Man Arrives At KEMH With Gunshot Wounds

March 9, 2013

[Updated] Unofficial sources indicate that a man arrived at King Edward Memorial Hospital early this morning [Mar 9] with gunshot wounds, with his injuries not considered to be life threatening.

It is not clear where the shooting took place, and all other circumstances surrounding the incident are extremely unclear at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 1.18pm: The police have confirmed this, with a spokesperson saying, “Around 3:45am on Saturday, March 9th police received a report of a 30 year old man at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital with suspected gunshot wounds. The individual was treated for his injuries and later released.

“Details regarding this suspected firearm incident are unclear at this time. Inquiries are ongoing and anyone with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is encouraged to contact the main police number on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Come Correct says:

    Maybe shot himself…

  2. observer says:

    oh well…patch him up and send him home !

  3. Douglas says:

    Patch him up?! Why?! Foolishness!!!!

    • Good News Bda says:

      I feel ya…. Anyone that has ever been to emergency and had to ait while they treated a gangster for gunshot woulns can appreciate that statement.

  4. knowthyself says:

    Must be that fairylands gang again. Hope they clean up that crime infested neighborhood. A lot of honest, hardworking and privileged folks over there.

    • Impressive says:

      Your sarcasm is not funny at all,, If you are trying to imply that its surely not a while guy living in a wealthy neighborhood in Bermuda, you are most likely correct. However, why bring in the issue or class, or dear I say race in this?? Seems overly cynical and childish.

      • knowthyself says:

        Oh yes DARE I say race!!! You’re truly correct!!


        98% of Bermuda’s inmates are white….didn’t you know?

        So again…dare I say race…oh lord know!! ;)

    • Black says:

      You are utterly retarded and racist. I wouldn’t call them honest or hardworking, privileged yes. If only these poor ghetto black boys were born with silver spoons in their mouths too!

      • Funny says:

        Why can’t they be considered honest or hardworking? Because they live in a certin neighborhood? Now that is racist.

        And if you ever read any of knowthyself’s posts you would know his black and feels the same way about white people as you apparently do.

        Disgusting and divisive, but not surprising

        • Black says:

          Shut the hell up and read a history book.

          • ur a dreamer says:

            yes we know black people were slaves…..along with jews and many other races……any thoughts for the future….or just gonna continue to blame ur failures on hardships suffered by generations long before your time…..why is it that so many “uncle toms” have been able to make yet others can’t…..stop hiding ur lack of ability behind race

            • Black says:

              Why don’t you shut up too. I’m talking about BERMUDA’S history that most of our parents and grandparents remember and witnessed. Not hundreds of years ago in America. Go eat more paint chips you illiterate moron. Stop thinking history has no effect on the present and future.

              • ur a dreamer says:

                didn’t say history has no effect….just wondering why when the impact of history is racial based it affects certain members of the same race more than others…..surely if race it the underlying factor it would affect all members of the same race equally….if you could explain to me the reasons behind the difference in impact i would greatly appreciate it……also if you could explain where i portrayed myself as illiterate that would be be beneficial also….. thanks mate

                • Black says:

                  That’s just a fact of life in any circumstance, there’s always exceptions. A large portion however a still struggling based on history, you can’t deny that. Another race is thriving based on history as well and some members of that race are also struggling, doing drugs, in jail, etc. That doesn’t change the bigger picture jacka$$. Learn how to spell and type you look like a fool. Illiterate one to be exact, or perhaps a 13 year old girl would be a better insult? “…..” is not the proper way to end sentences or separate them. There’s also this thing called capitalization. You need me to explain to you common sense? I can’t do that.

                  • ur a dreamer says:

                    lol….ur being pedantic over blogging formalities…if this were a credible forum or in anyway an important document the punctuation would be spot on, but as this is an internet blog, the matter is rather trivial….the point is you can still fully understand what it is that i am communicating, despite the lack of capitals or “….” between sentences…..yet you have failed to address the main point i am making….that MANY “poor ghetto black boys” have worked hard and achieved success….without naming people personally, there are many successful black lawyers, doctors, construction bosses, company owners, and so forth……u say “there’s always exceptions” but that adds very little substance to the argument….the question is why are there/how do these exceptions arise for some but not others if the matter is purely one of race?

