Gunshots Fired In Southampton And Pembroke

August 9, 2013

[Updated: Police confirm there were gunshots fired in Southampton at just past 10pm and then again in Pembroke at 10:45pm, and said it does not appear that anyone was injured in either incident]

Police officers have responded to at least two firearm incidents this evening [Aug 9], with the first one occurring in the Southampton area, and the second in the Parsons Road area.

Police responded to the Camp Hill, Southampton area at about 10pm and then responded to the Parsons Road area in Pembroke after receiving reports of gunshots again approximately 30 minutes later. As of 12.15am, police are restricting traffic in the area by the Deep Dale junction.


Update 12.33am: A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to reports of gun shots fired in the area of Camp Hill in Southampton at 10:07pm and Deep Dale in Pembroke at 10:45pm and both incidents are confirmed firearm incidents [forensic evidence that support the claims]

“Police are appealing for witnesses to contact police on 295-0011 or they can contact the confidential Crimestoppers number on 800-8477.”

Update 12.40am: Police continue to restrict traffic in the Deep Dale/Parsons Road area, and have also strung up crime scene tape. There is what appears to be a helmet laying in the road.

photo aug 10 13

Update 12.46am: A police spokesperson added that “In both instances it does not appear that anyone was shot/injured. However if anyone has seen person(s) on a motorcycle in either locations acting suspiciously please contact police at 2950011 or Crimestoppers on 800-8477.”

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  1. Being a parent of young adults in Bermuda is not an easy task and it is even harder when you have to fear for your own children’s lives, The harder part is that this is always seemingly in the black community and black on black related.

    All we can do is pray that our son’s and daughters would recognize they are destroying the fabric of their own society and ruining a country that they have to live in and hopefully grow old in, I like the fact that Mr. Michael Dunkley had so many brilliant ideas to how he was going to tackle this issue and bring it to an end, but all we see is a problem that they think they can fix and they cant but we can if we are willing to do it together.

    It is not a gun problem or gang problem, it is a social and economic issue that leads to this destruction, until we find a way to bring back self worth, these young people have no hope because they live in a society with jokers that run a country based on their pockets and not the concern of humanity.

    • Duane you are correct…It’s unfortunate this stuff wouldn’t stop until the people that are responsible for it are either dead or come to their senses. As you’d mentioned it is in most cases a “Black on Black” gripe so we can not blame the “White man” for this sort of ignorance:-(
      This type of behavior can be curbed from an early age but it will take the parents to become a positive role model in the lives of their off springs / children. Too many parents allow their children to look upon them as their “buddy” and not what they really are. In many incidences it is the lack of two parents in the children’s life that often do lead to these wayward individuals becoming just what we see happening in our society.
      There are Laws and there are institutions and I believe to curtail much of this “madness” it will be to enforce them both…

      • Mazumbo says:

        Hey yo, are you guys for real. Your living on an island where everything is imported we have no natural resource and is expensive as s–t. If there is an island or country in this world that dos’nt experience what we are PLEASE let me know so I can be on the next plane to see for myself. Everything we import can be guaranteed at lest a 300% turnover and yes with drugs too. So keep on thinking Bermuda is another world those days are over. People are looking at this island as a money oasis and will make it any way they can, and I believe these are the signs of the times and these things come with the territory. So we can pray and hope for the best but it is what it is.
        Ps. You would be surprised who has their hand in the cookie jar

        • Mazumbo I am glad you spoke what you did because without going into detail you hit the nail on the head, Ray is a friend of mine and he has and always will contribute a lot to our society and I do understand his point also which is part of the problem we face, so both of you are correct and I think it is high time we realize that our youth that come from good homes are being victimize by a system that is not meant for them to survive in.

          So until these jokers that call themselves politicians stop bs people we will keep seeing the revolving cycle, you have parents that cant find work in this country and our children are left to ask why is there so many people working in Bermuda that don’t look like us, but mommy and daddy cant find work.

