Report: $4.6 Million Bid Placed For Nahki Wells

August 27, 2013

200px-QPR_LogoAccording to a report today [Aug 27] from the UK’s Daily Star, Championship side Queens Park Rangers is said to have placed a £3m [$4.56m] bid for Nahki Wells.

The 23-year-old Bermudian has already written his name in the record books on both sides of the Atlantic, becoming the first Bradford player score in eight consecutive games as well as becoming the first Bermudian to score at the iconic Wembley stadium.

Bradford reiterated their lack of enthusiasm for selling the striker this weekend, with Bradford assistant Steve Parkin saying: “As far as we are concerned he is not leaving Bradford City. Other clubs have had 12 months to have a look at him and we are not going to sell him a week before the transfer window closes.

“Both chairmen let us put a squad together to get promoted last season and hopefully to get promoted this season. You don’t sell your best players if you want success. It is a no-go area.

“It is terrific when you have a goal scorer like Nahki in the team, but he has a long way to go and it is important that he keeps his feet on the ground and keeps learning from the manager and the staff.”

Simon Parker at the Telegraph & Argus reports that Bradford City have a “gag” on Wells, saying: “The history-making striker is the Trappist monk of Valley Parade as the club inflict a vow of silence with the outside world – until 11.01pm next Monday at least.

“They are trying to keep the goal-den boy under the radar until the transfer window finally slams shut. But it sure ain’t easy when he keeps hitting the net with frightening frequency.”

Bradford is already said to have rejected a bid exceeding $1.6 million for Wells from Peterborough United.

Wells is the leading scorer for Bradford so far this season, and presently tops the League One goal scorer table, with his five goals putting him in first place along with Callum Wilson from Coventry City.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    No disrespect to this young man but these figures (all sports professionals these days) are outrageous!

    • Daniel Gardecki says:

      Not really. In my opinion Nahki at the moment is worth at least £5,000,000, but Bradford City might be tempted to sell at £3,000,000.

      The best thing Nahki can do for his own best interests, as well as Bradford City’s is stay.

      Why? Because he is guaranteed 1st team football, and we have a team good enough to get promotion to the Championship within the next 2 years.

      Leaving now would be bad.

      Why? Because he would spend most of his time sat on the bench, and would eventually end up getting loaned out to a League 1 or 2 club. The short term money is not worth, gambling his career over.

      • Jahkai says:

        It is extremely unlikely that QPR would pay that sort of money for a largely untested League One player.

        Let’s not forget who the QPR manager is – Harry Redkapp. Is there a player that Harry hasn’t been linked with?

    • Ride says:

      @Kim Smith

      I think you have to put this figure into the context of the business of the sport. The clubs make lots of money off of ticket sales, merchandise sales, and the like. All this income is from the fans. The fans are only fans if the team plays well and wins. So all the money the club makes comes down to the players and their ability to work as a team and win games. So the players themselves is what is driving revenue (of course the coaches and the like as well).

      The absolute number is not that meaningful in determining if it is an outrageous amount. What is more meaningful is the percentage of the club’s expected revenue over the period of the contract that this value represents. That will indicate whether they are getting him on the cheap considering his record-breaking performance and ability to work in the team thus far.


  2. Daniel Gardecki says:

    Wells is going nowhere. Don’t waste your money, by betting on him leaving. He is staying at Bradford City!

    We are aiming for another promotion within the next 2 years, and hopefully Nahki can take us there.

    If he does go, he more than likely will be sat on the bench every week, but if he stays he will still be the 1st name on the team sheet, when we get promoted again.
    Let’s hope he doesn’t get too big headed or he will end up back in League 2 where he started in a few years, if he decides to go now.

    #BCAFC #Bantams #FeedTheNahk #NahkiIsGoingNowhere

  3. Bermudian says:

    You know what Kim Smith the second a young black sports professional is about to have a payday you scream foul. Me, its about time a young Bermudian player gets whats he is due, in fact I think that is not enough considering what he has done for English football so far. Stop being one of those people that bring our young people down and start lifting them up. I am positive if it was a young white bermudian male nothing would be said even by us, so sad. One note are you the one signing there cheques.

