Police Search For Man Believed To Be Armed

January 28, 2013

[Updating: At about 11am the police responded to a Boaz Island home. The subject — who has been named as Christopher Duerr — bolted from the home, and is believed to be armed.

Police have three persons in custody and seized drugs and ammunition. They released a photo of Duerr, who remains at large as of 7.30am on January 29th.]

A massive police presence barreled towards the West End late this morning [Jan 28], with well over a dozen police vehicles speeding towards Somerset with their sirens blaring as a search for a suspect got underway.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “Police responded to a report of an incident that took place in Boaz Island,. Upon police arrival the suspect made good his escape.

“This resulted in a search for the individual in the area. The area in Boaz Island has been cordoned off, and a manhunt has commenced.”

When asked to address unofficial reports a firearm may be involved, Mr Caines said it “would not be prudent to speak on that this time.”

We will update as able, scroll to bottom for latest

Update 12.12pm: Police are checking traffic in Somerset, stopping vehicles and checking them. The police can be seen in heavy numbers, with many of the officers appearing to be armed. A Marine Police Boat can also been seen in the waters…

Update 12.20pm: Additional armed police appear to be arriving, and can be seen in the area of Woodys. The police also have what looks like ‘riot shields’…

Update 12.40pm: Additional armed officers continue to arrive, and are stationed in the area by Woody’s. There appears to be around 20 armed officers on the scene….

Update 1.07pm: The heavy police presence remains, and police dogs are also on the scene. The police can be seen searching the area with the dogs…

Update 1.22pm: Teams of police officers are moving out of view, and can be heard shouting for someone to “show themself.”

Update 1.36pm: Police are expected to issue a statement shortly

Update 1.38pm: Detective Pedro [listen to audio here] said police received information about someone with a firearm, and responded to a residence on Boaz Island.

He said the person “bolted” when the police arrived, and they “believe the person to be armed”. They released the photo below of the suspect. Detective Pedro said the suspect is Christopher Duerr,and described him as being skinny, with bleached blonde hair.

The police said: ““This is a person of interest that the Bermuda Police Service is currently looking for. The public is advised that if he is seen, do not approach but contact police immediately.”

Older photo of Duerr released by police. Duerr presently has bleached blonde hair & tattoos:

Christoph Duerr

Update 2.04pm: A Facebook page appearing to belong to Duerr shows him with bleached blonde hair and extensive tattoos. The video statement from Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro is below.

Update 2.17pm: The armed police presence continues, with the officers spread between Woody’s and the Boaz Island condos.

Update 3.49pm: The police remain on scene searching….and police confirm the suspect has not been apprehended as of yet. They continue to stop some vehicles and search them…..

Update 4.44pm: The police presence has decreased…but they are still around…

Update 5.27pm: Police are still maintaining watch, and checking vehicles heading out of the area.

Update 6.35pm: Police remain in the West End, and also confirm Duerr is not in custody

Update 7.04pm: The police presence in the Woody’s/Boaz Island area has decreased significantly

Update 9.25pm: As of 9pm, Christopher Duerr remains at large, however the police said three other persons were arrested and a quantity of drugs and ammunition was seized from the house.

An updated photo of Duerr is below:

Christoph Duerr [More Recent]

Update Jan 29, 6am: There is no ‘news’ of any new developments happening overnight at this time, however we expect the police to provide an update later this morning.

Update 7.34am: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines confirmed that Duerr is still not in custody as of this time.

The slideshow below is being updated with photos as they come in:

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  1. SKINK says:

    Let the good times roll………………….as we will never get them back, sad.

  2. time for change says:

    OBA,,,,hurry up and get those Jobs on the way,,this Place is falling apart at the seems,,,

    • Just One says:

      Do these gangsters even want real jobs? How do you force someone to go to work?

      • levern says:

        and what job is out there foe these yough men.

        • Sick and Tired says:

          Wow, not sure what has happened but this young man works and serves people most days of the week. He is very polite and helpful. I hope the BPS are not making a moutain out of a mole hill. And no I don’t know him,um just sayin.

          • Ty says:

            3/4 of these guys can’t even leave their own neighbourhoods due to pure fear. How do you apply for a job and say I can only work in the Somerset / Hamilton / whatever area you are from. They have all failed themselves. I have absolutely no pity for them.

            • SINGLE MOM says:

              Okay…I have too disagree with you on that one …because some of these guys are only guilty by association …because of who they kno and who they get around…some are not even in the hype…and are afraid to go n e where…simply because they fear for their lives…not all our young black man are into this violence…so “NO” I don’t fully agree with you on that one!!

            • I agree with you 100% I have no mercy find him Bermuda is just a small Island & whom ever is protecting him in anyway should be locked up also, its time for this to STOP. what happen to the good old days when you can leave your house unlocked, burrow a slice of bread etc. sick & tired.

          • Think says:

            Hence the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            Hitler had manners too!

          • RayMan12012 says:

            @ Sick and Tired, I fully agree with you. I’m saying this to anyone that is assuming that Chris is a gangsta, your answer is no he isn’t. I grew up with this guy since young. Yesterday the police was showing some elses picture. now how has it turned to his? That’s a question I want to know. The BPS don’t know. They are just assuming stuff. To the BPS, Chris will not do any bad like that. Do not make a mistake and shoot the wrong person.

            A supporting friend of Chris.

      • Solution says:

        Legalise…or decriminalise

      • Richard says:

        No they don’t they only need jobs when they have a court case to show the Judge that they are working and trying to change there life than back to the game.

  3. Oh no says:

    Please can you keep us informed as with details as it goes on. Maybe members of the public can help with tips if they see this peron in their travels.

  4. fox_gap_2 says:

    oh bermy……how i miss zee good ol dayz……

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Go get em BPS. Must be a new Sheriff in town.

    • RME says:

      Shut up fool. The BPS were doing the same great job when the former sherriff was in town too. You can’t pat your precious OBA on the back for this. As you have said, they haven’t been in power long enough.

  6. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    It’s good to see the heat is on from the BPS.

  7. RETALI ATION. says:

    I hope this is not a retaliation incident. It is high time these delinquents swing or fry when convicted.

  8. Get Real says:

    If this happened in Boaz Island, why not block off Somerset Bridge? To heck with inconveniencing people!

    • mike says:

      Yeah because there is nowhere to hide between Boaz Island and Somerset Bridge???

    • *hitsgiggles says:

      Why block off Somerset Bridge when there is one much closer?

  9. Oh no says:

    Bring the police dogs out. Do they still have them?

  10. Out n about says:

    Put his A$$ on blast. BPS shoot if you have to, pop one in his A$$ and see how he cries…you may just learn a lot. Tired of this Sh!t.

  11. Police Convey says:

    Has been sitting outside of Woodys all weekend madness still breaks out. It proves that they don’t give a xxxx about the authorities.

