart enough to do that. Less panic and mayhem for the public and less danger for himself.

    • blessings says:

      I am happy that he surrendered too because he would have ended up dead leaving his family to morn. Police would have riddled his body the minute they saw him knowing that he is armed. Plus it has been stressful enough with this island going through tragedies and then to have police racing up and down the island.

  4. Smh says:

    I see casemates re-opening very shortly gunna run out of rooms up @ west gate!!!

  5. Did he give in the so called gun to?”
    I dnt think it ova till they find the gun
    But I’m happy he turned himself in now he can’t do any harm with the gun

    • SMH says:

      he cant do harm but its in the hands of another its not safe till the gun is off the street! Smart Choice Duerr!!

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Article says, “what is believed to be a firearm”…
        the same was said in other articles pertaining to this. ..
        The police are not 100% sure what he had in his hand…

        • James Rego says:

          Can’t imagine what they would need all that ammo for. No gun?

  6. RawOnion says:

    So, how did he get across the bridge without being detected?

    • Second says:


      • tricks are for kids says:

        RawOnion asks a legitimate question. ..had the stop n search ended of cars leaving that area? ..there is a bridge he would have had to cross before reaching somerset police station…

        • Moojun says:

          Not necessarily; he could have laid low until dark and then used a boat/kayak, a jet ski, swum, etc. All I’m saying is… a bridge isn’t the only way to get across a small body of water.

          • His lawyer could have also called and said that he will turn himself in.

          • Micro says:

            That precisely was the point. Why wasn’t he detected? Were there not search lights? Were there nobody there overnight? Did the marine unit not maintain proper watch over the waterway? How thoroughly were vehicles searched? Was every vehicle searched?

            Only logical answers are he arranged to turn himself in or the police slipped up.

    • What? says:

      This is it! I was thinking the same thing. That means the police were slacking today. Some man hunt this was that he wasn’t caught going across the bridge.

      • Moojun says:

        Who says he used the bridge?

        • Come on Son says:

          @Moojun How stupid could u be wth u mean who says he used the bridge? how else was he getting across with cops on the water huh stupid? that isn’t a small body of what when u have to swim so swimming is definetly out of the question have u ever been to non marrinors up there just swimming from the dock out to the boats is a hassle so where is he going in freezing cold water just to turn himself in. Yes the HEAVY police presents died down but not ALL the police presents died down so I’m agreeing with Right is Right he could have got his lawyer to call and say he was turning himself in. Once they do that the search is off and he doesn’t have to worry about the stop and search anymore. Either that or when he bolted from his house the first time he headed straight for somerset and stayed until he decided it was time to turn himself in.

          • SINGLE MOM says:

            Lol…”UNBELEIVABLE”!!! SMFH…you are all stupid!!! Or should I say you all sound stupid…first of all who the hell says he left the area in the first place…talking about the bridge and the water and sh*#!! Obviously he knew his getaway …and good he ecaped too!!! Yes he did turn himself in …he was smart enough too do that…cause obviously the Police was’nt smart enough too catch him…not saying that they did’nt “TRY”!! For the record..you should never assume ….cause in the end ,it only makes an a$$ outta you!! Damn Losers!!!

      • It just takes composure n a hoodie. Remember it is cold weather time. He probably spoke as he went by.

        • Fruity says:

          :) I do see the seriousness but can’t help to smile, forgive me..

      • Fruity says:

        **like** and sooo unoddly common in most circumstances..

    • bs says:

      Perhaps the wind caught his ears and blew him across the water.

    • Fruity says:

      hahahahaha this was my 1st & only Question, but thanks for the good show peoples! Again tax entertainment…..poor island

    • Sick and Tired says:

      Why are we so sure that he had to cross the bridge,he could have been on the other side the whole time. And I don’t think any Somerset guys are going down town or any other parish for that matter to hide. Not important at this point cuz he did the smart thing and turned himself in.

  7. New bermuda says:

    Glad to hear he turned himself in! My question is, how on earth did he make it to somerset police station with such heavy police presence in the west end?! Bermuda really is another world.

