Gunshots Fired On Princess Street, No Injuries

August 15, 2013

[Updated: Police said there are "credible reports that 3 motorcycles were involved in this incident with two persons on each cycle."]

Marking the fourth firearm incident this week, Police have confirmed that gunshots were fired at around 11pm this evening [Aug 14] in the area of Dundonald and Princess Street.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “Police responded to multiple reports of guns shots being fired in the area of Dundonald and Princess Street in Pembroke at 11:08pm Wednesday night. Upon police arrival it was forensically confirmed that a firearm was discharged.

“Checks of the area and hospital were made and we can report at this time it does not appear that anyone has been shot.

“Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen someone acting suspiciously to contact police on 295-0011 or the confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477“.

This recent spate of firearm incidents started on Friday evening [Aug 9] when there were gunshots fired in both Southampton and Pembroke. This was followed by a third incident in Warwick early Sunday morning [Aug 11]. No one was reported injured in any of the incidents.

Update Aug 15, 1.52pm: Police said there are “credible reports that 3 motorcycles were involved in this incident with two persons on each cycle.” The full police statement is below.

Police responded to reports of shots being fired in the area of Dondonald and Princess Street in Pembroke at 11:08pm Wednesday 14th August 2013. Upon police arrival it was forensically confirmed that a firearm was discharged, however no one was injured.

There are credible reports that 3 motorcycles were involved in this incident with two persons on each cycle. Police are confident that someone knows them identity of these individuals or someone saw these males before, during or after the incident, acting in a suspicious manner.

If you have any information, no matter how insignificant you believe the information to be, please call Sergeant Kenton Trott at Central CIU on 295-0011 or the confidential Crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 5.52pm: In the wake of the recent shootings in the community the Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley said, “Gang tensions still exist and incidents within the gang lifestyle still can cause those involved to resort to violence.

“This problem in our community is not yet solved and the Police have the full support of the Government for the increased presence on our streets and the strong enforcement measures required to maintain law and order.

“I want to assure the residents in the affected neighbourhoods and Bermuda as a whole, that the Police will continue to take strong action to disrupt illegal gang activity.”

The Minister also took the opportunity to reiterate the theme of the Gun Bounty campaign.

“There is more work to be done and this is a community wide effort in which everyone has to pull together. These crimes often have witnesses or people who have valuable information that can help the Police. If you know something say something.”

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    these guys need to be locked up for LIFE away from other people.

    • serzzzzzz says:

      anyone who wants to shoot eachother should just meet up on an island, let them have a real gun battle n then the last man standing gets arrested, win-win.

      • Brad says:

        Been saying that for years. If they are so hell bent on killing each other, we should stand back and let them do it. No need to dirty our hands. Give these idiots the space and let them have at it. Sick of hearing about this bs.

      • a photog says:

        been saying that for years

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Great idea. Like musical chairs, hide enough loaded guns around the island for all except one. Let them go at it. Last one standing goes to Westgate.

  2. paget baby says:

    No they dont need to be locked up at all let them all kill each other so that this crap can stop i got young kids that are scared as hell every time the topic comes up or even if it comes on the news omg ya’ll need to quit

  3. Richard says:

    The thing is I think they really did this out of boredom but there should be camera all around this area so a little sit down time around the camera should bring up something even if it just a shadow of the bike and rider.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      It sounds to me that homeland security has slacken off once again. These gangbanging wannabe’s are riding around with guns knowing the police aren’t around to do anything. At one point I thought the police picked up their game by driving through neighborhoods and up alleyways. Start doing routine checks after 9PM onward. Its also obvious that customs aren’t doing a good job either. It’s time for a shake up in these departments as it seems as if everyone is getting a bit comfy sitting on their azzez…

    • Truthbetold says:

      So true Richard. When certain people are let out of jail you always here of more gun play. They were probably just firing shots at nothing. Was it an outsider or an insider just getting their kicks in.

  4. Time Shall Tell says:

    December 12, 2012 Statement by Jeff Baron (OBA spokesperson for National Security)

    “Gang violence will be treated as a national emergency by a One Bermuda Alliance Government.

