Motorcycle Rider Injured In St David’s Accident

August 23, 2013

Emergency service personnel responded to an accident on St David’s Road at approximately 12.30pm today [Aug 23] involving a bike and van.

accident Bermuda Aug 23 2013

Police and Fire Service personnel arrived on the scene and assisted the rider who was seated at the side of the road. Traffic was diverted around the accident scene until an attending ambulance arrived to transport the injured man to hospital and the road was cleared. The man’s injuries did not appear to be serious.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    SSDD…fools never learn!

  2. how come no one reported the accident in St David’s last Friday evening? a car crossed into the wrong lane and took out two people on a bike at the corner of Texas Road and Orange Hole Road. they were rushed to the hospital.

    • Bernews says:

      Most accidents aren’t reported actually. Stats show there are around 30 a week, we usually cover anywhere from 1-5, as those are the one we come across or get told about. Like everything, we can’t report it if we don’t know it…so please always feel free to send us an email [] if you see anything!

      • Thanks, Bernews. I didn’t mean to sound critical. I just saw the aftermath, which was quite shocking. Keep up the great work!

        • Bernews says:

          No problem, we can always use an excuse to slide in a hint for news tips! Our cameraman lives in St Savid’s, so we often get east end collisions, but missed that one.

  3. Sniper24 says:

    Whn will it end