Live Atlantic Puffin Seen In Bermuda Waters

August 4, 2013

According to the recent Bermuda Audubon Society newsletter, the first record of a live Atlantic Puffin in Bermuda was in April 2013 by Matthew Watson and his brother Andrew in the Challenger Banks area to the southwest of Bermuda.

The Watsons sent a photo to the Society, and Audubon President Andrew Dobson said, ”Weakened birds can’t fly and many drown. In March and April at least six dead birds have been found. Therefore it was a real thrill to know that a live puffin has at last been seen in Bermuda waters. Puffins are frequently referred to as the clown of the seas with their somewhat comical face.

“The bird that was seen at Challenger Banks was a first-winter bird, showing some red on its large triangular bill. Puffins only land on suitable coasts to breed, spending the majority of their lives on the sea.

“The nearest breeding colonies are in Maine and Nova Scotia. With the advance in photographic equipment, more and more people are taking an interest in wildlife photography.

“Mr Watson is obviously the envy of the local birding community, but if he had not photographed the bird, we might never have known! The Audubon Society is always pleased to hear of rare bird sightings or help people identify bird species.”

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