                    • Black says:

                      Oh please don’t give that excuse for your lack of intelligence or utter laziness. The only person you are hurting is yourself because you look stupid. Thanks for repeating yourself and what I also said, they are the exception not the rule. Brilliant parroting work! Once more you are utterly stupid if you need someone to answer you that. Why do some wealthy privileged kids also turn bad? That’s just the way it is. You can’t argue that someone who is born into wealthy is not already ahead of those who aren’t, that plain common sense and if you need that spelled out for you then you are too stupid in the first place to understand that. What are you adding to the argument? Absolutely nothing.

                  • knowthyself says:

                    @ Black-

                    Also your response to “ur a dreamer” was quite poor and lacked an educated response, but don’t worry you have plenty of filler in the form of childish insults to disguise your lack of intellect.

                • knowthyself says:

                  @ ur a dreamer

                  You said the following:

                  “didn’t say history has no effect….just wondering why when the impact of history is racial based it affects certain members of the same race more than others…..surely if race it the underlying factor it would affect all members of the same race equally….if you could explain to me the reasons behind the difference in impact i would greatly appreciate it……also if you could explain where i portrayed myself as illiterate that would be be beneficial also….. thanks mate”

                  I know you asked “black” to respond but allow me to shed some light…

                  A specific demographic that could be at play here is “class”, which in some cases supersedes the historical impact of race; more specifically racial disparities. However, in many instances, the two are interconnected. So, your comment “surely if race is the underlying factor it would affect all members of the same race equally”, is neither rational or accurate. There are some blacks that are able to rise above the historical and modern day oppression associated with racism (not limited to uncle toms btw) in order to achieve higher socio-economic status.

                  Hope this helps :)

                • Johnny says:

                  It does affect all of the black race equally, studies show that blacks (along with other races) receive far less compensation than their white counterparts, for doing the same work. Maybe you think it is just a coincidence that most of the people doing the compensating are white.

                  • knowthyself says:

                    Interesting point Johnny. However it’s impossible to say something affects an entire race equally. That is a blanket statement e.g. All white people are racist. There will always be exceptions and that is often based on various socioeconomic factors.

            • Berkeleyite says:

              @ ur a dreamer- I see you mentioned that “black people were slaves”…. That’s not all we were. Before we were slaves, we were Kings and Queens. Just saying.

              • knowthyself says:

                @ Berkeleyite

                That a great point! You’re well informed of your history.

                Many races on earth have endured slavery at some point in history.

                The lingering effects of black slavery and oppression still remain today. This is a fact many white people are unwilling to acknowledge or accept. They would conveniently prefer to sweep it under the rug instead of having open dialogue to find solutions to the many disparities that exist today in “our” society. On the other hand perhaps Government (OBA) is best suited to tackle this issue through affirmative action (e.g. workforce equity act).

                • keturah says:

                  i can’t speak for all white people but i can say many want to do something but don’t know what or how. Whether folks want to see it from the other side or not the fact remains that the plp govt used race in an abusive way in the eyes of white Bermudians…hence their refusal to engage in the race conversation. There is no need to make white people feel “uncomfortable” in Bermuda or to put us down in order to elevate another. Kindness and patience often lead to a better understanding of one another and lead to these conversations we need to have.

                  • knowthyself says:

                    Interesting and for the most part agreed.

                    You mention “the plp govt used race in an abusive way in the eyes of white Bermudians…hence their refusal to engage in the race conversation.”

                    That’s is true there political campaign was atrocious in that regard, and probably created a more protracted rift. However I should point out that the PLP in no way, shape or form can speak to the hearts and minds of all black people. Those with half a brain realize they orchestrated a campaign hell bent on using the race card to achieve there end. It was a politically effective strategy but certainly didn’t help to fuse racial harmony on our island. I’m a firm believer that Government should lead by example. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

                    “There is no need to make white people feel “uncomfortable” in Bermuda or to put us down in order to elevate another.”