  12. Jango. says:

    @ time for a change. You are so full of it. 5 thousand jobs will not make a difference. These idiots are still going to do as they are doing. Just listen to the self centered garbage coming out of Rolfe’s mouth.

  13. Family Man says:

    Lets hope the little gangsta ‘resists’ arrest.

    • Fallen soldier says:

      Resists violently. But then that’ll be what he wants. Their video clearly states they’re not afraid of death… Gut wrenching!

  14. starlove says:

    I would like to know what difference will it make if there were more jobs available! half of these guys have no education they dont even know how to read they have no home training so come on all lay off from using OBA as an excuse for what these fools are doing

    • SINGLE MOM says:

      Sad Bermudain…I agree with you so much…everyone blaming the OBA when they know full well this sh&* was happening …when PLP was in power!!! So yeah …Lay off with that OBA sh^& okay!!! Let’s start pointing at the parents …cuz whether we in denial or not …us as parents need too take a stand..and grab hold of our kids okay!!! Back in my day …these lil a^%&holes would have gottin their a%^es beat!!! Wake up BERMUDA!!!! We are in DENIAL!!!!

      • Stop and Think says:

        Single Mom,

        As a single mom myself whose ex is not in contact with my child at all, I stop and think and realize that my child has more normalcy in their childhood than half of these kids that have become the shooters, gun holders and their baby mamas. These youth even though above high school age can’t read at a proficient level, many have multi-generational unaddressed trauma, seen their parents sleep with a different person like its a different day out of the week and have been called every derogatory name by their own family members. Volunteering in a social agency has helped me realize that most of Bermuda don’t even understand that what we are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. These youth and some adults are angry at the world and prison and BPS will not deter them. It all starts with us as a community working with the schools and homes to get some balance when these youngsters from start.

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          @ Stop and Think: Thank you for you sane, thoughtful and caring comments. We are a punishment-minded community unaware or uncaring that most of these young men haven’t known anything else but a blow and a harsh word since they were babies. I have been listening to how these young mothers talk to their children for many years, tried to remonstrate with some and gotten cursed myself for my pains. They have been hit with fists, sticks, broom handles, chairs, electrical cords and anything else that came to hand. They have been called every name in the book, especially “stupid”, “dumb”, a “little sh-t”, “just like your f–in’ father”. Is it any wonder they are angry and unafraid of anything the law can throw at them?
          Someone who has felt helpless and powerless all their lives is more likely to value the power provided by a gun than someone who has been encouraged and nurtured, told how valued and loved they are, and treated as if they were a gift rather than a curse.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            Save all that for the therapy circle. Out in the battle zone where these criminals threaten our lives a piece of hot metal needs to pierce their @$$€$. The reason these men don’t jump off of cliffs is because the law of nature would bite them in the a$$. So should our laws.

      • T Boss says:

        What do u expect when they take discipline and flogging out of homes and schools.Its not just the family to blame but Society as well. I say bring back di whip and i will be the Punnisher.

      • Agree to Disagree says:

        @Single Mom
        I agree with you fully to a point.BDA needs to stop pointing the finger at OBA. This drama was passed on to them once they won the election and they’ve been in the seat for only a few weeks now. Change does not happen overnight. It is a process. Now what i don’t agree with is (with this situation) is pointing the finger at the parents. There can be situations has to the child could’ve been brought up in a good environment but it was the friends that he/she had choosen that determined the child its self. There can be multiple things that can cause a person to do the things that they do but it was their decision to do it. Not the parents.

        • SINGLE MOM says:

          @Agree to Disagree…okay let me make my point clearer…was’nt directing it at all parents ,but most parents…yes most of our kids are bought up in a respectful manner…and do get of age to make their own decisions…but when you look at the news and read the papers ..the ages are getting younger and younger!!! Our kids know right from wrong…just as well as us as parents and adults do…but I kno some of these boys are 16 and 17 yrs of age…they do not live by themselves!!! We as parents need too be more involved in the activities our kids are in during there spare time…if we get on them from young …then we stand a better chance…but here is the point I am making…some of us as parents kno that ouir kids don’t work…but they come home with DRUGS on them large amounts of cash…fancy clothes…expensive sneakers…jewlrey and etc…if we ain’t the one’s buying these things for our kids then who is?? Some of us do kno wat our kids are into…we can tell by the company that they keep!!! And all this talk about parents being afraid of their kids? Nonsense!!!! I have four kids and they are all living under my roof…it will be a cold day in hell before I be afraid of n e of my kids…some of us mothers and fathers are in deep denial…and unless we come together too make Bermy and our children and their families safe again…then the next of our generation is gonna be worst!!

  15. Mr. Happy says:

    Bring on the cavalry for these pathetic pipsqueaks.
    Crack some necks, BPS!

  16. Crazy says:

    It seemslike everybody is cool but the fools up west.They use to mind their own business are they smoking something new.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      You don’t even have details and talking stupid!

    • Gofor says:

      Your an ass

    • SMH says:

      R u friggen serious! All this s%^%t wouldn’t b happening if it wasn’t for the park side gang,, they aren’t cool they r constantly doing a pack an torturing the whole of front street on a nightly basis. So u need to shut up if u don’t know n e thing!

      • Are you for Real says:

        @ SMH: Are they the only ones out there causing havoc because it has become a Island Wide Crisis Now. The problem is we still choose to point fingers and the whole Island is being affect wheter be East or West, like I said we don’t have Gangs in bermuda we have a bunch of confused and disturbed youths running around seeking for attention, that is why once they are in custody they should be getting counselling and separate them from there peers who they hang with and put them with the enemy to help solve the problem. Do you think overseas they are putting you with your peers Bermuda is to Soft that is why the youths take it as a big joke because all we do is talk and dont do nothing. This Island is just a bunch of Negative minded people ready to point fingers but remeber the father don’t sleep what happens in the dark comes out in the light. An this is a true statement.

  17. Nok says:

    It’s ok to put up the white flag my brothers and sisters.

  18. Get Real says:

    @Starlove! Are you asleep? These guys are loaded down with jewellery, cell phones, bikes, cars, the best clothes and you feel sorry for them? Anwyay, maybe it’s time the police start doing stop and searches more often. To HECK with the inconvience they cause!

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @Get Real,

      I do have a problem with more stop and searches because it directly impacts young black men like myself. We are already the BPS’s target, so I do not support more stop and searches. What I do support is identifing the gang members, associates, whatever you want to call them, and make their life harder. Go break down their doors, and parents doors, and directly target them, rather than make the rest of us (young black men) suffer for the few. I believe this, or something close to this is what they do in teh U.S to combat this type of behavior.

      • huh? says:

        @bermuda cat give it a break if you dont support stop and search then you must have something to hide. If the police stopped me everyday I would say thank you and keep up the good work, I want my streets safer.