    It’s not good enough. There continues to be a major disconnect between what is happening on the streets and what is happening in the halls of Government.

    There has been no urgency on what is, without question, an urgent situation.”

    So this is how the OBA addresses what they themselves term as a national emergency? A national emergency is a all hands on deck, everyone making this a FIRST priority to reach a resolve, not a we’ll address it in due time.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      The OBA dont patrol the streets

      • E$ says:

        sum ppl r stuck on stupid y-gurl. don’t bother

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Some people blindly follow politicians without questions & then put down others for not being sheep like they are.

          Time Shall Tell is correct that OBA has done little to resolve the problem & Y-Gurl needs to realize patrolling the streets isn’t the only thing that can be done to solve it. The government can legislate an act that goes after anyone involved with a gang whether they are the shot callers or the street thugs & charges all involved with terrorism punishable with life in prison. It’s appalling that our laws are so antiquated that each & every time a group goes up for a murder either one or none are charged & the rest walk free. An accomplice when involved in an organized criminal act should be found as guilty as the one who committed the act. If this were America the case would have been handed over to the FBI since at this magnitude it would be considered terrorism.

      • Where ya been says:

        OK, so why are they making statement saying they will do more if, as by your definition “they don’t patrol the streets”

        • Truthbetold says:

          They don’t patrol the streets. They can only work with the police to try and change things. New World Order….police run things.

          • WhoJahBless says:

            Hit it on the bullseye truthbetold!

          • Tommy Chong says:

            The police only have the authority to enforce laws made by government so you’re wrong government run things.

      • Same UBP says:

        The OBA clan promise their flocking sheep they had a plan. The leader has no plan and it’s possible someone hack the OBA website when they made all the primises in December 2012.

        • Truthbetold says:

          I haven’t seen any of them have a plan and follow through yet…..UBP…PLP or any of them. Ain’t one no better than the other. They need to have a real peoples party. People who live it, been though it, still going through it. Not one of them know what it’s like to have no food or clothes or homeless because they can’t a job. Do any of them live a hard life? Do any of them have a family member who has been murdered or can’t continue education for lack of funds? It’s hard to have a government who doesn’t listen to the people.

        • Robert says:

          Lmao, that’s a good one.

      • Truthbetold says:

        So true Y-Gurl….so true. The same thing was going on when PLP was in power. Maybe they should have taken it a bit more serious then, we might have not been dealing with this problem to this extreme. There have been consistent killings since 2006. Maybe they should bring in some people who are used to dealing with gun war fare. To many police worrying about minor problems like running stop signs and arresting the elderly for suspicion of alcohol while driving and the man doesn’t even drink. They should be in the bushes looking for evidence instead of being in the bushes with their radar gun. They waste time and $ on ignorance.

        • Y-Gurl says:

          I agree we are seeing a LOT of effort on what I would call stupid offences, look at the recent iPod guy, I saw an armed cop stop some kid on a bike who rolled over a stop sign in town, is that the best use of resources I honestly don’t believe these cops have the leadership to get to the bottom of the major crime in Bermuda, the cops in Bermuda are missing one thing and that’s the respect and trust of the public they need to solve anything, from alleged internal theft and corruption, traffic and parking ticket fixing, cops using their unmarked cars for shopping, family outings (yes they are Goverment cars)

          The killings since 2006 have all been under the same leadership, why are they still in their jobs? On a false crime stats sheet and a promise to make things better or even try to, but as usual
’s not happening, the OBA and yes PLP gave them the tools (including guns) to get the job done and where are we 7 years later?…………

        • WhoJahBless says:

          More police is not the solution!

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        It was the OBA that promised to do more, it was the OBA who said it would be treated was a national emergency, it was the OBA who claimed it would be handled with urgency. They have pushed their own agenda before what they themselves claim is a national crisis (funny thinking about it since we’re not even a nation yet we have so called national security). At least the PLP was trying different things even though resistance on many of those proved to be the undoing of such projects.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        And every time the police stop and search anyone you say they’re racist. Make up your mind what you frikkin want.