          So from a young mind they are forced to get what they can by any means necessary regardless if they come from good homes.and for the joker that will come and say well my children don’t fall in that category,that is because you have a job and you are providing for your children,one of the reggae songs I grew up on speaks it well.

          Uptown babies don’t cry, they don’t know what hunger is like.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        These shootings are done by groups of drug dealers attacking other groups of drug dealers for control of BDAs drug trade. Unless you can prove that there are no white people involved in the trade of illegal drugs in Bermuda you can’t blame the shootings all on a, ““Black on Black” gripe” since the ills of racketeering go deeper than what’s seen at the surface.

        • TOMMY OH TOMMY CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW, JOKES ARE FOR KIDS,so lets be more realistic, blacks are controlling and using the guns not whites, blacks are terrorizing communities not whites.

          Whites only invest in the trade for filthy gain and don’t get their hands dirty, if you find any whites involved on street level, they are not considered white, they are brethren or dirty white.

          When you use the word white in Bermuda in this trade it has nothing to do with street level movement,it is from a wall street approach for investment only,every now and then you get a yacht that gets caught because of greed of those who hear about how profitable the trade is here locally, but the local whites involved are to smart to get near the flame of the fire, so the front liners take the hits on their behalf and that don’t happen often because they are good at what they do and cover themselves well.

          They sweet me how they sit up in this country with one hand helping society and the other hand destroying it, but we see them as good men. they also love when hooligans go to acting up because everyone concentrates on the latest episode, that is when they make their greatest move, when most of you jokers are pre occupied, I wonder if it has been to quiet to long and no real movements have taken place and summers coming to an end, oh lets try and move some big shipments while the sea bed is busy.

          Mr Dunkley please help TOMMY and maybe he might learn enough to help you

          • Tommy Chong says:

            You’re the one with jokes if you’re asking Minister Dunkley help me to learn. When dominoes are put in motion you can’t blame the force of motion on one group. I don’t think a meeting with religious leaders in our communities or an initiative by one state in America that still has gang problems years after the program was started. In America gang problems are nation wide so why don’t we take their nation wide approach. Look up the RICO Act if you’re really interested in the cure for our ills. This is what keeps dominoes in their place no matter what part they have to play in action that cause the reaction.

      • Linda Wales says:

        Come on Raymond, lets face it the law and the institutions we have here is a big joke. It is up to us as parents to show and teach our children the right way. Yes we can sometimes use the help but not to the point that we become so dependent upon it that we give up our parental control and let them take over completely. First we need to accept responsibility for our negative part in their lives and begin to make change within ourselves. One thing I truly believe is that it is never too late for a person to change their ways, as long as there is life there can be change. I am not perfect and I don’t claim to be but one thing I was taught was respect for myself and others and this I taught my children and try to teach my grandchildren. We need to stop depending on institutions and realize that the help is right there in front of our faces, it begins with us. Talk to your children and get to know their company. Treat your children’s company the way you would expect their parents to treat them…….. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That there is the bottom line and that is what we have lost focus of. Now its do it to them before they do it to you. There is no more unity, everyone is on their own doing their own thing to get by. This is also happening within certain households, everyone is too caught up in their own situations to care about what’s going on with the next person. Sounds sad but its the truth. We need to pray for our youths, I pray for mine each and every day, Although two of them are parents themselves and have their own responsibilities I am and will always be their mother. I just pray that all the good qualities that I’ve taught them they will instill in their children.

      • BermudaGirl says:

        @RaymondRay, truer words were never spoken! Now let us hope that people-SOMEBODY-actually reads your words and takes them to heart, be it parent or wise teen!
        You cannot blame any Government for an individual’s stupid, wrong, immoral, immature choices! Youth needs their Moms AND Dads….
        Oh, and take the TV out of the house. Does anyone else see a correlation between cable TV (U.S. TV) and Youth Gone Wrong?

    • Help Us says:

      I agree!!!!