        • Free says:

          You do realize that the stop and searches were wholly ineffective right? One text and everyone knows where the police are and avoid that area. That’s why they stopped doing it.

          We don’t need a police state. 95% of us are law abiding citizens. It’s the few criminals who ruin it for everyone and the police should focus on them and doing investigations. I wonder if you’d feel the same if they searched your house everyday? It’s not a matter of having nothing to hide.

        • Just us says:

          Bermuda Cat has a point… The police already have posters of most of these wanna be gangsta’s so, put them all on blast by putting their pictures in the paper and every time there’s a shooting, bust everyone of their doors wide open regardless of who they stay with…

      • rubber bong says:

        @Get Real… I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been stopped at least 5 times under that section 315F law. After getting fed up one night, I asked an officer what made them stop me and if they were profiling people. They told me that they were stopping random vehicles. But as i was being processed, the officers were slowing other vehicles down to see what the people looked like before deciding to pull them over or not. That’s just plain wrong.

        Kick in the doors of the known gangsters and associates. I have a good job and make a very generous salary, don’t make the majority of us law abiding black males be made to feel like criminals, simply because of our skin color.

      • Richard says:

        Wait do you have something to hide this so dumb for real same thing is I don’t know why they want all of us to stop wearing tinted visor really wake up people I could care less but on the real there are a lot of white guys with guns as well if you think that guy the caught by Lindos warwick was just sell to black guys you need help.

        • Dat guy says:

          Finally someone smart on here @richard

        • Will says:

          can you tidy up your grammar i cant make out what the meaning of your statement is and i would like to know….

  19. Bermydude says:

    Well done Police, lets get theses fouls!! Clean sweep this Island!!

  20. Gabbani says:

    The funny thing is, they had the big police command bus parked outside of woodys all week then they moved it back town yesterday.

  21. UncleSam says:

    The hell hounds are on his trail.

  22. starlove says:

    @getread I would like to know what difference will it make if there were more jobs available! half of these guys have no education they dont even know how to read they have no home training so come on all lay off from using OBA as an excuse for what these fools are doing!!


  23. Nok says:

    shoot the fool if he don’t wanna show himself teach the freaks a lesson to all the rest. just saying tired

  24. Ride says:


    So, canine officers of the law don’t deserve any anonymity? Blurr out K9 cop’s visage as has been done with the rest of his fellow officers.

    Equal rights for canine officers. Don’t let Furbert and friends get wind of this and unionise the kennels.


  25. mixitup says:

    Based on that photo, it’s likely he flew away!

    • Just One says:

      Thats a real dumbo comment, lol! ;-)

    • eyes wide open says:

      Funny! I was thinking the same thing. D-U-M-B-O. In more ways then one it appears!

    • Ty says:

      He more than likely HEARD them before they even left the police station.

    • Peachy cream says:

      Lmao. Now that was hilarious! Hahaha. U all r something else!

  26. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    Put a trail of weed up to the backseat of a police car then you would catch him no problem case closed

  27. help google earth says:

    As we live in a day of technology,(if it’s possible) can we use something like real time google earth to assist with the many issues. They can always review, rewind and play to see exactly where the culprits ended up. They use it in the US for wars. I’m sure the technology is out there on a smaller scale.

    • Union Member says:

      @Help Google on earth,

      The american people do NOT support live google earth on spying on american citizens even in searches. Its something called human rights and trust me you are asking for something before you are taking the time to understand the ramifications of such a request.

    • Mr. B says:

      they use google earth for more then just wars lol.. but i know what your saying.

    • mappr says:

      There is no “live” google earth. Google buys satellite photographs which are static. You are probably thinking of military/spy satellites as seen in the movies. Unless Bermuda is going to launch its own satellite (100′s of millions $), it is not available.

  28. Bermudian Overseas says:

    So sad. Just not the Bermuda I left a few years ago. Don’t know what’s going to happen to get better. Bermuda probably has more crime per square mile than major US cities. Sad.

  29. Wild Wild West says:

    Now that the police are armed, they need to shoot to kill these evil little mamas boys that have no respect for human life…

    And since the laws for hanging have been abolished, then it’ll be one less Supreme Court trail and the wasted $$$$ of tax payers money to house them at Westgate.

  30. ItsTime says:

    Bang on doors; search houses (people will understand) and don’t leave until you get him. Take his parents in, relatives make it uncomfortable for him. Set up shop outside his house; his friends houses whatever it takes. Just take this piece of work in and don’t let him out. Tie chains to all of their ankles and make them wear bright pink and sweep the streets; pick up trash or some other hard labour.

    • Whats the Point says:

      why arrest his parents? they have nothing to do with this incident! your ignorant and really shouldn’t be commenting on this. it makes you look like an ass

      • ItsTime says:

        —trust me!

        • Whats The Point says:

          no. they really don’t. you can’t pick them up for something their grown ass children did. please stop commenting. you sound ridiculous

          • ItsTime says:

            Freedom od speech; I can express the way I feel just as you express the way you feel.

            Bermuda is in trouble and extreme measures need to be put in place. If you are looking for this young man; who probably lives at home, then let them know that we are serious times means serious measures. Shock value is needed with these terrorists. We have tried everything else so why not put pressure on him this way.

            That is what is wrong with this Isaldn we all look for excuses in how we should this, oh don’t do this or this might happen etc. etc. get over it ace!

            • Whats The Point says:

              so when your child is in trouble with the law…you should get picked up then.

      • Mimi says:

        You would be surprised how many parents know what their rebels are doing and just keep quiet. Some of the parents are reaping the benefits of renovations to the house and trips etc. Others are just scared to death of them. However, that would not be me. If it were one off my relatives I would tie his/her ignorant azz up with a short piece of rope tied on the back of the car and drive real slow to the police station the long way around at lunch time or 5.00pm for all to see. He would have a sign on him that says “I am a wannabe bad boy/girl”. I would have some one film it and post it on FB for all to see. Dead serious.

        • ItsTime says:

          Thank ya, Thank ya and Thank ya! My point.

          • DreamCatcher says:

            That is parenting. I agree wholeheartedly. Finally someone with some brains and morality. If your’e not combating it you’re enabling it.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      It’s the police, not the Mob. This ain’t The Godfather. lol

      • ItsTime says:

        Whatever, do whatever it takes. We are tired of this madness. Do whatever they have to do. This has been going on for too long.

    • Fed Up says:

      His parents should be turning him in

    • British says:

      I agree set up shop out side his house, his girls and all family member’s house…time for real police work to be done!!!!!!!!

  31. Don't worry bout it says:

    The police need to stop putting people’s business out there

  32. bang says:

    Oh sh%t f&*^% on the lose.