    • cant fool me says:


    • Fiat Lux says:

      So that’s the million dollar question now? hmmm let’s see…. Maybe he called to say he was on his way, maybe he caught the ferry/bus, maybe he swam. Really who gives a $#!t how he got there. Some of you people are unbelievably ignorant Important thing to remember is that he is in police custody and no one was hurt in the process.

      • Fruity says:

        I agree… in addition though, people have been hurt and probly will again as im sure he didn’t bring in any weapons to say “hear you go”…

    • O.B. says:

      Yes exactly. All of those police and dogs couldn’t find someone in a small area on such a small island. These are the same people we are hoping will put an end to gun violence.

      • real talk says:

        Poeple make me laugh how they talk. Do you guys think that the BPS are super heros or somethin? Be for real if anyone was to try and catch me in my hood that i grew up in n most of the police here are from another country of course its gonna be hard to catch someone and he could have crossed that bridge long before they setup the road block! SMH

        • Fruity says:

          Also, there are laws in place which conflict officers to search, break in, etc in a way that is needed. So despite seeing them as not able they also kind of can’t. Lose lose situations. My opinion as to why most ‘don’t care or help’..

  8. Mr. Happy says:

    He had no choice. He can’t get off the island, so eventually he’d either be caught or turn himself in.

    Curious to see how this unfolds.

  9. Golden says:

    Probably showed up with lawyer in tow

  10. cant fool me says:


  11. Richard says:

    yeah yeah yeah but what about the gun they had Ammo where is the gun nothing else matters at this point.

  12. Got Choice Christoph says:

    Makes You Laugh. How many miles long Dockyard is ? & The BPS couldn’t even find him, but you will pose around with Guns. SMH.

    • So Tired says:

      Same thing I thought two hours after it was announced. Bermuda is another world

  13. Grace Bell says:

    He probably went by boat under cover of darkness to one of the islands near Cambridge Beaches, who knows, but thank goodness he had done the right thing! He must have been cold and hungry!

  14. Second says:

    Amen! That’s best,

  15. Ace Girl (Original) says:

    I suspect (and shoot me down if you will) that he stayed with someone and they knew he was a fugitive at large.

    Young guy like that, hope he greased things up ahead of time.

  16. its time says:

    Well done!!!

    • What? says:

      Well done who? The police didn’t catch him. Surrender means turned himself in.

  17. Justsayin says:

    So the police where searching every car but yet he made it to the police station undetected? Somethings not right

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Exactly….guess the search had ended for the evening. ..

      Glad he turned himself in….

    • Fed up says:

      The police were not checking every car or other vehicle like they should have been! I experienced this myself as I had to travel to Dockyard yesterday

  18. What? says:

    Good, because this was getting rather boring. Now find out what this follower was running for. At the end of the day, if I haven’t done anything wrong, why am I running?

  19. Oh this is Funny says:

    Where is the GUN???

    • tricks are for kids says:

      What gun?…article clearly states “what is believed to be a firearm….the police were not sure what he had in his hand…..

  20. female says:

    Glad to see he turned himself in… Now let’s see what’s going to happen next…

  21. What Would You Do? says:

    Duerr used his brain good, that gun might be well at the bottom of the ocean, buried,or might even be in the hands of another man! Only God knows what he did with it! But running from a scene when the coppers arrive you bet your boots he had something valuable on him.

  22. What Do You THink says:

    I turn myself in too, if after I ran out the house, I realized I left my phone charger, lunch and a coat behind. No one to contact, no food to eat.. table for one please at Salt Rock Grill on the terrace and even though Bda winters are not like the US winters, the dampness outside alone will give you hypothermia. As for the alleged firearm that is anyones guess where it might be and the same for how he got cross Watford Bridge also.

  23. Stop asking about the gun he obviously put it in a hiding place …. get a grip you think he’s stupid enough to turn his self in with a gun in hand when he’s already in enough Sh!T for running from the police in the first place????? plus only GOd knows the gun he had could have been linked to some of these murders !

  24. m says:

    Thank God he turned himself now I can sleep in peace tonight

    Wonder where he was hiding

    Wonder what his family and friends think?