                    Admittedly I like to stir the pot in some of my posts…After all someone has to get the ball rolling. Of course that is specifically to encourage dialogue (regardless of it’s nature or content) as it’s always nice to find out how people view race and particularly systemic racism on our island.

        • knowthyself says:

          I have never said anything remotely racist or prejudice for that matter.

          So what is your point bud?

          • Black says:

            That you’re a racist retard.

            I made that clear the first time.

            • knowthyself says:

              So emotional big boy ;)

              You just need a hug.

              • Black says:

                Nice assumption a__. You need to learn how to read better.

            • yup dat rite der! says:

              black and ur a dreamer! how the hell did this become a racial/slave thing? how about is the victim ok? he could have been walking home or standing at a bus stop! he could have been the victim of a robbery! if one of you were shot and a@@holes like you were on bernews making similar comments how would you feel? im sure you would be saying wait a minute! i got shot! im not a gangster! why are these ignorant people talking all this sh**. am i lying? imagine yourself on that hospital bed in pain and errybodys on bernews yapping! put yourself in anothers shoes before you have so much to say! i hope the person is ok.

      • It is a real shame when those who are, “less privileged” than others are thought to be inevitably, “a wanna-be gangter” No, that is soooo far from the truth. There have been many having come from a single parent home, or in our “getto areas” that are and will continue being a real mentor to others…
        “If someting is important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not then you will find an excuse.” Life is,(can be) that simple.

    • Pennies from Heaven says:

      Really is this comment necessary jacka$$

    • It's Real today says:

      I really don’t think this is the climate to be belittling people or especially implying racial insinuations cause if you haven’t read or heard from your little cozy home, today it’s real and real things transpire. That mindset you have should (it maybe in your best interest) to keep that between you and your own personal little click of idiots you associate yourself with. Things are very much different from the 60′s & 70′s where you can get away with silly little remarks like that. The moral of the story is, treat people right, give respect and you will get it in return. Let God do the judging cause you are no better then the man on the street and just remember everyone has skeletons in their closet. We don’t know that happen to this individual but what we do know is that this could have been his life and it could happen to anyone. Maybe you should bring yourself back to earth and try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes then think of how you would want to be treated. Cause today’s climate is SERIOUS and NO ONE IS OMITTED!! Much prayer is needed.

    • Litte K says:

      WT# type of comment is that knowthyself ……. if

    • Litte K says:

      if you had even a small degree of knowledge of yourself (if you are a black person) then you would realize how degrading you are to your own race.

      • knowthyself says:

        How am I degrading to my own race (assuming I’m black)?

        I find you amusing “Little” K. I am simply not afraid to talk about controversial topics be it race, politics, or religion. I don’t believe that qualifies me as degrading or offensive and if so, it is because these are sensitive topics which can create emotional responses such as yours.

        :-) Have a great night.

        • Litte K says:

          I will absolutely have a great night particularly as I know thy self … u dumb idiot !!!!! If your not an ignorant self-degrading black person than perhaps your an ignorant racist jack @$$.

          • knowthyself says:

            So you avoided a tough question. Kudos to you Little K!!

    • dthtoo/ says:

      What do you mean by fairylands gang? Has fairylands been having problems over there and it has been kept secret?

  5. For Real says:

    Don’t assume he involved till proven !!!

    • Kettle says:

      Oh please. Give it a rest. I doubt it was a hunting accident.

  6. Charming says:

    May the Almighty have mercy on us all.

  7. Kim Smith says:

    If the fellow won’t fess up to who shot him… or other pertinent details… then he should be charged with handling a firearm… or some other related charge. He is involved in activity that includes a firearm and unless he called the police to report the incident (as in he’s a victim), he has information that would be useful in our fight against the scourge of violence.

    • RawOnion says:

      You’re right….if he doesn’t say who shot him then charge him with possession of bullets. Since they are in him he cant deny handling them.