  33. cant fool me says:


    • pah! says:


      • Bermuda says:

        Its the truth

        • ganja mon says:

          Yea I find it funny that the Police now want to show this attitude towards murder AFTER Parkside have done all their dirt.

          If I count correctly, the score is 5 – 1 to Somerset vs PS.

    • Free says:

      You can’t be a real gangsta if you are 6 feet deep. Most people don’t have compassion or sympathy for gang members who terrorize the community. You sound good and silly. They are ALL degenerates.

      • cant fool me says:


        • Free says:

          You mad? At least I can spell. Yes you sound silly talking about people forgot about one gang whose members died. Most people don’t give a damn. Get it? You must love going to funerals stop entertaining bullsh!t you clown.

    • loose wit it says:

      WOoooooooW!!!!!! Bigging up a — u so lame…………..

    • O PLEASE says:

      I so feel you RIP FREDDY… West will never forget we got you brah!!!!

    • SINGLE MOM says:

      Sad Bermudain…I agree with you so much…everyone blaming the OBA when they know full well this sh%^ was happening …when PLP was in power!!! So yeah …Lay off with that OBA sh%^ okay!!! Let’s start pointing at the parents …cuz whether we in denial or not …us as parents need too take a stand..and grab hold of our kids okay!!! Back in my day …these lil a%^holes would have gottin their asses beat!!! Wake up BERMUDA!!!! We are in DENIAL!!!!

    • SINGLE MOM says:

      (Can’t fool me)this is too you okay! First of all you don’t come on here and say things like that!! “Parkside” is not the only gang on this island that has killed someone okay!!! And further more it don’t matter who has killed who…wat matters is that it needs too stop !!! It’s ppl like you that make these comments …which lead me too believe that you condone this s%^t!! My condolences go out too all the families that have lost a son…grandson..nephew…brother…uncle….cousin or a son through all this gun violence…like my 3 year old daughter who has lost her father do to this gang violence!!! We need too come as one and stop this senseless crime…obviously(can’t fool me)is one of those that condone these lil freaks behaviour!!! Watch wat you say okay… A$%hole !!!! Yours truly, single mom :)

  34. I wonder says:

    They better catch him before it gets windy. Dumbo might blow away in the wind.

    • Think says:

      He don’t need wind…R.Kelly style!

      I believe I can fly,
      I believe I can touch the sky;
      I think about it every night and day,
      just flap my ears and fly away!

  35. time for change says:

    This place is a Joke,,,(bernews) I read a story on here and people had so much to talk about (online) now the topic is being discussed on Sherrie j talk show and people are not upset any more,,,Wow,,where is this we should be up in arms,,who is this person the care giver are people afraid of her or is she a powerful person in the community,,,this Place is a JOKE !

    • nooneinparticular says:


    • eyes wide open says:

      What are you talking about? Why should we be up in arms if the police are hunting this fool. It means that people are talking and the police are doing what they’re suppose to do.

    • Will says:

      wtf r u on about?

    • tired of the petty people says:

      I think this person is referring to the lady who was let off the manslaughter of an 18month old who died whilst in her care – actually, she was out running errands at the time …

  36. No Way says:

    Wait?! This what the guys look like that are holding Bermuda hostage with gun crime??? He looks like president of the Science club at his high school or something. Where does he find the time to shoot people when not playing World of Warcraft?? I guess having a weapon makes them feel like men.

    • jokers says:

      they posted the church boy pic u gotta check out his face book he has since evolved into a NERD with the belief system that nobody ever really dies ……….hummm….some next isssh…

  37. PROMOTER says:

    there is hope in CHRIST.the gives GRACE

    • Dat guy says:

      U need help I don’t see Christ out there trying to catch him do u? I bet u don’t think dinosaurs existed either and all other religions are gonna burn in hell

  38. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    Just looked at his Facebook page, why don’t the police use pictures from there because he looks totally different from the picture that they released. Sheesh


    • 2$% says:

      Yah a rat! a filthy RAT!

    • British says:

      Thats right put em out there lol, you know BPS kinda slow but they catching on for sure. GET EM this baby boy was tricked to thinking he was a don or boss! Full time we as people come together and make a differance!!

    • Free says:

      Nice work!!

  39. readme says:

    MySpace (some years ago)

    • SMDH says:

      Sad that when he created that profile however many years ago he had dreams of being an accountant in Bermuda, yet his life has come to this.

    • hmmm says:

      his a shotta inna..lookin all at his insta!

    • BAD take note says:

      Thanks Read Me for the link.
      Bermudians Against the Draft take note of this
      punk in the Regiment. Just what you have
      been saying all along. Not surprising he
      is out today working on his gun practice
      that he learned possibly during his
      enforced conscription.

  40. Dee says:


    I thought the same thing. In the photo the police have released he looks like a kid, in his Facebook photos he looks much older.

  41. Malachi says:

    I know this kid!

    Used to be a good kid – but that’s what happens when kids are left to raise themselves!

    A real shame this is!!

    • Loving Life says:

      Dude still lives wit his parents so how was he raised on his own? Straight up wannabe something that he not. Nowadays dudes get tats just to feel that they a bad boy lol trust me he not hard and I know he can hurt someone cause he got a gun but most guys who are got guns are b!t@hes that can’t fight.

  42. gee a whyyy says:

    He likes boys. he will enjoy westgate

    • But why doe says:

      I’m deadddddddd lmaoooooo cus I thought the same

      • loose wit it says:

        F^&*& — — got these fools f^&*&n each other n toting guns!!!!! Bunch of tattooed as^&**. Fake drug dealers!!!!!!! They wouldn’t be drug dealers if someone else didn’t get it in for dem. If they had to smuggle it thereselves they would all be nerds suckin on mommies ^&ts!!!!!! Bunch of pu^&*s!!!!

        • ganja mon says:

          WHAT AN IDIOT..So how do you think drugs get here? You think some American is fronting the s%$t hoping it gets thru..

          You know NOTHING of the streets boy!

  43. wow says:

    Oh and here’s his instagram … http://instagram.com/_chrissrose

  44. tired of the petty people says:

    Stop and search – if you are innocent, then why be offended?? Yes, it will be more young, black males stopped, since this is the colour, sex and age of the majority of the offenders. Sorry, that is the fact.

    Stop the speeding and crazy driving while drunk, stoned or texting and who knows who will be flushed out …

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      Um. There’s a difference between stopping somebody for speeding or drunk driving (note, both are offenses) and randomly stopping and searching an individual without just cause (no, being black and/or male doesn’t constitute ‘just cause’).

      I have a huge issue with the stop and searches, the primary one being that the BPS have already identified the relatively small group of gang-affiliated individuals… Bust down their doors, harrass them, their mamas, aunties, grannys, girlfriends and whoever else they have to…

      Hats off to them today for their highly visible, no nonsense approach… Enough is enough.