  25. SINGLE MOM says:

    I keep hearing people asking about the gun …when clearly I read in a few updates that the young man bolted out of the house with what might have “appeared to be a firearm”…which means they are not even sure if he had a firearm!!! Also in the updates …they stated that 3 other people were in custody …that were taken from the same house where guns and ammunition were recovered…sooo hello, because he ran does’nt mean that he had a gun…he may have ran …because he knew that wat they were doing…is against the law…he may have been guilty of something…but if they the police are not sure if he even had a gun…who are we to say that he did…no argument #umjustsaying

    • Headache says:

      Single Mom, I implore you PLEASE give the ellipsis a rest. The comma and period are you friend.

      • Headache says:


      • SINGLE MOM says:

        Lol…”UNBELEIVABLE”!!! SMFH…you are all stupid!!! Or should I say you all sound stupid…first of all who the hell says he left the area in the first place…talking about the bridge and the water and sh*#!! Obviously he knew his getaway …and good he ecaped too!!! Yes he did turn himself in …he was smart enough too do that…cause obviously the Police was’nt smart enough too catch him…not saying that they did’nt “TRY”!! For the record..you should never assume ….cause in the end ,it only makes an ass outta you!! Damn Losers!!!

  26. b@ng b@ng says:

    Such a p#$%y

  27. tricks are for kids says:

    I ask again WHAT GUN?…Not one article that I’ve read said that he HAD a gun….they all have said, ” what is believed to be a firearm” (police quote) leads me to believe that the police do not know WHAT was in his hand. …I don’t go by assumptions. …waiting for the facts. …

    • What? says:

      Shut up! You sound like his lawyer or something! Step away from the key board. Typing too much!!

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Yet another one that has to be RUDE to get their point across….Maybe it is you that needs to step away…read the article and see what was QUOTED by the police….Apparently you go by ASSumptions….sorry I don’t…..

        • What? says:

          I don’t have to read anything over, as I understood the first time what the article said. What I don’t understand is why you’re so in defense for someone you don’t even know. Everytime someone makes a comment, you’re right there to correct them like spell check or something. Get it together. Nobody wants to keep hearing that, especially if you’ve said it more than once already. I wasn’t being rude, just tired of seeing you type the same thing over and over.

          • tricks are for kids says:

            I can respond to whatever comment I like…sorry if YOU don’t like that….And yes you probably do need to read the article over and you will see that what I said in MY comment is CORRECT…I can also be in defense of someone that I don’t know (not that I am) in the same way that you feel you can tell someone that you don’t know to shut up! IF and WHEN he goes to court his lawyer will say the same thing… For the record I have it together….

            Have a great day ‘What’….I must sign off now as I have Behavioral Reports and Behavioral Intervention Plans to submit….Peace and Love….

            • Sick and Tired says:

              Thank you tricks are for kids, I am waiting on facts as well. I believe that’s how the law works.

  28. Tee says:

    Dumb and dopey a$$ folks. You all need a life. Why is this even news anymore. Now let the courts deal with it, Its outrageous how stupid people blog. Very immature citizens, I’m embarrassed to be a black Bermudian dude. Just damn.

    • Fiat Lux says:

      THHHHANK YOU…. my sentiments exactly.

    • LOL says:

      Why would you be embarrassed to be a black Bermudian dude? Do you want to be a white dude now or do you want to be a b!t@h, or both? LMAO. Can you tell what color people are that post here? Maybe most of them are white dudes or women.

      • Fruity says:

        ;) I missed his meaning as well but whatever floats his boat.

      • Fiat Lux says:

        @LOL, you had your blinders on and missed everything Tee wrote before he mentioned being a black bermudian dude. For you and Fruity I believe the point he was trying to make was “Dumb and dopey a$$ folks. You all need a life. Why is this even news anymore. Now let the courts deal with it, Its outrageous how stupid people blog. Very immature citizens”… not that he wanted to change his color or be a b!t@h as you put it.

  29. Osama bin Laden again? says:

    He may not have had a gun at the time he was chased it could have been weed or nothing at all for that fact. There was obviously a reason they approached him in the first place someone had told BPS something. Whatever he had done before he had seen the police will explain why he had run and “if” he showed that he had a firearm before I don’t believe that he would still have it in possession to be caught with it. It is obvious at the time he was chased he took that time to immediately run across the bridge because that would be best time. It is good that he turned himself in now the problem can be resolved.