  8. Truth is killin' me... says:

    The majority of these guys know why they were shot and if they don’t, they find out real quick from someone else. Either owing money or disrespecting another gang is a likely reason. Whether or not they tell the cops why they were shot is another question!

    • Islander says:

      You don’t have to be involved with the gang which is a known. Blood relation to anyone in a gang and you are a target. How many more ‘associated by blood” shootings are going to take place. Again, the alarm sounds… if you know somthing don’t spill it here, go to the authorities and I don’t want to read “Yuh, yuh rite – a lot of good they are doing”, share the information and do it as soon as you hear, see. This will avoid heartache, children with out fathers and senseless loss of life. If we aren’t losing our own to the gun, the roads are taking them.

  9. Chris P Bacon says:

    If he won’t spill then charge him for possessing ammo – in his leg.

  10. Family Man says:

    With any luck it was an accidental shot to the crotch as he was trying to slip the gun into his waist band. Hard to see him walking to emergency after that though.

  11. cant fool me says:

    To many Expats in this country!!!!!!

    • Douglas says:

      Oh just shut up! One has nothing to do with the other. But, perhaps you’re being sarcastic. Man I hope so. If not, you need some help mate.

      • Islander says:

        perhaps he has some haggling left over from the March to the hill.

    • Jeff Dwyer says:

      ….yeh, they are the problem here, especially the white dudes. all that politeness, respect, good work ethic, good manners. its some proper shootin we need.

  12. i wish we could start refusing these Gun Shot idiots at the hospital. I can almost guarantee the tax payer paid for that patch up, these low life’s never have any insurance, and are one of the reasons are health care is sky rocketing.

  13. andre says:

    Are you serious? You have no idea the details of this incident. People like you sicken me!

  14. Expat says:

    @ Can’t fool me. That is what they should have told your momma and poppa when they showed up on these shores. Go Howl at the moon with the Green Hulk.

  15. Barney Fife says:

    Have gun. Can’t shoot

  16. Booze cruise says:

    I can’t afford the crazy cost of health insurance either. Does that make ME a gangster or a ‘low life’?

  17. Fishy says:

    Talk to his girlfriend she knows better

  18. polo says:

    u dumb people need to stop taiking trash if u got shot would u want police charge u think about wat u are saying first

  19. Seriously?!? says:

    They shouldn’t have patched him up until he started talking. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

  20. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    Mothers and Fathers gambling with their Children’s lives. I find it appalling that they would do this, don’t You..? YOU know full well that Your Child is doing this ignorance, yet you stand by Silently watching our society rot.
    I have enough compassion to understand that you don’t want to turn them in, to spend the rest of their life in Prison…but rest assured WE the PEOPLE will take very good care of them at West Gate Recreational Facility, Personally i would do that than risking a gamble on my Child NOT coming home one night.
    Just to clarify…i’m not talking the the parents of the youth that are living their youth ie; pack racers, pranksters or even a little weed smoking because that IS YOUTH…the hardcore bad bwoyz and most of us know them, yeah your cousin or someone you knew from schooldays… all of you are destroying this society that made Bermuda Another World…and are Gambling with their lives because YOU could Prevent it.
    I hear people blaming the O B A…P L P…B P S, but it’s really Y O U.

  21. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    should have been investigated further and charges laid

    this is coin a phrase..a cop out!

  22. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Did any one hear any gunshots early this morning.

    • knowthyself says:

      Yeah I heard the gun shots. I believe they were coming from Fairylands..mill shares rd. But no worries there are currently plans to make the area a gated community.

      • dthtoo/ says:

        knowthyself: You mean to say that the folks in Fairylands are going to padlock themselves in? Well, it has been said more than once that guns are going to start turning the other way. I wonder why?

  23. t-money says:

    Shut the hell up!

  24. Bobthebuilder says:

    Free up the weed or expect worse. Take the monetary value out of it. That would be taking a big step in the right direction against gang violence.
    I’m not a pothead either. I’m a realist.

