Man Appears In Court On ‘Drunk Boating’ Charge

June 26, 2013

Bryan Kornegay, an American visitor, was granted bail and must re-appear for trial tomorrow [June 27] after he appeared on charges involving being in control of and piloting a boat whilst he was impaired by alcohol.

The allegation arose from an incident in Spanish Point late last night.

Mr Kornegay said that he was visiting Bermuda and had been due to leave Bermuda this morning [June 26].

However, last night’s incident had resulted in him being taken into police custody and being brought before the Senior Magistrate this morning.

The Senior Magistrate asked if Mr Kornegay had somewhere to stay, and a brightly-shirted barefooted Bermudian man present in Court announced that Mr Kornegay was his guest and said that he would look after him.

The barefoot man also proceeded to remind Senior Magistrate Archie Warner that he was acquainted with the Courts and Court procedure being as he had, on a previous occasion, been sent to jail by the Senior Magistrate.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Love the description but its times like this that we really need ‘court TV’.

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    when can expect WARNER COURT TV ?

    • Teacher Teacher says:

      Warner – let the tourist go – he has already suffered enough, having had to deal with this barefoot joker and his tales of all the money an fools gold he has.

  3. Teacher Teacher says:

    Always look at the Brightside of Flatts!

  4. Know your facts says:

    Bet this was the same guy who when appeared in court told the judge that that it was the best breakfast he ever had while incarcerated. The judge then said “glad you enjoyed it because you are going to have 30 more “lol

  5. Y-Gurl says:

    Wonder why no one was charged after the horrific crash outside riddles bay a couple of weeks ago at 11:00pm

    • Maybe their pockets are a lot deeper then this American visitor, and the headlines says, man appears in court on drunk boating charge.
      so maybe their charging him for letting his boat get drunk, but he had less drinks then the boat.

    • David says:

      why no charges for the two boats that ended high n dry on islands in the harbour. They must have ben drunk. As for Riddles, I know one boat’s crew that was not drunk and it wasn’t the guy on the news.

  6. A. Little says:

    …’cause they vern’t wisitin Amuricans….

  7. Muff diver says:

    How about them gangsta on jetski driving drunk.Will dem be in court?Can de police catch dem?

  8. Prez says:

    Lets see how the incompetent Warner handles this one.

  9. Xman says:

    The same stuff we use to lure tourist here with could well be a curse – the guy had to much Rum Swizzle.
    Sentence him to buy 2 retuning Airline tickets.and book Grotto Bay for 8 nights stay,
    That should cost him.

  10. yesmate! says:

    Was that you redballs?

    • Teacher Teacher says:

      Sadly yes. Who in their right would trust him to take their boat! I guess they have learnt a valuable lesson, because you know he won’t / can’t repay.

      • Teacher Teacher says:

        He is often seed riding a rental around like a madman. I can’t believe they allow him to rent bikes with his track record.

        • Teacher Teacher says:

          Bernews, any update on this???? Please don’t tell me somone else got a slap on the wrist!