  30. its roy says:

    Real N!@%&

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      Nope!…just a REAL @$$HOLE like all you wanna bees.

    • bs says:


    • Steam says:


    • What? says:

      Real what? Please enlighten us on how this boy is a real “ni**a?” I’m elated to know! You young boys are so brainwashed by the stupidest things. Being on the run only makes one look like a real ass if you ask me. ESPECIALLY if you haven’t done anything! MORE SO if you have! Bermuda, these are our young men for you! Certainly not all, but the majority have this insane mentality. This is why our product is becoming extinct. They’re all quick to run their mouth; not making any kind of sense. Nobody looks at the bigger picture. You males are doing this yo yourselves. I refuse to take blame as a part of the same community. Why would I want to help people who do not want to be helped?!

      • Bermuda Cat says:


        I feel what you are saying bra. The only problem is somebody has to try and help them, or the problem will never go away. It’s a double edge sword.

    • Real fool!!!!!!!!

  31. is it ok says:

    You can’t get charged for assumption of possession of wat was thought to be a gun #wayadumb

    • Fruity says:

      mmm hmm!! Was wondering if this was known … again my apologies (to those offended by my comments) but these comments amuse me.

  32. you all stupid says:

    I see people giving their ideas that this young fool may not have had a gun. But next week when their family member gets shot they will be cry out why nobody did anything about the guns on the street. You all are c#nts. Why support badness.

    • wow says:

      No fool your the $%^& there isnt anything suggesting that he had a gun its all speculation. On another note he runs ppl kick up he turns himself in ppl kick up. Pick your battles.

  33. Somerset Girl says:

    Glad he turned himself in. My thoughts and prayers are for his family and prayers.

    My hopes and wishes are that we ALL look inside ourselves and reach out and become more neighbourly. Who knows? The child that is saved by the village today won’t be the delinquent/gangster/gunman tomorrow. Come on Bermuda stop complaining, stop blaming and start caring. If we all do a little we all do alot.

    • Fruity says:

      Great advise….love the hope that some still have.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      Amen!!Many still have this hope,time to stand together to save our future!

  34. Think logically says:

    Suppose he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with what was going on at that residence. Not wanting to be arrested in that scene is not a crime. Unless he was the Subject of the reported incident he is probably not guilty of anything. I’m just saying!

  35. wondering says:

    bermuda police is usng the wrong tactics and are not got anything in place that is sustainable….they need a decent relief in place system of takeover to ensure overlap of their stated mission – to run a simple checkpoint both land and marine based for a 3 square mile radius…..damn you failed bps …there is no way that he was to get past that bridge….we are too soft in that we don’t want to inconvenience our law abiding citizens in that we want to get home to our warm houses instead of going the hard slog on a long but relaly short term cordon operation….just read a few books like bravo two zero, zero dark thirty to get some tips on how to run such a simple operation Commish (or ask your cousin)

  36. Everett says:

    “Two men on a dark bike with dark helmets and dark clothes” – that is how he got to Somerset Police station. Almost all the shootings happen because of two men on a dark bike with dark helmets and dark clothes. His mate picked him up on the bike and took him there. The Police don’t worry about two men on a dark bike with dark helmets and dark clothes. The Police don’t stop and search two men with dark helmets and dark clothes riding on a dark bike.

  37. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    That’s what I said from jump he probably went cross the bridge from start, If u innocent fight your case Chris and if u guilty save tax payers money and do it old school confess to anything you have done and ask God for forgiveness and repent on your sins, no matter what it is!!!! I’m glad you turned yourself in now the western end can somewhat sleep 2 night!!! Until it happens again…

  38. drunken ursula says:

    I’m glad he turned himself in….The milkman is living in a daze nothing Govt can do to curb this gang crap…

  39. Um Um Like says:

    Wow, the faith based approach to anti-gang violence has already generated results!

  40. Loving Cup says:

    With those ears he could almost pass himself off as a loving Cup .

  41. me says:

    He was smart to turn himself in. If he is part of a gang then he can’t go to far on the island or they would shoot him. So it all was a matter of time and I think he picked the right decision!

