Live Blog/Photos: Cup Match Ends In A Draw

August 2, 2013

[Updated: Cup Match ends in a draw, and Somerset retain the trophy]

Camping, concerts, parties and of course the much anticipated Somerset vs St. George’s cricket match are on all the agenda for this years Cup Match holiday.


Thousands of people are expected to make their way to the St. George’s Cricket Club for the two day event, as well as attend other events such BeachFest and Soca vs Reggae, visit friend and family at various camp sites, and celebrate the holiday in a multitude of different ways.

We will keep you up to date with much of the action from across the island, former St David’s Cricket Club President Aaron Lugo is assisting us with cricket updates, and and anyone is more than welcome to email in photos to!


Somerset Team: Jekon Edness [Captain], Malachi Jones, Janeiro Tucker, Chris Douglas, Kamau Leverock, Greg Maybury, Tre Manders, Derek Brangman, Stephen Outerbridge, Terryn Fray, Jacobi Robinson. Reserves: Justin Donawa, Shaquille Jones, Justin Corday

St. George’s Team: Oronde Bascome [Captain], Rodney Trott, OJ Pitcher, Lionel Cann, Treadwell Gibbons, Allan Douglas, Justin Pitcher, Onias Bascome [Colt], Lateef Trott [Colt], Zeko Burgess [Colt], Christian Burgess [Colt]. Reserves: Akeem Trott, Macai Simmons, Delray Rawlins

Live coverage has ended, updates from Bernews are below starting from the beginning:

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  1. George says:

    What radio station is the match on?

    • Just wondering says:

      tryna find out 2

      • CaptainObvious says:

        You bies sound like ya tapped off Burts swizzle already, can’t even turn on the radio and check the channel yourself.

        • In Mark's Opinion says:

          You bies are making laugh.

        • Just wondering says:

          u sound like ya bunrt off black rum cause im off island tryna get it on computer lol

  2. Summer Breeze says:

    Go! SOMERSET!!!!!!

    Happy Cup Match Bermuda! Be safe everyone….

    Great job BERNEWS! Keep the pictures and blog going!


  3. Tramsparency for Real!! says:

    Enjoy EMANCIPATION DAY EVERYONE….Do not forget to drink the SWIZZLE !!! GREAT DAY>>>WIN WIN WIN>>>>

  4. filobedo21 says:

    VSB 1450 and ZBM 89

  5. Terry says:

    Guess they are waiting for the other guy to get his centry.
    They better declare .

  6. Terry says:

    I get it now.
    They just want to break records. That’s cool.
    Bye St. George.

  7. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Another one “bites-the-dust”!!!

  8. ggurl says:

    Somerset fan forever!

  9. John E. Thorne says:

    Only in Bermuda can the biggest sporting event of the year end in a draw! In the 111 years of the annual classic the results are Draws 45, Somerset win 34 and St. George’s win 32.
    When was the last time the Superbowl or the World Series ended in a draw?
    Another draw puts a damper on an otherwise entertaining two days of cricket.

  10. Really says:

    Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Like watching grass grow

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      BORING! Any team sport that cannot get a result in a few hours is a waste of time. Cricket is by far the worst, followed in the distance by so-called ‘football’ by our neighbours to the west, where very few players actually get to touch the ball, let alone kick the thing.

      Ho Hum, by next week Cup Match will be forgotten & put away in the back of peoples minds till about a week before next year.

      • b says:

        Football is a million times more entertaining than cricket though.

    • Ole says:

      Don’t watch!

  11. David Henry says:

    As an Onion living overseas, would just like to say;

    THANK YOU Bernews for making it so easy to follow the match while I’ve been at work the past two days!

  12. Ole says:

    Triangle ..any sport that requires a boat is , wait, sailing is no sport, it’s a mode of transportation.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Obviously written by someone who has not a clue about boat racing, power or sail.

  13. Xman says:

    Last years Somerset’s Victory and this years Draw was a repeat of 1979 and 1980
    both of them games St.Georges were the weaker team and both games saw records broken.
    This partucular Game of 2013 shows me how Superior Somerset was but lacked the final finish – on the other side of the coin St.Georges looked weaker but a hell of a lot determined at the last 4 hours of the game thus held on for a draw.
    it happened in 1980 too!
    In 1979 – 1980 After Somerset beat up all those young boys and a few that should have not been on the St.Georges Team – St.Georges hunted and taunted us after that. — for years!
    Some of players of that St.Georges young team of 79 80 that put the licks on my boys in the future would be – Wendell Smith, Clevie Wade,Charlie Marshall,Allan Richardson,with the likes of other young players.
    So’ my Somerset Fans – this same team that have expressed such a good finishing determination is going
    hunt us for the next 10 years — trust me I know this game.

    • YesSa says:

      I think you are right in some respects but you should not forget that this dominant Somerset team is just as young (or even younger) than the St. George’s Team. The 1979 Somerset Team included the likes of Randy Horton, Colin Blades, Winson Reid, to name a few. These gentleman were seasoned players who, after a year or two were recognized as veterans.
      Comparatively, the 2013 team includes the likes of Leverock, Maybury, Manders, and Edness to name a few who are not even out of their 20′s. Moreover, it is my opinion that because some of the star Somerset Players are mastering their craft overseas bodes well for their continued progresss. This is not to say St. George’s is not in a position to do this because as you mentioned they have young players and players abroad. I just think that the haunting and taunting you feel will be exhibited by St. George’s beyond will not be the case.

  14. Watching says:

    Seriously! The only reason it was a draw was because of the weather delay, otherwise Somerset would have quite easily won the match. I think this is the first time in many years where both teams did their best to win. Somerset won the match on first day with outstanding batting. None the less a good match. Well done to the players.

  15. SMH says:

    Don’t EVER try to predict the game of CRICKET!! You cannot assume that either team would have repeated their first innings. Anything can and in many instances does happen. Rodney and Lionel could have very well produced a terrific partnership and given St George a very respectable second innings total even after wiping out the deficit. It was a DRAW, get over it!!!!