    • Duh says:

      Real gangsters dnt sell weed lol lay down

      • dun says:

        which is why the “gangsters” we have here arent the real sh–.

        weed is the most lucrative drug on the island. you have all walks of life that smoke it.

        there is a large market for other drugs, but marijuana beats them all by a landslide.

        why wouldnt “real gangsters” be down to make a sh– ton of money?

    • Kim Smith says:

      @Bobthebuilder can you please explain to me specifically how “freeing up the weed” is going to change gang violence?

      • dun says:

        i’ll let you know..

        weed is the most popular “drug” on the island.

        the gangs bring it in, sell it, etc.

        it is the most profitable item that is on the black market. (yes guns and ammunition are expensive, but there isnt as large of a demand.)

        by freeing up the ganja, by allowing people to grow in their own homes that they bought with their money, by the government allowing businesses to own land and grow marijuana for commercial sale, we take ALL OF THE MONEY OUT OF THE “GANGSTERS” POCKETS.

        Make sense? or are you another delusional old person who has never tried it and believes the propaganda that the world has been told for decades…?

      • Come Correct says:

        I’ll add a bit to what @dun said. Whith the large deman for weed on this island (large profit margin) and little supply at the moment (even bigger profit margin for those that have) this in itself helps to feeds gang violence. Some people that sell it arent in gangs, most are. So most people have a friend or an aquaintance that they can go to and feel comfortable buying from them without a risk of being robbed, or you can go to a known area of a gang and buy from just about anyone sitting on a wall, 9 times out of 10 this proves to be a bad idea. Right now with the current weed shortage most people dont have anything to sell and those that do either wont sell or only to a very select people. Why? As soon as word gets around where the weed is at you can pretty well expect a home invasion by a certain group of people. I’ll give you a rough estimate of the profit involed: I get a pound of weed for $10,000 (like i said rough estimate), 16 ounces in a pound, 28grams in an ounce, giving me 448grams. I sell each gram for $50 (and believe me some are less right now, I’ve heard of 0.3 for $50) I’m making back $22,400, a profit of $12,400.

        How many guns do you think that buys? A better question would be… How much profit could the government make by legalizing, regulating and selling it? Whos going to buy weed from some street thug when you can go to a government dispencery and get good grade clean weed? Now think about taking the revenue made by this and putting it towards funding social programs, funding for the police for more man power and better equipment to combat gang violence (also one less thing for them to worry about)? Another thing to note is if the government is supplying it they wont be paying $10,000 per pound, more like 1-4 thousand which increases the profit margin for them even more. The price of 7 grams here is $150 (IMO soon to be $200 if nothing is done about this), when i was in California 7 grams of medical grade marijuana was about $120, not a huge difference. The bottom line is we could be taking a major profit away from the gangs, decreasing the appeal of the gang lifestyle and their ability to buy weapons, as well as creating a massive new revenue stream for government. Then theres also the fact that the oba promised us 2000 jobs right? If we start growing our own local marijuana product….BOOM jobs have been created (growers, sales people, security, construction of facilities, production of green (hemp) products, Bermuda cannabis cup). Oh, I almost forgot, tourism would probably almost instantly boom again with the current products we have to offer (some of the best beaches in the world, great climate and weather, we would probably be the friendly people we were once known to be) coupled with the fact we would have legal marijuana that can be purchased without the risk of being robbed. The “war on drugs” has failed for 70+ years now and whether we like it or not the world is changing all around us and we’re about to be left behind.

        I realize this isn’t a very detailed plan and a lot more thought would have to go into regulating it and putting certain rules in place (no smoking in public places, limits to how much can be in possession, possible licenses similar to lobster diving) but really, look at the situation we are in…oh and theres also the fact there are 0 deaths related to marijuana, lets put that in a time frame…EVER.

        • yup dat rite der! says:

          that all makes perfect sense!! this is why so many states are legalizing it. instead of spending numerous tax dollars on incarceration etc tax dollars are earned along with licence fees etc!