      • Been a c*nt says:

        Um. Don’t you know that stop and search is permissible by law? DUH. They changed that a few years back. They can randomly search all they wish, and as they rightfully should. Doesn’t bother me.

    • Will says:

      im white and i dont agree with these stop and searches so it has nothing to do with what race you are from. I can agree however that they unfairly target black individuals..and for what?! They say they are doing these searches to get weapons but all they find is ganja…and i smoke ganja so no i dont want to be stopped and searched.
      How many weapons have been uncovered vs how many people now have criminal records because of a bit of weed they found whilst searching for weapons….it unfairly targets most bermudian men, white and black and it needs to stop. Im all fro stops and searches if they stuck to their mandate as to why. If im being stopped and searched under the Weapons Acts then you should have no right to haul me in under the misuse of drugs act (although i havent made it home yet, so technically i didnt us or misuse any drugs ;)

  45. Bermydude says:

    If he has a gun on him, them he should get 25 years off the bat!! no perole!!

  46. Crazy Times In BDA says:

    Man look at this pic and look at the pic of the guy in the rain suit when he’s walking in. You can see a resemblance.


    • Whats The Point says:

      how do you see a resemblance? if you put any person in that rain suit they’ll look the same!

    • Community Service my A##... says:

      is it coincidence that there was a guy shot at Woody’s by a guy wearing a blue rainsuit. of course all of this is not concrete but if I were in the police service, I’d definitely explore this avenue.

    • Oh F*$! says:

      Now ya just sayin anything

    • Smh says:

      I am sure if you put that over sized rain suit on any skinny tall boy (majority of the boys) there would be some sort of resemblance.

    • BG says:

      Your right it does look like about the same build and height, but it cant be right for you to post that on here like that. There’s probably around 15,000 people in Bermuda who will fall into that same classification. You can make that association on your own opinion all you want but by posting that you automatically sway people into believing its him. Bernews is that really a post that should have gotten through?

    • shotta says:

      You’re right. That looks just like the back of his hand.

  47. Don't worry bout it says:

    How you just gone post his personal information on here, that’s really messed up…has he done anything bad to you? Stop hating on people! And you wonder why people get slapped. If ya so brave post up your Facebook, post up ya Instagram, twitter..whatever. So. The next time his family or friends see you then can slap the lights out ov you! —To much rats in Bermuda

    • Been a c*nt says:

      YOU SOUND PATHETICALLY PATHETIC. YOU NEED TO GET THE LIGHTS SLAPPED OUT OF YOU FOR BEING SO IGNORANT. This freak has got a GUN on him and you wanna protect him? Your probably his b*tch. And we dont need to post our Fb’s or Instagram because we haven’t done anything wrong you C**T. Hahahah I feel sorry for your pathetic life.

    • Islander says:

      In situations like this – there is no such thing as privacy – they should post pictures of all these guys who police know are involved in gangs, as well as the paedophiles. 0r would you prefer that they kill every young man who walks away and tries to better themselves, or those who see the nonsense taking place and they encourage a friend, brother, nephew to walk and they are all murdered. Would you stand and take responsibility for any of the deceased brethren’s children, to assist with their daily expenses, help with their homework, be a big brother? NO, do you have information pertaining to any of the murders or people involved – think you do or else you wouldn’t mind the ratting – could be you are afraid for yourself.

    • Just One says:

      Why is he running from the Police? Maybe he did something illegal? If he has, do you support that? They are looking for him for a reason. We aren’t sure what that is yet, but I think it could be his fault that they are looking for him. Therefore, he has no one to blame but himself. I hope he surrenders peacefully.

    • Free says:

      Too much rats you mean? No, too many cowards like you who protect these ignorant asses! It’s all good until it’s your family you have to mourn right?

  48. huh? says:

    Hopefully the police do this everyday doors need to be kicked in more often! Should be done every hour on the hour it is a lot of scum to be cleaned up on this small island.
    When you have nothing to hide then you should not be worried about anything. After all these shootings I dont know how anyone can complain.

    • Don't worry bout it says:

      Lay down

    • Just One says:

      Exactly! We’re all more fed up of the shootings than the “Police inconvenience”! Do what you have to do BPS, we support you.

  49. Pahaha says:

    If he has an iPhone you can find his phone .,.. Lol unless his location is off than oh we’ll … But if he did do whatever they are accusing him of doing he can’t get far … Bermuda is small

    • FirstTimeVoter says:

      using simple triangulation or more accurate/advanced techniques, you can usually find ANY cell phone.. i dont know if it would be the case in bermuda cus we are so small, but maybe it COULD find this guy if he has his phone on him!


    Why do they have an old pic of him ? BPS post the REAL pics of him.. tattooes and all.

  51. SJ Taylor says:

    I remember people used to say that it was a good thing for some people that there were no guns in Bermuda. I suppose the 2013 version of that saying is that it’s a good thing we can post our comments anonymously because some of these comments are brutal.

    I’m not sure if this is the same person they say has been threatening people that he went to school with because they used to beat him up all the time but if it is, he’s had his fair share of name calling and bullying.

    I would imagine that with all the profiles he has on line he probably reads Bernews.

    I’m sure most of the posters on here don’t care but I personally wonder how he must feel being called “dumbo” “a filthy rat” and gay (“He likes boys. he will enjoy westgate”) etc. I wonder how that would make a person with a propensity toward violence and probably the emotional issues that go along with that feel.

    • eyes wide open says:

      Yeah. I’m sure wherever he is, he’s spending his time reading our comments. A lot of people were bullied when they were younger, but they don’t end up being the subject of a parish-wide manhunt. What is your suggestion? “Give me the gun Chris. Now, go take a ten minute time out.” Bermudians are past being nice, we are FED UP.

    • loose wit it says:

      Like the loser he is

  52. They never learn says:

    This fool almost lost his life about a month ago infront oh my house when he was in a single vehicle accident. One would think he would give thanks for a second chance at life and change his ways. Guess he needs to learn the hard way.

  53. shutthef%$#up says:

    if you dont know nothing shut the hell up. if you dont know him shut the f&*^ up. half of you dumb a$%es commenting are saying anything and making yourselves sound like a$%es. let the police do their jobs and do your own f^&%ing job by getting off the computer and doing some work.

    • loose wit it says:

      F^%$ dumbo. Bop bop bop dumbo down!!!!!!!

    • ganja mon says:

      I feel the same way @shutthef%$kup..More then half of the commenters KNOW NOTHING of Bermudas youth and why they think like they do. He hasnt been charged yet people assume he is guilty. Police have to arrest him first and if any evidence he will be brought before the courts. People have already assumed him guilty. Posting his fcbk and insta only makes it worst

  54. Dat guy says:

    Feels like I walked into a clan meeting damn you lot might as well come out and say lynch him and the rest but in case you guys missed it he’s actually mixed you lot need damn help u don’t care if we blacks get stopped and searched more often cause we are the offenders wtf are you serious something seriously wrong with you lots upbringing

    • SPEAKIN says:

      It’s not about race you idiot. If he was any more white or black we’d all say still hang him.
      We should all dress in black panther and KKK attire and burn things together!

