Photos: Police Conduct Manhunt In Sandys

January 29, 2013

At about 11am on Monday morning [Jan 28] the police responded to the Boaz Island area of Sandys, and a subject left the residence and has remained on the loose since that time. The police identified the person they are seeking as Christopher Duerr, and said he is believed to be armed.


Crowds of onlookers gathered across the street as the police scoured the Boaz Island area and vehicles exiting the western area were stopped and subjected to a search as officers searched for the suspect.

Officers could be seen conducting searches into the hours of darkness and police say armed patrols will be in the area continuing the search.


“Three other persons were arrested at the residence and are in police custody. A quantity of drugs and ammunition was seized from the house,” said a police spokesperson.

“Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Duerr is urged to call 911 and report his location. We are advising the public to not approach Mr. Duerr and allow the police to make contact with him if seen.”

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  1. time for change says:

    distraction, distraction,,,,,this will be forgotton about in the next day so,,like the numersous shootings,sexual preditors,child death,and so on that goes on around here,
    give the folks something to talk about for the day,,preachers some thing to conduct their sermon around and to add to on the job gossip,
    this town is a (patent place),,, TV,,SOAP ,,,distraction,,distraction,,,

    Ps. Folks lets Stop pretending like we really give a rats arse about these issues,,,cause if we really did we would do something about it,,

    One suggestion we have A (where not gonna take it anymore Day !)Every thing comes to a Grinding Halt .

  2. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Release the Hounds ; Hunt him down , give him no quarter or rest . Send all these rootin , tootin gun slinging godzillas a friggin message . If he’s brave enough to fight then LIGHT HIM UP .

  3. Capo says:

    Middle schools and makin 2 public senio schools has f%^$ the island!

  4. Just One says:

    Very nice pics!

  5. Gang Star says:

    I want to see updates from the guy – just like the Facebook bandit from a couple of years back. At least then it would make it a bit more interesting. Come on Mr Duerr.

  6. Micro says:

    So are they going door to door? Have they set up quadrants and a front-line and meticulously searching the area? Have they been searching EVERY single vehicle thoroughly (wouldn’t be surprised if he and his mates have modded compartments underneath a van or something to hide in)? Checking inside the tanks of tanker trucks?

  7. Y-Gurl says:

    They certainly look the part, it’s a pity their results aren’t so impressive.

    • Fiat Lux says:

      Yeah agreed. Sometimes I wish the police were the like super heros you see in the movies. Use there bionic senses to catch criminals….

  8. YOUNG BUT TIRED says:

    bernews y wasnt my comment posted?????????????