    • i agree with you 100%

    • Hmmm says:

      Gareth Bale is not worth the priced being quoted for him…it’s crazy money. Lionel Messi isn’t either. 5m for L1 player is massive.

      ps What has Black or White or other got to do with it? It’s great that NW has been reaping rewards from his drven work ethic. We all wish him the best and want him to make it to the top. all NW fans here.

    • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

      I think what Kim Smith said and was referring to was the fact that the salaries of (all sports professionals these days) are outrageous. No mention of Black or White – and by the way he is of mixed race. I think what Kim was referring to was that when you compare a professional athletes salary to lets say that of President Obama “The president of the United States” it does not make sense.

      Some pro Athletes make $20 MILLION per year EVEN if they are injured.
      President Obamas salary in 2011 $400,000. It should in the opinion of most right thinking people – be the other way around.

      That’s all Kim Smith was saying – I believe. KS, if I am wrong please advise.

  4. I am always happy when a young Bermudian goes forward because it brings back memories to where my son would have been, I am very proud of Nahki I give him all respect for where he is & where he choose to go. keep up the good work Nahki. NO GUTS NO GLORY DANDY TOWN 4 LIFE.

  5. Football fan says:

    I think the young man has a lot of support from his family, friends and country. If this is true that Harry Redknapp former manager of Portmouth, West Ham, Tottenham,etc is looking for this young mans signature, I’m sorry, I might have to go to Queens Park Rangers. It’s a club with a lot of history, a world class manager and one tier away from the premiership. They have a owner who has invested heavily in them and are now looking to invest again in one of our own. They have made it clear that they want to be in the preimership next season and for them to be looking at Nakhi Wells, it says a lot about him. It’s a tough decision but I know Well’s family and club will help him make the best decision for him. I’m just proud to see Nahki Well’s leaving out his dreams. Well done young man.

  6. Richard Gallagher says:

    I dont care if he is black White Blue or green the kid scores goals and I hope we dont sell! 3 mil is no where near enough
    Its not that easy to replace at 20 + goals a season man

  7. alan berry says:

    I have supported city for over forty years.
    In that time we have sold many young and talented players to so-called superior clubs. Few have flourished at these new clubs and many have lived to regret their dash for cash, spending long periods in reserve teams or warming the subs’ bench.
    Nakhi should be aware that bcfc fans want him to stay and to help us to climb to a level more becoming of a club with close to 13000 fervent season ticket holders.
    Nahki should seek the advice of the senior players at the club and act accordingly.
    His chance for the big time will come but he’d be a fool to rush things.

  8. Soldier says:

    4.6 million…. In case you all didn’t know the club will get 95% of that. He’ll be lucky to get $200,000 with england high tax rate at 50%… Go figure yall!!!!!!

  9. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Nahki…Jah guide. Bless up!

  10. Babylon says:

    Go for it!
    If Bradford City is not paying you well,go where the money is.In 7-9 yrs nobody will want you.Go for it now!

  11. andy says:

    Unfortunately babylon it isn’t Wells’ decision as to where he goes. He is under contract for 3 years and can only leave with the consent of Bradford City.

    • Jahkai says:

      Technically that might be the truth, but player power rules these days, and Bradford can’t afford a star striker sulking in the reserves. His agent feeds the press on how unhappy he is, how unreasonable they are being, he makes a few sulky gestures, refuses to deny that half of the Championship are after him, misses training, fined 2 weeks wages and whaddayaknow, he is off to Leeds or QPR in the transfer window for £2m (about his market value).

      We may not like it, but we all buy cable tv, and that’s what funds this.

      Interestingly it’s a good job for Nahki that Bermuda remains under British control, because currently he fails the requisite recent international appearances rule and would be denied a visa.

  12. andy h says:

    Jahkai…Ask Rooney or Suarez if thats the case. Bradford don’t need to sell and it will take silly money for them to part with him. Two million won’t do it. When he starts deliberately missing training and other such antics then interested parties would run a mile.
    For all Rooney’s demands this close season he still put in a top quality performance against Chelsea and acted in a professional manner at all times. I would expect that of Nahki. Wouldn’t you?