      • Dat guy says:

        Na it’s not to me u ppl make it bout race watch wat dumb ish comes out ya ridiculous mouths and we be cool deuche if u had read the comments prior to mine u would see y I said that a retarded person could tell who you lot referring to

        • Been a c*nt says:

          Was that English?

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Dat guy, we’re all sick of these idiot gangsta jerks. They’re all half gay mommies biys running around with their boyfriends and asses hanging out their pants. Most people would like to see them all disappear. Anywhere. Prison in Jamaica, electric chair, hanging, taken out on a barge and sunk. We hate their guts. They are the scum of the earth. Eff them and eff you. Wanker.

    • Observant says:

      Possibly the reason for the more frequent stop and search of Black Bermudians is because of the fact that the population is about 66% Black…the majority.

  55. Not Again! says:

    The funny part is these thugs act all hard on the streets, but the minute they are caught what do they do? “Momma, help me”….”I want my momma”. Not so bad now are you punk!!!! Go get um BPS!!! Jobs aren’t going to make a difference. These guys are in gangs because they choose to be. It’s all a matter of choice. I’m struggling as well, but I’m not out there selling drugs or getting involved with crap like that. The courts need to be harder on them. 2 strikes and you are out for life!!!

  56. Dat guy says:

    I like these lil comment sections on bernews cause you can get a idea of how much undercover racist ppl there are in bermuda I hope this crime ends up at you guys doors sers hate ppl like u you r the real scum of bermuda

    • Not living in denial says:

      They don’t dislike people because of the way they ‘look’.
      (something people can’t change)
      They dislike people because of the way they ACT .
      (something people CAN change)

      Nothing racist about that.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        Didn’t you know that everything in Bermuda is racist…

        I imagine ‘dat guy’ would be very surprised at the racial composition of Bernews posters…

        If he thinks that black Bermudians aren’t tired and fed up with all this ignorance and have the same feelings that he describes as being “racist” then he is living in another world…

        Nothing racist about wanting violent criminals off the street…well at least to the sane anyways

      • Dat guy says:

        Again ppl need to watch how they word stuff cause it makes it seem that way @not living in denial and its no need to defend them cause I am sure they are smart enough and proof read their stuff before it was posted so they obviously meant to word it like that and also that still is racist just sayings or example it’s like saying I don’t like Muslims cause of how they act its racist just like the stupid c^&% who sad I should get stopped and searched more often cause I am black and we are the offenders its like me saying watch out for white people they are selfish and they’ll stab u in ya back before u can even blink and rob you without you knowing its effed up

        • Been a c*nt says:

          That was a horrible example, “like saying I don’t like Muslims cause of how they act is racist” Ugh well, if they are ‘acting’ against the law and doing dumb sh*t to harm themselves or others than REGARDLESS of their race, then they need to be held accountable for their actions.

    • mike says:

      id rather closeted racists than dumb f**ks with guns.

  57. me says:

    I would really love to see the BPS shoot one of those guys! It doesn’t have to be life threatening but enough to show these gangs that the police are in control and not backing down.

  58. youngblackmen says:

    FREE COXY aka the street sweeper get rid of all your problems.#nuff said

    • Dat guy says:

      U are clearly a ^&*% and y ppl think its no hope for young black men get off here damn idiot

    • loose wit it says:

      ! Yankee n biggz fi life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Realist says:

        haaa. since they died TOWN has been in shambles. No more drugs and wayy less bullets. I dont know why people are so upset now that Middletown people are being killed. They done killed the whole 42 and the POlice/ courts locked up no one. Now PS are being killed and everyone has had enough.

        Times sure change quickly on this ROCK!

  59. RayMan12012 says:

    @ Its Time . You are saying the wrong comments right now. That is my boy since I was young. He is not that type of person. He is to himself type person. He is not a gangster. So you damn Bermudians stop assuming s**t. Get a life and find out the truth first. Dumb Asses

    • Nap. says:

      If you know the truth then tell the truth. Can’t expect people to find out the truth from thin air.

      All we know is what these news sites are posting. We’re not all going to start looking people up to see what type of person they are/were.

      When the time comes we just have to let the evidence [if any] speak for itself.

  60. Loving Life says:

    I know fist to fist fighting isn’t good neither but damn most of the the shooters and gangsters so Bermuda wants to call them are str8 punks. Before dudes use to hook it out and still go to the same spots and sometimes it was all good or not all good but I guess its no fair ones only fairwells! R.I.P. My fallen homies Can’t stand chump azz individuals! Take them guns and take out the don’t caring system!! Cause they not doing nothing!!

  61. Bda Future says:

    Its very possible that what’s being displayed on our streets today stems from some of these kids being bullied back in their school days. Just like in other countries. Now that they have acquired “weapons” some of them may feel more brave and are out to “even some scores”. Sadly; Judging from some of the brutal comments on here, don’t be surprised to see these “weapons” turned towards the general public in the future….sad days ahead Bermuda.

  62. jake best says:

    the boys at the yacht clubs are laughing it up

  63. Let's Start Now says:

    Two words three times. Police Helicopter, Police Helicopter, Police Helicopter. Bermuda is like a urban jungle it would be very helpful and convenient to have one. Just a thought please don’t hurt me.

    • Yea right says:

      great concept. But how often would they use it? would they need to build a helipad on top of the police station? or will it have to fly from the St. George’s police station every time? A helicopter is fast. but not that fast. plus, you would have to train pilots, and their job would be to sit there until they are called on. and we already know the bps response time isn’t always the best.

      good idea but i dont think its a justified expense

    • Pois0n_Dart says:

      A remote drone like those used in many militaries would be a better idea. High quality camera, almost impossible to detect and could be keeping an eye on things 24/7 if we got 2 or 3 of them. That way if there is a report of something happening, its easier to trace the movements of the vehicles involved. Plus manhunts like these become less of a chore for the police. The laser guided missiles are optional of course…

  64. hmmm says:

    shake my head

  65. jake best says:

    why dont they use tourture to get names?
    tax payers would’nt mind, would we?

  66. jake best says:

    crack babies i think

  67. here's a thought says:

    two things:

    firstly, we have created this territorial issue we have regarding gangs and who can go where (on our tiny island) by this stupid school system that determines what school you go to based on where you live. that is RIDICULOUS. you are creating the problem – when kids from one area all go to primary school together, then all end up at either cedarbridge or berkely, they, especially at that age, are going to hang out with who they already know. if who they already know ONLY comes from their area, then there is the seeding for the gangs, right there.

    secondly, how long do you think this little cutie they’re looking for today will have a charge on his cell phone battery? as soon as that runs out, and he people can’t text him, you will find him.