        • Fact says:

          You don’t get search because we all know you white!

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            You also don’t get searched if you don’t look like a thug drug dealer. Wanker.

            • Come Correct says:

              Well that’s funny because I’m white, yella according to the police, my entire upper body is covered in ink, none of which can be seen when I wear a shirt and I’ve had the police walk past 5 other people to search me with nothing to say when I asked why. I guess because I have a shaved head, neat facial hair and look like a medium build sp** I must sell drugs or carry weapons. I’ve even had an instance where they run that world famous line “you fit the description of the person we’re looking for” and apparently upon seeing the police roll up on you at high speed, reaching slowly for your wallet and ID is considered acting suspiciously and placing something into my “back left” pocket…when I always keep my wallet in my front right…always. Its always your word against theirs and all they have to do is say out loud a few preset phrases like the examples above in order to violate your rights as a human being. The first instance I was the only one searched, the second, I was with 3 other people and again the only one searched. On top of that when I refused to speak I was told I’d be charged with obstruction of justice WITHOUT EVEN BEING INFORMED OF MY RIGHTS! So you’re both wrong, it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with stereotyping and conviction/arrest rates. I’d like to see if anyone can answer this for me. What happens if the police can’t meet their quota? What if there wasn’t enough crime for the police to meet their quotas? They try to make ordinary citizens into criminals. Is that moral? FYI, treat me like I’m a criminal and every time I come.into contact with you I’ll act like one. That’s why I don’t talk to the police.

            • Hey Sandy IDIOT says:

              You a dumb F#c. What does a drug dealer dress like? Who you thinks bringing in the Coco & H Town keys? Not the boys on the blocks. These guys are just dealers on the street. Do you even know what’s going on in Bermuda you cow?

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                I’ve been stopped and searched. So who’s the dumb f** now? Wanker.

                If you want ess crime, let the police do their jobs. If you want the place run by thugs with guns, just keep whining whenever the police stop someone.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Surprised no one has blamed the PLP yet !!! LMAO

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Why not? They were taking credit for the crime stats 2 weeks ago. Why should they take credit for good news but pretend to be blameless for bad news? They allowed this mess to get where it is.

  5. smh!!! says:

    This is just letting people know that these a$$**** is out to get somebody again, pay attention to the areas where they shot off guns. These guys have been to quiet for to long, somethings gonna go down soon. I wish they would all kill themselves so people can feel safe in their own island again. No jail time either cause I’m tired of paying for these idiots to be up in jail living better then me. They up there eating 3 meals a day while hard working folks are barely putting food in their fridges by the week. Government wants to cut cost they should cut the prisoners down to 10 grand a year. See if guys wanna go jail after that, back to the case mates life. Smh!!!

    • Kathy S. says:

      I feel the same way, they are definetly sending a message out there. Its a shame that people will opt to choose to go to prison then pay a fine. I’m just saying. It was on the news this week. They live TOO good up top.

      Cut cost for the prison YES! Make them feel like they are LOCKED UP. SMH. Its ridiculous. Give them 2 meals breakfast and dinner and ans snack for lunch and water only. I don’t know but they have to be punished for their crimes. And I don’t think they are. The only thing is they don’t have freedom to go and do as they please…….or maybe they do!!!

      HELP is needed!

  6. real talk says:

    they shot at my friends they only 15 wa dees lot doin now days get a life

  7. statistics says:

    legalize weed and the gang violence will diminish. the gangs are obviously upset about the police statistics claiming Babylon is winning. Bermuda is losing because the politically rich keep on lying. keep missing boys

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:

      please ignore the idiot above!

      • jake best says:

        babylon is winning ,

      • gun shot a buss says:

        the guy is half right, if marijuana was legal i feel a lot less violence would happen cuz everyone would be on their a$$es eatin munchies from being high instead of getting up to no good

      • Tommy Chong says:

        “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.” – Albert Einstein

        Einstein was no idiot & his statement was quite similar to poster statistics.

        Seems common sense is far from common when the blind follow the blind.