    • Linda Wales says:

      As a parent of young adults and a proud grandmother it frightens me to see what our tiny island is coming to. As sad as it is to say but we are the generation that is responsible for this disturbed generation. Until we accept responsibility that is when we can begin to do things to make change and only then. We have taught our children to be like this, taught them about the love of money and material things rather than what is more important which is the love of life and love for family. When I say family I just don’t mean biological I mean our neighbors as well. Back then our older generation looked out for each other and taught us about morals and respect. They taught us about the struggles of our ancestors and about their drive and determination, also how they kept pushing forward despite the obstacles in their way. Teaching us about these things gave us hope because we thought to ourselves if they could do it despite all that we can too. We are now too busy teaching our children about how to obtain material wealth rather than spiritual wealth.

      We have stopped being a parent to our children and tried being their friend. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a friend to our children, in fact we should consider our children our best friend but in saying this we need to be able to separate the two. Teach them that we are their parent first and stop exposing them to the things we do as adults. We also need to realize that we are/were our children’s first teachers and as most of you can see they like to imitate our actions, their young minds are so impressionable and they learn fast. We need to teach our children about their self worth and teach them to respect themselves. You can’t respect others if you have no respect for yourself.

      Another important fact which we need to accept is that we became so materialistic and this is what we have taught our children. We may not want to admit this but we became so complacent and when we did move we moved backwards instead of forward. We became so selfish in our ways. I will say this which some may disagree or get offended but this is my opinion, we stopped teaching our children about our history. We accepted their teaching as fact and let our children consume it. We are the ones who have to teach our children because these are the things they refuse to teach them. They want us to feel inferior about our dark skin which some of us do feel and as a result we have taught our children to feel inferior about themselves. They want to keep us stagnated because in this way they continue to have control over us.

      Bottom line, we created this mess with our children so now first, we have to accept that fact and come together as a community to correct this mess. It has to start somewhere and that somewhere should begin with us the parents of this generation. Teach our children to be proud of themselves rather than ashamed of themselves. Also we need to conduct ourselves in ways that will uplift each other rather than put down and step upon each other. Show love for what is really important such as life. Family unity is what we have lost site of and it is only going to get worse unless we the parents of these children decide to make that change within ourselves.

      What you said Duane is true, it is all about the almighty dollar and to heck with a human life. Our priorities have gotten so damn screwed up. I am so certain that if most of our ancestors were to come back alive today they would die again from shock and shame. Most of you know we wasn’t taught this, in fact we were taught about the total opposite and what the love of money can cause a person to do. Why are we teaching our children to be so materialistic? Back then most of us didn’t have much in financial wealth but what we did have was love and we were a lot happier. We were taught morals and respect for self and others. We were taught that the love of money is the root of all Evil. HELLO!! Wake up my family, stop sleeping and start respecting yourselves and teach your children what they refuse to teach them. The love of humanity is what’s important not that fancy car, house, boat, etc, etc. Also that big cushy job title you have doesn’t define you as a person, what defines you is what you are in your heart. Yeah, it’s nice to have these things but when you see yourself having to hold down 3 or more jobs just to obtain these things and neglecting your children in the process is no good. It is one thing to have to work to provide for your children but when you see that you are unintentionally neglecting them to obtain material wealth you have to ask yourself what is more important, your children or material things?

      I myself had a big wake up call years ago by my youngest child. My job required me to work every holiday from early morning until late evening. It was Christmas so I got the children up early before I went in to work so that they can open their gifts before I left. My youngest was very excited with all the gifts he received and couldn’t stop thanking me. This is the part that made me really look at life in a different way. I kissed him then proceeded to leave for work, he told me don’t go. I tried to explain I had to go and if he wanted to receive gifts such as that I had to work for it. He cried and said, mama don’t those wicked people realize its Christmas and this is a time you should be with your family? He said he didn’t want the gifts if I had to go to work because he’d rather have me there with him. I left my house that day and I cried like a damn baby. As young as he was his concept of life was very simple and basic and the reality is that this is how we should be living, putting family first then everything else should come afterwards. I realize we have to work in order to make money to get by in this screwed up world today but don’t loose focus on what really matters and what is important. Teach our children what is important which is love and respect for self first and others.