    • SMDH says:

      Sorry I don’t buy that. Catchment areas are used in school systems all over the world and this gang problem does not exist.

      • here's a thought says:

        we are so small that the issues are absolutely magnified – it’s basic sociology playing into exactly what gangs need in order to build. ask the gang leaders of ANY gang and i bet they would tell you having groups already divided makes pickings easy for them. big promi$es, basic manipulation, some intimidation and bingo – you have yourself a new recruit.

      • TheILLumninati says:

        You fool gang problems do exist in the US high school due to this type of problem the user stated above. I know, I attended high school in Atlanta, GA.

    • Realist says:

      totally agree @here a though…CBA definitely sped up the rate of gangs in Bermuda. Before the new school system everyone stayed in their area or went to another school in a different parish, thus making people friendlier with friends of friends. Cliqs started in CBA and evolved into gangs. If you cant understand that then you are out of touch with Bermuda reality!

  68. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ Stop and Think: Thank you for you sane, thoughtful and caring comments. We are a punishment-minded community unaware or uncaring that most of these young men haven’t known anything else but a blow and a harsh word since they were babies. I have been listening to how these young mothers talk to their children for many years, tried to remonstrate with some and gotten cursed myself for my pains. They have been hit with fists, sticks, broom handles, chairs, electrical cords and anything else that came to hand. They have been called every name in the book, especially “stupid”, “dumb”, a “little sh-t”, “just like your f–in’ father”. Is it any wonder they are angry and unafraid of anything the law can throw at them?
    Someone who has felt helpless and powerless all their lives is more likely to value the power provided by a gun than someone who has been encouraged and nurtured, told how valued and loved they are, and treated as if they were a gift rather than a curse.

  69. Awake says:

    @It’s Time: I love the way you think! Some of us were born with more sense than others!!!

  70. TheILLumninati says:

    Don’t you think this guy is scared to turn himself in? After all they say he is armed. He probably is afraid the police will shoot him.

  71. s.martin says:

    what is really going on with our young men today? They don’t realize they are destroying the next generations future all they care about it hurting one another> so sad.

  72. Time Passages says:

    His Facebook photos don’t look quite so young innocent and choir boy-ish.

    But I’m sure he’s a nice young man. Probly our buying chocolates for hiss Momma.

  73. tom says:

    the boys at the yatcht clubs are laughing it up

  74. Claudio says:

    A few things that come to mind reading the media articles. The suspect is BELIEVED TO BE ARMED. They have not confirmed he is armed… So what if he was just a diversion?

    All you people hoping he will get shot by the police etc.. I hate these thug vermin as much as the next person but I also believe in innocent until proven guilty.

    The amount of times I have heard police arresting people not charging them makes me question police investigative/interrogation techniques – I also have sympathy for them because if members of the public who have information came forward it would make their jobs much easier.

    nevertheless, I have seen people run from police for no reason – some mofos are truly bored.

  75. tom says:

    Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group”

    let it affect “the other side” and see what happens
    they can eliminate this if they really wanted to, but they dont really want to,,, not untill it hits the other people,,

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      Who is they and how can they stop it?

      And do you really think that the murder of 20 odd black Bermudian men equates to genocide?

      As terrible and heartbreaking as it is it is not genocide.

  76. Very sad future says:

    There is no hope left for Bermuda. The best thing to do is either go straight work and home, or leave the island. The foreigners have all the jobs so there’s nothing to do other then get in trouble. Also with all the ignorance and from the narrow minded people there will be less and less tourist. Why chase him this is Bermuda it’s not like u won’t see him tomorrow lol. Where is he going to hide someone is bound to see him

  77. Fed up says:

    @rayman12012 & @Dontworryboutit you both sound so stupid! If any of your relatives were immediately affected by the gun crime, you wouldn’t be protecting this a$#! So as you say @Dontworryboutit, Go lay d f*$% down!

  78. Ty says:

    @single mom. I do understand what you are saying…. hence my comment that “3/4 of these guys” If they are part of the 1/4 that are only guilty by association then I feel for them. Maybe they should let the 3/4 know that they are messing it up for them.

  79. Just Saying says:

    All the comments are warranted by what the Media want you to know. I’m Just saying : The police received a tip… They never said the tip came from someone inside of Woody’s …. Given said If BPS are acting on the so called tip. Now… for the person/s who informed the BPS, I Pray the gave the correct information as a law abiding citizen not because you could have allegedly been offered $$$. I in no way are defending the person “wanted” . Not saying all but most young men will run in police presence guilty or innocent. One bad experience with the police and they have been scared for life. Then this story is told to many , like a chain it will spread like wild fire. It is not unheard of “police brutality ” corrupt police etc. If this young man is guilty and the BPS have creditable evidence , then fine prosecute him to the fullest. If they don’t will an apology be made for all the distress they have caused family , friends etc? I don’t think so . BPS will say , Its all in a days work.

  80. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    I say put a mandatory/free tracking device/camera on all vehicles when Lisenced so when the crime is committed you know exactly were the vehicle is and who it is registered to, what did this young man do in Dockyard he is from Rockaway/Rose Hill and they don’t set so its ovious he wasn’t wanted in the dockyard area, Have BPS ruled out Lagoon Park??? That’s a area they need to search and do it soon!!!

  81. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    reading most of these comments on here shows to me and others that many of you are @$$holes!
    if any of your family were shot you’d all soon start running ya big mouths and crying.

    the sooner the scum is wiped off our streets the better.

  82. He will get hungry, tired, cold, smelly and totally stressed knowing that the police are looking for him…he’d be grateful once they find him. He won’t get much help cause there are few people who want him around knowing the police with guns are just around the corner. He will give himself up once all of these things become apparent to him.

  83. unless this was a diversion…these guys are usually a little smarter than they are given credit for. Have all of the police up in Dockyard while someone is boarding a plane in st georges…i trust the police are smart.

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      No you were NOT thinking!

      The airport would have been alerted in the slight off chance this person tried that route.

  84. Smh says:

    Even if they find & arrest dis lil bie it’s 2 or 3 coming up right behind him to take his place. Read de 37 Psalm phrophecy it reveals!!!