  42. jj says:

    If hes not guilty the police have put him &his FAMILY in danger. They dont think and their making “gun violence” worse than it should be. Smfh. Half of these police are so — themselves.. bermudians gotta open up their eyes!

    • Living in a says:

      I was thinking the very same thing, they love to put up smoke and mirrors for the public. After the shootings at Happy Valley, they want people to believe that this is all linked so that everyone feels at ease for the moment. Media is killing us! They blasted this kids face and information all over the media without facts,hoping to catch him with what they “believe” was a firearm and in the end he walked into the Somerset Police Station himself,knowing very well he could not get out of Somerset and more likely can’t travel beyond Somerset drawbridge comfortably on a good day. I wonder if people get it that our black children have waged a war on each other and the mindset is kill or be killed.

  43. Will says:

    how on earth did he get past several police barricades and into Somerset Village????? didnt they block access to both bridges when they hunted for him (Greys & Watford)? makes me cringe as to how the police handle such incidences….i mean you cordon an area off..dont tell me they all packed up and went home at night?!

  44. watchfuleyes says:

    So our police did what exactly? Chase him to the police station? Useless!

    • Agree to Disagree says:

      the police aren’t super humans. i know they annoying people but if so many of you are complaining so much why don’t you join the police force and show them how to do their job. Just shut up already.

  45. PLP but not the Government says:

    For he hath not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; neither hath he hid his face from him; but when he cried unto him, he heard. Psalm 22:24

  46. LOPITU says:

    Why are you hating on my brother

  47. Dred says:

    So much for democracy. Here in Bermuda people are truly guilty until proven innocent.

  48. hear hear says:

    gang-membership and related activities or crimes should be punishable by death, in public execution.

    It is about time we have this measure, as only those IN GANGS would be affected by it, nobody else who is a normal citizen.

    Public execution would be mandatory, happen within a few weeks set period, and be administered by hanging or a firing squad.

    Lets vote that into effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Out Side Looking In says:

      No need to vote on that, hanging is still on the books. Its just Bermuda has lost its balls for doing it since the last one and the riots that came after. Not many people know it but when they build Westgate brand new Hanging Gallows were built as well. Why who the hell knows they never planned to use them. They are being use as storage right now. But you are right they need to start hanging these guys and bring back the Cat of Nine Tails . These types of punishments may help set Bermuda straight again

    • Real Time says:


  49. There had to be some sort of gun as that was the reason the search was initiated. If the call was not received, I don’t hardly think BPS would have been anywhere near Seawall Drive. Even though the police condos are across the water, they never observed anything then or ever. That one apparent phone call sparked all of this as this guy probably has had the police under surveillance for many moons. This is why a repeat of “CLEAN SWEEP” needs to be put in place. There are far to many guns in Bermuda n this must stop or be stopped. Too many loose ‘cannons’ running across this island n it is too many of u punks whom know who these terrorist are n keeping your mouths shot. BUT..this too will pass. We have no room or any tolerance for this madness. Need to feel comfortable in our land n supporting these ‘thugs’ will not end this epidemic. Stop being a follower n start spear heading a new challenges to go in head first n let us stop all the non-essential blogs n crap n let us write with real thought how we can protect the future of our 5-10 years old. All this BS some of you write is the exact reason why we don’t achieve our intended goals that will help our disturbed young men/women because many bloggers are disturbed too. How do I know u may ask, everything rolls down hill from any top n not all has a clean slate n has caused some of these issues we face now. Therefore, we have lots to clean up but we must remember that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.
    Chris Duerr, there comes a time when one finds the tsunami of life overcoming them, but there is hope. You are young and alls u done was run. They can say what appeared to be a firearm; unless there is a hands on applied, the statement is just that a statement. However,you are a young man n now you have turned yourself in, there will be serious repercussions for your actions. But there is still hope as your age is tender n if incarcerated, it won’t be for life (I hope). But u can reconnect with your right thinking capacity and look for a better future. Always remember that some people are as nasty as the day is long n don’t know how to forgive n let go. But you have just enough space in front of you for you to switch up n make change and prove you can be a productive citizen. Also keep in mind, narrowminded people will always invade your space n try to keep you at bay; but it is time to re- chart a whole brand new course in life. You have that option. As long as you have not slained any one, and the drugs n ammo is not yours then there maybe a burst of hope. Just because you ran, does not mean you committed any crime. Innocent until proven guilty. Umm jus saying. The bloggers made you look notorious, but stand the ground that holds you. Nobody else can ever do it for you. You Chris, can overcome but weigh the pros n cons of some of these nasty n of the hook, ain’t got nothing else to do but discouraging bloggers. Everybody has a bad day. You have bumped into yours; now regroup,revamp n renew your spirit for there is peace in the valley of folks who have love, understanding n forgiveness. Just trying to encourage a brother who got caught up in a society that has go extremely mad with pointing fingers. Somebody ought to write a book about it.