      How can you determine where you are going if you have no damn clue as to where you came from? Knowledge is power, what I mean by this is teach our children our story not his/story. Then and only then will they begin to appreciate and respect themselves and also value their self worth.

      Ask yourself this question, What is more important to you, money or family? Once you are able to keep your priorities in order everything else can easily fall in place. Value life not money because the love of it could lead you down a very dangerous and disastrous path. Thats my opinion on the whole matter of what’s going wrong with our youths today.

      • Impressive says:

        Another important fact which we need to accept is that we became so materialistic and this is what we have taught our children. We may not want to admit this but we became so complacent and when we did move we moved backwards instead of forward. We became so selfish in our ways. I will say this which some may disagree or get offended but this is my opinion, we stopped teaching our children about our history. We accepted their teaching as fact and let our children consume it. We are the ones who have to teach our children because these are the things they refuse to teach them. They want us to feel inferior about our dark skin which some of us do feel and as a result we have taught our children to feel inferior about themselves. They want to keep us stagnated because in this way they continue to have control over us.

        I applaud you Ms Wales, especially on this paragraph,, I concur 150%,, We are all so caught up in looking good and trying to keep up with “The Jone’s ” (no disrespect to any Jones family, it was simply an expression)- as my grandmother used to say.. Yes we to a greater extent are the reason the youth are the way they are.. We have placed all our emphasis on achieving vanity and our offspring are only a product of us..

  2. Long tail .... says:

    Smh… I knew it was too good to be true a quiet cupmatch?! Won’t be surprised if a few more retaliation incidents happen in the upcoming days…

  3. :-) says:

    Not this crap again. Put that energy into picking up a book & educating yourself!!!

  4. tricks are for kids says:

    Just because its been quiet DO NOT be lulled into a false sense of security thinking that IT has gone away……

  5. MAKE MY DAY says:

    It was just a matter-of-time!!! This sh*t is NOT going away!! It was too quiet for too long!! Those “gang-bangers” were on a summer vacation!!

  6. Z says:

    Oh come on!!! this nonsense really has to stop! Its really pathetic when we hear news like this and are not even surprised anymore. I and I am sure tons of other people are really sick and tired of this crap!

  7. S Smith says:

    Just warning shots to the pay masters. They want more money to keep still.

  8. Robert says:

    What gunshots, does mike donkey know about this ?!!

  9. Campervan says:

    Time to round up a few more undesirables and ship them out to Nottingham for the Uk to deal with the problem. Then whine about having to pay the Govenors salary..

  10. ya mamas man says:

    I see them parkside bies bin let off that murder s*** startin to pop off again. Good jobs bps you dumb ***.. since they bin locked up no violence all summer now they out and banging on people again. No1 seems to see this but ah so it go…you will see one day…same guys doing the same hits… open ya f**** eyes bps

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Can somebody translate this poor soul’s message into understandable English? That is, if it is worth reading!

      • Caramel Queen says:

        The person said that some people who represent Parkside were found not guilty for murder and now there is more crime happening. The person further (sarcastically) congratulates the Bermuda Police Service for a job well done and then calls them dumb. They go on further to say these people were incarcerated all summer and now they are out of prison harassing people again. No one seems to see this according to the writer but they say that’s how it goes and that they will see one day. They state that it’s the same people (Parkside) doing the same crimes. Finally they appeal to the Bermuda Police Service to open their eyes i.e. pay attention.

        Your inability to understand something so clear is scary and your condescending tone is sad. Maybe you shouldn’t call yourself a girl….maybe you should call yourself old and out of touch.

        Yes I know you were trying to be jocular…….read FAIL

      • Bermudian girl this is why folk wont be able to go to this level, because if people don’t understand what ya mammas man is saying,then all of you have your head in the sand.

        Code talk has been around long before I was born and I am going 50, so if you dont understand, you need to get an interpreter and do it fast, because word out on the street is more credible then word in the print media, dat is in nn out of de office n right n correct. for my even more older cats 50 n older shum shum.

  11. words of wisdom says:

    Who dud they let out prison lately?