  85. Ms Opinionated says:

    For an Island so small as Bermuda we still can NOT come together in a time of need or crisis. We as humans will always pass on the blame as long as the spotlight is not on us personally. Every time there is something negative in the news websites like Bernews and Royal Gazette have 100+ comments and most of them if not all shouldn’t even make it to be seen publicly. What happened to our beautiful island home, WE as a community have sat back and watched it deteriorate. We all know someone who is apart of some means of illegal activity and yet we just sit back and do nothing about. When the fights started way back when at the bus terminal, no one took them serious, then machetes and pepper spray and now we have reached guns. When we had the opportunity to at least try and put a stop to it, it wasn’t much attention paid to it. People make me smile, because when their loved one or someone they know has been murdered the first thing they say is “stop the violence” yet here we are faced with another manhunt situation and most of the comments are either complaining about the police actually doing something or saying no one cared when… It is 50 degrees in bermuda, you mean to tell me that NO ONE is helping him… SMH it really is a shame that we have come down to this for this tiny A** island. All we do is complain or pass the blame, how can the police do their job when members of the public condone this activity. Police officers are human just like you and I and they need help at times, just because they hold a badge doesn’t mean that badge is a magic 8 ball. At the end of the day this needs to come to a conclusion but as long as we have those mindless, spineless individuals who believe they are invincible it would never stop… sad but true. Ego is a dangerous thing…

  86. Sundee Faulkner says:

    I feel angst for his parents – they are very good people and he has been raised in a caring Christian home that did make education a priority for their family. I notice from the comments that everyone is so quick to make assumptions, judgements and blanket statements. There are no quick fixes, absolute answers or reasons. Life is about choices – sometimes external circumstances whether it be fear, the need to belong, to push the adrenaline and or moral/social boundaries or endless other factors overcome our base moral values and sadly the choices many are making are not necessarily a reflection of who they are, how they were raised or even of their community. If there was an easy solution then this would not be today’s news. Just hanging on to hope that this current situaion and this era of discontent will be over soon – for the sake of all.

  87. You Think !! says:

    This young man was raised in the church …. I don’t know what has gone wrong with him …. it is so sad…

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Yeah, you never hear of any religious people who turn out bad do you. No, that never happens.


    • Dat guy says:

      There are what 6 or so churches up 42? They don’t seem to be working let’s build more maybe that will work… 90% of the people who go church here are hypocrites holy on Sunday eff everyone else Monday to Saturday

  88. Poetic Justice says:

    So the BPS do not have sniffer dogs in this day and age!!?? Bloodhounds have been used for years to track and find people for the authorities over miles of land. Sure one could have sniffed this guy out in Boaz Island in a matter of minutes!!
    As for the quick arrest of the people of interest in this latest murder I hope it is a result of people speaking out and given the police the information needed to bring these animals to book!!!
    Enough already!!!

    • Dat guy says:

      Not really one guy turned himself in to avoid bs the other guy they picked up was a go get him type of thing I know them both

  89. Observant says:

    “When asked to address unofficial reports a firearm may be involved, Mr Caines said it “would not be prudent to speak on that this time.”

    I’m not entirely certain I agree with this stance…I’m not saying the guy is carrying or guilty or whatever. BUT…on the off-chance that he’s carrying a weapon, I would think that it would be in the public interests to be aware of it. I’ve seen these things in the US…”do not approach the individual as he is armed and considered dangerous’ sort of thing…

    Just sayin’…

  90. Diana says:

    I knew this boy when he was in primary school with my daughter. Good kid, very polite. Every child is born with a chance and hope and he was no different. Parents who are attentive and dedicate themselves to raising their children to be respectful individuals can still have children go wrong in the end, we can’t control it all. However, give them a fighting chance. Too many babies are having babies. Too many parents are taking care of their superficial needs before putting their children first. Children should never be called stupid/goodfornothing/ignorant/dumb etc, and yet we know they are. We who stand on the sidelines are just as negligent, whether we be their extended family, neighbors, teachers, coaches etc. Time to take back our island. We need to call out parents who are abusing our kids (they’re in our village so they are OUR kids) and stand up for them, if we don’t, who will?

  91. um just saying says:

    christoph pahahahahaha this guy is no damn gangsta. Ive known him for years we went school 2gether.idk but they just cant convince me that he is armed and dangerous. i really think its a misunderstance and he is scared to turn himself in cause the THINK he is armed. dont bash me for my opinion but he really DONT have the heart to be A SHOOTER.

    • I agree says:

      I agree with “um just saying” I have also known him for many years and he is a good person. This must be a misunderstanding.

  92. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Hunt him down . Don’t let him rest . Tear up all known hangouts .

  93. Angry Tax Payer says:

    I understand that everyone wants the BPS to become stricter and more hands-on but as soon as they do so, will the public cry against them? Food for thought.

  94. Smh says:

    You can’t say because he was raised in church that he should be good!!! Churches nowadays are marrying Gay couples. That’s an Abomination in the eyes of God. Lol @ You Think

  95. female says:

    I don’t know Chris, but the ppl that say the went school with him sayin his not a gangsta or whatever and laughin at him… Maybe he was just being used? Like he wanted to fit in or w.e and guys told him hold stuff at his house and these same guys “pricked” on him and said he had a gun to take the heat off of them… Lookin at his pics he doesn’t seem like his in all of that. And when he saw the police he ran because he knew what was in his house… Idk just a thought…

  96. TJ says:

    It doesn’t matter how long you have known someone because people change and under certain circumstances you never put anything pass anyone. I am not saying that he did this, but if he did maybe he was pressured into doing it. The best thing for him to do is turn himself in before the situation gets worse.

  97. Right Thing says:

    Stay Strong Chris.

    A lot of negativity being put on your shoulders right now. Come clean Turn yourself in.
    I have known you for some time now and you are not a Gun MON.

  98. Amsterdamned says:

    proper proceedure should be just shoot him on sight and be done with it.

  99. knownhimprettylong says:

    firstly @amsterdamned wtf are you talking about if that was your brother, nephew or someone related to you, you wouldnt be saying that s#!^.

    secondly i have known Chris for pretty long and as a few others have said he is not the type of person that the police and all you commenting bermudians are making him out to be. he is kind hearted and very polite. when i first saw this news article i was like what? because this is not him. im not saying that he is not capable of doing this because anyone is capable of doing anything but this just IS NOT the type of person he is

    and lastly anyone that wants to comment on what ive just said do so freely but think about it because all you people are soo quick to judge some just because of what youve read but yet you dont even know him. if it was one of your friends or family you would be saying all that you can so that others can understand what kind of person they are.


    • Somerset OG says:

      @knownhimprettylong ! Then what is he running for? Drugs and ammo found at the residence? Nice guy? Really?

  100. Xman says:

    The Hunt should continue for the rest of the Gang members all over Bermuda
    Lord sakes don’t stop the momentum now.— get them all

  101. PLP but not the Government says:

    Hopefully the Yacht that just pulled in today will be watched. our fugitive might just try and hop on board whilst all the activity is in Dockyard!!!

  102. outsiDe man says:

    he’s innocent. problem is, black people are never given the benefit of the doubt. maybe they’ll have another suspect tomorrow.