Video: Greenrock’s “No Thanks” Music Video

October 25, 2013

[Updated with video] Greenrock and the Bermuda Marine Debris Taskforce have been campaigning to reduce single-use bags in Bermuda. An important part of that campaign is education to change people’s behavior. In order to communicate the key messages in a way that is fun but will stick in people’s minds, we have – with the help of many friends – made a parody music video.

The video will be launched at the Bermuda College this Friday, October 25th at 1pm in the Student Centre as part of the Bermuda College Spirit Day. The Bermuda College Environment Club is hosting the event, and guests will include Sylvan Richards, Minister for the Environment and Planning.

Sneak preview – stills from the video shoot

The music video is a parody of a popular recent hit and was put together with the help of many friends of Greenrock:

  • Words by local songwriter and personality Daniel Frith, who also sings and acts in the video as the incarnation of ‘A. Blinkin’
  • Vocal by amazing local singer Joy T. Barnum, and starring Stuart Kriendler as the shopper
  • Mike Hind is our ukele-master: with several small friends and local personalities in support
  • The video was filmed and edited by Milton Raposo
  • The producer is Mike Kisala with the help of Selange Gitschner
  • Lindo’s hosted the video filming and supplied key characters
  • The video was sponsored by Harrington Hundreds and Lindo’s
  • The KBB litter critter and the Greenrock Bag Monster both have starring roles

Greenrock President, Judith Landsberg commented, “The public is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that single-use bags are a waste of resources, but we hope that this music video will be a fun way to reinforce that message and help people remember to bring their own re-useable bags to the store and say ‘No Thanks!’ to single use plastic and paper bags.”

Update: Video added below

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  1. Micro says:

    I bet if stores offered discounts to people who return paper and plastic bags, these efforts would go a lot further.

    • ganja mon says:

      How can you they everyone uses these bags once? They line all 3 of my bathroom trash cans, then when full go back into a normal sized trash bag. My bags are re-usable and without them I would have to pay $15 a week for small trash bags.

  2. Chris Kisala says:

    This video was most effective. I find myself remembering the plastic bag lady’s look of disgust when the shoppers used plastic or paper.
    Not wanting to be a cause of such disdain, I then remember to use my cloth bags.

    Cute, funny and creative. Congrats on a job well done.
    a ‘former’ plastic bagger.

    PS: My local food store in the U.S., gives a 5 cent credit for every cloth bag that is used.

    • Mike says:

      Great idea and that’s what they should try to push here.

      Lindos is not worrying about a tree or some land fill. All their trying to do is save money for the store. If you all knew how much money they spend on ordering the paper and plastic bags $$$$$

      • tia says:

        They Don’t have to provide the bags that they do. Or they can charge you to use them like they do in the UK.

        • logistics says:

          In Ireland and the UK, there is a tax on the use of plastic bags. The charge that the shops apply is for that tax.

          It was very effective when introduced in having people adopt the idea of reusable bags and thereby reducing the ridiculous number of plastic bags which end up either in landfill or as litter.

          By the same token, recycling is free but there are charges for trash (by weight or by bag depending on the area) so people actively recycle and compost.

  3. Kim Smith says:

    Really catchy ad. Well done you all!

  4. Reality Check says:

    Nice Video – well done.

    I don’t however agree with this campaign. Most of the foods in the store are wrapped in plastic bags anyhow. The emphasis should be on how best to environmentally/responsibly dispose of used bags (IMHO). I never ever have single use bags. Most of the people in this community use those bags for trashcan liners or further carriage and are very convenient. After spending a fortune for foodstuffs, the least we should expect is a bag to carry out our purchases.

    Why do we think we have to copy “foreign” behaviors. Not everyone disposes of these plastic bags irresponsibly.

    Where do I get my paper bags for my boxy kites next Easter? Bermudians will understand…

    • George says:

      yah yah yah its all de foreigners fault maybe we should suggest we expel them all and force them to take their single use bags with them at the same time!

      FYI we burn all ‘responsibly’ disposed of garbage paper/plastic and everything in between – where do you think happens to the by-products of those burned material? It goes into the atmosphere only to rain down on us later/or the ash is disposed of into Castle Harbour leaching from the concrete blocks they produce from it! Nice in it?!

      Ignorance is not an excuse it an impediment to progress!

  5. Come Correct says:

    Well done to all involved. Catchy and effective.

  6. Come On Man says:

    @Reality Check: DITTO!

  7. George says:

    What I find amazing about the majority of detractors of this campaign (as is reflected in some of the comments above) is that somehow adopting what it suggests is will somehow be a massive inconvenience to yourselves, that you need to be compensated for that inconvenience/for doing something for the greater good.

    Would you demand the same when asked to help a friend, neighbour or colleague? You are being asked to consider making one selfless act, don’t use single use bags, which will benefit all of us. Is that really too much to ask?

    If you do it and suggest that others do the same than critical mass can be achieved, Lindos, Market Place, Arnold’s etc. etc. won’t have any choice but to stop offering single use bags(they have acknowledged this already having been consulted at the early stages of this initiative). Government will follow suit!

  8. Donna Harnett says:

    …..and all those non – recyclable containers for take out…disgraceful!