    • female says:

      They let out 4 of them. Like last month look it up!

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        As soon as I read it I knew what was to soon come.

  12. Red says:


  13. Bush says:

    Well the king pins left for their troops to do their dirty work!!smh

    • S Smith says:

      Yup, seems they are smarter than the gov after all.

  14. fair gear says:

    These f***king need 2 b better than this n I thought Bermuda was the best place in the world so they need to stop the f**** shooting these f***** shooting these *********

  15. Bush says:

    When I see a bike or car that looks suspious I write the vehicle # just in case something happens.I have zero tolerance to this foolishness.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      What exactly does a car or bike have to do to look suspicious in your book? Just want to be sure I don’t end up on your hit list……

    • lmnop says:

      Lol, so if you see me and I’m riding Slow with my full face visor down your going to write the license # down???? Clearly u need a life.

  16. A Follower... says:

    Father, we come to you now and ask that you enter into the hearts of the citizens of Bermuda. Show us how to love one another as Christ loves us. Guide and protect our thoughts from the evil one. Use the holy Spirit to correct our actions when we run astray. Give us discernment where the understanding is needed. Lead us to forgiveness in situations where others have done us wrong. Show us grace at time when we are out of your will. Help us to be a positive example to our children in our day to day life. Let the world see the love and kindness of your Son, Jesus, in our lives. Allow that light to be a beacon of light that others will be drawn to your saving grace and mercy. Thank you for protecting our community in the mist of turbulence. Your word is ALL powerful and All knowing. Use the Believers in the community to plant seeds of hope and salvation in the hearts of those who need You in their life. Thank you for loving us and sending your Son as a ransom for our sins. Thank you for cleansing of past and giving us a clean slate to start from in the glory of Christ. ALL Praise and Glory goes to You, Father, as unto your Son, Jesus Christ. And we thank you in advance for ALWAYS being there ready to love us in your Son’s most Holy and precious name, Amen.

  17. buzz says:

    I dont Agree with what these Wanna bee Wangsters are Doing but we Really
    need to look at the Full Picture, we have a Real Un Enployment problem in Bermuda, People here have be-come Victims of their Own Greed,Every Thing is About Money and People will do Any thing For It,,

  18. don't know who is who says:

    U people are so silly . keep using ps as scape goats for anything that happens. N just incase u guys have not noticed the last 3 people shot n killed have been from the back of town area. Bunch of silly bermudians keep blaming 1 side.

  19. watch says:

    If ya got any common sense u would know who done this.

  20. Know to Much says:

    So because they have being released from jail. You just take upon your self to assume its them. Seems to me you know alot about the situation you have alot of evidence so go and let the police Know. otherwise stop stating its people who have being release unto you can prove other wise.

    That is why this area is always being labeled. There are No Gangs in my eyes like I said before just a bunch of guys looking for some love and attention cant say affection love and ATTENTION in which they never received from home for many of reasons or even have witness alot of abuse in the home and now this is the end result. When counselling does not take place on a normal basis, whether it be from drug abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, these results will never end.

    So This Coming School Year Make Sure All Kids Get The Necessary Counselling Needed. Even if the childs father has being murdered lost a family member through separation all these things are a end result if we dont try to find a way to console the individual by counselling.

    Some peolple fell the counsellor are to pokey which at somepoint I can agree but you also have some at heart that will go the extra mile to see you through your problem. So take my advice and seek counselling it does help if you want to be helped.

  21. free willy says:

    all bermudas gang problems stem directly from the illegality of marijuana. the politically rich benefit, and the politically poor get trampled by the police state or shot by some other junkie. we all know this because we see how the politically rich keep evading serious talk about changing the decrepit system they maintain. like it or not, Bermudians are a weed smoking culture, top to bottom. the war goes on and on and on and it gives our whole society an ugly smear, a crap attitude, and an awful image. almost all poor youth, when exposed to these truths, are susceptible to gang recruitment. until the govt surrenders its lies about marijuana, we all live in a war zone created by the politically rich for their benefit.

  22. Amen says:

    Amen to Linda Wales