  25. Duh says:

    hmmm a device that cam detect guns…. Am i the only smart person in bermuda? Lol

  26. It's Real today says:

    I just want add to this to make it clear to the username: Expat.
    Personally, I have no problems with a limited amount of expats here with the stipulation that they are assigned a Bermudian to them for their entire term training him or her to do the job. What I do have a problem with is foreigners making remarks such as: “That is what they should have told your momma and poppa when they showed up on these shores”
    What you fail to realize is if that be the case, then no one can claim any part of the world besides Africa where evidence is proven to be the development of all life. I’d like you to tell an American that they aren’t an American. Cause lets be clear, so called Christopher Columbus found the Indians in America and slaughtered them, then claimed America as being originally Caucasian culture knowing that its false. This was taught in our schools for years.
    My point being is that if people have a sense of Pride and claim their country where they are born and raised then who are you as a foreigner dare to speak other wise. I think you need to review your comments and discontinue using that gesture cause its degrading and deploring to the people of this culture. It also adds negative tension amongst the locals which I really don’t think you want that sort of drama. So please everyone with that mindset, STOP!!

    • Did he do it? says:

      Precisely why I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!

      • Impressive says:

        Exactly,, Its like rubbing the bank of 10 million dollars and coming back every year in November and handing out presents to all the employers and employees.. lol

  27. M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

    It’s a bit late in the season for a flu shot ..

  28. Impressive says:

    Some of the comments on this blog just show me that Bermuda has some real social issues.. The way we attack and disrespect each other is distressing to me, and we wonder why the younger ones pick up arms. #shaking my head

  29. Bermudican says:

    There needs to be some folks with the ability to discern a suspected Machete attack from a real one and a suspected set of gun shot wounds from real ones.
    like when the guy comes in pinned to a table with a 3 foot Machete i think a man or woman of discernment could decisively state ,
    ” wasn’t anything suspicious about it…Guy had very little reason to be walking around with a table … ”
    for an example…

    I wonder sometimes , who makes these press releases from the police department ? cant they hire someone who Can say ,
    ” three or four chunks of lead removes the “Possibility from suspicion to certainty? ”

    i mean , if a guy crawls across the emergency room floor, with blood gurgling out his mouth , twenty one holes in his body and like 1/2 stone of lead that is extracted ,….
    will there be a chance that the BPS could make a definitive statement ..?
    What is with that ?

    say he only had 18 holes , two ounces of lead and was thrown out of a speeding wheel barrow onto the pavement outside,
    would it still be inconclusive ?
    “Too Early on …. ”
    “We are asking for the public to tell us about anything suspicious at 3:45 a.m….”
    any one who could would be suspect lol.. most folks are home sleeping …

  30. Find the woman says:

    He has a Girlfriend an older woman tell police find her and ask her wats up. She knows.

    All of these idiots have women or females in their lives, that condone, support or benefit from their actions. Find the woman and you will have a clue.

  31. say no 2 gangs says:

    Knowthyself u have seriuos issues,how these comments come into play when the artical is about a guy who turns up @ d hospital with a gunshot wound. Yes its black on black violence,u don’t know about the whites cause their children r sent back home when they r heading 4 trouble here in BDA,so when they do get in trouble u don’t here about it in BDA.

  32. nonsense says:

    To think that some silly grown girl has this low life loser as her boyfriend…pick your standards up. The fool probably shot himself. To bad for the kids that have to grow up around this nonsense…

  33. REDRUM says:

    ALL YA’ll are suckers ……all hidin behind these names tlkin sh!t LMFAO ….but I’m not sayin much @ all. U KNODAT SAY NOMORE #DARKNESS

    • Douglas says:

      And your mother named you Redrum?!! Education is not just a word mate. According to your thought process, you’re a sucker as well! Lol! How I pity your generation, “YA’ll” don’t have a clue.

      • Come Correct says:

        Spell the name backwards, and no they don’t have a clue since they just #theirgangaffiliation…if they had brains they might be something to worry about.