  50. 21 says:

    Wa ya dumb?!

  51. ONION GAL says:

    Probably got a little cold at night sleeping in the rough, if no one was aiding & abetting him. So smart to turn himself in for numerous reasons, i.e being shot either by police because he was considered armed & dangerous or by a rival gang. Needless to say, he’s protected now from the cold, police & rival gangs as he will be locked away in confinement I’m sure. Meanwhile, lets hope “the suspected gun” shows up & not by being used to to shoot someone!

  52. Triangle Drifter says:

    Who cares where he turned himself in? Whether he walked up to a cop someplace who then took him to the Somerset Police Station or somehow got across the bridge & walked in the door himself he has earned himself a little time off from whatever he may get.

    Wondering why? Maybe nobody would shelter him. Maybe he knew that sooner or later he was going to be caught. Might as well get it over with. Whatever…time to round up the next sorry excuse for a human.

  53. LongWorn Fruitbat says:

    He did de right theeeng

  54. Malachi says:

    I know it may not be relevant, but it’s interesting that the media can run this story for a few days and repeatedly use Duerr’s first name incorrectly: there is no “er” at the end of his name! His name is Christoph ( pronounced KRISTOFF).

  55. TRUTH FROM WEST says:

    most ppl asking for hanging to come back are rich white bermudians who haven’t struggled a day in their life.. u condone the death penalty? then u condone murder? ur just as bad as the ones pulling the trigger. i hope and pray one of ur sons end up in trouble with the law so u can say “hang em”

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      I aint rich,I aint poor,I aint white or black,

      HANG em ALL!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Bye, you must have a very special computer because mine does not tell me the colour of a posters skin, it does not tell me the working record of posters, nor does it tell me whether they are rich or poor.

      What do you have & where can I get one?

  56. Good news says:

    I’m glad Mr. Duerr turned himself in. None of us koow the circumstance surrouding this young mans life.. Clearly he has made some BAD choices, but who among us hadn’t. My hope is that he gets the help he needs in order to steer himself away from such unwholesome, unhealthy, downright dangerous behaviour.

  57. labo89 says:

    Chris is a standup guy, the gun is not his, he is d coolest bermudian ive met, it just happen that he may have covered somebodys back by hiding d gun

  58. labo89 says:

    the stuff that was seized from his house wasn’t his He dont use drugs, used to smoke but stopped sez he thinks a lot of stuff that normally he doesn’t care, he’s got my.back everytime by the way im Filipino

  59. Bermudian says:

    I have to give this kid credit for manning up and turning himself in. This in itself is a big step in the right direction. Hopefully something or someone helps him to see that there’s a better path to take in life.

  60. god1st says:

    @ hearhear gang-membership and related activities or crimes should be punishable by death, in public execution.

    It is about time we have this measure, as only those IN GANGS would be affected by it, nobody else who is a normal citizen.

    I am perfectly sure that all of you who want the death penalty for gangmembers and related activities and crimes would back off if they prosecute and give the gun manufacture ,people who own containers,and distribute products in bermuda and worldwide the same punishment your tone would change.By the way these some of these so called normal citizens are participating in organized crime.Just Ask —————–

  61. Suspicious says:

    All these wanna be gangsters ,real gangsters wear a suit and tie and use a fountain pen as they rape and pillage the poor.

  62. Xman says:

    so were is the Gun!
    If any such Gun that he had is floating around somwhere than thats bad news.
    Than again you don’t think he’s going to tell himself in with a Gun do you. – could have been out there washing off
    the Gun residues!