  8. John says:

    The saddest thing is that when someone does get shot and killed then they “we’re a lovely person, not involved with a gang, not my son” ugh bored of it

  9. “Spare the rod…spoil the child” The Laws need to be enforced/or changed. Haven’t we all had just about enough of this “B/S”?

  10. tricks are for kids says:

    I have never been locked up so I like many that tend to comment (who probably havent been locked up either) cannot comment on the ALLEGED ease of prison life…however, what I can say is that I see no joy in being locked in a confined area for 20 odd hours a day, 1 hour yard time and no freedom to come and go…if that’s the type of life THEY desire so be it…

    They are getting restless and depite media reports that things have quieted down that is to the contrary you just haven’t heard about the incidents…as well as contentions and controversy with others they are fussing amongst themselves…

    My question is where is all the “supposed help” during the “supposed quiet times”…the only time we hear anything preventative is WHEN something happens….


    We neec to strive to become a proactive society instead of a reactive society…

  11. Ms. Directed says:

    I can’t believe how ignorant people are!! First of all the OBA doesn’t know where the guns are, neither does the idiot who bought up the government. I still don’t see Bermudians making THEIR side of efforts to stop this madness. As long as it isn’t your family you don’t care until you hear reports on the media. Also the other loser saying you don’t get reports of all incidents……seriously?! So people have been shot and Bermuda doesn’t know about it? Is that what you are telling me?? There hasn’t been not one gun related incident that hasn’t been reported. Omg stop f’n talking about it if YOU aren’t making the effort to help effect change, because meanwhile back at the ranch people are damn well dying!!

  12. E$ says:

    stop messin w d big 1′s den small tings won’t happen like dis…passa

  13. JBWeld says:


  14. campervan says:

    I thought that all the rude boys were rounded up and shipped abroad to live amongst the good people of Nottingham?
    Is it time to send over a fresh batch?
    Maybe include a bunch of Easter Lilies as well to sweeten the deal.

  15. yaws says:

    just an observance a certain bunch got off a case recently and are back on the streets and the crap starts up again…… things that make me go HMMMMMM !

  16. jake best says:

    they was on a hond sh 125, yellow skin guy did the shooting had a mask ,,my son saw everything, they shot cause they saw a few kids on the sidewalk

    • wow says:

      What color was the bike?

      • crazyyutes says:

        I saw a white bike with two guys flying like a bat out of hell last night heading towards town and they nearly hit my car!

  17. jake best says:

    Is the bermuda school system preparing your child for college, the workplace or the Prison system?

  18. jake best says:

    the point that I am making is that the teaching profession is heavily guarded by political gatekeepers to ensure that the color of bermuda education forever stays White – not purely for educational reasons, but for financial and employment reasons as well,

    • Plato says:

      This is true I am an authority on this issue, Not by any action of mine I went to private school from the ages of 5 – 14 then I was thrown into.. CBA,the same year Kalmar Richards took over a great principal, she later on cleaned the school up, when it was literally a mess there were fights every day, 1 serious stabbing, this is just the tip of the Iceberg of incidents that happened when I was there too much stuff to list, at lunch time you were to choose a group usually by were you were from, somerset and Warwicks territory was outside the cafeteria, town was under the steps to the courtyard, east was upstairs by the library, and i hate to say it but the whites was close to the drama room next to D&T.

      As I look back at this was just like a prison, the doors were locked once you came in and you could not leave until time,But the major difference between the schools was the attitude of the students/teachers, the curriculum, and the culture, the teachers were unmotivated and apathetic because of the “Official Government Curriculum” what they were forced to teach even if they knew it was weak, unproductive, and noncompetitive the teachers had to teach the curriculum and ONLY the curriculum they had no autonomy they were intellectual slaves, Ill put it like this I was being taught at 17 s4 the last year of hs, on avg is what I had learned at 11 in private school.

      The attitude and culture of the students was like night and day, In private school I was ashamed to not hand in my homework or get a c or fail a test and the competition was who got the best grades and put in the most productive work, in public school no one even cared it was more about whois the “hardest” who gets the most p!@@7, and whois the biggest rebel, even the girls rated you differently and that was the most powerful of peer pressures during that time, skipping class was nothing, beef was everything.

