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April 12, 2013

Bermuda pianist Aisha NuSound’s soulful artistry and virtuoso technique are prominently featured on her recently released debut album “Heartstrings.”

Heartstrings features 10 original songs written and performed by the fast-rising Bermudian performer.

It was released on January 4th 2013, and each song is available for free download here on Soundcloud.

Aisha — who is currently studying medicine at the University of East Anglia in the UK — said the album’s title refers “to an echo of the sound God put in my heart, so I hope it reaches you exactly where you are. I pray that hearts are healed and awakened to God’s amazing love.”

HeartFix Audio:

Aisha said,:”One of my biggest musical influences is my father, Andre Bassett. He started playing at the age of five and still plays now.

“He was the first person who introduced me to the piano. He used to play in some Jazz clubs in Canada when he was there at university.

“We often played together as I was growing up and I remember sitting by his side at the piano when I was younger and couldn’t yet play and wanting to play like him. His passion and love for the piano was contageous and he inspired me to want to start playing and to grow in my playing skills and diversify the techniques I used to play.”

The young Bermudian said she and her father still make time to play together at the piano and exchange songs by way of the Internet when she is away at university.

New Life audio:

Aisha continued: “I’ve had a love and appreciation for music for as long as I can remember. I started playing the piano at 10 and I wrote my first song soon after at age 11.

“I was taught by Eustace Jones who fostered a love for the piano and an appreciation for music. At my request, he would often play a song in my piano lesson book for me before I had learned it. If I liked how it sounded we chose that one as my ‘assignment’ for the week, if not we moved on to the next song.

“When schoolwork started to take up more time when I was studying for my GCSE’s at age 16 I didn’t have enough time to practice and so I had to stop taking lessons. I was devastated but continued to play songs in my spare time. Shortly after that we moved house and there was no space for my upright piano. It was then I started playing the keyboard we got and playing real pianos at church, school, hotels and basically wherever I could get access to them.”

She said that at about the age of 20 she prayed to God for songs to worship Him and they came during times when she sat at the piano and played to express her feeling or emotions or just to relax.

Aisha added: “The more I played the more songs seemed to flow. Then every time I went to the piano to play I would have a new song so I feel He answered my prayer.”

HeartQuake audio:

She said the material on her recently uploaded album was recorded both in the UK and while she was home in Bermuda on holiday.

“I recorded the songs for ‘Heartstrings’ while at university between September and December, 2012. Half were recorded live in Norwich and the other half were recorded in Bermuda over Christmas. The final song on the album called ‘Free’ was recorded live on a baby grand piano in Bermuda.

“My brother Alex-Andre Bassett contributed the strings sound heard in the beginning of the song ‘Free’.

Where did the stage name Aisha NuSound come from?

“Aisha is my first name – it means full of life,” she said. “NuSound represents the fact that since I rededicated my life to Christ I’ve been making a new sound on the piano. This sound reflects my hearts desire to transparent, and free with how I play the piano, as I play straight from my heart and soul.”

Aisha said she is also planning a concert in Bermuda for late summer 2013 and hopes to collaborate with local artists. Ayone interested in being involved can get in touch with her at

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