      Now this is where the trap comes in your young you don’t understand what you do at 14 – 19 will set your path in life, the school fights, turn into beef between crews, turns into violence outside of school, then you cant leave your territory so its hard to find employment, you get deeper and deeper into that life until someone dies, and now its open war, you can’t get out this is what public school is a breeding ground for I have seen it with my own eyes.

      On the other hand friends I know from private school and some from public (mostly girls) are doing very well, 90% went on to college graduated and either stayed in America/Uk or came back to the island and got great jobs or started businesses.

  19. jake best says:

    there is a bigger evil picture family

  20. jake best says:

    they still have an agenda against black

  21. paul says:

    but its not, JT

  22. paul says:

    the truth always rubs someone the wrong way,
    in this case, JT

  23. paul says:

    wy do/would they charge the parent for beating their child?,,dont they need a beating sometimes? whats the agenda behind that? so that one day this happens, black depopulation, gay marrage, the agenda ,, depopulation,, dont take my word for it ,,go do some research, you lab rats

  24. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    Perhaps it’s time for our clergy to gather on the steps of City Hall for another photo opportunity.

  25. paul says:

    i beleive in gun control,,,so control your gun,
    might really need it one day

  26. Duhh says:

    All u bermudians needa realize that park side ya darkside whatever they call themselves are marked so if u have a child claiming that just prepare your self for that call because they are the only gang they have preyed on people killing them look at 42!!! do u think the rest of us is Gona sit back and wait for them do the same to us NO NO!!!! … if u want a change get your government to get get rid of park side before the they end up all massacred they gave bought. It upon themselves and I dnt feline hit sorry got them do if u repping park side do Yaself a favor and get out

    • Come Correct says:

      To associate yourself in that scenario, as true as it may be, was stupid. Unless you’re bouncing your IP address around the globe, which I doubt, you may have just put yourself on the watch list and that also includes anyone you associate with. The police need a warrant to hold that against you in court, however, they don’t need one to simply find out who Duhh really is, watch you and gather any further evidence that could lead to a conviction. Think it through next time. Don’t forget who’s in bed with who.

  27. Commonsense says:

    They need to check the Barnes Corner cameras as there is a great chance it was them Somerset bies

  28. blackberry says:

    @commonsense u are right!!! those r the bies from west…. reacting frm the situation from the non mariners race

    • Jokes says:

      ….if the Barnes Corner cameras are even on and working correctly…smh

  29. Duhh says:

    I automatically guilty of what? Speaking my mind I have committed no crime I ank touching no guns so I dnt have to worry about hiding my IP address my conscience is clear!!!! And u can’t say who it was if u dnt know kz them bies being terrorist to normal citizens island wide it could b anybody and me personally dnt care who is doing it none of my business

    • Come Correct says:

      Never said you were automatically guilty of anything, just said think your comments through first. When you say something like ” do u think the rest of us is Gona sit back and wait for them do the same to us NO NO!!!!” it appears to others as if you do handle weapons or you know something unless you’re going to stop them with your mind. Also you would be naive to think that politicians and police don’t read these public forums. Just trying to help you out.

  30. Duhh says:

    I have no worries my conscience is clear so i am not worried about who is reading this i know everybody and they mama reading this like u said in ya first comment it’s the truth do u expect anybody to sit and wait to be killed like a sheep by them wolves all u Wana do is accuse me of handling a weapon u really seem like the type that thinks the more of us u lock up the better it will get bt truth is the more of us that go jail the worse it will get and secondly I am a young black man in Bermuda and everywhere I go people look at me as if I am anyways so i can care less not like um not used to being categorized its nufn new

  31. Robert says:

    What Mickey donkey didnt see this coming, shameon the milk man !!!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      A wealthy dairy farm owner who doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of the criminal element? Who would have thought!

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Two weeks ago the PLP were taking credit for the crime stats. Now they want to blame the OBA?

  32. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I blame de plp!

  33. BermudaGirl says:

    Just be in before dark, and lock up tight. Sigh.